Post Game Thread: Philadelphia Flyers vs. Boston Bruins 7:30pm

Post Game Thread: Philadelphia Flyers vs. Boston Bruins 7:30pm


Is it more Risto or Saheim that is bad, or just their combo that isn't good? No excuse for that slow ass "changing" that the Bruins just walked right past us and put one in the goal with.


It’s Ristos first game back from an injury?


Carter Hart still a sieve, but at least we are scoring enough. Edit: the PR “social media managers” in overdrive today.


Bro created an account just to talk shit on Hart. Get out of here troll


Hart living rent free in your head?


Should probably only post this after a bad game by Hart. Not after a great game by Jones and after Hart played well in last game.


lmao what


what the fuck are you even talking about Jones was in net


Nice W! Also, get NAK the fuck off this team. He has zero hockey IQ


This is just false lmao


That bad huh? What did I miss, he seemed to always be a good advanced stat guy.


Agreed. Hopefully when we get healthy hes the odd man out. I already prefer Macewen after 1 game. Far better hockey IQ.


Feels good to get a W on the national broadcast


That alone made we wake up with a smile. The way that broadcast just continually made it into “Boston-this, Boston-that” makes “Boston Lost” that much better.


Well it was Kenny Albert, dude hates us.


It’s mutual.


I think he's actually got a good voice for announcing, just wish he could stay more impartial.


"we haven't seen them do it, but you can imagine what it's be like if they did"


Look I'm just saying this fact. The Flyers are averaging 5.33 goals per game.


LFG!! I'm looking at tickets for this Sat, but also tickets to the Dec 10th game in Vegas for a fun weekend. I need to get a row 1 glass seat for a game before i die! Edit: bought 2 tix for sat.. not great seats, but it'll be fun!


Wait one extra day and go the game vs the Coyotes on Dec 11th, I think you will be able to find tickets near the ice and will be able to witness a win up close and personal


I have ice row seats and would sell them for a little over cost


Great game but fuck I had to listen to that goddam song 6 fucking times.


It’s not as bad as it could be, but it’s not as good as it should be. There is nothing to yell and really turn up the volume with, it’s just music and cheering.


I think the pens fans hacked our voting rights. - ha


1. It’s not worse than Feel the Shake 2. If it annoys you, it means the Flyers are scoring goals


I’m ok with it. More lively than a lot of the other junk we’ve used.


Look at it this way, if it annoys you as a fan it’s definitely super annoying to the other team lol


Contest was rigged. Nobody voted for that trash.


farabee-atkinson-brassard makes my insides tingly


Their combined cap hit is lower than Voracek.


yay we won. yay Cam Atkinson. fuck Boston!


TNT might be cringe and awkward at times. But, it’s better than the crap NBC threw at us for years. You could tell by the end of the TV deal NBC could care less about the NHL.


Its so much better than NBC




I love how they kept picking on biz and his hair.


i dunno, i kind of warmed up to eddie O and jonesy trying to out-smartass each other subtly as the broadcast went on


I thought it was funny at times.


To me it seems like they’re trying to hard to create the shaq/barkley dynamic from the nba and it just isn’t working. They need to let the personalities they have do their own thing.


Biz said TNT hasnt told them anything and just said be yourself


I agree with them trying to hard. I’m hoping it’s because they’re new to the NHL. TNT has been airing the NBA for years.


Biz said TNT gave zero pointers and just told them to be themselves and thats it.


Only thing that truly scares me is NAK doing 2020 NAK stuff (bad turnovers and silly penalties). Wouldn’t be shocked if he loses his spot once the young guys get healthy.


NAK and Risto-Sanheim 2nd pairing are our weak spots


Absolutely, if his game doesn't improve maybe someone else can step in. I think there would be a few guys in the system that could fill a role (seeler style)


Yea, there were a few times I thought he was gonna get called, dude needs to learn to keep his stick out of faces.


It was like the hit vs Larsson on the Kraken, dude didn't have the puck and was facing the glass. No need to take a dumb interference penalty there.


