Here he is, the daddy bluegill, 4.2 lbs

Here he is, the daddy bluegill, 4.2 lbs


It looks like you’re hanging it by the line, which is still attached to the pole I’m guessing. That’s the only way this fish weighs over 4 pounds. It’s just not possible for a 10 inch long bluegill to weigh that much. It’s a nice fish, but not 4 pounds


Yeah, look how tight that mono is across the scale hook


That Blue Gill is under 9in based on the pic


yah thats my thoughts. did eat eat a lot of lead lol?/s


It's MAYBE 9 inches. The bottom lip is pulled up by the hook/line, and the tape measure is too far down. I mean, it's still a huge bluegill...but it's not 4lbs, and it's not 10 inches.


Yup, probably at least 3.5 lbs of weight on the other end of the line.


You weighed that like most dudes measure their 🐓....😅


I don’t measure my chicken like that.


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Ah, the /r/fishing scale


That's a decent bluegill, but he's only 9" long. Unless it has a lot of heavy metals in it's flesh, it can't weigh more than a half pound, maybe.


Heavy metals? Like swallowing 10 bags of lead weights?


~Three pounds worth, yes


Do they make sinkers out of depleted uranium?


I don't know about that but tungsten is the next best thing when you're looking for density in a metal and I know they make those.


LOL, I guess nobody got my joke.


I gotchu brother.


Probably mercury. Or osmium. mercury would make more sense since I suppose.


Thats heavy. Osmium heavy. Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/w8wKji0Fk2wE-JLArSK30ZCCJQnKJk6Gbjme1I43yHhVZF5zldAJejaglOutBRmQ7e-3wP7w8iGVknzEtrZP-YkbvU7XvraPny\_2dw


A 9 inch bluegill can easily weigh over 1/2 pound, most 9 inch bluegill in the top 25th percentile weigh .62 pounds or above according to in fisherman magazine. There have been some scale weighed bluegill in Florida that were 9.5 inches and a pound, but this is rare, and a extra half inch. His fish looks 1/2-2/3 of a pound.


Maybe, but the difference between a half pound and 4+ pounds is pretty drastic.


I know, I was just pointing out that a 9 inch fish isn’t necessarily under 1/2 pound. In rare cases they can exceed a pound. I’ve never caught a panfish that was over a pound under 10 inches myself. A 4 pounder would likely be 15+” and chunky as hell.


yeah that’s not 4 pounds lol


Hes thicc asf, we weighed him but i didnt take a pic


I’m sorry but no fish that’s 9.5 inches is over 4 lbs. This is a fisherman’s tale if I’ve ever heard one lol.


A 4 lb 9.5” fish would have to be 14” wide.


Buddy. Great catch. But you ain't gotta lie to kick it. Your posts are welcome here no matter the weight of the fish.


The world record bluegill is 4 lbs 12 oz. so you’re scale is broken or you’re full of shit. This fish is probably a solid 1 lbs. Maybe a little more. Nice fish, but you’re not fooling anybody on here that easily


This dude may set the record for most downvotes on cake day


You’re talking to people who weigh fish frequently. We know it isn’t 4 pounds. Not even anywhere close to it.




You have the fish attached to a scale in the picture you posted yah liar




So you don’t have evidence then.


That fish weighs at most one pound. Why do people feel the need to lie here? We all enjoy catching fish, and many here have decades of experience. Why would you lie to people who know better?


Yup. I caught a 10.5” when I was a kid. It weighed just over a pound. I won a sweet trophy from the local bait shop that ran a weekly contest. This person is a liar liar and their pants are on fire.


Liar liar pumpkin eater!!


I’m guessing this person just legit doesn’t know any better.


Right. Sure these lies might get by non fishers but cmon… we all FISH. we all here have some idea of what we are talking about it’s not the demographic to lie about fishing too lol.


That's what I'm saying. My biggest which is from my dad's lake which has monster bluegill was just under a pound and a half and was significantly bigger than that. I'd have to think that being generous, it may hit a pound at most.


Im not, that thing was fat, my friends scale said 4 lbs


.4 more likely lmao


you had it in your hands, i'm sure you can tell the difference between one pound and four. If the scale really said it's 4 pounds, you either did it wrong, or the scale is broken. No ifs or buts about it, this is not a 4 pound fish.


Bro. The state record in Louisiana for a Blue Gill is 1.61lbs. There is no way your blue gill is 4lbs lmao. You would have blown literally every bluegill record out of the water. The **National** is 4lbs 12oz and yours looks nowhere in size close to that one.


Damn, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt that you were just being silly when you claimed that weight... Condolences to your family.


This cheap scales they sell nowadays are all junk so don’t trust them completely, I had several go bad on me over the years.


