That's about one engine company's worth of calls here.


Lol this is a city of around 8k so not too many calls 😂


That's a lot of calls for a population of 8k, even with the transfers. Our fire stats are probably comparable, but EMS wise we do roughly half that many EMS Calls for a Town of \~12k.


I should have clarified. This department runs medical calls for MANY towns in the county. I can think of 5 towns off the top of my head that this department is immediately called out for if there is a medical related call in that town.


That makes much more sense.


Yes lol. They have 6 ambulances with only 21 firefighters in total and 4 to 5 on a shift.


I was wondering, because that’s more than my small town has for the year… we’re a volunteer department at 209 all year as of yesterday, and we’re about 6k.


That makes much sense In my country most firefighters are volunteers on call, without being medics. Only in bigger cities ems is partially integrated into the firefighter work


If it makes you feel better, our district (village and township) is maybe 5k (big area, though), and we're slammed with calls. Mostly medical, but fire gets pulled about once a week, if not more (all volly). We're sitting at nearly 50 fire calls (a few actual fires, mostly MVAs, not counting EMS assists) and EMS broke 400 last month, I think. As your population gets older, it gets way busier.


The guys on the shift that got off this morning had 15-16 calls *yesterday*. 🤣


Same here. We do about 50k calls a yr lol


That’s my company’s calls for a whole year


Y'all must be training a LOT, then.


2 times a week if that’s a lot


False alarm- 10 BS EMS calls- 999 EMS calls warranting ALS & emergency transport- 2


I think we work at the same place


Love seeing the difference between rural volunteer companies vs city paid companies. That call list is about what we get a year. Just add in like 35ish MVAs.




God damn bruh. I work for a neighboring Boston city, the one with the college and we don’t even do that many.


That’s a slooow day for us. We do about 190k a year.


~1100 dispatches per day here, around 80% ems




What’s HFD? Edit - Houston Fire Department?


Yep, Houston


612 calls in July for our station. (One truck, one Engine). About 3100 calls in the city for the department.


5,163 in June. 22 apparatus, 17 stations, 4 battalions with medical control and use private ambulances. Did not include chiefs response in any of the numbers above. Population of 379k


Just some copy paste from a comment I made here from some months ago, so no data from last month. Have a dashboard that is regularly updated with all the fire services in the region. Just grabbed the largest dataset (larger is better with data, right?) with all of the 25 departments included, covering a population of nearly 18 million people. I'd say the relative data (so share of certain calls and calls per capita) is what matters most, instead of absolute values. The data is from March this year. * Total calls: 11,089 * Phone: 6,268 (56%) * Automatic: 1,525 (14%) * Other: 3,296 (30%) Breakdown by type of call. * Total calls: 11,089 * Alarm: 1,558 * Property damage: 4 * Fire: 4,109 * Service: 1,418 * Medical (assist): 1,647 * Aid request: 2 * Environment: 1,133 * Accident: 1,100 * Security and public order: 79 * Traffic: 39 Busiest day: Wednesday. Least busy: Sunday. Busiest hour: 3 P.M. Least busy: 5 A.M. Subdivision of incidents (aid are all calls that are not alarms or fire). |*Type*|*Reported*|*Dispatched*|*Deployed*|*Arrived*| |:-|:-|:-|:-|:-| |**Fire**|4,996|4,109|4,017|3,765| |**Aid**|8,398|5,420|5,245|4,883| |**Alarm**|4,415|1,558|1,376|997| |**Total**|***17,809***|***11,087***|***10,638***|***9,645***| Specific incidents. |*Incident type*|*Reported*|*Dispatched*|*Deployed*|*Arrived*| |:-|:-|:-|:-|:-| |**House fire**|781|725|723|710| |**Traffic accident**|1733|404|394|375| |**Vehicle/Person in water**|156|122|118|114| The dashboard also has extensive data on response times, new year's incidents (by far busiest days of the year), house fire fatalities (generally around 20 to 30 per year), rescues at house fires (generally around 120 people per year), and incidents with vehicles that have an alternative driveline. But this post is not about that.


