Ok....does anyone have tea on the identity of Shakira's strawberry jam? Like what's the brand? Do the Spanish Fauxmoi-ers have any suggestions?


Probably was Bonne Maman - French line of jams popular all over Europe!


Ooooh Bonne Maman is so good!!!


I love the blackcurrant one - NOM NOM NOM


Raspberry forever


That’s all over the USA too and I’d be surprised if it wasn’t something a little harder to find


Right....it's basically a common brand nowadays....I was thinking Shakira's jam was a bit more of a niche brand? 😸




He’s handsome




More like an obligatory comment everytime his name gets mentioned.


Contrary to popular belief he did not date Lena Headey They are just very good friends and he's very flirty with his female friends and Oscar Isaac. He's currently dating Sebastian Mauri.




He’s never explicitly stated anything but he has HEAVILY hinted that he’s queer for years, less so since the Mouse snatched him though.


Him and Sebastian are not dating. Pedro has said he avoids relationships and is single. Him and Seb have seen each other maybe 5 times in the past few years.


While I'm not sure if Pedro Pascal is dating anyone or not, regarding his saying he avoids relationships and is single, isn't it possible he was lying? Celebs, especially internet boyfriends, don't necessarily want fans to know if they're dating someone, not only just bc no one is entitled to know that part about the celeb, but also to protect people that they date. I can name a few celebs with crazy "fans" who harass their significant others


Him and Oscar are just besties, nothing more


No changes since last week other than he’s doing SNL with Coldplay on February 4th. Argentina 1984 got nominated for best international film at the Oscars and his sibling has some involvement in it but I’m not sure how much?


Argentina 1985*, I think his sister Javiera works for Amazon Studios and they produced the film so she might be nominated too? Also apparently his family was related to a leftist Chilean leader and they took asylum in Denmark when he was very young due to the dictatorship, so it's pretty cool that they produced a film about taking a military junta to trial


I think he’s dating an Italian writer called Sebastian Mauri


Pedro’s bisexual?




Manifesting #PedroLovesYogurt2023 🙌🏼


Any update on what’s happening with the Percy Hynes White allegations? Kept thinking he or Netflix would make a statement about it but looks like they’re staying silent?


Haven't heard any updates but man he sucks.I can't even watch Wednesday without remembering the vile things he had done. I hope netflix drops him and Jenna would stay away from him!


Yeah it will definitely be jarring to watch Season 2 if he stays!


I'm no lawyer, but I would presume it's getting investigated. It's not on set allegations as far as I know so I'm not sure what they can say. Twitter/Netflix isn't judge and jury, the courts/police are. Making a statement out of turn probably only puts the burden on their young, inexperienced and uninvolved cast to get pestered for comment ad infinitum. The best thing they can probably do is not actively promote him (which they arent, their socials appear to be having a breather) and try and dissuade social media blow ups that will jeopardise it being dealt with appropriately.


This sounds logical - I really enjoyed the series so much, I was shocked by the allegations and I just kind of thought there would be a swift move from Netflix due to how popular the show is at the moment - I just hope they don’t bury the allegations and do nothing, but like you say things are probably going on we’re not aware of.


same, was wondering abt this. i’ve been keeping an eye on the new things that keep coming out abt him and i was hoping netflix would speak on it by now but nothing, sadly.


Anyone have tea on the most underrated Chris (imo), Chris Messina!


Back when The Mindy Project was still on, I read some comment on a Jezebel article that accused Mindy Kaling of sexually harassing him and that’s why he left the show. But I’ve never heard any proof of that and he even came back for the series finale. Maybe that commenter was latching on to how Kaling said Messina was the only actor that she tongue kissed (apparently without his knowledge beforehand) ?


No tea but just want to say you're right! He deserves more spotlight 😭


Loved him in Sharp Objects, too.


I can't think of Chris Messina without conjuring [Ike Barinholtz's impression of him](https://youtu.be/rDaEnmN3lNI).


Carly Rae Jepsen? I won’t believe any tea if it’s bad, but I just wanted to ask.


No tea but Carly Rae Jepsen is my friend’s cousin. My friend thinks very highly of Carly, I haven’t heard her say anything bad about Carly.


