FDS Going Private For Monthly Cleanup - Sept 1st and 2nd

FDS Going Private For Monthly Cleanup - Sept 1st and 2nd


**[1]** - We Just Launched a Website: [wwww.TheFemaleDatingStrategy.com](https://www.thefemaledatingstrategy.com/). Click [here](https://www.thefemaledatingstrategy.com/become-a-verified-member/) for registration information. Please also join our [Twitter](https://twitter.com/FemDatStrat) and [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/_thefemaledatingstrategy/?hl=en) Pages for updates! **[2]** - Please read the [FDS Handbook](https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/wiki/recommended_reading#wiki_the_fds_handbook) and [Wiki](https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/wiki/index) before commenting. **Repeated comments demonstrating lack of basic sub knowledge will result in a temporary or permanent ban.** **[3]** - Please **REPORT** any comments that do not follow the sub rules. **If you do not report it, the mods will not see it.** **[4]** - **PLEASE REMOVE ALL PERSONAL IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION** from images (**Name, Location, Job description, education, phone number, etc**). Failure to remove ID info will result in a **1-2** day ban. Repeated failures will result in a permanent ban. **[5]** - This sub is **FEMALE ONLY**. All comments from men will be removed and you will be banned. **DO NOT REPLY TO MALE TROLLS!!** Please **DOWNVOTE** and **REPORT** immediately. *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/FemaleDatingStrategy) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Thanks Jammies! And thanks y’all, you’re incredible members and we truly value your contributions to this community. As mods, we don’t get paid for our time and all the work we do for FDS is completely voluntary. We will do our absolute best to bring things up to speed!


Thank you for the work you all do! I imagine you probably deal with creepy cyber-stalkers and threats on a regular basis and that takes a really strong person to handle. Some of the guys with a vendetta against this community would be potentially very dangerous if given the chance, so stay safe friends! ❤️


I love it! An entirely scrote-free couple of days and perhaps a bit of a breather for the hardest-working mods on Reddit? Yes, please!


We've been **bombarded** lately. It's insane.


Thank you for all your hard work in making this a safe place for us. You gals deserve the break ☺️


I’m a newbie here, and I found this sub due to some losers discussing how this was a “male hate group”. If this ridiculous redditor hadn’t linked the sub for the world to see, I would have never found this spot! so thankful to finally find a sub that stands up for women’s health and wellness and decimates prevalent manipulation


So many of us found it that way, myself included. They're the best publicity lol


this! have been trying to comment for a long time but no flair. I'm sure it's tedious as hell keeping the trash out so I get it. it's great to see the community growing so quickly.


The men who hate this sub have just been giving it the most free advertisement lol 😂


I found it the same way! Honestly the scrotes do a lot of the advertising work to bring women in, lol. I made a reddit account just so I could join this sub.


i don't even know how the mod team does it, it's gotten more and more over the last months... the hate posts in other subs as well


It's a mixed blessing. The hate posts on other subs get us more mess to clean up here, but they also bring women who come to see just how awful we are...And then they see that we're just advocating in our own best interests, so they become members.


i think it was like that for a lot of the members here, me as well. we checked it out because of someone raging about it and fell in love with the community! ☺️




We have 188,000 members.


omg yessss Road to 200k!!


“Spam and complaints from men” 😂 You ladies are doing an amazing job and we appreciate your work. Thank you so much! Not sure why these guys can’t read that we are female only... guess that’s the LoGiCal SeX hard at work


Nobody ever told them that anger is an emotion!


A secondary emotion, too. They are clearly threatened by something. 👀


Fear of missing out 😉


Lol I was early to a post yesterday but it had 8 comments I couldn’t even see… can you get Reddit alerts? Lmao like how are they so quick


They should really get jobs and level up lol


I never see ANY scrotatiousness on this sub, which means all y'all mods are QUICK to shut down the red pillers. Bravo!


Can’t wait to see the new posts on superfans! Thank you guys for all of your hard work!


Thank you for your hard work, mods. Even for a couple of days, this sub will be missed. Love you all, queens!!


The mods on this sub are amazing! Take all the time you queens need to keep this place running!


Whatever helps! I cannot imagine how fucking stuffed y'all's inboxes are from complaints, requests, and especially hate mail.


Thank you all for your continued hard work. The unpaid labor of curating FDS doesn’t go unnoticed. We appreciate you all.


yall mods here work hard as hell. Can't even imagine what kind of stuff you have to clean up. Thanks for everything <3


Thanks for all your hard work mods! Glad I saw this. Always get anxious when subs suddenly go private and I think I’m booted. Will await the glorious return! ❤️


I am interested in seeing how many upvotes posts and comments get when scotes can't vote them down.


