\*Panic intensifies\* \*prays for Gabby's twizzles\*


Tomorrow night, on *Geopolitics on Ice*... I predict France will counter this by putting either Didier Gailhaguet or Marina Anissina on the judging panel.


So Russia puts a controversial judge in knowing people will get upset and then says OK will swap it out for somebody who is going to give the Russians probably an even bigger boost. They are just playing 5D chess and we’re over here playing checkers.


looooool ice dance is hilarious 🙃


Speaking seriously: is there any chance clean P/C could lose to clean S/K because of her efforts? Or there should be others who'd "prefer" the Russian pair?


It’d be unlikely just because of her but 2 more judges who prefer Russians could easily tip the table. I think I’d be more upset if S/B medal (no offense to them but there are several teams who are better technically and performance wise) or D/S are in the top 10.


anything is possible - remember Yuna Kim


We will never forget….


yes, they can with halina gordon połtorak +elek. She will find some mistakes for french. In finlandia trophy they gave very low levels for PC, for nothing. Gabby gor level 2 for twizzles , without any reason. But they gave the highest one to spanish znulin team . Sara got level 4 for her twizzles while she had a stumble.


Halina gave S/K pretty low levels at NHK this season (a lot lower than Chock/Bates who are definitely weaker technical skaters)


Was she easy on C/B when they had that fall? (Without the fall could they have beaten S/K?)


Are they though? Chock certainly doesn't have the best SS. However, C/B also lack the messiness of S/K which means they are more likely to hit levels. That's not preference, that's just correct calling.


What good is it for the IOC to ban Russian athletes from competing under the Russian flag because of state sponsored doping when they'll still allow Russian judges to sway things in their favor regardless???


putting the same corrupted panels in Boeing like in Sochi, the fixed olympic one is the proof that Russia can do everything


Do everything *while* proclaiming themselves the victims of a worldwide witch hunt that only ever targets them!🙄


Is the French judge corrupt enough to counter this? I don't think I'm going to watch ice dance until I already know what's going to happen. P/C losing is only going to happen through some major corruption.


I feel like the 20th anniversary of 2002 Salt Lake ice dance judging scandal should be celebrated with a new ice dance judging scandal. Looks like Russia agrees with me.


That was pairs lol.


yankeebelles isn't that far from the truth because the 2002 SLC scandal also involved ice dance, after DG made a deal with Russia that the Russian judge will help Anissina/Peizerat to get their gold medal and the French judge will help the Russians in pairs. The scandal broke out after the pairs result but it also had an effect on ID.




To be fair, the 2002 Salt Lake City scandal gave us IJS which is somewhat more transparent than 6.0. At least we can now see in the numbers when they're being shady instead of having to speculate.


Well it made changes. IJS is definitely more objective than the 6.0 system was. Maybe you don't remember 6.0, good for you then. USA completely lost their dominance in their most important discipline, the ladies in the past 18 years since IJS has been introduced.




I agree with you. This sport could only be saved if: \- judges won't be connected to federations and they'll be independent, they will also be paid for their job \- the work of Officials Assessment Commission will be reformed \- GOE and PCS panel will be separated, because judges can't focus on both GOEs and PCS during a performance \- there'll be strict consequences in case of biased judging. Banning a judge for 1 year is not a strict consequence :) \- they'll introduce AI in judging \- the rules will be clearer and not full of vague terms, e.g. they start penalizing prerotation (which can of course be reviewed in slow-motion by the technical panel). PCS are not 'recommendation' but they are rules and must be judged like other rules. Raising the age limit to 17 or whatever won't change the problems in the long term. If they introduce 'technical' and 'artisic' programs it will kill figure skating, the technique and artistry should be within a program, not in two different programs :) If changes won't be made, this sport will turn into a jumping competition solely, which will look much worse than it was in the past 4 years.


Ah. That's what I get for trying to look smart before coffee. Thanks for setting me straight.


The IOC threatened to get rid of Ice dance after Salt Lake City.




ISU: Ok, we will replace with \*another\* corrupt Russian


Lol admittedly these standard deviations / score differences are not as large as I expected. We see far worse bloc judging usually – like score differences of like 3-5 pts in the short and 5-10 in the free. Not saying she won't show up like that in the Olympics, but she's far from the worst Russian or other nationalist judge lollll


Russians, I see.




people it is pointless to show her scores from 2019.. now for olympics she can change the narrative


This year in Canada she put Diana over Green / Parsons


We see the true reason for her being selected. It's always about Eteri.


Her judging has always been this questionable