I’ve fished my whole life using a left hand spinning reel. 3 years ago I bought my first baitcaster also left hand retrieve. Why do people cast with there right hand only to switch to the left and retrieve with the right? I’ve seen people cast right, switch left, and switch back right for hook set

I’ve fished my whole life using a left hand spinning reel. 3 years ago I bought my first baitcaster also left hand retrieve. Why do people cast with there right hand only to switch to the left and retrieve with the right? I’ve seen people cast right, switch left, and switch back right for hook set


Just because it may feel more comfortable and natural for the angler. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no ‘right’ way to wind.


Yeah I don’t get it either. I reel left hand for everything. Generally any finesse or power you want is going to be best in your dominant arm. So it just makes sense to hold the rod with your dominant arm and reel with your offhand. Reeling right handed just seems to backwards to me as a righty because of this. Along with the inefficiency of constantly switching back and forth to cast and reel, I find it really annoying. I did a weekend musky fishing with a right hand baitcaster and it was bizarre. I even missed a musky because I couldn’t get a good enough hookset holding the rod with my left hand.


Thank you for the comment and glad I’m not the only “crazy one” lol


Why is this always a goddamned topic? Use what feels comfortable. I’ve always been left hand retrieve spinning and right casting. Now that I’m older it’s nice to swap from one to the other to avoid muscle and joint fatigue.


I know this comment doesn't answer your question.. But I'm a stickler. I bought a left hand reeling baitcaster. 🤣


You make me feel normal 😂


Same here. Started spinning and kept left retrieve for baitcasters.


Most old baitcasters weren’t available as left handed so most had to learn to use both hands


That’s so crazy baitcasters weren’t available left hand


If you go look at the Lew’s lineup. Most of their reels will only offer a lefty in 7.5:1, if at all. It’s kinda crazy.


Is it crazy though or realistic lol


Haha well to be fair Shimano makes everything in LH, but I also admit the reputation Shimano has and that it likely allows them to not take any financial losses to do so. I would love to see more Lew’s Reel options and speeds in LH. Loved my Lew’s reels but switching from RH to LH this past month has shown me that Lew’s isn’t the best in this category.


I use lefty for both myself


I grew up with spincast and spinning reels. The right handed retrieve on spincast got ingrained in muscle memory. I still am left for spinning, right for baitcaster.


Old school philosophy is cranking should be done with dominant hand and palming the reel typically requires a hand change anyway. This subject comes up almost every day. It’s strictly a preference thing. U.S. prefers right hand retrieve and Europe/Japan prefer left.


Came to say this. But as a US guy who’s fishing buddy and wife use lefty, I have officially converted over myself in the past month. Still learning to hook set but the casting and reeling already feel comfortable and normal.


If I'm constantly casting a want a left hand reel for any reel type. But if I'm fishing the bottom or trolling I take what I can, which is often right hand. Slow pitch jigging a prefer right hand.


I don’t have any trolling gear of my own, but anyone else’s that I have ever used had been RH and after a couple of fish I am worn out.


What if I told you I enjoy using both left and right hand retrieving baitcasters 😶 do I have issues?


I can use both just never understood switching hands so much 🤷‍♂️


I hear ya, it depends what direction I'm working the bank, that way I can set hook across my bod comfortably


I have both for ergonomics, 6hrs of casting 100g+ plastics kinda works on your back. Also I've always thought that the philosophy was that with spinning rods you get feeling for the lure through the blank and with baitcasters it comes through the reel, so you're always using you dominant hand for the best contact with the lure.


I'll throw you a real curve ball, I switch all my spinning reels to right hand retrieve! Lol, it's all about how you learned and what's comfortable to you. It makes no difference whatsoever to the fish.


So sick of this coming up as a topic as if it's a choice anglers make. Like everything else in life, people fish and reel with whatever hand feels natural.


Left spinning reel, right baitcaster. Tried a left handed retrieve baitcaster for one trip, was awkward and felt like shit. Don't want to change. No point in it, it works.


I guess it’s just the preference


It's doing what feels comfortable vs. what feels extremely awkward just like anything pertaining to right or left handed. It's just a little different with bait casters because sometimes right handed people feel more comfortable reeling left handed and sometimes they feel more comfortable reeling right handed.


It’s just how I have always fished, and it’s much more comfortable for me. It’s odd because I golf and bat left handed but much prefer to cast in a right handed style swing. Honestly I’m 35 and sometimes still question if I am actually right handed or if I just “learned” to be right handed. All of my casting reels reel with the right. If I fish moving baits with a spinning rig I reel with my right. Ice fishing, vertical jigging, or ripping jigging raps I reel with my left and hold the rod with right. Even though I am right hand dominant, I feel bites better with my rod in my left hand, have much faster hook set reaction with my left, and can work a jerk bait, glide bait or spook much easier that way too. For me the hand switch literally takes just part of a second and isn’t even worth thinking about and I prefer to use my right thumb to control my spool. I have never seen anyone switch rod hands to set a hook.


Uh, they don’t. Personally, I’m ambidextrous with fishing poles and reels (the ONLY thing I’m equally comfortable with either hand, although I guess I was ok with either foot in soccer...but generally, I’m ONLY right handed) but you shouldn’t switch hands after casting to retrieve, you should just get a reel that’s suited for you.


It's best not to think about it because it really messes you up.. When I see someone use a spinning reel upside down.. It makes me totally nuts..


My dad is left handed and when I was little I would sneak and get his rod and reel while he was at work and go to our neighbors pond (When they invited me) and that's what I learned to use. So I cast with my right, switch hands and reel with my right. After doing this for over 50 years I don't even realize I'm doing it. I cast and before the lure hits the water I've already switched hands and ready to fish without ever looking down at the rod and reel. After years of fishing with friends we've come to the conclusion that my hands and arms don't get as tired as theirs do during an all day fishing trip and we think it's due to the changing hands and not gripping the rod with one hand all day long!


This is truly one of life's great mysteries.....we just had this discussion on the pier yesterday......


That’s me too. I am right handed but use a left handed bait caster. Switching hands was too much.


I’m left handed but right hand dominant. Mom tried to “fix” it when I was little but then I started to stutter when I talked. Went back and stutter went away. I feel like I have more precision with left hand but also swing a bat or cast a rod with my right hand. So I’ll cast out righty then switch cause I feel like I have more rod control with left.