Is anybody actually enjoying FC24?

Just finished the 10 hour trial and this is by far the worst football video game I have ever had the misfortune of playing. I mean I thought 23 was bad but EA have managed to make a game that is worse in literally every aspect.

The tactical vision addition is absolutely pointless if you like to use custom tactics.

I didn't think dribbling could be any more in the mud than it was in 23 but now even Messi feels like Mertesacker!

The same can be said for defending. Tackles are non existent, and when you do make one you can bet your bottom dollar its either a foul or that possession still goes straight back to the opposition.

Passing is now even more of a mess than it was in 23 and any hope of playing a possession based game with neat passing has absolutely gone out the window.

And now the AI just play pace abuse and cross all the time. But good luck if you think you can beat even the slowest AI defender for pace!

I can't see how anybody can have fun playing this game. So if you are, please speak up.


This is the first FIFA i've had to drop because I'm finding it such a chore to play. I put hundreds of hours into every career mode probably since like 07/08. I just can't do it with this years. It's so broken beyond belief. The cheese tactics have gone to another level entirely. It's just not possible on the higher difficulties to defend properly and keep clean sheets, as you said even when you do get a tackle in it just bounces right back. I can literally predict a goal is coming 10-15 seconds before it does. The AI get to the edge of the box and twist from side to side at speeds you just cannot keep up with. They do a quick cutback or pass to the edge of the box and, goal. Every single time without fail. I've moved back to 23, which is a terrible game too but the cheese tactics are a little bit more manageable in that one.


Then the board wants to drop you for not getting 5 clean sheets in a row.


Not usually one to complain but this is the first one I haven’t gotten sucked into. It’s just all sorts of 💩


Yes, this is by far the worst version I have played so far gameplay wise. So many rng and AI plays are so boring. The tactical vision and pre-match analysis are just catchy new stuff which when you experience in game, it is just useless. They should put more effort on improving the system like adding more variety to tactics and instructions, being able to choose the team that I want to go to, add back the pre match cutscenes, etc rather than doing the stupid tactical view and pre match analysis.


If I could have FIFA 23 with FIFA 17 gameplay and AI, fluid formations and 9 players on the bench I'd be more than happy. Is that really so much to ask for?


I think it’s unbelievable that we still only get 7 subs when in real life I see teams have 15 players on the bench.


They really need to focus on how the AI plays. It’s absolute horseshit that the AI knows which mechanics can be abused in its own game. What’s the point of playing the game if the AI teams aren’t gonna play fair?


My favorite is how every time I get a pk the ai goalie guesses right and saves my shot.


yeah, they tuned up AI input knowledge too much. the AI knows where you will shoot, where you will dribble. In legendary 98% of the times they know and act perfectly over every input you make. Id accept Dias defending like a god, but every player on AI team is like this.


I do have pre match cutscenes now. Idk what version y’all are playing on. Gameplay for me is ok, feels a little different than FIFA 23. Idk if I’m just bad or what but dribbling does feel a little harder.


Only last gen systems have the walkouts and lineups.


Yes, cutscenes are only available in old gen version as the new engines and animations are in new gen version only. With that being said, gameplay in EAFC old gen is similar to FIFA 23 old gen (I tried a few matches in EAFC old gen version and do not really feel a noticeable difference)


In terms of gameplay I've enjoyed this fifa more than the last few. I really like I don't have to do training drills anymore for career mode so it's easy to start new ones. Overall, the most fun I've have in career mode in years


Same. I’ve been playing the shit out of this years because of the gameplay. I play on legendary.


Out of curiosity what difficulty are you playing on?


I play on ultimate with the sliders adjusted to make the AI better. I basically just bump everything by 10-15 other than gk which I put up to 80


Legendary for now, started off world class but it was way too easy so had to bumped it up plus with shoulder tackling being broken it’s not insanely difficult


Same, the goals can be really fun and mixed - needs alot of work as always but feels like an upgrade. Cant stand the music though


My favorite part of player career mode is when you win everything for your club, golden boot, you name it, and they send you an email from the manager saying your performances have been below standard and they aren't sure they can trust you anymore. Or when the season ends and there's no option to renew your contract but you can sign for another club eventhiugh your own club offered you a new contract. It's so much fun!!


just make sure you remember this in september or nothing will change


FM24 is better than this shitty game. So much drama and excitement in there


I’m enjoying it pretty much exactly as I have the last fifa’s in memory. Which is a 5 out of 10 at best. My problem is that I fucking love football so much…and this is basically the only game that exists. And EA fuckin know it too.


I came here to ask this. I always purchase fifa every year but this is it for me. Imma just roll back to fifa 21. The videogame fifa / ea football seems gone in my perspective. Everything focuses on Ultimate team. Last time i played fifa UT was 14, they should just release one Fifa game and improve on it for a decade just as gtav did. They abuse their consumers with these dog shit games every year


Stick the OP sliders in and honestly it's as fun a time I've had with a fifa. But to each their own.


