Every time I start to have 2nd thoughts about OLD, I find a post that reminds me that a large majority of the men on there are scumbag LVM & Queens can do better. I'm sure he will NEVER ask for sex and those wee blue pills he has are just "vitamins.'

Every time I start to have 2nd thoughts about OLD, I find a post that reminds me that a large majority of the men on there are scumbag LVM & Queens can do better. I'm sure he will NEVER ask for sex and those wee blue pills he has are just "vitamins.'


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Gotta love when you’re 20 years younger than some scrote but still too old for him lol.


I know, right? I once broadened my search and found a Santa 🎅 for whom I who was 15 years younger was nonetheless 20 years older than his target range. Good luck gramps. One old dude wrote me to tell me he'd give me a chance, but he'd only be in a committed relationship with a woman no older than 30. I was extremely grateful lol.


So delusional. They’ll look 20 years older than they are but expect to date someone 30 years younger than them. Even guys who are like 35 looking 50 trying to snag 21 year olds (or younger). Makes me want to puke.


LVM's egos are like an overinflated stock bubble. Insane market correction is needed.


Why can’t I get this luck? I gotta go through a whole first date before they start telling on themselves 😑😑😑


And then break off with her when she’s 31?


I still remember a married scorte wouldn't leave me alone when I was only 18- 19 year old while he was 42 . He was married and used to offer to buy me designer things Just for talking. Nops even then I was intelligent enough to think this is bullsh*t . Not even once I was impressed by how rich he was even though he was from one of the most influential family in our area. I liked boys my own age. Iam still impressed by younger me and so proud of her.


Unless Helen Keller is on Tinder there's no young woman interested in a 63 year old fart who's cheating on his wife. Oops, I meant in an 'open relationship' No doubt his version of 'buying gifts' is an ice cream cone at the park


When LVM say they like "giving gifts" they really mean things the woman can use/wear to further the man's sexual fantasy. So, lingerie, sex toys, etc. Even an ice cream cone would probably be just to watch her lick it. Disgusting.


a screen reader would still tell her the dude is 63 and in an “open relationship”, so i think helen keller would have run for the hills too. she still had a sense of smell and you know this dude smells like cheese.


And his antiquated notion of romance will be to feel her up behind a bike shed




So many pornsick scrotes. The fucking fantasy land they live in.... unreal


What woman in her sound mind, aged 25 to 40 (picture Dua Lipa to Kim Kardashian), wants to ride Mr McSaggy Balls at 63 with his geriatric erection. He's old enough to be these women's father or grandfather. 🤢🤮 No hunnies. Don't settle for used, saggy, damaged goods. These LVM are damaged goods. Don't even entertain their icky, bloated belly, muscle loss induced man boob, chicken stick leg, erectile dysfunctional aura when you are 20-40 years younger than them. Ffs.


Any man who would cheat on a woman who he’s married to (*especially* for what I assume to be decades) is trash 🗑. Open marriage, yeah right. And yes, he probably does think he’s entitled to Beyoncé, Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian as well as his fave porn stars.


Chicken stick leg 🍗 haha seen this a lot


The way I howled at this…


I’m picturing those images of Roberto Cavalli that were posted recently. https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/om41br/if_youre_in_doubt_remember_all_those_lies_mens/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Yeah, he certainly is an old lizard.


Just as I had forgotten this awful imagine 😂


I make the motion that Roberto Cavalli be entered into the FDS cannon along with The Nest, The Field, and Pee Jar Boyfriend.


Don't forget Snail Smoothie Scrote.


Oh gawd! Yes! That guy....


And Crumbs


It’s like I never learn my lesson when it comes to clicking these links 😩






I'm in my 20s and I've noticed that I've been getting a lot of these ads lately too. I didn't think anything of it but I've noticed a lot of 20s and 30s women around me saying that they've been seeing these ads lately :(


Are they showing you old dudes, too? I thought they were AARP ads until I read the text and it was like, "Here's your new boyfriend!"


Yes! All of the pictures are of guys who look 50 at the youngest and have taglines about being retired. IIRC most of them are for a site called ourtime or something similar?


I'm getting ones for Match and a few others I've never heard of.


Even the "oldest" at 40 is still young enough to be his daughter, what the fuuuuuuuuuuck!


I'm aged out at 42, lmao. It doesn't matter, I would never date someone that old (I'm no nursemaid) and I won't even date my own age if you look like my creepy uncle, which most of them do 😬


100% agreed, the audacity of these pedo grandpas! Just because the woman is legally an adult, it doesn't make it any better if the gap is wide enough for him to be her father!


And don't forget the Mr. Burns liver spots and three hairs sprouting up from his otherwise bald head.


Mr. Burns liver spots!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


How even at 60 they be praying on young women 😭😭😭 God damn it, that's the real reason why men should die earlier


Also, I can't tell if he actually meant "Lust" or "Just," but it adds a layer of creepy.


Freudian slip. 😂


“OH GROSSSSSSS!!!” is what I said out loud when I read that.


Excuse me while I throw up my dinner


Mmhm. For sure, he’s in an “open marriage”. Except his wife doesn’t know that.


That, or he forced her to accept it so he wouldn't break up the family by leaving her. They probably have grandkids.


i wish i had the power to summon a hoard of old naked wrinkly 80yo men to pursue these 40 to 70yo men who think they deserve a hot young girl in the prime of her life. i want these men to feel that same repulsion and disgust at the idea of someone they find ugly and undesirable constantly rubbing their shoulders, pressuring them to accept a 'fun and flirty' open marriage


At work (doctorate degree level too), I had a divorced 65 yr old, who can't even cook for himself, ask me on a date. I'm 26, and I even look young for my age. The audacity of scotes


Did you tell him you already have a grandfather and aren't looking to entertain a second one romantically? 🤢


Men 👏 don't 👏 like 👏 intelligent 👏 women.


Wow…. Gross




Eeeeeewwww! I'm no mathematician, but I know 25 goes into 25 many more times than 63 goes into 25, if you get my drift.


2.52 times


Hopefully he’ll get frustrated and just be some strippers annoying but cash flush regular eventually


Interesting how no one his own age is fun or intelligent. He's the guy who approaches young women at their jobs to tell them shitty jokes and feels like he still has it because they politely laugh and only roll their eyes when he's not looking.


I recently got back on Hinge and my first match was a handsome interesting man. Then after a few messages he says the pic isn't really him and he's in an open marriage. Sigh.


I thought I'd hit my peak at 25 or that I'm old af now and would be left alone by pervs.. but nope fit right in his desired age range. EW.


Gross Grosser Grossest




Thank you for noticing that. I made sure to include it in the snip as it gave me a small glimmer of hope in humanity.