The Flyers now lead the league in goals scored per game. We are tied with Pittsburgh at 16 goals but have one less game played


So the win is what's important but my one criticism is that I want the gas pedal to the floor. I want us to dominate on the board and on the ice, Boston was able to still force the puck for a chance and I felt we could've been more dominant physically. Tldr; the team is looking awesome, all I ask is more dominance physically so we can shut teams down in the end


Nobody in the league can stop that top line of Boston, it's literally 'the line' man. Considering we aren't known as a great defensive team I'll take that game all year long. We're gonna win on our scoring more than defense. We just need good enough defense to limit the damage and hope Hart really bounces back to form this year. It's exactly like the Oilers and other high scoring teams.


We gave up 40 shots. We weren't dominating at all. "All I ask is dominance" is silly, you know that right.


All I ask is that the other team doesn’t try


THANK YOU! When they almost double your shot total, you are definitely not dominating, and it's not like our shot quality exceeded theirs, they had 4x as many high danger chances (16 to 4). Fuck Boston, fuck the rat, this is a great win, but I think we'd be remiss to treat it as all rainbows and butterflies.


And at the same time, let’s not undersell the job Jones did here. That was “the Perfection Line and their friends” getting 40 SOG, 16 of which were dangerous - two out of every five. The guys in front of him got enough to win, but he did an outstanding job of covering for the places where the guys didn’t help in taking those dangerous opportunities away from the Bruins.


1. We beat Boston with our backup goalie 2. This team has chemistry hayes going to take it to next level when he’s ready 3. TNT broadcast was cringy but I got it on sling so that was dope 4. Vegas pre game stuff is almost too hype


I want to go to the Dec 10th game in vegas - that'd be nice.


I've VERY cautious because we started out great last season too...and we all know what happened there. I'm cautiously optimistic.


Eh, I guess I am too, but the team makeup got shaken up just enough to bring in a new look, which it really needed. Atkinson is a clear upgrade in the effort category (I still love jake) and guys like brassard just know how to produce. If that second line keeps going I wonder if they are even gonna split it up now. Risto needs more time, but I think this defense will be more than enough for a team that looks like it can put up 4 a night easily.


Its already a very different team than last year where we got dominated and looked flat every game and our best dman was probably Braun.


Understand.But We look much different in winning this year than we did last year. I k ow small sample size so far.


Yea, last year’s start led to wins that were not deserved. The record did not reflect how they were playing. This is much different to me, too.


Its somewhat similar in that the boys are finishing like every chance they get, but the process looks a lot better than last year




Last two games I had late night work calls and missed like 17 goals in the third period alone. Do I keep doing the work calls? Fuck.


Sadly, you know the answer.


I don’t want to go overboard with excitement after a couple good games just because we finally beat the Bruins handily, but what date in June should I buy a plane ticket to Philadelphia for the parade?


It may only be 3 games into the season, but I think each and every one of us can very safely say... *Thank fucking God* Seth Jones didn't want to play in Philadelphia


Zone exits-better Zone entries-actually controlling the puck instead of dumping it in all the time. He faced a lot of shots but not really high danger but fuck am I happy for Jones and this win.


At Xfinity Live right now. What a fucking win boys. That TK goal. What a fucking laser


TK and Provy are back. Farabee is only getting better and will be a franchise player/ Atkinson is exact forward we needed up top. Cant ask Brassard to do any better of a job. Only 2 pts less than Patrick last year ... Provy-Ellis is legit top pair that is great. But Sanheim-Risto 2nd pair is really weak. Especially in own zone. That will definitely hold the Flyers back from that next level.


I wouldn’t mind seeing Sanner-Yandle and Risto-Braun


I doubt we’d ever see that with how much this coaching staff values right shot right d men and left shot left d men


I thought risto and sanheim stepped it up quite a bit from that second to the third, at least good to see the mistakes getting corrected


I unfortunately dont think those mistakes will just be corrected. I expect them to be long standing problems throughout the year. They both struggle a lot in the D zone and especially with net front coverage. Risto is going to make a fair amount of bone headed plays and leave the net open plenty. Sanheim struggles with any pressure and net coverage himself. That 2nd pair is going to be a problem against top teams like the Islanders.


