My pregnant girlfriend doesn’t care that it’s 100° outside—she wanted ramen, so I made her ramen.

My pregnant girlfriend doesn’t care that it’s 100° outside—she wanted ramen, so I made her ramen.

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My now wife used to make me stop at 3 different fast food joints to pick up 3 different side dishes. I feel you.


You just reminded me of my late-night drives to the next town over for jalapeno poppers because they were they only place open and she needed them right now and I better not forget the ranch again.


Gotta have it. Worst part is I’d finish whatever she didn’t.


Oh, you mean the cooperative pregnancy? Gone through this 5 times and the nightshift of the stores at the airport still know my name, just like the nearly 24/7 supermarkets here...


Yup. Twice.


Yasss!!! I craved jalapeño poppers sooo bad for all my pregnancies and ate them with ranch haha 😂


I’d do that for myself lmao Arbys cheese sticks with a chicken sandwich from wendies and an ice cream from Dairy Queen is an ultimate meal


I dont understand peope who think its weird to eat hot things in hot weather.


It’s the same thing with people who think you can’t have ice cream during the winter lol


Exactly. Weather doesn’t change what I eat. Drinks can be a different story though.


Weather or temperatures just changes the frequency of my iced vs hot tea orders.


always the same temp in my mouth




I don't know why but this comment viscerally disgusts me despite it being absolutely true. You can have my upvote, reluctantly.


Sameee. I moved to the desert 10 years ago from the northeast, in the midst of a full-on dark beer lovefest. About a year after moving here though I realized I hadn’t even touched a dark beer since I moved here and it occurred to me that I was going for ales, ciders, and fruity flavored beers. Been 10 years now and I can probably count on two hands the number of dark beers I’ve had while living in the desert. It’s crazy how this heat has affected my taste.


Dude, I know this feels counterintuitive, but it seems like you are not appreciating how well dark beers go with BBQ and you are missing out on that roasty malt and roasty meat/veg pairing.


Haha I feel you, dark beer goes great with tons of stuff. Unfortunately I just can’t get into the mood to drink it anymore. I especially love having a beer while I bbq. But I can’t imagine drinking anything darker than an amber because it’s 115° in the day and at night it’s still 105° outside. Being outside near a grill, I need something light and refreshing. And when I come back inside with food I’m sweating my butt off, so finding the right time for dark beer is tough lol


Always cold drinks. I hate hot coffee at any time.


Wait I love eating ice cream in winters


Ice cream is for emotions, not temperature lol


In Belgium ice cream trucks are also waffle trucks, and in summer most people get ice cream but I always go for the waffle.




I don't like ice cream


That's like saying you don't like music lol.


Winter is the best time for ice cream, doesn’t melt as quick


The only time the weather influences my food choice is when it's 115 outside and I can already hear my AC struggling. On those days we don't touch the stove or oven it's not worth it lol


Litterally all of Asia eats hot noodle soups in sweltering humid weather.


my puertorican mother things 96° is the perfect day to cook chicken noodle soup.


And a ton of places drink hot tea when it’s hot out too


Iraqis complaining that the tea isn't hot enough when it's 50°c outside


you tell a bengali to not drink tea in the morning, evening and midday, they'll laugh at your face like you said the best joke on the planet, which technically the concept of not drinking tea is, to Indians.


i said the same thing before i saw your comment. > i hear people talk about the temperature outside as if that should decide what you eat inside. sure if you have no AC and it's 90F in your house, then yes this would be weird. but if you have your house set to a comfortable temperature, i just don't get the stigma. > i mean ramen restaurants don't just close down for the summer, so presumably there are plenty of people that go to eat there even in the heat of summer. AC is a wonderful thing.


For me it has to do with not heating up the house when it is warm out. I tend to eat cool or cold foods so I don't have to use my stove or oven, making my house even hotter. When eating out, you bet I will sit in the sun on a 100 degree day eating lasagna.


I think it's less that it's weird and more that it is difficult. Also I think hot food is fine but a piping hot bowl is soup is definitely not easy in sunny / sweaty weathsr


That’s what I was saying.. Like why does it matter to eat ramen in 100 degree weather?? I’ll eat ice cream and cold things in the winter too


I’ve heard eating hot things when it’s hot is actually better than cold. Supposedly since it’s warming you that it helps trigger your body to sweat which then helps you cool down 🤷‍♀️


Not wanting to be sweaty is the entire goal....


Every [email protected] has experienced their mom making caldo when it's 100F outside.


Good thing you censored yourself, I heard it’s definitely Latinas and Latinos that get upset with the gender specific labels and not virtue signaling white people. Doing gods work.


You can be Latino/a and be white still lol. Also the usage of @ to denote o/a isn’t uncommon in Spanish speaking countries, like [email protected] for example.


See what happens when you’re needlessly rude?