Been using OS sliders for years. First time they didn't improve anything


Can't agree but shame you aren't having a good time.


Yeah I find they improve it massively not sure how they see no improvement


I would seriously recommend the OS sliders.


Been using OS sliders for years. Even they haven't been able to save this year's putrid game.


Have you tried the most recent sliders? I would be the first to usually trash this game. I also agree in its vanilla state it's pathetic. But the current slider set they're working towards is really good.


Yup used the most recent. Game still plays like half dry cement


In your opinion


If you had played decent titles like 17 then you'd wholeheartedly agree that 24 is an objectively bad game.


Let's not get into silly squabbles squire. That's a lot of presumption here. I still play PES 2017 for that reason. I just wanted a modern football game to play, so I think relatively speaking it's not that bad.


Alright fair comment. Thing is games like FIFA and PES 17 were still far from perfect, but in terms of raw gameplay the difference in quality between then and now is straight up night and day. 24 is a chore to play.


Which is just unfortunately a sad state of affairs where modern sports games are concerned. Madden has been in this exact state for years, only now (with the obvious aid of sliders) is the game playable. But before that I played Madden 16. NHL the same, think we can spot a common theme here. EA couldn't give three hoots about developing a modern sports game with any form of innovation. They just want to make a Casino game that doesn't break any gaming and gambling laws, but the jurisdiction around this is pathetic and woolly at best. My only hope is in the future someone like 2k make either an NFL or Football game.


only feature that has made FIFA playable since 16/17


What the heck are OS sliders?


Apologies, operation sports. They have a testing team that create sliders to balance out the wild gameplay. Usually change after each title update as well. Follow the link and let me know if you need any more info: https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/ea-sports-fifa-sliders/1014656-ea-sports-fc-24-os-community-sliders.html


I gave up buying any fifa titles when they gave it away for free 23 version, and I've bought every version since 16.


Was really excited to play at Celtic Park, but I've only just started my 2nd season, and I'd normally be in season 4 or 5. Put it down for about a month. Signing Jordan Larsson after selling Kyogo to Newcastle for 21M is the only thing keeping me interested.


I am. I was never going to buy it because I feel like they've just got worse over the years, but had the hankering for FIFA and started 23, then it gave me a 30% off code so I pulled the trigger. The defending is the most frustrating part but I'm actually enjoying it. I like the training system, I hated the drills. I haven't run into any big issues, a couple of little bugs that aren't game breaking in my opinion. Enjoyed it more than any of the last 4-5 FIFA's.


Yep. Loving it.why?


Massive fifa player from 2005 and usually a strong defender of the game to critics but this one’s hands down the worst for me idk why.


I skipped 23 and bought 24, played for a week or two then went back to my 22 career mode save , the football is just not smooth , the players somehow don’t do what you want them to do even if we pick a 5 star team, it’s just very sluggish, hope they update it.


I don’t normally comment on these things, but this thread has really hit close to home. I’m a 30+ y/o fifa career mode player, I first played FIFA 2002 and for the last 20 years I’ve been excited by each new FIFA and have quickly become immersed in the game. This is the first time I’ve felt the urge to pick up the prior version due to a lack of connection with the new game. Everything that the other commenters have said is true, the gameplay sucks, the tactics are a waste of space and time. But what has honestly hit me the hardest has been the removal of the prematch cut scene, it was one of the best parts about playing a big match in CM now it just feels cheap and slapped together. This is honestly the worst $60 I’ve spent and will seriously impact my willingness to purchase the next iteration…


Great. Tell us something that is actually new. Dude, it's been like this for many years, I honestly don't know how or why there are people still surprised. Good thing you just played a trial, then. You don't have to waste your money and you can just move on.


I came from 22 and I've been playing Evey version since 2001. 23 was the first i skipped. Yes. I enjoy it. There are bugs but it's much better overall experience compared to 22. Dynamic potential is better, play styles for academy is awesome. Trainers are cool and finally you can scout for a specific position. So yeah. I enjoy it.


I’m really enjoying it. The most football-like EA game. Only disadvantage is that it’s hard to tackle properly.


My first fifa game. Really enjoying it.


I liked it. I finished a Wrexham save with a bunch of regens and youth players. Then I played player career mode and is even more fun. But each to their own


Finally someone said it about fifa 23. The game is so sluggish and it literally feels like a chore to play it. I’ve literally been playing 21 on my switch bc that’s the last game that I genuinely enjoy bc the mechanics were somewhat still good back then


I always play every career mode but this is one is so terrible i won’t play it I think this is the last time I’ll ever pre order a fifa game


Jesus christ people pre order this shit? Also: never preorder any fucking game.


I am enjoying it


Sounds like you just need to get better


EA need to do better.