Eshplain to me…why IFTs are a fire department responsibility


They have a contract to do IFTs and trust me they were doing WAY more a few months ago when the hospital was on diversion so this really isn’t a lot compared to their normal amount. They also get paid around $40/hour for IFTs plus extra for the overtime usually so they may complain about the IFTs but they’ll gladly do it for the money


Looks like these guys need all the calls they can get.


That’s my whole year




Do you also respond to calls in the region? Here the private/industrial/airport/military fire services are nearly integrated within the regional departments (but not part of), and are obligated with calls from the civil service when requested to, which is usually at large calls. The other way is the case as well, as civil fire service will also always be involved in major fires at airports and industrial areas etc. Or are you literally part of the civil service, which I have seen as well (just not in The Netherlands here it is always private, unless it is military, but then it is still technically different than the civil service).




Technically it’s a city of ~ 8k people.


Idk just funny ppl call that a cty I think of that as very rural or like a town or village idk


We have 9 stations about 260k population [breakdown here](https://www.instagram.com/p/Cg9iIF7rB2R/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=)


Only five overdoses that's impressive


EMS Calls: 0


We did almost 6000% of that lol


The county I work in averages about 5,500 EMS calls a month, not sure what the breakdown is though


Almost perfect 1:10 ratio thats how it is here


We’re running 650 calls a day here


Some bonehead city cops called us for a disorderly conduct last night. There was a fire a few hours before but they decided to get us three hours into the incident


That’s almost what a single company does in my city. My city has pop. Of 120-130k. 8 engines, 4 trucks, 1 rescue.


That’s a light month here.


I'm in a decidedly smaller region than you are - single station, 2 engines 1 tender/tanker 3 brush trucks 1 rescue 1 ATV, in an area sandwiched between a city of 1.2 mil and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Total calls for July: 41 Alarms 1 Generic Assist Call 2 Smoke Investigation 1 MVC 9 Backcountry Rescue 7 Medicals 21: Allergies/Stings 2 Breathing problems 3 Chest pain 1 Convulsions/seizures 4 Heat exposure 1 Hemorrhage/laceration 1 Overdose 2 Psych 1 Sick Person 2 Traumatic Injury 1 Unconscious 3


This is about a years worth of calls at my department…


Not bad for a yea-- wait what


Not bad for a day.


That looks like 3 days for us


I’m surprised by the small amount of reports of fire. We get half the total calls but we can get three fire reports in a day due to agricultural burns


That’s seems like one day in our city


Small volunteer department in a rural area: 1 MVC, a speeding Tesla hit a pickup and then a telephone pole 3 minor medicals that the ambulance drivers had packed up before we arrived


Your month of July is my department's daily average.


Idk how to find monthly up to dates stats but one summer month for our department is about 4,000 calls. We have 17 companies ran out of 14 stations. Some of those stations may have ran 50-100 while our 3-4 busiest stations running a large majority of those 4,000 calls, not all but a lot of.


Impressive. My department is tiny and gets like 3 calls a month lol


I’m so happy I’m from Denmark. EMS is a completely different job that has nothing to do with firefighting. We get like 30-50 calls a month, and we’re one of the busier stations in our region. Population ~113k


our tiny service normally gets like 40 calls and we got double that this month and they were all big ones 🤩 which is great cause we only have one truck staffed at all times


*number of calls


That’s it?


Paid large city on a middle of pack company: each 24hr tour gets run numbers somewhere in the low teens. Separate EMS, so it's split 50/50 with fire & ems runs. A real fire about every other tour due to the hot summer. Our busy companies will get 30+ runs with a bit better chance of a fire. These make those busiest in country list. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if a volunteer got more fires. I work 25% of the shifts but they can get 100% of the fires. Nothing but respect for people who do this for free.


My dept runs about 110 calls per day, but Id say the stats are pretty much the same.


We have about a dozen total a month tops but in the middle of nowhere so I think we’ll try to keep it that way, haha.