Your friend is so blessed


I don't have tea, but she is in my boyfriends high school yearbook. He was a year ahead of her.


on Amelia Dimoldenberg (chicken shop date)??


Just that her and Andrew Garfield should date immediately


i cannot with their chemistry


I feel like a third wheel just watching their interviews


Their chemistry is unreal!


She was on Taskmaster for their 2023 New Year's Treat (a one-off version of the show instead of a full series). I didn't know her before and thought she was pretty funny. Bonus: Mo Farrah is on it also very adorable


If there are any Americans who don't know what Taskmaster is, there are full episodes on youtube. I highly recommend it; it's hilarious. You can pick any episode/series to start.


there's also a fun subreddit! /r/taskmaster


Mo Farah won me over immediately with that prize task. "bring in the thing which Greg would be most surprised that you own" "my >!hair dryer!<"


Is anyone going to talk about how the type of chemistry Andrew Garfield has with her is similar to the type of chemistry he had with Emma Stone? 😌 When directing TASM, Marc Webb mentioned that she knocked him off center because she was so quick and so funny and capable of doing improv that it took him a minute to get his feet under him and be snappy back and keep up with her And in interviews since he’s mentioned this factor as like the first thing that impressed him about her ….I’m just saying.


I had no idea that was her real last name?? I legit thought it was Dimz lmao


Aubrey Plaza


Her and Michael Cera dated before


​ https://preview.redd.it/younl7os0hea1.jpeg?width=1200&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=7df4703675455989c5a3e7039e09d0f80853a252


I lose it every time I see this photo, why does he look literally 13 😭


I feel really bad for them in this pic. One of the people in the picture saw Michael Cera and Audrey Plaza on a date, asked if they could take a picture, they said no, and they still took the picture. Cera and Plaza left right away. [https://www.buzzfeed.com/tatianatenreyrowhitlock/michael-cera-aubrey-plaza-chuck-e-cheese-pic](https://www.buzzfeed.com/tatianatenreyrowhitlock/michael-cera-aubrey-plaza-chuck-e-cheese-pic)


She also dated John Gallagher Jr at one point growing up. They were like 15 at the time Just Delaware things


Joe Biden could never, she is clearly the most famous person from Delaware


They are the same kind of awkward, and I assume for him like it is for her, it’s legit..who we see is who they are. Therefore, that must have been the most awkward of dates. For both of them and for any potential bystanders. Especially bc they must have been young since she’s been w/her husband for well over a decade and things like dates were awkward for those who were less awkward than those two—who I say this in the most loving way possible bc I adore them (her especially) they are the most awkward and weird ppl alive!


Probably a long shot, but Hozier?


I have no tea but he lives about 15 mins from me. I’ve not met him but from what I’ve heard he’s a really nice guy. I know he’s big into activism and went to a few of the Repeal the 8th protests in Dublin in the run up to the referendum to legalise abortion in Ireland a few years ago, as did Cillian Murphy!




Please no 😩


all the stuff ive heard about him is basically 'very private but nice, can be met in Dublin pubs'


Anyone following Matt Bomer and his husband? His husband had posted a lot of pics, but doesn’t do it anymore. I wonder why. I think they are still together, but I also have seen rumors they have secretly split up.


Not recent but I used to wait on Matt and his family at the country club I worked at. Very sweet people and lovely kids. Never saw him play tennis despite it being a tennis focused country club haha.


His husband has made his Instagram private and Matt has deleted all but 3 of his posts 😔


Meg Thee Stallion? Heard she’s pregnant


But she literally has a song about plan b?!?! 🤣




Andrew Garfield?


Not tea but damn his suit game is so fucking good.


His stylist is [Warren Alfie Baker](https://instagram.com/warrenalfiebaker) and he kills it with all of his clients!


This is really random, but Chelsea Peretti?


She seems pretty intensely private but I recommend her episode of Dax Shepherd's podcast Armchair Expert if you're curious, it's the most I've ever heard her talk about her personal life. (And it's still not much lol.) She seems fairly uncomfortable throughout it but I found her very dry humor to be really appealing. Also, this might be common knowledge but I was unaware until I listened to that episode that her brother co-founded both BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post. He also came up with the idea for [reblogging](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reblogging).