Have you tried using custom sliders? They really change the game and make it more challenging and realistic.


I've been using the OS sliders for years. The gameplay in FC24 is so putrid that not even the guys at OS can save it this time.


When I first started Fc 24 without sliders on world class level, for me it was way too easy. Using sliders made it more challenging and way more fun. I don’t think t leg game is as bad as you make it sound to be


I enjoy it, career.mode is great, I would like little improvements to add to realism like -upgrading your training facilities= quicker player recovery + Dev -Imported academy= better quality youth -Improve stadium = more finance -Sponsorship deal + shirt maker negotion = design new This could be all done on ultimate soccer manager 98 on pc, I think Xbox is more powerful, you could also offer bungs in transfers and bet on matches and add shops in the stadium grounds. And Teletext is were you could see who's in the England squad. Apart from that top footy sim


Having a blast on squad battles only tho 😂🔥


I've played since FIFA 11 and this is probably the most sluggish game I've ever played, EVER. Tackling seems rigged, same with passing and shooting. Everything else is fine for me tho


Clocked about 20-30 hours and then said no more, uninstalled and sold it


I retired from fifa, rather wait for Man of the Match and UFL They may turn out awful but at least you can play for free and if you don't like it just stick to watching your real football clubs instead


I downloaded the trial as soon as it was available and I still have 5 hours remaining. Won’t be buying another “fifa” game until career mode has an overhaul. Have turned to football manager instead I imagine a lot of you have too.


Haven’t played for a few weeks and I’m not sure if I’ll return because it’s so boring. I found myself playing squad battles more this year than ever before because the online gameplay is honestly so boring to play against.


is it just me or the dribbling feels like the players are on skates, just feels off.


Yep it's Very skatey


I think last years game was worse. I would have quit after a week if it wasn’t for sliders. Probably same for this year, but I used sliders more or less immediately. Now, I’m having a great time and last year was probably my favourite ever (having played every year since 08) Tactics and play styles take some getting used to and you can use custom tactics, you just need to figure out why style most closely matches your style. The game is still far from perfect, but I think ball physics have improved; there are far more variables. I also feel I can play a possession, pass heavy style now which I didn’t in the past.


on legendary you cant tackle a player or steal the ball head on at all, interceptions doesnt work no matter how close you are to their passes, every time you get close to them they will automatically turn their body against you and pass back to other teammates. in fifa 23 for example you can actually predict where they would pass when they are attacking, now that is non existent whatsoever! im so frustrated it gets boring so quick


here and there. i like building ew teams but haven’t seen any new cards that i really want to try


A bit, but not as much as before. This might be the first fifa I regret buying.


I strongly hate career mode and general kick off but thoroughly love pro clubs especially with friends I'm having more fun on that this year than any other FIFA.


Had to drop this series. Disappointing


Nope, I wish I didn't buy it I mainly player career mode and online seasons and both are really just not fun I won't get into the specifics seeing as most reasons are already mentioned in this thread. What I will say is the scripting is on another level this fifa I'm going back to fifa 23 which I think was good at making it feel like real football (fifa 17 and 19 were pretty good at this too)


I’m enjoying the game. Harder to defend. But I keep getting better 😜 … having fun trying to save Ajax.




Most boring fifa ever without a doubt I have to actively psyche myself up to play


Frustrated by some ridiculous objectives by my Create a Club board and the stupid fitness/sharpness nonsense…. But besides those I like it.


It’s the first one I’ve never purchased! The introduction of Ultimate Team ruined the game IMO


First fifa I've played since like 13 and I'm enjoying it. Maybe just because I haven't experienced enough good ones to know this one isn't the best, but I've been enjoying player career as a striker and Ultimate Team just trying to make the best team that I can without spending money.


Guys, there is a secret word for every Fifa - SLIDERS. Use [https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/ea-sports-fifa-sliders/](https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/ea-sports-fifa-sliders/) test it and enjoy your new experience on World Class (recommended). I do use them in Fifa 23 (cracked of course, EA does not give any care for CM).


Been using OS sliders for years. This is the first title that the guys at OS haven't been able to save. And it's not for the want of trying. FC24 is an objectively bad game.


Woah, did not know that. So I would suggest enjoy Fifa 23 :)


However.. I do see that guys claims that gameplay is almost perfect now. So how it is?


I'd rather shit in my hands and clap than play FC24 in its current state


I'd rather shit in my hands and clap than play FC24 in its current state


Maybe, but they do claim that with current slider setup it is good. So.. did you try it?


Yeah most recent sliders and it still plays like garbage


Maybe it's because I'm new to Fifa/eafc but when I played the 10 hour demo I enjoyed every minute of it and thought it was more fun than fifa 23 and FIFA 22, could change when I get the full game though lol :)


Yes, Im enjoying it


I've played FIFA 23 A LOT, since it was my first FIFA on current gen consoles, so it was quite a leap, however i played maybe 20hrs of FC24 and idk, i just don't feel like playing it anymore and won't pick it up again probably... most likely won't buy 25, unless they make massive changes to career mode.


