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Wow. One of my favorite episodes so far 🤯 Also, woc, DO NOT buy moc's sob stories about being broke because of racism. Even if true, it is NOT your responsibility to fix that for him. Racism affects me too and I still manage to hold down a job. If he cant do that then whats the point?


“Oh just racism? I’m dealing with racism AND sexism and still making my payments on time”


Exactly this




I love love love this episode! One of my favourite ones so far. I especially liked the part that highlighted that we live in a material reality and that females are more valuable in any species. I've been saying that for years and being that type of based got me a lot of hate in other feminist spaces and in real life. It's so refreshing to have that validated. 💕 Thank you so much, ladies, the podcast is my highlight of the week!


Great episode!!! I’m a little sad that there was no “die mad” at the end though! I missed that tidbit 😁


Once men start carrying pregnancies, risking their lives giving birth to all human beings for the next 10,000 years, we can start talking about 50/50 because by then we’ll have reached some semblance of historical equality for a baseline to start with.


Also once ALL DV is reduced/ eliminated, the pay gap and gender bias in workplaces, and harassment being almost entirely gone


Can't wait to listen! Thank you!


Can't wait to get off from work and listen to this episode! 🤩


this episode was amazing! Lilith you absolutely killed it with your talk about value, it was so refreshing to hear that perspective! and Savannah’s point about costs of dating for women was also so important. Thank you all for such a great podcast I feel like it makes the rest of my week.


This is embarrassing but I have trouble distinguishing Reaux from Lilith, their accents and voices are so similar.






I’ve had experiences similar to lilith and I do see women get hostile to other women who have higher standards. I don’t know how to move past that bitterness and get them to see their own value; it’s frustrating because as they said in the podcast, women who do this and standard shame collectively lower the bar for men as a whole.


I know right, me too, get your [popcorn ready!](https://i.gifer.com/C7S.gif)


Damn sister, number 2 for me hit it. Never thought of it as a “pride” piece before. Thank you.


About the comment on WhatsApp. In my country everyone uses WhatsApp, exclusively. No one here does text, so keep that in mind.


Ahh this was spot on ladies 💗💗💗 if a guy turns up in a low effort outfit to a date, just leave immediately


And block him on your way out!


One of the best episodes yet, imo. Since finding FDS, I don’t feel guilty about men pay for dates anymore, or any minor or major expense really. I certainly won’t feel guilty if any long term boyfriend/husband wants to cover a significant expense at all (car, house, holidays ect.) Not to mention since that as a woman I’m going to miss out on so much money over the course of my lifetime by virtue of being a woman (pay gap, postpartum recovery, etc.)


Loved it! Men paying is a topic I am so passionate about 😂


Me too! I've always felt this way so finding FDS was like coming home. Pickmes can be so hostile to women who demand more.


Best episode yet imo


WhatsApp is not a red flag, at least where I live. Texting is being phased out, and where I live you only get 120 credits total for either a minute of call or a text. Snapchat/kik definitely is though.


In Europe, WhatsApp is a totally normal form of texting. I use it with my boss, landlord, friends, etc


I second that, even if I don’t like it (for belonging to Facebook 🤮) everybody uses it. Even my mom who can barely operate a smartphone


This was another great episode. I especially loved the part about opportunity costs and the risks of dating for women, something that isn’t talked about nearly often enough in society. Thank you for the great content!


I’m new and loving FDS; would you consider selling merch (in addition to Patreon subscriptions)?


There's merch available on the patreon!


Oh thanks! I’ll check it out :)


This episode was pure facts. The only part I didn't like was the comments railing on alcoholism. Setting that aside, him paying for dates is the bare minimum. It sets the tone for the relationship. I'm only interested in dating/settling down with a generous man who is at least as generous as I am. The first couple dates are when he should be the MOST invested in impressing you. That and the period surrounding when he proposes to you. If he's hemming and hawing and making it weird about money on the FIRST DATE, WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING THERE. Gosh, that just sounds like an UNFUN evening, and dating is supposed to be fun. Making the first move and graciously paying for dates = bare minny. Period.


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