Some things I find interesting and/or confusing: 1. Your department does transfers 2. Fire drills are counted (do you mean they forgot to advise of the fire drill and you got activated?). 3. Reports of fire = times someone said something was on fire, but it was false or extinguished? 4. MVAs are medical runs? I mean yeah, there's a high likelihood for patients, but we consider that a fire run here.


~5,500 Fire/EMS calls for the month of June


i assume ill learn this when i get into training but what's an mva?


Motor vehicle accident - MVA


thanks again i probably would of learned it eventually but still


my department stopped responding to ODs, strictly EMS now. I always wondered why they made that decision


My volly departments stats are about 150 fire calls per month. We don't run medical but I believe our volly ambulance call averages about 500 calls per month.


Auto alarm? What do you do on an auto alarm?


Just My Engine 22 First Due Stretching 30 Lay Outs 12 Vehicle Fires 32 Other Fires 27 Alarms 39 EMS Assists 2 Rescues 41 Canceled En-Route 9 Service Calls


Your engine had 52 working fires and 44 car/other fires in one month?


Strait Ghetto Hood Shit


June we rocked 1,202 between 11 stations. 895 of those were EMS related, 56 were MVA, 217 were "Other fire related incidents" We had a total structure fire loss of $451,500 with eight confirmed fires in June.


Just shy of 60 fire calls for the month (we don’t run EMS). It’s an all volunteer department that covers roughly half of our town’s total area. The other two departments in town are also all volunteer. Town of 55k across 22 square miles. We have 3 fire districts in our town. Our district has 3 stations (one main and two satellite ones). We have 3 engines, a heavy rescue, a platform ladder, a straight stick quint, and a utility vehicle. We run around 800 calls a year on average. Each firehouse typically sends at least the primary piece to each call, unless it’s just a mulch fire or other nonsense. So response for majority of calls is typically 2 engines and a ladder (the quint). This is the breakdown of our district’s calls for the month: Mutual Aid (for Structure Fire): 5 Mutual Aid (for Vehicle Fire): 1 AFA: 25 CO: 6 Mulch Fire: 15 Structure Fire: 1 Car v Building: 1 Bomb Threat: 1 Vehicle Fire: 2 MVA: 1 Elevator Rescue: 2 Hazmat Incident: 1


Only five overdoses?!?! This is definitely a small city


i'm glad my department doesn't run ems lol


Rural volunteer company in Montana: Medical: 29 MVA: 3 Wildland: 2 (20k acre fire, no joke) Smoke investigation: 3 Automatic fire alarm: 2 Structure fire: 1 Unauthorized burn pile: 2 As you can see, mostly medical. In winter our structure/chimney fires tick up quite a bit due to the use of wood burning stoves for heat. We also run medical with a neighboring district so maybe 70% of those calls were in our district, 30% mutual aid.


Dispatch here About 700 SMURD (EMS) and 1500 fires and other emergency situations in a month for about 100k people. We have 5 fire stations. Also we had about 100 small wildfires where we sent the volunteers (from town halls).


Is it really fair to call it a “fire” department? Seems EMT Department is more accurate /s


Thats like a year worth of calls for my department but we only do fires, MVA. EMS has nothing to do with us. We also have some other small things that we do on the side like getting people out of wells, holes, locked apartments, pumping water out of basements, and other natural disaster stuff. In July we had 29 calls. Mostly fires.




We do roughy 500-550 per/ month with 3 engines, 1 ladder 2 /3 medic units.


We get about 2500 a month where I’m at


That’s about three days worth of calls at Disney World.


Back some many many (like 40+) years ago in my department on LI, we had 3k calls a year. Also had around 150 guys in 4 companies.


That's almost 5 years worth for us. We did 80 last year. Combination department


My department had about 3500 calls for the month of the July, it’s been a slow few months :/




Backyard for pit after legal hours. Relax.




It’s someone reporting a nuisance it’s doesn’t mean the caller is a nuisance. Haha. If you have to produce a public report you can use different terminology anyhow, but it’s really not that big of a deal unless someone is specifically trying to make it one.