Stove top and oven both give off heat. Its only weird because why add to the already brutal surrounding heat Other than that it's not actually weird


I live in an apartment without AC, if I tried to eat that Bowl of ramen today with ~35°C I would have a second helping made by the sweat dripping in the bowl.


I don’t think people think it’s necessarily weird. They just don’t want to scarf down a hot meal when they’re already sweating balls


I think cold food is more enjoyable in hot weather same as warm food is cold weather. But its not like the two are mutually exclusive.


I was wondering why the weather or pregnancy status were worth mentioning at all. The ramen looks good on its own, no extra BS story needed


Pregnant means her cravings decide her diet and you had best play ball


No they are going to need those extra upvotes to help pay for diapers


They were worth mentioning for the karma points


My boyfriend is a cook and his head chef asked what everyone cooked in the summer at home, he said perogies and she thought that was so weird for whatever reason?


As a Pole, I approve your boyfriend's life choices and am appalled by his head chef. Management should clearly swap their roles.


Hot stuff are nice. Honestly, so long as it's not spicy, it doesn't make you feel much hotter. If anything it makes you sweat a bit so you're cooler afterwards.


I dunno, it's not so much the temperature but I find it hard to eat heavy, rich foods like ramen when it's hot


Really? You dont understand wanting colder/lighter/more refreshing things on hot days, especially if youve spent all day outside/you dont have AC/your AC isnt strong enough. like yeah its weird if people actually make a big deal about it or get on someone elses case for eating hot foods on hot days, but just making a light hearted comment about how they didnt feel it suited the weather but their wifes craving was strong enough that they made it anyway is not a big enough deal for you to pretend that you dont understand what they meant lmao.


Weather is a deciding factor in what to eat? That’s news to me. Imagine thinking it’s too humid for pizza or something.


I'm assuming these people have no AC.


No AC really in England and we eat things regardless of the temperature 🤷‍♀️


























































Lol damn, do you live in the western states of the US? That’s uncomfortable heat. I’m in AZ, had ramen in 120° degree weather the other day. The heat sucks but hey, if the food is good then it’s no big deal.


These recent monsoons made for perfect ramen weather, hit up the frys and enjoyed me some


Not OP but I’m in north Texas and it has been 100 feels like 108 for a few days. Should be that way until mid October. Stay safe in Arizona! I know y’all have it worse, I can’t even imagine that


Don’t think she’s supposed to have any meat that isn’t cooked all the way . Be careful


Same thing with the undercooked eggs. 😬 Anything undercooked or "smoked" isn't really safe during pregnancy.


Smoked is a really odd term because it could mean dried with a bit of spices or cooked at 150f for 10 hours, the second one being perfectly safe to eat for pregnant women.


Well, yes and no. Cold smoked items, like lox, aren't safe due to risk of listeria. Hot smoked is okay. And some items that are cold smoked CAN be consumed only after its been cooked thoroughly, like certain deli meats. It's a very weird zone that was just annoying to figure out when hungry at 2am and 8 months pregnant lol.


That’s what I was always told in my two pregnancies too! Who knows🤷‍♀️ everything is very conflicting.


I think people are just unaware of the risks. Pregnant women are supposed to stay away from undercooked meats or egg, unpasteurized cheeses, and raw fish because there can be a multitude of microorganisms in them that can affect the fetus.


I know cold cuts/lunch meat is a big no for pregnant women.


Which is an issue of potential bacteria from the processing facility and/or store where it's purchased.


Yes. Listeria.


From a medical standpoint there is absolutely nothing conflicting about it - raw and undercooked meat carries a high risk of transmitting toxoplasmosis to the child and the mother - both of which have very weak immune systems during pregnancy.


Conflicting as in what foods we can and cannot have. And at what temperatures we can and cannot eat them at. Or even the amount that is allowed to be consumed.


But he literally just told you that it's not conflicting and why it's not conflicting. Just because you've gambled and haven't lost yet doesn't change the odds.


That's because we don't really test anything they just default to don't use when pregnant. Because I mean really who is going to put their child at risk to test anything.


There are very good reasons we are cautious about drugs and supplements around pregnancy. There have been cases where miracle drugs turn out to be causing defects in children. Thalidomide is the most famous example if you want to look it up. The raw foods thing has absolutely been tested as well, people don't volunteer, shit happens and we collect data. With raw meat it's Toxoplasma which is almost harmless to healthy people, but devastating to pregnant women and their unborn children. Back in the day, there used to be a relatively high incidence of Salmonella in raw eggs. And Salmonella can occasionally cross the placental barrier, infecting the unborn child.


I live in Japan and they don't have any rules for what you can't eat. The liklihood of getting sick from this is so miniscule. She'll be fine. Don't stress them out with this silliness.


Food safety standards in Japan are higher than probably anywhere else in the world. If OP is American, the food quality is determined by lobbyists. . .