This is the first one I buy since 17 so maybe take this with a grain of salt. I play on Professional with default sliders, I am actually enjoying it. I find it cool that you can pick your own philosophy at the start of the career (I pick Tiki Taka). Attacking feels very smooth, defending took a bit getting used to but I am getting there. Already done a season of a Player Career as a CM and now doing a Man Utd manager. I found the career to be a bit overwhelming but grew to love it. The negotiating, the press conferences, fitness/sharpness, etc. Could it be better? Sure, and I might find other problems as I carry on but so far it's pretty decent. P.S. The soundtrack is dog this year. I just stick whatever I got on Spotify and we move.


Might be biased because I went straight from 21 to 24, but I really like how it flows nicely, with no over-complicated movements or dumb AI decisions (at least so far). Struggled a bit with the amount of goals leaking in every match at the beginning, but OS Sliders did a nice job for me, so the game is pretty enjoyable now imo. Also, truly like the new changes in overall CM experience, such as playing style, pre-match report, cutscenes, etc.


Off the pitch it's almost the same game - any changes are minor. Some of the things I wish they'd fix like match ratings on games you don't sim, unrealistic board expectations, weak create-a-club, etc are still unchanged. However, I'm finding the gameplay to be quite a bit better. They've fixed the corner glitch where you could get a header goal on 75% of corners and scoring actually seems a little harder for both sides. I actually like the defending more this year I find I can usually hold teams to a realistic amount of goals. I will agree the dribbling does feel pretty weak. You don't get that dynamic feeling even with Vini or other elite guys.


Every year I stop playing it earlier and earlier but this year it didnt even take me or any of my mates a month but I would definitely recommend fm24. My life has changed since I started with fm last year


Nope. Only thing keeping me playing is nostalgia from 10 years ago


To be honest only game mode I enjoy is pro clubs other then that the game is so hard to play


I play fifa since 2007 (actually played 98 too). MY GOD IS THIS THE WORST FIFA EVER? There is one aspect I wholeheartedly abhor: the AI can do things you can't. I hate this, the insane speed AI players shuffle the ball, it's impossible to defend some attacks, every tackle goes back to them, you can't be more passive in defense cuz every team has a prime Messi that can go into the box cutting through your players. Our team AI is terrible... I feel like they made AI defense awareness and positioningbetter but sometimes it's insane, you supposedly beat their player in a dribble just to a mysterious force pull their defender in front of our player and make a perfect tackle. tried playing Player Career and it seems like our team plays attack in toddler mode, they can't string 3 passes or dribble trough anyone.. My god is this year bad. The actual gameplay is horrible too, the new controlled run should be restricted to 90 dribbling, 90 agility players cuz it's surreal... I can win games but it's simply frustrating and not fun I'll unfortunately just go back to 23, which wasn't particularly good either.


I dropped this fifa after about 2 weeks, its crazy that every year they find a new way to fuck the game up.


I play on Ultimate, no sliders, and my experience is pretty much the complete opposite of yours. It's not great, mind you, and CM is horrible and you're right about the tactical vision addition being rubbish (though every new features for the last half decade plus has been awful), but I'm having (mostly) a great time with gameplay.


Played the 10 hour trail and for the first time ever I didn’t buy the game.


Played a bit of UT at the start, then just got bored and have only been playing career mode


I've been paying fifa since they first came out. Yes, I'm that old. I played until around 2010, and then life got in the way, but I recently went back to playing again since my son has shown interest in it. We played FUT22, had fun, then played FUT23, and felt like it was a big step backward, but we played almost every day until EAFC24 came out. We were excited to play together and see how well the game improved now that Fifa wasn't holding back EA (😅🤣😶). This is the first time in decades that I can say I do not enjoy playing this game. I've loved almost every single game, but this one is horrible. I've downloaded Yakuza to keep me entertained. EA is a horrible company.


I switched to FM24 for management game. Just not gonna play fifa anymore. If you want a less complex version get the console version.


EA just ruins career mode a tiny bit more each year. Why the hell does people play UT?? It’s soooooo boring to play online with these meta players that doesn’t replicate real life football at all. Gamespeed is too quick. Maybe I’m too old for this shit


I have enjoyed playing player career a lot. Only thing bothering me is the optional objectives that restrict you from renewing your contract if you haven't met them.


FC24 is the most bullshit ever from EA. I have a PlayStation only with fifa - not any other game. But year for year is more and more less enjoyable to play fifa. First time I am thinking about to stop playing and selling ps4. It’s not worth it anymore. Technically is so much more possible but EA brings the hell shit out