Risto had bad moments. Not terrible though and considering this was his first real game of the year after time off with injury I'm fine to see what the next few games hold.


Sign me the fuck up for all these-- Except that last one. Plz delete :(


Fuck the Bruins. And while we're at it, fuck the Pens.


And fuck Sheetz.


FUCK sheetz


Sheetz is miles better than wawa


These under the radar signings have been such a massive addition for this team. Obviously Atkinson and ellis are next level studs. But brassard who I didn't even expect to see as well as yandle... fuck man... they are so unbelievably involved in this teams success right now.


This is clearly a completely premature and altogether inappropriate analogy, but it's kind of giving me the same vibes as virtually every single one of Howie's trades/signings before the superb owl season working out amazingly. Not saying they're anywhere near a cup contender (yet), but so far it seems like almost all of Chuck's moves are looking pretty auspicious.


I feel like they're both invisible yet so productive, which is fucking awesome.


FAB line is looking incredible! They’re going to have to put Hayesy with Lindblom and JVR at this point because I don’t know how you take Brassard off that line


Given his age, you might need to in order to save his legs in a long season.


Fair point…he’s just had so much energy so far I keep forgetting his age hahah


I didn’t like the lack of physical play tonight. Seemed very low energy.


You're getting down voted, but despite the win I still agree. Listen boys, the win was great but some constructive criticism is that it looked like Boston was way more aggressive. I'll always preach the scoreboard is what's important but if we aren't at full strength we'll need to still be able to bring the pressure


What kind of pressure was missing? I thought our forecheck looked very quick and aggressive, they caused a variety of turnovers from Boston that lead to long offensive possessions.


Dog it's an 82 game season. If this is a criticism in the playoffs then I'm fine. No injuries and a win! All i need to get by.


Risto threw a good hit on Carlo, which pissed him off and led to him committing a tripping penalty later in that shift. Farabee scored on that pp.


If very low energy play gets you 6 goals against the Bruins, I will take that every game. Tough to lose when you put 6 up, even if you’re a sloth.


We scored 6 goals again. We proved we can be physical against the kraken. We just wooped up on boston. Guess we have to find SOMETHING to complain about


Best way to beat up a team is on the scoreboard


Sure but they let them back into the game because of their low energy


I’m kinda drunk and tired and super happy and new to this thread and already drunk posting…but fuck Boston and fuck Marchand and we scored 6 FUCKING GOALS!!! LET’S GO FLYERS!!!


I like all of this. Especially the fuck Boston part


Ellis is fucking awesome. Just saying this because what he does isn't as flashy as all the crazy shit that is going on otherwise, and want to remind myself to appreciate him.


He EASILY is our number one dman now. He's on another level then the rest. I thought all the dmen played well besides Risto yesterday. It's early though not gonna complain just yet lol. It's awesome to finally see speed on the Flyers. Farabee and Atkinson are fucking FLYING out there! Its soo awesome to see us with some speed now. Ive been jealous that we lacked it for some time now. My jaw dropped when Atkinson and Beezer were flying down the ice on that 2 on 1.


Timonen 2.0


That goal against the kraken was flashy ;)


Shit. This year might be real good.


The hard work and the consistent shit is what makes a good team a great team. We NEED players that are solid and boring so the stars can shine


Anyone else like AV putting MacEwen in the lineup against the big bad bruins? Or am i overreacting? Don’t care. I’m hype over the win. Feels like we haven’t beaten the bruins in years. Fuck em.


I want to see each of MacEwen, Brown, Thompson, Willman a couple times early so we know what we have and who should stay when Hayes is back


I thought he played a good game. Made some decent plays, was physical, and didn't try to do too much


Made that great diving playing on D too.