The Amazon scale and multi tool, doesnt work that well either


Dude the world record is 4.12 oz


Nice fish, but maybe 1 pound - and it's a hybrid bluegill/green-sunfish You can tell by the coloration on the fin edges, the large mouth, and the gill flap You might think about buying a different scale, or at least calibrating your scale. Because it's definitely not even 2 pounds, much less over 4 Also for accurate weight you should unhook the fish first...


Fyi a 20 inch bass would be about 4 pounds. Twice as long and much thicker


In the entire US, only 4 states have bluegill recorded at over 4 pounds. At some point when holding this fish, did you never consider that something about the measurement wasn't correct? Next time you're in a grocery store, pick up a half gallon jug of milk - it weighs 4.3 pounds. Did this 9" fish feel anywhere close to the weight of a half gallon of milk? The reason you're getting crap here isn't because of the mistake, it is because you didn't take a single second to use your head to think about this before making this post. In the age of the internet and everyone having a camera with them constantly, it's harder to tell fishing tales, whether intentional or not. Most people are terrible at estimating the weight of fish they've caught, it takes many many years of guessing followed by checking with a reliable scale to get good at it. Don't worry about not being able to tell the difference between a 2 pound bass and a 3 pound bass. But your estimate missed by a lot here.


>The reason you're getting crap here isn't because of the mistake, it is because you didn't take a single second to use your head to think about this before making this post. Defending the mistake isn't helping much either.


There was a bluegill caught out of Merritts mill in Florida that was nearly 4 and was mounted, the guy thought it was a shellcracker (local term for redear). The lake currently holds the redear state record, which also used to be the world record if I remember correctly, so it’s not really surprising it would produce monster gills as well. ​ He would have smashed the official state record had it been certified, which is 2 pounds 15 oz (hardly anyone cares about panfish records in Florida tho.) ​ also in Florida, there is a giant bluegill mounted in the Pana vista lodge at lake panasofkee that dwarfs two 3+ pound redear ( one is 3 1/4 and the other is 3 3/4 I believe) that are mounted on the same wall. it was never weighed, but was certainly over 4. It was crazy to see the mount in person. This lake laid claim to the state record redear before Merritt mill took over. Both of these fish would make the one pictured look like a dink. And at either of the lakes I mentioned a fish like the one pictured is commonplace.


This fish was 9", which isn't all that uncommon anywhere. This guy is pretty thick, but to hit 4 pounds it would have to be thicker than it was long. A fish of any type that reaches 4 pounds is something you really noticed when it's on your line, I've accidentally caught plenty of 4 pound channel cats. On lighter gear they put up a hard fight. Bluegill are fighters, but I've never had one so big that it peeled drag and had to be worn down before landing it.


Can I borrow your scale?


A 9" gill with a scale stretched to the line. This is some weird shit.


His jaw is messed up, couldnt get the scale in that well


That's almost as stupid as this pic.


Upon closer inspection this fish still has gills


You meant 4.2 ounces right?


Banana for scale or it doesn’t count.


So if I buy a single small banana, then all of my fish are record breaking? Nice!


using a banana for scale does not compare your fish to the record


My point was that using a banana for scale is incredibly dubious because you could buy a small banana or a big banana and it would warp the perspective enough for the comparison to mean nothing.


maybe you should use a plantain for scale


He's gonna need one of those mini bananas if he wants that fish to look 4lbs


World record is 4.75.


And it looks like a dinner plate. Not like the palm of a larger sized hand.


I caught an 11.5 last year that weighed just a little over a pound but go off lol


Bigger than any gill I've ever caught, but no way it's 4#.


I'm skeptical


Also I get it, I made a mistake, I have never used the scale before and i was just on a little weekend trip after school. Yall dont have to crucify me for it


You are taking all of the criticism really well. Keep up that humble attitude and it will serve you well in life. Nice job. As for getting crucified, it's because everyone has noticed, especially lately, it seems, that people are posting a lot of bass that are clearly 3-4 pounds and saying they're 5, 6, 7, even 10 pound bass. It's getting ridiculous. You happened along with an honest mistake (I think) and it triggered people.


it's not "getting" ridiculous this is the way of the sportsfisher you've probably lied about a fish long enough that you believe it yourself now, if not you haven't been fishing long enough


Dude im 16, my bad if I I made a mistake. Scale said 4 pounds, i didnt hold it, my friend did


He wasnt addressing you specifically. He was just projecting his bad behavior onto everyone else, generally speaking. He didnt mean it personally.


i did not criticize you at all, far from it, enjoy fishing


I'm pretty honest. You might have seen the two 17-in small mouth that I posted last night. Never would I say that they were 20 in or 4 pounds. The only thing I wish I could recall better is the six and a half pound largemouth that I caught 15 plus years ago. I remember it was long and skinny and, for some reason, I keep thinking it was 26 in. But I'm pretty sure that's not possible. The weight, I'm positive about but it was measured on an old spring-based scale, so even that could have been a bit inaccurate. I still feel good that I can honestly say that I caught a real six and a half pounder.