In a recent try guys podcast ep, they talked about how Jordan Peele came to Buzzfeed to give ideas to video producers/employees (including Zach) to make their videos better and Zach's manager was like, "we're not doing that" and they just went with their original idea bc they didn't have the money and/or time. It was more telling of Peele's creativity than the company itself since it makes sense that they couldn't do big blockbuster ideas in a youtube video. I also have nothing against Chelsea Peretti, but her brother seems like a major douche. Very anti-union and just in general ran a toxic environment (lots of articles about him).


She used to randomly share stuff on her podcast Call Chelsea Peretti haha. In her episode with Adam Scott she was talking about going to Hawaii by herself for a “single girl” trip and getting depressed looking at all the couples 😂 She’s made small allusions to what her relationship with her parents is like, what dating is like, etc. This is before she married Jordan ofc.


Anything on Chris Pine? I know he’s low-key, but it seems odd there is never any tea on him!


I just came in to say that he usually gets papped once a week leaving yoga class, except it's been over a week now and no new photos! I'm concerned (about him and about the lone photographer) 😂 If BS fans can call the police over her deleting her Instagram, I should be able to contact a someone about Chris not going to yoga this week!


He does. If he missed yoga I hope it means he’s filming something.


one time my roommate saw him drinking a cocktail alone at a hotel bar in downtown Austin so he told the bartender he’d like to get his next round for him… bartender brought the drink over and Chris Pine declined. My roommate was super bummed lol edit: spelling


He once lost his license for drinking and driving in New Zealand when he was 33. It was after a wrap Party. There reportedly there were designated drivers at the party he could have asked but didn't, and supposedly he was apologetic and I don't think there were any incidences after.


Once again hoping to hear good things about Gerard Way 🙏


Not tea, but a story I never get to tell. My friends and I were huge fans of MCR and were stoked to see them at Warped Tour 2005. We went to the side of the stage after their set with a handful of other fans. He came out and I was starstruck; what do I say to him while I get an autograph? So the first thing that popped into my head was to ask if he could bum me a cigarette (lol 16 year old me). He told me he was out, so I frantically exclaimed that I actually had a pack in my purse if he needed one. I kept that autograph for years before I stupidly threw it away. Perhaps the tea is that Gerard knew better than to give cigarettes to teenaged goth girls, lol.


A few times friends have ended up on the same planes as them and had good interactions. Not very piping but always good to hear celebs being nice.


Honestly having worked in high end hospitality it’s usually the celebs that are the nicest cuz they are PR trained. They also almost always tip fat. Probably why james corden got 86’d from that spot in ny. Almost every celeb I have waited on have been really nice, so what he did was abnormal. With one exception. Fucking Elon musk and his brother. And this was ages ago before Elon decided he wanted to be a massive figure in the conservative movement.


I shook his hand once and he’s very fine-boned. That’s all.


THIS is the tea I wanted😂 he looks like a fine boned delicate guy. All pale skin over bird bones. I love him😭 so glad he chose recovery ❤️ he looked so frail and unwell tipping over on booze.


House of the Dragon cast?


Need some cast members to hook up with each other so i can have my gossip. Had a such great time keeping up with GOT cast gossip when I was in school and now I want the same with HOTD.


i need matt smith to matt smith and be messy


Any recent news on Michael Pitt, after the whole thing with him last year I didn't hear any updates. Edit. For those who don't know, Michael was hospitalised last year after a public outburst in NY, I was hoping for recent news about him, I didn't find any news about what happened after he was hospitalised.


[He’s gonna be in a movie that’s directed by Jack Huston. I think it may have already started filming?](https://deadline.com/2022/12/jack-huston-day-of-the-fight-michael-pitt-joe-pesci-movie-1235200481/) I hope he’s doing okay.


They were one of the best part in Boardwalk Empire, along with Chalky White.


Anything about Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson? There were rumors a while ago and I just went onto her insta and he wasn't featured in her 'all the lost content' kinda highlights of 2022 video.


i know their cleaner and supposedly they're REALLY into model trains, they even wear a hat and the trains opererate on their own timetable


Who is this about? I wanna know about this mysterious train enthusiast


sorry thought i replied to the comment. It's Alexa chung


I suspect Rod Stewart.