Thank you for everything you do!!! This is my absolute most favorite space on the internet 💖


Does this mean that y’all will verify a few more users? 🙏🏾


I’m hopeful I can get a newbie flair! 🙏🏾


Thank you for finally motivating me to create a Reddit account to participate and join the party. I am new here and I feel like I found my people. Enjoying the podcast and am signing up for bonus content right now! Keep up the good work in spreading the FDS gospel :)


This really is a needed community. Thank you for doing what you can to keep it safe and on the point.


I'll miss being able to browse content here for the next couple days, but it's definitely worth it if we can cut down on the amount of spam posts/comments (I can't even imagine). Grateful for the mods and all the work they do 🌺🌸


Great work ladies!


Thank you for all your hard work!


Blessed be the Fruit Looops


This is a great idea, you mods deserve a break as well. I couldn't imagine all the posts you have to wade through to keep scrotes out.


💯 Thanks, moderators! This is such a fantastic forum.


Sorry if this is an annoying or repeated question, but does this mean if you’re not assigned a flair yet we won’t be able to see anything on here for those days? I haven’t been assigned a flair but I’m really hoping to very soon. I wouldn’t dare email the mods though lol. Those poor women probably have so much shite to deal on the daily- it’s not even funny! Anyone know how I can obtain a flair faster so I can interact with my fellow ladies? Thanks all 🥰


I think we'll still be able to see the posts here because we already joined the subreddit. Honestly I feel you, I don't mind if the mods take a while to assign me a flair because I know how hard it is to run a huge subreddit like this + keep the scrotes from spamming hate all over the subreddit. From what I understood from the rules, there's no way to "speed up" the flairing process.


Thank y'all so much for keeping this a safe space for us. Your hard work is apparent.


Thank you for all that you do mods ❤️


Sounds like a good idea! Haven’t been flaired yet (and I don’t expect to be for awhile, just gonna keep commenting like I have been lmao) so my feed is gonna feel empty for those days but I appreciate all the work the mods put in.


I think this is a great idea! Does going private mean that those of us who have been commenting can still mostly comment, or is it going to be pretty quiet for us? Either way is fine I just want to know what to expect! ☺️


Private subreddits are invite only. There won't be any posts or comments made on those days and only the mods will be able to see the sub at all, even older posts.


I’m glad I got to join before it went private but do what you have to do to keep this page running. It really helps me as someone who’s been in abusive relationships. As sad as it sounds, other subreddits (or friends in person) would tell me to forgive a man who takes away my phone, car keys, purse so I can’t leave him. FDS tells me that if being a “bitch” with standards makes me happy, then fine it’s better to be a happy single bitch than a sad, obedient girlfriend.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Your work is highly appreciated. Hope this comment doesn't get deleted. I've learned a lot from you all in the short time I've been here, and tbh, I wish the server was private so male lurkers won't be here annoying us women who empower other women willing to improve their lives...


Y’all are amazing. I think a monthly pause for this would be wonderful.


You are doing the Goddess’ work. Bless you.


Thank you for working hard to keep this sub a safe space for women. It's seriously one of my favorite and I check it multiple times a day. I've learned so much here and I'm just hella grateful for all the shit you mods must put up with.


Thank you mods for all you do! Having this space is important but having you ladies rested and thriving is also important.


Good job ladies!!


Y’all are doing the Goddess’ work on this sub and I think we can all say how much we appreciate the piles of shit you all have to go through each and every day. FDS is about bettering oneself and I think taking a break and going private is a good thing. Stay strong sisters we’re all behind you! Xx


Great, I hope my modmail issue is taken care of.


Thank you mods!!! You guys rock!! :)


Yay! Thank you for all the work you do!! 👏


Thank you for your hard work.


Thanks for all you do mods! I can only imagine the crap you put up with that we don't even see on a day to day.


This has been the best subreddit I have ever found. It’s been the most helpful while navigating divorce and reminding myself of my value. Love it!


You’re all the best! 🤍


I hope I will revive a flare, I have been following for months and can’t seem to contribute.


You appear to have a flare :)


Well that is good news! Does this mean I will still be able to see this group when it goes private?


I believe (although I’m not 100% sure) it’ll only be mods and anyone they actually invite whilst they are working on getting through all the backlogs and requests.


This sounds like a great idea, I appreciate all that you ladies do! I also thank you for approving me to comment today! This is my favorite group on Reddit


Thank you mods for all that you do!💕


This is good because none of my posts ever make it through and .. what’s the point of being in a community you can’t participate in?


I'm quite new to FDS, such a trove of valuable information I wish I new 10 years ago 😂 looking forward to contributing to the community. Thank you mods for your dedication!


I’ve been waiting for months-pls add me thank you :)


Does this mean flaired users will still be able to access and post content?


Hey mods🥺 will i be given a flair next month?


Can I get a flair plz?


I hope I get a flair :3




Read the rules.


Thank you for doing work that is very much needed. This sub helps so many women! Keep on protecting the Queendom. 👑


You guys are awesome, thanks for maintaining this amazing space!


Thank you for all the work put into this safe place.