I say this as a roadie whose job is to fly with sensitive electronics all the time - the condition this equipment arrives in, will depend almost entirely on how securely you package it. In this case, since one little bump to the screen can pretty much destroy the item, you're going to want to be pretty paranoid about how you do this. Among the best things you could use would be the packaging it came in, but if you don't have that you'll have to come up with another plan. As for the carry-on plan, it's unlikely to come even close to fitting, and even if it did, then you put it up in the overhead, and some jerk boards late, throws their bag into the overhead without looking, and now you own a $1,000 paperweight. Personally, I would wrap the screen itself in several layers of cardboard to protect the screen, then pack the monitor in several layers of clothes. You want a bare minimum of 6 inches of cloth around it in every direction, and that still might not be enough. A hard-shell suitcase is the very least you need to use for this job, and that still might not be enough. The right tool for this job is called a Pelican Case. They're expensive, but they cost less than buying a new 31-inch monitor. The other thing to consider is that many airlines set a limit on the "linear dimensions" of any checked item, which is (length + width + height). Any box big enough to hold this item is going to be nearly four feet long, which means many suitcases are out of the question and you may need a custom box, which may put you into oversize / overweight charges of up to $100-200 one-way. Definitely plan to get to the airport an hour earlier than you otherwise would, this can easily chew up a lot of extra time when checking in. > if I let them know it was fragile, would the chances of breaking be smaller? On many airlines, marking it as "fragile" means they are no longer responsible if it breaks.


The lizard?


It will unlikely fit in anything carry on. Might be best to check it packed around clothes. Always keep in mind the power conversion issues. I can understand wanting it but its an excessive difficult thing to pack


>Was wondering if a bag of that size would be allowed as carry on I don't see why it would be accepted as carry on I moved my 24 inch monitor in my luggage wrapped around clothes and arrived well, but to do the same with a 31 inch you'd need a veery big suitcase, and before going for a suitcase big enough for that check that it's not big enough to get rejected by oversized (that is a very expensive shit to pay)