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This was an interesting episode! ☺ As a lady with ASD, I struggle with nonverbal communication. As a part of levelling up (and even a bit pre-FDS), I've tried to improve my communication skills. 😄 I think it could be a good idea for me to try to study and practise it before I consider whether I'm ready to start dating. (To clarify, I'm talking about actually learning some strategies/skills, not becoming better at masking. Because having to mask a lot around a partner would get too exhausting.)




Nice to hear from a fellow ASD lady! 🥰 I've seen improvement in my communication in the last 3 years because I got new friends (e.g understanding metaphors and sarcasm better, practising different tones of voice and facial expressions). I'm bi, and even though I'm not experienced, I've understood that flirting with women and men is a bit different. So that means there are two slightly different communication manners I need to try to understand. 😅 >But you’re so right, the right partner for you wouldn’t require masking. Absolutely! Also if I got married to someone and I'd spend most of my time with them, that would mean masking constantly with no breaks. It would be exhausting.


Great episode! I kind of relate to both Reaux and Savannah when it comes to smiling. I feel like working in retail gave me what I like to call a “customer service look” where I find myself smiling and unintentionally looking friendly to people I don’t know. However, on the other hand, I am quite introverted and will be very different with people I don’t know/don’t feel comfortable with VS those I am comfortable around. Close friends that I hit it off with quite quickly were surprised to learn later on that I consider myself an introvert, because of how chatty and outgoing I’ve always been around them. But if you stick me in a group of people I don’t vibe with, I’ll get those “why are you so quiet?” comments that I used to receive at school 🙄 Anyway, this episode indirectly reminded me of why it’s so important that us ladies are *actually* attracted to the men that we are flirting with/dating. Like the hosts, flirting has never really been something I’ve consciously thought about as my body language and personality just does it all for me. However, it only happens naturally if I am genuinely attracted to and interested in the man. There have been times I’ve given ugly men a chance (never again) and the flirting has been completely off. This is due to the fact that I was low-key disgusted with them and was trying to convince myself that they were worthy of my attention. It felt very different to the times I dated men I was attracted to and didn’t have to put much conscious effort into flirting.


I severely respect that you are monetizing Savanah.


I’m really grateful for the positive spin lately in the reddit and this episode. Feel very supported/validated. I’ve talked about flirting before and had some members insist that I shouldn’t flirt, and that men should approach in spite of a RBF, which is silly buns. Those types of men are creeps. I like approaching men, have honed awesome skills, and I never ever ask them out- because I never have to. Those men I approach always turn out to be the best relationships. The best is to just pull them into the dance floor with a smile. Then after an awesome dance I just say “that was fun!” and walk away. Drives them crazy to be used and discarded in a cute way! 🥳 It’s important to always cut the interaction short, leave, and make them work for it.


Queen advice! I love it!


But Lilith, can you please share that cookie recipe?


the BEST cookie recipe: https://youtu.be/dMPTxTmZDzE


Thank you! I’m excited to try these next week 🥰


My English ex used to take me to Wetherspoons (this was 15+ years ago, never heard anyone call it just “Spoons” 😂) and then order me a Diet Coke even though I hate diet because he thought I needed to lose weight (125 lbs, 5’, 36-22-34). I went back over for a visit a few years ago and met up with his parents for dinner, as they’ve kept in touch over the years. And the dad insists we go to Wetherspoons. I was so mad! I’m here in beautiful England for ten days on vacation, in a historic city with tons of historic, gorgeous, delicious pubs, and the old man takes me to Wetherspoons! 🍎🌳 😂😬


I’m from England and everyone I know calls it Spoons. But yeah, it’s pretty annoying how they are everywhere so there is a danger of being taken to one even in a beautiful, historic city. 😩 I always say I don’t want to line the pockets of the owner, as he is a complete scumbag.


I like to go on what I call "practice dates". This is for men I'm not interested in so I don't really care if these don't go well. It's a great way to practice new flirting techniques, reading body language, making small talk, etc. Since I started working from home last year I don't interact with as many new people anymore and it feels like my social skills are getting a bit rusty. It's almost how you would do a practice interview with a friend before that big job interview. So that guy who asks me out on a coffee date.. Sure I'll go. Zero expectations thus zero disappointment. Practicing how to date with these scrotes who I block and delete the moment the date is over, gives me that extra confidence to be fun and flirty on a real date with a man I like and see potential in.


I do this too!! It’s very useful :)


I think that Connor McGregor has a long pencil dick


I think it’s max 4 inches with a girth of 2 inches. Like one of those link sausages you microwave.


Savannah's laugh is rapidly becoming one of my favorite things about this podcast.


My face [the entire time](https://imgur.com/a/EgIepzz) listening to the roast-a-scrote story


I lost it when she described his dick🤣


Yes, that was brilliant! 😂


I agree the story was crazy but I also think it was a good example for young women listening about what can happen when you have low confidence, mixed with a scrote with audacity and how you might do things you otherwise wouldn’t when you feel like that and to therefore be on guard at those times. I wish I had heard a story like that growing up to stop me landing in similar situations! All these different types of scrote stories are excellent warnings.


Not Lilith making a Nigerian prince joke in the year of our lord 2021 🤦🏾‍♀️


That was Reaux


You guys both sound so alike that at the very beginning I thought Savannah and one of you were the only people talking and wondered what happened to the other person lmao


I get what you mean. I used to get their voices mixed up when the podcast first came out but after a few episodes I was finally able to distinguish between them. Getting used to their laughter and other mannerisms helped too 😄


Same! I have a really hard time distinguishing their voices.


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