What shoes do you wear if you have to walk a lot?

What shoes do you wear if you have to walk a lot?


Hey, you should invest in a pair of running shoes. None of those brands have great arch support and they can mess up your feet. I switched to running shoes and I’ve been happier ever since (cushioned ones are EVEN BETTER)


My podiatrist sent me to a running shoes store that has a computer that maps your feet. The imager then gives all the weird measurements like exact measurement of your arch and then gives recommendations based on your unique feet needs. The scan was free. I tried on all the ones recommended for me and liked one of the Hoka Ones best.


This was going to be my suggestion. Running shops are really knowledgeable and will map your gait/ arches to get a good fit. I found Nike Peasus there and never looked back!


I have a pair of Brooks running shoes. They weigh practically nothing and save my knees from so much impact. They are so very ugly though.


i wear skechers for big walking days and they really do a great job of absorbing the impact and supporting the arch without putting too much pressure. my favourite pair are laceless pull-on runners with a breathable mesh shell, the elastic hold my foot like a hug and the memory foam insole cushions everything so nicely without getting an imprint worn into it they do have different types of insoles so experiment when trying them on to find your best fit if you choose to try skechers edit to add that in ny fave pair of Skechers i just did 8000 steps in a mall today and my legs are barely even sore despite plantars and achilles faciitis(sp?)


The memory foam skechers are so comfy! I need to get myself another pair soon.


I can't wear Sketchers. They are too soft/flexible and don't support my ankles enough. Which sucks because I like some of their casual shoes as easy slipons for a reasonable price.


im really sorry to hear that :/ i have a pair of hightop sneakers from skechers which have a stiffer construction and i lace them up for ankle support on bad days maybe something like that would benefit you?


As someone who sold shoes and have fibro I would suggest that you talk to a doctor about your situation. Hips to feet are involved in whether or not people have pain. It may sound like I am going overboard with the suggestion. I think of it this way, shoes make such a difference in my ability to manage pain/prevent issues. It’s worth finding out what would be ideal.


I haven't found a shoe solution yet, but compression socks (they make cute ones now!) Have been super helpful.


Only sneakers with orthotics. No matter how ‘comfortable’ skate shoes are, they have insufficient support, not enough cushioning, and are too flat. Wearing converse shoes is no different to me than wearing uncomfortable work flats. Fine for the office, but absolutely not for walking. I had to make peace long ago with not really being able to wear cute shoes unless I won’t be walking much - even flats / skate shoes. I still don’t wear granny shoes, but a slick pair of Nikes or New Balance is all I can do for walking.


For me, I need something with good support and shock absorption. This really helps my back and hips after long days on my feet. Keen and Fit Flop are the two I wear currently. I love Birkenstock and Crocs, too, but that's a definite look (big chunky shoes) that not everyone loves.


I wear Crocs around the house and.love them! They are super comfy...been wearing them for over 16 years! Going out I love my Sketches! My favorite are the slip-on, so easy to get on and off. I have the regular in white with pink accents...but no ties! I just shove my foot in! They aren't as comfy as the slip-ons (which have nothing on the back of the heel). But they all have one great bonus: a cute little metal "S" on the side! LOL


Shoes are difficult to recommend because everyone's feet are so different. I need good arch support, so I make sure I look for that. In the summer, I live in flip flops, but I'll only buy Olukai. They're very expensive, but they're really comfortable for me. Winter, it's either my Swedish clogs or New Balance sneakers.


I wear DMs, but with an arch support insole.


probably a better idea than getting several pairs of new shoes/boots and giving up on dms😅 altho i will still invest in a pair of running shoes or something


I don’t know if it’s for everyone, but I’ve had a lot less pain with Atoms


Regular sneakers with memory foam insoles. I have short ankles so most shoes are too high in the back and cut into my ankles


The best shoes so far for me have been new balance sneakers, its like im wearing nothing but in a good way. Second comes nike. I noticed in mycase that not only is the support important, but how breathable the shoe is as well. I have sketchers sneakers that are really comfy, but arent very breathable so my feet burn in them alot. Try sneakers with little perforations in the and see if that helps. Also have you thought of wearing compression socks?


Proper running shoes, or hiking shoes for walking - with orthotics For everyday, Keens, Teva, Clark's, or other shoes with good support/structure. Shoes designed to be used with orthotics. Yes usually means paying more upfront, but fewer days of extreme pain are worth it


The best shoes for being on your feet are Brooks running shoes and Hey Dudes. I work in retail and these are life for being able to get to my car🤣🤣


My best shoes for any long period of time on my feet or any heavy walking are real leather working shoes. I wear a pair of non-heeled lace up packer style boots normally and when I’m not up for lacing, I wear some pull on Blundstones. They aren’t cheap, but you spend a lot of time in your shoes and proper shoes can last half a lifetime as well as helping you to avoid doctors visits down the road.


I've heard good things about Alegria brand shoes. I just ordered a pair.


I bought Birkenstock insoles for my converse and they work well for me. Took me a little bit of time to break them in. Also I like the Birkenstock insoles because they easily fit in most shoes, even my keds


Clogs. I like to play games on hardcore.


I currently manage a shoe store and own like 5-6 different brands of shoes, here's my take: Adidas NMDs - worth the price if you prefer a squishier support. Hey Dudes - literally awesome. Weigh nothing, very comfortable, much cheaper than most of the stuff I wear. I own 5 pairs and would recommend 1000% Reebok - I really like my pair! Good, harder support. Puma - comfy but definitely better for narrower feet. I like my pair but don't wear them super often. Doc Martens - I own 12 pairs of docs, but the break in is brutal. Once you get there though they're great. I especially recommend the Iowa winter model, the Combs model, and if you want classic ones the Pascal soft leather. They're supportive and I actually put my Hey Dude insoles in them as well.


Tysm for such a thorough answer! I think I'll get a pair of Adidas' bc they have choices that actually look kinda stylish (I'm a sucker for /alternative/ fashion, so it's difficult to find something that would also look at least okayish for me:D) and I need to find a way to make my docs more comfortable. I've got 2 pairs of 1490s and a pair of Jadon Max's, probably not the comfiest choices, though. :D


I swear the Jadons are the comfiest ones I own, I think it's the platform sole!