Manager rating is a joke.

Some of the objectives make no sense whatsoever, and i’ve just gotten fired with 2 weeks left of the season while top of the league and in an FA cup final. 2 things that were on the objectives btw. They keep terminating my contract 2 days before I play spurs. I can’t do anything. What a joke.


Did you simulate the season? I just finished 16th with United and lost early in every cup and didn’t get sacked.


Simulated 2nd half


Odds are you ignored crucial objectives and had a bunch of unhappy players etc.


This happened to Julian Nagelsman and Jose Mourinho. I thought we wanted realism, irrational sackings are part of that.


Tbf wasn't Jose's a distraction bc of the super league. Levy wanted people to be less focused on that so he sacked Jose with some bs excuse


It’s a video game. Nothing irrational about winning. We wanted realistic gameplay. You are apart of the problem.


what do you even mean by “nothing irrational about winning”


Managers get sacked for no good reason all the time.


I dont mind getting sacked IRL for no good reason as long as I get well compensated...


I’ve had to go back to a save from 2 seasons prior. So pissed off at this game and it’s brain dead developers.


what were the objectives??


Win the Champions league (Knocked out RO16) Win the FA Cup (Set to play in the final) Win the PL (Won but season wasnt over yet so objective didn’t show as completed) Expand the club in south america which I have no idea how to do


just sign random free agents from south america and don’t play them


Do your other objectives. Doesn’t matter if they’re stupid or not. Keep your players happy. It’s not that hard. Sounds like a skill issue to me.


My team morale was high


I’ve never once bothered with objectives in previous games, now you have to and it’s stupid. I’ve recently found out one of the objectives doesn’t track until the end of the season so there’s no boost to be had. I’ve been on a 15 game unbeaten run (after a poor start), and keep getting sacked near end of season


Won the FA cup and Champions league with Chelsea, was unbeaten into the new season and was sacked a couple weeks.


Didn’t fulfil other objectives.


The whole game is a joke mate


That’s why I still play 15. None of these dumbass manager objectives on that game as I think it was still a year or 2 away


I was sacked after winning the world cup with Portugal lol this game is a joke


This game is a joke mate. I once had an objective saying to sign 3 Asia players, and I do not sign as I don’t have much budget left to build my team. Then I found out my rating keeps dropping to a red even though I fulfil every other objectives and no angry players. I have to look for free agents and sell players to get money to buy some very low rated Asia players, and then my rating goes back to good. This is just bullshit


Do people set their targets at the start of a career mode. Im in a create a club FIFA 22 career save and I made sure to set the club's expectations and targets at "youth based". Which suited me because my plan was to build a club through the youth academy. I can't remember all the options but there were definitely some options.