I'll TLDR this. "If you don't enjoy learning from your mistakes to improve yourself please don't bother."


Didn't need a tldr...I don't know if I should thank you or hate you...


Was more of a quip so... Hate is fine :)


Thanks. I think?


It's the whole appeal of fighting games, but also the precise reason people are not really fond of fighting games; unless you're willing to take L after L after countless L for hours of your free time to maybe get a handful of wins after learning your weaknesses and practicing, it's not a fun time. Single player games are always meant for you to be able to win and team based multiplayer games always give you the peace of mind that "oh god, my team sucks, I'm OBVIOUSLY doing the best here!", so fighting games are basically the only games that force you to accept you suck and you really need to buckle down if you want to see results


I'm sure you mean well, but the language you use is super condescending, I doubt many people would want to read through all of it when it's like 80% talking down to the reader.


I was being honest. Probably should have made that clear


This was fantastic, although I think it’s more a fighting game guide then it is an FGC guide.


Thanks. I just felt like posting this...it feels right I guess. I'm never gonna get to the point where I have enough free time to get better at a fighting game, but I'm here so I might as well try to put a basic effort


This is great and probably why so many newcomers quit so easily. I would approach it differently: yes it’s going to be hard, yes it’s going to take practice. But just as a real fighter would have to learn from experience, so will you. And when you earn that victory, nothing tastes sweeter than knowing you worked for it and deserve it


Dude i lost nearly 50-0 every day against my master (a friendly friend meet on fighting game) But every loss was worth it, day after day, month after month, i became better but it took time Now we fight each other and its about 50/50% I accepted the fact i will lose against much better and confirmed player, but the stronger is your opponent, the more you will lose, the more you will learn Prepare yourself and your mind to being defeated, that's the principle of fighting games, there is one winner and the other who gonna lose but both can learn from the victory and the defeat, it sounds like philosophical but its true For example, i ve met a Fang player (SFV), i literally almost never met any Fang player, that guy just destroyed me because its new matchup, it took me time to fully understand how to play against him/Fang I think we ve met 3/4 times at online matches, the last match, i eventually beat him, cuz i know just a bit better when i have to put the guard, when i can punish him That's fighting games, from losing you will always learn something positive for you (in my case its learning new matchup and studying this guy gamestyle pattern)