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I already said this in the Friday thread, but I think this is weird. The BBMAs are moving from their regular date in spring to November 2023. Last years ceremony has been in May and albums and songs released between April 10 2021 and March 26 2022 were eligible for awards. This year they will count charts from November 19 2022 through October 2 2023. So the 2023 awards are essentially cutting out everything from March 2022 to November 2022 which includes Bad Bunny's, Harry Styles', Beyoncé's, BTS's and Lizzo's albums and the (record-breaking) first month of Taylor Siwft's Midnights. I guess they have their reasons to change the date of the award show, but I think it's not a great look to basically exclude all the big releases of 2022 from their awards. And Morgan Wallen will probably be the one benefitting from it 💀


The wild thing in that article is that the BBMA's moved their date without having a broadcast partner either. Which makes it look more like a desperate move, rather than a power move by the BBMAs if they didn't have a place to actually broadcast the ceremony at the their normal spot this spring. Hard to get artists to commit to perform if they may not even be on TV. Also excluding that whole section of 2022 from being counted for the awards this year is wild when you are Billboard and are supposed to be the organization of record on charts and sales. It is not like it is just a fan voted or made up award show like the AMAs or VMAs.


I feel as if they should include those extra months at least for the 2023 award show. The change is not fair to the artists, especially the POC ones who broke records with their releases (BTS, Bad Bunny, Beyoncé, Lizzo).


Agree, why can’t it just be an extra long eligibility period for one year if they’re trying to shift the eligibility period? Makes more sense than just chopping out some months like they didn’t happen.


I don’t want to sound like a Twitter stan, but it just feels so careless and deliberate to exclude those months. So far the only people who benefit from the revised dates are Sza, Morgan Wallen, and maybe Twice (K-pop girl group). There’s literally no reason why those extra months can’t be included.


It makes sense to cut out the big hitters that already have won every award, already performed in every platform imaginable, and have a greater advantage in all areas. I don’t need to see Lizzo, Harry, or BTW again. We get it. Let’s switch it up.