Play however you find fun to play. You will learn over time, but just because you're not one of the better players doesn't mean you're playing wrong. Games are meant to be fun. However you make it fun is up to you.


https://youtu.be/b5M4Qxjan6A Training mode is for study review. You study by playing against people, only training mode if something would benefit from further review right away. Or combos, but those also get overemphasized by novices for how obvious they are, you just need a combo that turns your hit into a knockdown so you can run offense, actual damage is unimportant. Don't be afraid to go fuck around in matches and lose. There's no serious downside to losing, and winning makes it the other player's loss too.


Just go slow. Learn things one by one and then play until you’ve gotten it down, then add another thing and incorporate it, play until you get it down and so on. This way is actually also faster than learning everything before going online, since you would also learn a bit of neutral and get a feel for decision making while playing with other people. EDIT: About the stuff you’re telling yourself - it would probably be better if you viewed those losses as part of the process until you get to a level where you’re comfortable with your play and fine with not progressing further and then hopefully you’d be able to just enjoy yourself without OSing your loss, hahah


I feel this is the best way to learn. I usually just learn one step at a time new stuff. "Oh I'm getting a lot of throws in matches, but never convert off it, let's learn a throw conversion" after leaving only that I go play more to notice the next small improvement I need to make


Simple, generic, enough to make you at least put a good amount of time into a character: Try to learn a TOD. If the game you're interested in allows touch of death combos, try to learn one or even make your own. That way there's an end goal in mind, instead of something too open like "I wanna get better." It lets you focus on one character in particular you're interested in, and more than likely it'll drill the mechanics at play into your head while you're working it. You'll know your buttons and specials by heart by the end, and you have something badass to show for it once you can pull it off. Hope this helps!


IMO there is no playing casually with strangers online, at least it's not casually enough for me. I play arcade mode with ai or with friends online when I want casual feeling.


If you like playing but not learning (by your post it looks like you actually mean that you don't like sitting in training mode) then just play. Play more and realise you don't need to learn all the optimal stuff before you play. If you have a mindset that doesn't allow you to enjoy something because "I could beat them if I trained more" then try to work on that mindset. Don't want to learn frame data? Learn your fastest punishment and try it when you block something. Keep doing it if it works, block next time if it doesn't. There are always smaller, chunked steps you can take. There isn't a school with teachers doing the work of breaking things down for you, so you need to recognise that you can't learn the entire thing at once and do smaller things


You don't, at least not higher than the casual lvl. There is a limit to what and how fast you can learn by 'just playing'. Not putting in the time to train is the casual approach. The good thing about this: you don't have to. Most people have fun on the casual level. You just need to adjust you own expectations.


Try to find a local scene for a game or play with friends/online community. Playing ranked or with strangers will forever be less enjoyable than playing with other real people who you can interact with meaningfully. It's easier to learn like that since they can share knowledge, tips, suggestions, and praise instead of being forced to internalize everything yourself.


What i do is learn on the fly and try remembering what was good and what wasn't, as well as aking the people i fought what they would like. If i got against some next level shit, then just then hit training