Nah, fuck that. You must die. I'm kidding. Bump all the haters. I'd bet my bottom dollar that bluegill weighs a solid pound. And that's one helluva bluegill!!! **[The record](https://www.al.com/sports/2018/07/in_search_of_record_fish_in_al.html)** was 4lbs 12oz but **was only 15" long.** That's because bluegill eventually grow out and around instead of length wise. If you took a length and girth measurement at the shoulder you can probably tell how much it weighed to within a couple ounces plus or minus on either side of the scale. That's what I do when I'm striper fishing but forgot my scales or just can't lift it by myself because of my back injury.


I think people are a little over zealous in correcting you because it’s hard to believe that anyone could mistake what at best is 1 pound for 4 pounds, regardless of what any scale says. Nice bluegill either way though.


That is a very impressive bluegill, not matter what the actual weight! You did a great job!


It's still a bigass bg/sunfish. Those are fun to catch. Strong little bastards. Nice catch. Ignore all these buttholes yelling at you over a damn fish. Fishing is fun, you guys. Try it sometime. Chill out and teach like the other kind people here.


Don't let the assholes get to you. Sure, it's not a 4lb fish, but it's still a fat as fuck bluegill. Keep on having fun and catching fish. I promise there are a lot more nice people than there are dickheads. The nice people just don't feel the need to go out of their way to be nice.


The worm might weight 4.2 lbs?


Either your scale is not calibrated right, or it most likely has to do with the fact you are weighing the fish with the line attached to the fish and the scale hook... but yeah, no way in hell is that 4 lbs. it may be around 1 lb at the most.


I doubt it but dam it ill let you have it since it's your cake day!


I was like no fucking way then I clicked the post and was like yeah confirmed no fucking way


9” and 4 pounds? Did he have a belly full of lead sinkers lmfao.


4 pounds 😂we just making up weights now?


A 4lbs bass could eat that thing.


Nice catch- to the haters here- for all you know he might be a novice angler and couldn't use the scale right. Take the time to teach- not hate or preach- proper weighing and angling knowledge. In the future, remove the hook and try to hang it on the lip- don't gill it as it will harm the fish. If you cant- just take a picture and be happy.


I didn't see any hate in any of the comments above minus like one jerk. Just statements. Why do people feel the need to use the term "hater" when people are simply telling him that fish is not the weight he stated?


Yea. To OP, sorry for all the haters, but you definitely did not weigh this fish properly. Because you are weighing the line you are basically weighing your fishing pole + the fish. In the future you must only weigh the fish, stick your scale in his gills if you want a weight that bad and plan on keeping him.


Why even post with this caption lol


Nice fish but its no where near 4 pounds. A 13-inch redear I caught was just shy of 2 lbs so unless your tape measure is off by 7 or so inches. Its a bit lighter than that.


If that fish weighs 4 lbs then so does my dick


This bluegill is absolutely, 100%, undeniably NOT 4.2 lbs. Not even 2lbs. An 18" largemouth usually weighs 4lbs.


Lol a 4lb bluegill will be massive. Think how big a 4lb bass is. Nice fish but not even a lb.


Reminds me of this 22lbs large mouth bass. https://imgur.com/yDHECvu


22 8nches would have been a more believable lie


I was being sarcastic. I found a random picture of a mediocre bass and made an obviously unbelievable and outrageous claim about it, much like the OP.


Oh I know you were being sarcastic. I was just pointing out it isn't even 22 inches so if someone was going to actually BS that as a bigger fish, 22 inches would be somewhat believable


Guys leave the kid alone. He meant .42 lbs not 4.2 lbs.


The largest record bluegill was 4 lbs 12 oz, 15 inches long and over 18 inches girthwise. That fish had a huge honking forehead that expanded even further into its back; the thing practically looked like a perfect circle with a tail. This is a respectable bluegill, but its length and proportions do not say 4 lbs. Its insides would have to be made of lead for that to add up.


I’ve caught 22” bass that didn’t weigh 4.2 pounds. First thing we are taught about being a fisherman is what??? Learn to lie about the size and weight, but never post a picture to say that you learned the lying lesson very well


Fucking A, that’s means my PB trout is 49 lbs, I’m calling Guinness book of world records!


Take a look at this [package](https://hip2keto.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2018/03/holding-ground-beef-at-Target.jpg?resize=1024%2C538&strip=all) of meat which weighs 1 pound. Imagine 4 of those packages next to your fish. You know those big packages of ground beef at the store that make your wrist wobbly to hold one handed? That's 3 pounds. Imagine that package, plus the package I posted a picture of, because that's 4 pounds total. Edit: I'm a former butcher, I'm sharing this as a tip for guesstimating things in the future.