Amidst all the positivity, I would like to point out one bad part about tonight’s game: Ristolainen has an ugly number. I don’t know why, but I don’t like the 70.


Lol. Truth be told if he can up his hockey IQ a few points he can wear 170


The Flyers beat the Bruins 6-3. The Flyers are now 2-0-1 with 16 GF and 9 GA. It looks like your team: **CAN** score again. \----------- *I am not a bot. I am just happy the Flyers can score again.*


I like when there's a postgame :)


Fuck Marchand. What a fucking rat.


Right?! Did you see him knee Giroux? Such a piece of shit.


Yeah! I saw it live but didn't realize how bad it was until I saw a tweet a little while ago. He always fucking does that too.


Farabee truly looks like he’s taken the next step. Superstar in the making


And now it seems we've got a three-way goal leader race. Beezer, cam, and konecny are going to light shit up


And we got him on a solid contract let’s fucking go


No postgame show on NBCSP+?


I can't find it either.. i can never find it when the sixers play the same night.


Provy isn’t showing up on the score sheet, but his defense has looked very solid to start the season. Having Ellis next to him must take a lot of pressure of him


I think he just felt like he had to do it all last year. Now with some of the pressure off he can play his game, and the numbers will come. Farabee's goal was basically stolen off his stick - if beezer didn't slam it home, provy for sure would have


Both Provorov and Sanheim have looked crazy active so far this season in terms of jumpstarting the breakout (and, in Sanheim’s case, joining the rush). I hope this continues.


I have decided after 3 games that I fucking love Keith Yandle. He plays like I do in beer league, going out of his way to make the coolest looking pass possible at all times, difference being he's doing that in the best league in the world lmao


having him mic'd up was fantastic too guy never shuts up and i'm here for it


Dude has been such a calming and properly executing player. I didn't even expect him on the roster. Love the guy




This team already looks more composed than last year's team.


hell yeah martin jones revenge tour


Marchand can go kick fucking rocks, that rat faced piece of shit.


PLAY THE SONG! https://youtu.be/mp6TvvV-Qvk


Well, Risto had an uneven game, but he’s coming back from injury, off-season, and it’s his first game w his new team. Liked his energy. The team seems like they are having a ridiculous amount of fun and they always play well when that’s the case. Just imagining when Hayes is back…phew.


15,310 was the attendance. that's pretty damn low for the flyers


Ticket prices have been too high for too long


Kraken game was empty too


It’s low across the league, people aren’t quite all ready to go to big crowds yet


It’s a later game on a Wednesday night...


What was with the 7:30 nonsense anyway?


Prolly due to it being a national broadcast


Are... Are we good?


This team plays extremely well together. Incredible chemistry, they’re playing smarter and faster than they did last season. I can’t wait until Hayes and Allison are back in the line up, this team is absolutely lethal.


Holy shit I forgot about Allison…Jesus.


I said this in the game thread already, but fuck the TNT broadcast. The intermissions were boring/cringey, Kenny Albert is a glorified stat reader, and EO is cooked. I doubt I'm gonna be watching national broadcasts until playoff time rolls around.


No Pierre and no Milbury will always be a positive


You were watching for the announcing and intermissions?


So much better than nbc. Nothing really to complain about. Kenny is boring but I like that in an announcer.


Damn, it wasn't that bad lol


Boston had all the pressure but didn’t have a lot of high danger chances. The few they had were goals and a Pasternak post. They just threw everything at Jones he played well enough. Good game for the offense.


Ehhhhh at 5v5 they had 16 and we had 4.


[get fucked boston](https://imgflip.com/i/5r85eb)


LOVE how this team looks


This is a super random observation but God damn there have been some really great poke checks lately


That forecheck play in front of the net by Couturier late was absolutely nasty


Defensive positioning and stick positioning feel improved. Still early though


Where all the MJ haters at? Dude would've had a shutout were it not for our boneheaded defensive mistakes


Yeah I don't think this is any validation yet. Dude played well. He just needs to find some consistency


Eh I mean people were cautious about him because he hasn’t been great lately. Can’t deny it was a meh signing, and it’s been 1 game. He played well though.