Tom Sturridge/Alexa Chung?


I do wonder what Alexa is going to do to make a living now. She doesn't come from family wealth, her clothing line shut down, her previous jobs of being a "tv presenter" aren't really things now, and it's not like she has a steady side hustle. Can you really survive just doing one-off collabs every now and then? Maybe her goal is to get wifed up, or just live off her boyfriends? idk.


May be she made enough money with fashion and tbh if you play it right, just being an influencer is making decent money. Also if you invested money wisely, at a certain point, you make off more money from your investments than with your initial job. It’s like this with all smart yt creators (a lot of them have property investments, shares)


She had/has partnerships with brands like Mulberry and Longchamp which aren’t one-off collabs. And they pay a lot. She also doesn’t seem to have an outrageously luxurious lifestyle, and has probably amassed sizeable savings (or at least hopefully) across her career. I’m quite sure she’ll be able to find something to pivot to, but she has time to figure that out. If I were Alexa though, I would reboot the YouTube channel and build out more platforms. She’s a terrific host and has more charisma than most influencers - she should find ways to get her voice out.




My friend works with her for a major luxury brand. Said she’s super cool and normal and fun to talk to. At the Venice film festival in sept , she asked my friend for advice b/c timothee invited emma onto his yacht and she was conflicted bc timothee is such a raging douche but she didn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to hook up with timothee chalamet lmao


Timmy doesn't have a yatch and he spent one day in Venice with friends and he only attended the Vogue party. Someone's lying.


Yeah it was during the vogue x Cartier dinner and I’m obviously not saying he owns a yacht? He and his friends chartered a boat


They look alike lol


Is Timothee really a douche!? Man has impressive PR then...


Can you drop some tea on Tim being a "raging douche"? Is it well known in the industry? I suspect it, but his hardcore stans here get triggered and downvote every time someone brings up the multiple rumours about his questionable behaviour towards PAs on the set of Wonka.


Colin Firth?


His ex-wife (I believe they're just separated but I don't know for sure) [had an affair](https://people.com/movies/inside-colin-firth-ex-cheating-scandal/) with an Italian journalist during their first separation in 2015ish. It got messy later with his wife accusing the journalist of stalking her and the journalist saying they were childhood friends and she was only doing this to cover up the affair.


For a minute I thought you meant Colin Farrell and I was like when was he married to an Italian lady? Lol. Also who cheats on Colin Firth?


Henry Cavill...rumored he just got dropped from another franchise Highlander. Whose bad side did he get on?!?


Chris Hemsworth Eyed For Replacement... They should get the third hemsworth for Superman at this point just for the laugh of it


Does anyone have tea on the New Girl cast? I’m watching for the first time and mildly obsessed


A few months ago in one of these threads someone had a whole breakdown abt the Zooey/Jake relationship and how they were potentially gonna leave their partners for each other but one of them chickened out last minute or something It was very detailed


Joel Edgerton please. I’m carrying such a torch.


Have you seen King Arthur? Not the best movie but one of his earlier roles with other not-yet-famous actors like Mads and Hugh Dancy. I've always called him Kitty face since because he looks so much like a lion in [human form](https://fuckyeaharthuriana.tumblr.com/post/129799723606/bethwoodvilles-joel-edgerton-as-gawain-in-king).


I’m still curious what really happened behind the scenes with Jane Got a Gun, with original director Lynne Ramsay quitting day one, and Joel suddenly being the co-writer and having his buddy step in as the new director. I like Joel however that was weird and the results were weak


The man has spades for hands. The benefit that movies gain with his presence is an ongoing loss for the construction industry. He could knead a loaf of bread by wiggling his fingers. The light displaced by him waving has probably ruined seasons of crops. His wedding ring is a scaffolding offcut. I bet when he tries to skip pebbles, he ends up throwing handfuls of sand. And if he took the torch off of your hands, it would just look like a match. That's all I've got.


I am so attracted to him in The Great Gatbsy


If evil then why hot?


Did something happen with Aidy Bryant and her husband Conner O’Malley? She deleted their wedding photo from her IG


Anyone from the The Sex Lives of College Girls? Just started watching the show and I'm pretty much hooked!


