Well I think almost all of the characters are similar, I would say a good combo is a tank (blacksmith or woodcutter, maybe monk) a mage (Minstrel, Monk, any high intelligence character) and an ADC (Hunter or Trapper). Exception is Hobo, its a bit harder to manage. Then just go ahead and experiment, Hildebrandts Cellar is a great way to do that. I hope this helped, have fun on your journey!😁


Piggybacking to +1 the cellar. Do a few (dozen) runs through there to grind up your lore for the unlocks, it’s great for testing out new party combos. I’m not super experienced at the game or anything but would rec unlocking monk, having a tank with the party heal skill is pretty valuable. If you can spend a bit of time in the cellar getting experience and lore then the story quests don’t seem so daunting. Hope that helps, happy gaming 😊


Thanks a lot! I'll get experimenting😄


The point is, characters aren't really "locked" to a given class. The game doesn't really restrict you in that regard (though it will certainly make some things much harder). But as an example, in my last multiplayer game, we all 3 of us chose "dumb" characters (woodcutter, trapper, busker) and our busker ended up being our resident smart guy. I think his Int topped out at around 56? He wound up running around with a bunch of Intelligence gear in his backpack, "just in case". We made it all the way to the final battle in the Lost Civ campaign before we finally bit the big one, but it was fun all the same.


https://www.reddit.com/r/ForTheKing/comments/lio9e1/thought_id_share_this_tier_list_i_made_feel_free/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share I'd made a tier list not long after the dlc came out if you're interested! I have nearly 200 hours on the game and have beaten every difficulty of every mode with my cousins, if you are looking for any more help or anything just hmu!


Oh wow thank you, that's amazing. How did you find gladiator as I thought it looked quite cool at a glance and I see you didn't add it when you made the list.


ah yes, i hadnt played the gladiator yet when id made the list, i'd probably place them at A or B Tier, i still havent played them much, their stats are their strongest part about about them for sure, speed strength is rare and pretty good glory really doesnt do much, and triggers pretty rarely, entertain is always nice but is no game changer


You can get the gladiator in the Lost Civ DLC. At one point you choose to go to the Parched Wastes or Ashfall Islands. Completing the Parched Wastes section will unlock the gladiator for purchase. Doing the islands will unlock the Lore Store Store for purchase which is a random event that will sell you items you've unlocked from the lore store.


Sorry I meant how did you find it as in did you enjoy playing as the gladiator. My bad haha.


Oh lol, FWIW I like them. It's great to have a fast strength based class. The damage bonus is nice but not very consistent. Entertain takes the edge off healing in town. They are a bit squishy, but since they're so fast it lowers the number of attacks you take, plus strength characters get good armor anyways.


I usually run the default class scholar, blacksmith, hunter. scholar has the highest INT out of all classes and has a free teleport scroll. Blacksmith because if youre lucky with steadfast he's just an amazing tank. Hunter has the highest awareness and solid agility out of all classes.


Just my opinion, but if I’m try-harding I consider the party essentials to be a strength character and somebody with party heal (herbalist is S tier). I also like having a lute user for the gold multiplier. Collect 100% of gold on that person and then split it up later to make the most of the gold multiplier. So Woodcutter, Herbalist, Minstrel would be a pretty solid group in my opinion. A bit slow, but all very effective.


Theres really no reason to run herbalist since monk exists


I like them both. Gather herbs provides a lot of value over the course of a game, I’m pretty sure her int is higher than monk so she has more consistent attacks by a bit. Sometimes I play with people who aren’t good at strategy and I don’t feel like reminding them every combat about the monks ability to return focus, so it just goes unused. I like monk a lot more on solo runs or runs with experienced players.


Yea, all the classes are good in their own way, it really depends on what your friends are playing or your other characters because 3 trappers would be dog shit but if you have, from my experience, blacksmith monk and minstrel, all have good powers that help the group in ways, so some characters are good with others but none are op by themself


3 trappers wud still b good. Secound fastest character and secound most evasion. You can make them either talent or awareness based.


The Master Difficulty guide on the FTK wiki lists 5 good teams. [https://fortheking.gamepedia.com/SirImperialMike%27s\_and\_Sheldon1994%27s\_Master\_Guide](https://fortheking.gamepedia.com/SirImperialMike%27s_and_Sheldon1994%27s_Master_Guide)