Ok since everyone ranked the penguins #3 in the league after a 2-0-1 start I’m ready to be ranked that high too… Right?


Tell that to Buffalo too


Ryan Ellis is the absolute best dman on the team. I love how tough Risto is, but I hope he figures out his flaws. I'm happy we were able to replace Ghost (Yandle) at a very cheap price. He's got 5 assists in 3 games. Atkinson and Farabee are fast as hell and are the best line on the Flyers without a doubt. As a whole, the team played great. Jones was surprisingly great. We just need more shots on goal and some more sustained pressure in the offensive zone and we'll be fire this season.


Ellis is so god damn good. It unlocks so much of this forward group's potential when the 1D can drive play the way he does


That Brassard signing may have been Chuck's best move! Dude looks decent between Farabee and Atkinson and if (when) Hayes comes back good he can be a 3C


The FAB line is looking FABulous. ... I'll see myself out.


At this rate, I'd just have Hayes on the same line as Blomer and JVR and move Laughton down. I don't wanna fuck with that line **at all**


Blomer-Hayes-JVR Braun-Yandle Ooooh. I like that.


Take Aways From Tonight -Atkinson and Farabee have great chem, so hot right now -It is so nice to see players taking a shoot first mentality (particularly Atkinson) hopefully this continues as it creates so many sexy scoring opportunities -Jones was average, which is fine. If we have average goaltending from our back up it will be fine (only goal I had a problem with was the hall breakaway due to his mechanics) -Yands is slow but is still very precise with his passes and clearly has a great sense for the offensive aspects of the game, worth every goddamn penny of that 850k -Good to see Coots get the ENG tonight, important for him to get his offensive side going -So happy to see shades of the old TK again, this is a very good sign. The kid might just be buzzing -Ristolainen had a big fuck up on the line change tonight but before you crucify him, take a step back and breath. The guy is 26 years old and I think he is a perfect 4 or 5 D and will absolutely improve as the season goes on. And he's a unit so it's nice to have a tough viking in the line up


14th for a 4/5 for one year? He needs to be better than that.


Brassard can't be ignored on the Atkinson Beezer line. He had two assists tonight. He's creating plays just as much as Atkinson and Farabee are capitalizing on them.


He and yands have 5 points through 3 so far


That is a great call. You're right brassard was very nice with it. I'm very pleased with chucks moves for this season


I'm a fan of Yands so far too!


Winning is great, but winning against Boston is just _chef's kiss_




[You're welcome](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDU_Txk06tM)


Was waiting for aclee :(


Better than the goal song


Quite so.


No way we can break up this second line right? Would a Laughton Hayes JVR 3rd line be a bad idea??


Yeah we can... I think Hayes in between Atkinson and Farabee will be even better!


I think we start hayes in the third line to get up to game speed for a few games, then maybe make the switch


Not at all. We have too many good forwards and it's a great problem to have.


People loving loving the lists so far. I've got one too. 1. Fuck Brad Marchand. That is all. LGF


Solid list


The NHL can fuck outta here with that "who will be the last undefeated team" including the 1 win and now 1 Loss bruins


How about Elite 2C Derrick "Big Brass Ones" Brassard?


He must have the most points per AAV in the league right now. Great defense too. Loving the pickup.


That needs to be a stat if it isn’t one already


Marchand is such a piece of shit


This team looks goooood. Going to be an interesting year.


9 guys average 1 PPG or more this far. I don’t care that it’s only 3 games


Three are averaging 1GPG. Yeah I know unsustainable but a fun stat anyway.


Win Bear pls


heh, second game I've watched, second game we won. I'm 2/2 so far :D


Don’t. Stop. Watching.


That means you’re not allowed to miss a game until the streak ends. Also, you should probably wear the same underwear and don’t you dare wash them.


Energy was unreal. What a fun fucking game.


We just look like a team who enjoys being out there and playing together, love to see it


I've never been so pumped for a season.