Lukewarm at best, but I used to babysit kids who did summer theater camp type stuff with Renee. They didn’t have any interest in doing it professionally as they got older but they still are theater fans and weren’t surprised when they saw her name when she won the Jimmy Awards and booked Mean Girls and said she was always talented as hell. They weren’t best friends with her or anything and don’t claim to be, but they are really happy for her and said that she was always one of the nicest kids way back when and didn’t have an ego. They’re rooting for her success with her music and tv and the movie adaptation. I definitely did camp pickup enough times to hear about the snotty ones who were talented and knew it AND the adults knew it, so it was nice to hear Renee was one of the friendly ones!


alyah and renee (whitney and leighton) are best friends irl, whereas them + the other girls come off pretty awkward with one another when they’ve done press altogether, and seem to be barely acquaintances, which is pretty normal, but i just found it interesting when alyah and renee are attached at the hip and met each other at the same time as everyone else. alyah did have a funny interview though where she said she met renee and they sat down and renee told her everything traumatic that’s ever happened to her and thats when they bonded lol. also renee’s ‘in the kitchen’ is about her ex antonio cipriano who she was on broadway with, and i think she’s dating a girl now but i forgot her name.


There’s also a pretty significant age difference, Pauline and Amrit are 31 and 29 respectively while Alyah and Renee are in their early 20s and P still lives in France most of time too. So it makes sense they’re not closer


UK based celeb stylists, MUAs, etc? Seems like just a handful of people are hired, and sort of curious about these circles that exist adjacent to celebrity particularly after Rebecca Corbin-Murray stepped into the fray with the Miss Flo drama lol


Charlotte tilbury - average make up artist but easy enough to work with, very much more of a name more than true talent. She doesn’t do much make up herself. Val Garland, incredible make up artist. Extremely difficult to work with. ALLEGEDLY Pays assistants terribly and doesn’t cover any expenses including the daily coffees etc they have to buy her. She travels to shoots and shows on her motorbike, her kit has to be taken by assistants in taxis. Her briefs are nuts, she’ll just walk past and say a word and you’re expected to nail the brief based on that. In celeb/fashion circles it’s very much word of mouth and are you good to be around. If you don’t bring energy you won’t get recurring jobs. A lot of the TV work is done by a handful of people because others know their client or see their work. I don’t hear of too much drama within TV circles they tend to be great, consistent and loyal. There’s probably more drama in movies.


>ALLEGEDLY Pays assistants terribly and doesn’t cover any expenses including the daily coffees etc they have to buy her. She travels to shoots and shows on her motorbike, her kit has to be taken by assistants in taxis This is wild... Thank you for sharing! I've always wondered if you happen to know, how much money is there in it? I'm thinking of MUAs like Naoko Scintu who get a lot of work but aren't on the level of the Charlotte Tilburys of the world.


A hell of a lot! 2 examples A friend UK based works on daytime tv celebs her rate is around £950 a day for a shoot I enquired with Christine Quinn’s Make Up artist she’s $250 for a basic make up $500 for airbrush. That was for standard make up so probably charges celebs more. If you’re doing on location shoots they can charge even more + travel + expenses + over time. There is a lot of money to be made in hair and make up if you get into the right circles. But there are also network TV make up artists on 20-25k a year. So it’s very much if you’re one of the few that get the right work and clients.


Anything new on Jonathan Bailey or Luke Evans?


I follow Luke on social media and he seems to always be traveling somewhere beautiful for work or leisure. He has a new boyfriend (Fran Tomas) who he attended some New Years eve events with.


Yes, right now I saw that he's somewhere in the mountain but usually it seems like he lives in an eternal summer. Honestly, life goals lol


Excessively obscure, but what about prog rock musicians, so that I can justify/excise my teenage obsession (in the 2010s) over bands like Genesis/the Yes slashfiction community (you know who you all are). Is Tony Banks secretly bankrolling drill (or Dril)? Is Mike Rutherford just three geese in a trench-coat? I need to know.


Any more from Andrea Riseborough after her copypasta Oscar campaign succeeded?


Frances Fisher is getting a lot of backlash as she was the one that explicitly said Viola and Danielle were locked noms and she’s been deleting comments calling her out on IG.