>Food safety standards in Japan are higher than probably anywhere else in the world. More even than the EU, you think? Regulation-wise, we're very high.


I'm not sure, but even if the EU standards are higher than Japan, they're both much higher than here.


Good point, but more and more doctors are telling women to go ahead and eat sushi or undercooked meat or whatever because standards across the board have gone up and those rules no longer matter much by today's standards in general. As long as he didn't do anything abnormal or questionable that would make anyone sick, she'll be fine.


Thank the lord for u/SonnieTravels having completed a decade of medical expertise about pregnancy and food safety, and taking the time to find out OP’s nation, national food standards, personal cooking habits and what risk mitigations the OP did. Wait. What’s that? You didn’t? You’re going against medical advice with your ‘common sense’? Edit: forgot national in national food standards


I'm literally quoting current medical advice and not fear mongering. Also, you don't know my background at all. But that's fine. You make all the assumptions you want.


So ... did you check OP’s national food standards? What steps they took for food safety? Do you have medical experience regarding this? Do we even know which nation OP is from? Listeria safety standards alone vary significantly nation to nation. I don’t think ‘avoid foods that have caused miscarriages or significant problems for others’ counts as fear mongering, compared to your ‘nah mate, she’ll be fine, eat whatever.’ One means you avoid some foods for a few months, while your advice can result in tragedy. Show me OP’s national food standards and listeria reporting standards and then we can see what OP’s nation’s medical standards say about eating raw meat and eggs.


Why the hell would you even take the chance? So you can eat undercooked meat, undercooked eggs, and raw fish? If you can't sacrifice not eating certain things for 9 months, you might want to reconsider being responsible for a child for at least 18 years.


Ahh your username fits. Haha Because the chances are crazy low and when you're spending 9 months dealing with a ton of different symptoms you take comfort where you can. It used to be a much higher risk to eat sushi for example, but you look at the risks and assess what you're ok doing or not. When I told people I REALLY missed a glass of wine, they reminded me that most doctors say a little bit is ok (especially this late in the pregnancy), but I said, "Nah. Not worth it for me." I respect the educated choices these individual make. They'll be making them for the rest of their childs lives too. (Is it safe for them to climb that playground wall? Etc.) You make the risk assessment. If you want a more specific example, I couldn't eat anything and actually lost weight during my first trimester and into my second because of GH. When you have GH and you have a craving to eat, you do it. I had a craving for prescuitto, but knew it was considered "raw" since it was smoked and not technically cooked. So I looked it up and the risk of getting sick from it was 1 in 20,000.


This! I had my eldest in Japan. There were no dietary restrictions like this. I was encouraged to eat sushi because it’s “good for the baby.”


It's crazy how humans made it through history without FDA and CDC recommendations. Almost like most people will be just fine and only a small subset of unhealthy individuals really need to worry about it at all.


Survivorship bias


Im not your girlfriend nor am I pregnant but can I get a taste?


She doesn't want ramen. The baby wants ramen. The baby will not be denied.


That's a smart baby.


Found the sousvide-owning ramen maker.


Or someone that owns a Meater.


Hey its me your pregnant girl firend, I need more ramen! I am in nebraska now, so you will have to come her and make it. Also don't mind my beard and mustache either, it's a side effect of being pregnant.


That looks delicious!! Great job on the meat. Those eggs look perfect.


Thanks! I’m very pleased with the eggs because that’s usually the hardest part for me lol


Isnt red meat a no-no for pregnant women?




Red meat is fine, but undercooked? You should keep away from anything undercooked/raw during pregnancy


Myth but a common one.


No...it isn't. We just had a kid and I heard the doctor say this. Heard a different doctor say it with our first kid too. Maybe do research before just declaring something you don't know about a myth?


Red meat or undercooked meat? I ate beef during my pregnancy, but always well done.




Rare beef for a pregnant woman!? Dafuq


Ramens got noodles bruh. Dats meat soup ya got there.


lol yah proportions are a little off imo




I’d marry the guy who made it quicker…


Same! Lol. Also I love soup even in the heat 🤦🏻‍♀️


That’s the plan!


Not to be that asshole but if she's pregnant the meat needs to be well done. Looks yummy though.


Dont wanne be a dick but pregnant women shouldnt eat meat that red


Good man.. ice cream and pickles? Certainly my love!


I love ramen. Make a great collagen rich broth and add good stuff. Yours looks great.


That looks delicious


As long as your inside and ac is on, any hot food is the way to go. Love my moms Pho 😩😩❤️👌


I thought that said "pretend" not pregnant... Totally different story


I have never met you before but I know 3 things 1. You are an amazing cook 2. An incredible boyfriend 3. That you’re going to be a wonderful father!




if i get pregnant can you make me this ramen too? 🥺 (i’m a man, but for this delicious thing i’ll pray twice for a miracle)


Bruh, you made a whole steak, a soup, cooked veggies, and boiled an egg lol. This is not just Ramen.