I don’t know if I’d trust a butcher that can’t hold three pounds of meat lol.


Phew, I went back to read my comment. Good thing I used the word you, instead of me. I would've hated to lose your trust.


Fair enough, but seriously, what adult can’t hold up three pounds?


I don't know, I was responding to a 16 year old kid that said this fish weighed over 4 lbs. Go to the grocery and post a video of you holding a three pound package of beef, then jiggle your hand, or rotate your wrist parallel to the ground. That's all. Just do that and let me see.


Lol this is good


I watch a Youtube channel called "The Bearded Butcher" sometimes because it's really interesting to learn about how different animals are processed and butchered into meat cuts that I'd recognize. I've developed an inferiority complex after watching them take turns holding up ~400lbs sides of beef while the other makes the final cut to break it in half.


no need to lie.


Who in the hell is upvoting this troll


You don't have to lie.


who says?


Blue gill / green sunfish hybrid, I'm pretty sure.




He was the only one we caught in four hours comapred to the dozens off bass, idk how he grew up with all of them, we put him back too


I caught one of this thick bois on a senko last year, little tiger was about 3” shorter!!!!


Regardless, nice fish. Saaaay, all you naysayers, haven't you ever heard of a fisherman stretching the truth? Personally, I've never done it, even when caught the world record ceolanth in Iowa.


Boo this man! Boo!




Impressive!!!! I’m more impressed that you caught it on a trick worm!


HOLY SHIT!!! Nice catch!


Nope not 4.2 lbs.. downvoted for lying.


Lmaoooo he said 4lbs


Definitely not 4lbs but a nice one.


Looks like a hybrid to me


Really nice fish. But it only weighs a pound at most.


daddy 😳😳


This subreddit is having a hard time with math lately. The angler's eyes are sometimes bigger than the brain. That being said, glad you were able to learn from this experience. Onto the next.


The world record is 4lbs 12oz 15 inches long with a 18 1/4 girth. I'll generous and say that fish weighs a max 14 oz to 1 lbs.


4.2lbs? Sorry, but no. Maybe 1.2lb, but definitely not 4.2lbs.


I caught a 14 inch bluegill that was maybe 2 lbs while wet a few years back


Lying ass!


The picture is of the bait he was using to catch this near world record fish. He’ll get us more pictures once it’s certified.


Anyone else call these Kivas? Where's the central MA guys?


It’s big but not 4.2lbs


Not 4 pounds: but if you clean it, the sunnie will make a great lunch


This is some serious trolling lol




That's amazing


So that's the world record? Previous is. 4.12..


You aint got to lie Craig


This photo and claim is so perfectly on target to stir up multiple debates.


That fish isn’t 4 pounds.


Nice. Did you eat it? I noticed you weighed the rubber worm and line too though, and the tape measure is a little off. Bet those were some nice filets though!


Nice bluegill, congrats!


Beautiful Gill. I'm thinking it's around 1 pound.


No way, lol 😂


Just Google “record bluegill” 4lb 12 oz is all time record. Pic is nothing close to this


Come on buddy your not fooling anyone but yourself Nice hybrid though 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣


4.2 lbs?


Take a pic that shows the thickness. It’s still not 4 lbs but would be good to see.


That’s crazy! I’ve never seen one that big! Thanks for sharing!


Now tell us the real weight because people aren't that gullible around here. 4.2lbs my ass. The record is 4lbs 12oz. That's also a hybrid.


There's absolutely zero chance this is a 4 lb fish. Sorry, but maybe 1 lb at the most. It doesn't take away the fact that this is a beauty of a bluegill!


Looks like it's got some greensunfish genetics toom I love those bluegillxgreensunfish. Bright yellow bottom fins with the size of big bullgills.


I’d say at least a 5 pounder


Poor old thing looks like it lived and died hard. So much for the life of a fish, I guess.


It was the only bluegill we caught in 4 hours compared to the dozens of bass, he lives on though


Where at? I need a shot at one that big!


That’s a rock bass lol


I may have been stupid about the weight but having caught rock bass before I know im right about that


The dorsal and the mouth are not that of a bluegill, it’s a rock bass


Bro have you ever seen a rock bass? This is a bluegil


It looks similar to the ones around here but I guess I’m wrong tho


Do you have a picture of a rock bass from where you are?


Sure! I’ll dm it to you or whatever lol


Yeah post the photo to your profile and send the link to the post that’s how you’ll have to donit


This guy is torn up, hes an old blue in a pond FILLED with bass


Might wanna check vs state record.... thats a monster =) grats


Looks like a shell cracker


Definitely not 4 pounds. Could be 3.8.


The pure stupidity of OP has given me full blown aids. JFC..


.42 lbs not 4.2 is the answer. Honest mistake...l think