Do some dusting, man! Your ps5 will thank you later by lasting longer and better performance


Now make your bed


And do some dusting or atleast a can of airduster lol


How did you get the Barret date, that one trophy is haunting me


Everyone's dating possibility has a hidden value (Aerith's starts highest unless you're particularly nice to Tifa early on) and these are decreased or increased by things you do in game. You need to make all dialogue choices that are mean or at least not leaning nicely towards Tifa and Aerith. It's not necessary to do it absolutely every time, but if you're aiming for Barret, his initial date rating is the lowest at the start of the game. There is a trick you can use to get a definite Barret date no matter what you've done in the game so far. When you first arrive at Cosmo Canyon, the party splits up and scatters around the area. If Barret is in your party, you can talk to him about AVALANCHE in the room behind the weapons shop. Tell him "Go on..." and then "Yeah whatever..." The "Go on" option adds +3 to Barret's date rating, the "Yeah whatever..." glitches the dialogue to reset if you leave and reenter the room, meaning you can get the points for "Go on" an unlimited amount of times. Spam this for a few minutes and you should have a high enough rating to date Barret at the Gold Saucer. Edit: This bug doesn't exist in PS4 release patch 1.03 or higher, for what its worth. Do a quick Google for "date mechanics final Fantasy wiki" and you'll find the full list of dialogue options required throughout the game.


Yeah I had that glitch in mind & the day before I went back to a save to do it the patch came out & fucked me haha. I guess I’ll just have to replay half the game & hope for the best


A lot of peoples girlfriends are in there


Why the [email protected]! you bring me on this date, anyway?!


I got it myself, my last trophy I needed was "Best Bromance", and I didn't realize I was getting either really lucky or just found that there is an actual threshold for being picked by Don Corneo. I have seen on the walk through I looked at that normally people have to get everything of the best items for the drag... but I consistently had an issue getting into the Honeybee Inn (people who have been in there know EXACTLY what I mean). Thinking about it now, it may be coded into the game you can get it without doing that scene just in case.


Working on this now. Just got the weapons, level 99 and the Gil one left to go.


Go to the midol area of the map. Best XP and Gil rewards. Equip the all materia. I used Cid, Vincent and cloud. Use weapons that double or triple. I learned the hard way


I don't think that area is better than the swampy area of the northern crater (with the magic pots and movers), at least for ap grinding. You get 8000xp, 1000ap and 8500gil per magic pot (just w-item duplicate elixirs to use on them to make them vulnerable), and 0xp, 800ap and 10000gil per mover (and they appear in groups of 3). Those enemies are quite rare but when they do show up the ap for killing them is well worth it.


I just need to best bromance trophy. The grind for coming up all 9's took forever




Too far away too. I can feel myself squinting haha.


Haha sorry about that


Ha! Beat me to it lol


I’m never going to get past that squat challenge. Congrats!


Honestly squats wasn’t too bad when you found the timing/rhythm. It’s also more important to complete the animation and go a bit slower and if you have to mash a button, you at least don’t lose extra time. Just wait until you decide to do the pull-ups if you haven’t already; that one requires extra determination. Same strategy but still more complex.


It's not as bad as Jules in remake... I hate them Haha


Mute everything but the sound effects


Thanks! I’ll give it a try.