Why are people acting like the mom from Titanic is some super Hollywood power player and had inside info? She was probably just prognosticating like lots of people do.


Jane Lynch? (random but she’s popped up in so many things I’ve watched recently and couldn’t find much about her!)


Does anybody have tea from behind the scenes of House of the dragon ? Pre-production was supposed to start in october (according to showrunner) but it was reported that it started this week. Is rewriting the reason behind that delay ? What about the casting announcements ?


Miguel left the show because they wouldn't let his wife be a producer. She was also the one who had the idea of making Alicent and Rhaenyra childhood friends. He gave her a random role as Alicent's maid that was spying for Mysaria. Ryan has not reacted well to fan criticism. We'll see how it goes on season 2...




Dave Bautista. I've heard nothing but positive stories in recent years, but during his wrestling days almost nobody had anything nice to say about him. I don't know why, he just gives me the vibe of someone who's secretly a total asshole but is charismatic and chill enough that most people don't really care


He removed his Pacquiao tattoo because Pacquiao is homophobic. Yay for Filipinos holding Filipinos accountable 🇵🇭


My dad forced me to watch a wrestling doco about him at Xmas l and my whole takeaway from it was that he is very shy and introverted. He himself said he didn’t handle any of the fame well early days and regrets a lot of his decisions and actions from that time. I don’t think he would be the best or worst person tbh. Just a famous guy…


I guess wealth and fame really does corrupt people. Kind of makes me glad I'll never be in that position. At the very least, he comes off as more honest than the Rock, who at this point might as well be an AI


Jon bernthal?


He had Shia labeouf on his podcast last year. He follows the Israel official acc on twitter, has liked right wing tweets from libs of tiktok on twitter. (Tho i think hes more of a centralist) Hes also pro-gun. Talks/posts(?) a lot about police officers as well on his podcast. I used to be a huge huge fan, but his behaviour since his podcast started has put me off.


He also signed the Roman Polanski support petition, too.


I didn’t know he was liking LOTT tweets but that seems to track with the company he keeps. I listened to only one of his podcast episodes, the one he did with Sarah Wayne Callies, and all he did was talk over her and cut her off. She was talking about horrible experiences she’s had on set and he had to butt in to both sides it and be like “Well, don’t you think it’s gone too far? Don’t you think false reports are bad? People are reporting guys for anything now. I know guys who are scared to be on set now” Like, what exactly are you or your friends doing on set to be scared, Jon? It’s the same thing when Henry Cavill said he’s scared to get accused of rape because of MeToo. Why would y’all need to be concerned if you’re such good guys?


Yeah I started thinking “He probably is a right winger” a while ago and I’m not surprised ngl. Stopped liking/supporting him in roles and hope The Punisher gets recast (even if, yes, he is good in the role)


Not really tea, but I checked out his YouTube channel for the first time and it was disappointing to see his interview with Shia right after a video with Sarah Wayne Callies where she talks about her experiences as a woman in Hollywood


joshua bassett or any hsmtmts cast


(I have no tea, sorry) but do you think Joshua Bassett will ever talk about his most recent tweet? I prob shouldn’t care that much, BUT I’m still kind of like……?????????????????????????????????


Felicia Day?


When we were pregnant with my daughter, I got my husband a Cameo from her. Gave her baby's name and told her my husband was worried about being a good dad, and she sent back the most amazing, extra long video discussing parenting and reassuring him. First and so far last Cameo because I don't think it can be topped!


Kind of tea about me more than her, but we look a little alike, and we were at an event together and one of the workers brought me a platter of cheese. I ate all of it, then they brought me another one 45 minutes later. I ate half of it, but thought “Man, this is nice of them and all, but this is way too much cheese.” Half an hour later, I heard her asking where her cheese platter was that she’d asked for twice. So… that’s the story of how I stole Felicia Day’s cheese platter. Twice. Sorry Felicia (but not that sorry!)


This reminds me that the nerd girl seems to have faded from pop culture in this influencer era? Or maybe I just checked out of that sub-culture after the Chris Hardwick situation and I stopped engaging with Nerdist as well as Joss Whedon. This makes me think of Alison Haislip who seemingly disappeared from pop culture along with G4?


it's definitely declined, but in general not just with nerd girls. After all the scandals with nerd guys and just being a lot of cringe in hindsight people are moving on from that type.of content, with some exceptions.