Your pregnant girlfriend may want that steak done a little more.


the beef looks perfectly cooked. Well done.


No, no. It's medium rare. Not well done!


Red flag


wtf eating raw meat while being pregnant?


Should't pregnant women NOT eat medium-rare meat? No judgement only a question.


Cook the meat properly next time, please. Listeria is not something to toy with. Please. EDIT: and the eggs. All food needs to be fully cooked, and not rested (like cafe sandwiches, as an example).


Isnt that meat a bit raw for a preggy?


She shouldn't be eating rare steak.


That's a beautiful bowl of ramen. I can't eat it anymore since it has this lovely tendency to cause a toothache from hell (terrified of the dentist so I won't fix it until it's literally killing me). Super unfortunate because I love ramen. I found out last night I can't have it anymore. Paying the price today. Stupid teeth. And I know this is unpopular opinion, I'll probably get downvoted for it, and I'm by no means saying to feed your girlfriend forbidden pregnancy foods, but I am saying when I was pregnant, I indulged once in a while. Was not often, at all, but I couldn't cut everything completely and I was as careful as I could be while breaking the rules. I understand why some women choose to not risk it though. Also, congrats on the pending baby! Mines gonna be 4 in November and she's amazing. Mean and ornery though, but equally sweet and hilarious. Nice balance I think.


Given how close your teeth are to your brain, I would not mess around with getting it looked at. Seriously. Also I hate getting preachy, but given that you have a child, she needs a role model who isn't afraid of taking care of themself properly. In the mean time, have you tried salt water gargling/rinsing? It can help a bit with tooth sensitivity, but by no means is it a long term solution.


Better to go now while it’s still relatively easy to deal with then wait until it gets out of hand. There are dentists specialized in patients with anxiety.


Not where I live. Unfortunately I'm in Alaska and our options are very limited outside of the main cities, and even then, our Olympic gold medal winner had to move to Anchorage from Seward, where the only 50 meter pool in the whole state is, to practice for her Olympics swimming. Medicare doesn't cover but $2000 a year in dental and I need a lot done, the fear is bad and I can't pick what to have done till it's a desperate need due to comfort or the complete lack of it... I can try some things to be a better example for my kid, but I don't encourage her to be afraid of the things I'm afraid of. I tell her the dentist is fun, she gets toys and they have cool things to look at... sometimes even movies to watch. I liked the dentist till I suffered a pretty bad mouth trauma when I was 10. Ever since, horrible horrible anxiety when I have to go. I've left the dentist office in tears, more than once, and I'm no spring chicken anymore. And I wasn't crying because it hurt, I just couldn't contain my emotions anymore because I just hate being there. But I will, eventually face my fear and get them pulled. I've had teeth issues off and on for most of my life. It's over due. Sorry, op, for thread jacking! Back to ramen and babies! Lol


Pregnant girlfriend. Oh my.




You'll make her ramen, but you won't make her legitimate


Love > an arcane form of contract between parties originally created to increase the political power and/or wealth of both parties. Don't worry, I know about tradition and all that, but please let's not bash people for not conforming to societal norms and peer pressure. Maybe they're planning to get married. Maybe they're not. Anywho it's a whole lot of nunya Also if people get confused the '>' is supposed to be a "greater than" sign


It looks delicious! That baby will be beautiful


This reminds me of when me and my wife fought because she wanted medium rare for a steak while pregnant but i was so adamant on well done...


That’s some nice looking ramen. Also, [your girlfriend knows what’s up](https://www.delish.com/food/a28539409/why-you-should-eat-hot-foods-on-hot-days/) with hot food on a hot day.


Mostly I get the [chicken flavor](https://c.shld.net/rpx/i/s/i/spin/10127449/prod_ec_1695936702??hei=64&wid=64&qlt=50) ones but I'll have to check for Egg and Beef because that looks way more bomb.


Why the fuck does it matter how hot it is “outside” when we literally invented a way to make “inside” whatever the fuck we want, and even then people actually care? I bet she also wants some pizza in the morning too! So quirky!!


read that as she wanted semen, and thought, "more?"


Undercooked red meat. Pregnant.


No offense but it does not look yummy. The veggies are overboiled, the meat is raw and that broth is dark (I hope it is because of the soy sauce) - also I cannot see the ramen noodles, if its that thing on the right it looks like they are too thick. Not to mention the destroyed boiled egg, which I don't personally like, but it's fine if you like that I guess.


how is the outside temperature or your girlfriend being pregnant relevant to the food in any way. reddit is mot facebook. downvote.


ugh. another weeb. looks like meat and other shit in water


Cool story, simp.


Troll better, son.