Any detective TV show tea?


Marshawn lynch?


Everyone should watch his ep of Murderville. He was so funny.


He’s got a small appearance in the Murderville Christmas special as well.


Ooh I’m here for any hot Marshawn goss. He’s my favorite Seahawk of all time 💚💙


No one??? Really? Fine. I'll do it. I'm just here so I don't get fined.


Ana De Armas aside from Blonde?


There was a rumor that her and Chris Evans were hooking up during the filming and press tour for Knives Out


Did Kristen Stewart get married yet, or is she still engaged? Anything new there?


Honestly (and I will get downvoted no doubt) but I really think they (and her team) decided to say they were engaged purely for the Oscar campaign. I love Kristen but when she spoke about it it just seemed like a 'yeah sure' thing that they went along with because why not. They were serious for sure and in love (unsure of now) but I just cannot see her as someone who gives a crap about the institution of marriage. I don't blame her to use it though, the straights use that stuff constantly - fair game.


70s singers? Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Judee Still , etc?


Charlie Hunnam??


Only thing I know is he’s a self proclaimed fan of Jordan Peterson and the “intellectual dark web” which just tells me he’s likely got some right wing views on things because you don’t read people like Peterson or Ben Shapiro for enjoyment and not agree on some level with them.


I know he's not well liked anymore due to his comments on marriage and such, but one thing I like about him is that he is still one of the few actors that openly defended his girlfriend against some fans that were harassing her, and he did that without having any social media, but sending an open letter to one of his fan accounts to post it, if I'm not mistaken.




I saw Dylan on Bumble, he identified himself as a conservative lol


Lady Gaga?


Barbie or Wonka movies?


Anything on comedians and/or podcasters


Taylor Russell?


Cameron Esposito? I know she revealed bipolar diagnosis.


Suki Waterhouse? I know she's on tour and I'm bummed I'll miss her show when she's in town.


Julien baker, Lucy dacus?


Glass Animals/Dave Bayley? Ugh, please let it be only good things. I know most public info - but they can be so private. They’ve been my favorite band since Zaba came out.


What is happening with Miley Cyrus fans and Jennifer Lawrence? I know they were making up rumors but now people are really going in on Jennifer with the misogynistic comments.


Someone said that Jennifer and Liam kissed and Jennifer admitted to it in an interview when he was supposedly with Miley but I’ve seen no evidence of said interview


[Here](https://www.celebitchy.com/462554/jennifer_lawrence_basically_admits_that_she_liam_hemsworth_have_hooked_up/) is the interview. She didn’t give a firm yes, but also didn’t say so they hadn’t. Liam and Miley were on and off so I definitely wouldn’t take this as any evidence or proof that Liam had cheated on Miley with Jennifer. This interview took place around the time Miley and Liam were getting back together.


Anything interesting about Sebastian Stan?


Bono (U2). ANY tea on Bono (I KNOW it’s out there…) ☕️




We do have a Bono in Formula 1, one of Lewis Hamilton's best friends and his race engineer so he appears on radio a lot. But he's only famous among F1 viewers.


Absolutely hilarious that he testified before Congress and proposed sending Sacha Baron Cohen, Amy Schumer, and Chris Rock to the Middle East and West Africa to combat ISIS because “when you use violence you speak their language. But if you laugh at them you take away their power.” He also said “the first people Adolf Hitler threw out of Germany were the daddaists and surrealists.” Which is just a mind-blowingly dumb thing to say.


what the FUCK


Yeah, absolutely delusional and a huge waste of time for him to be in Congress and spouting off about things he knows nothing about.


Antonio Banderas? His more recent theatre ventures have been pretty intriguing to me


What's Travis Fimmel up to these days?


Jake Gyllenhaal?? Edit: and ya know what. Maggie too.


Oscar Isaac


Ben Whishaw? Are things over with his husband?


I've seen him a few times IRL around London, he's very petite and hipstery. I once saw him wearing dungarees and a black Fjallraven backpack a few years ago. This tea is so weak the bag left the cup before the water came in.


Nathan Fielder?