When groups pledge to plant x number of trees is this the person they hire?


Currently yes, the future is drones though. They can allegedly plant up to 100k trees per day


Are the drones limited to planting seeds? Helicopters are also used for that. Planting a seedling is a big difference.


From what ive heard about helicopters, they shoot them out in little prepackaged seedling missles


I'm imagining a Vietnam kinda scene of a guy laying down seeds out the side of a huey with an M-60


Fortunate Son playing on the loudspeakers as the choppers roll in.


A gunner on the side shooting seedling capsules out of a minigun.


that song Fortunate son just blasting on the stereo


Some guy on a mounted machine gun shooting seedlings at the ground


Doubtful. I've done the job pictured and seen the various tech solutions to replace human. Between choosing ideal microsites, appropriate tree species to said microsite, appropriate depth, planting straight angle, etc. Human touch is still quite necessary. Though first time planters may not be as far overskilled vs. seedling misses vs. seasoned planters.


I think the advantages of drones over humans is just volume, cost, and accessibility. Hard to reach spots, and if they can spit out 10 to 100x vs the pace of humans, they only need to be within 10 to 100x as successful, at a fraction of the cost associated. I don't think it's currently widely used, but mostly being explored as an option.


That's true that there may be a point where that happens. Have to remember though that if you are dropping 10x the seeds to get the same success rate, you will not necessarily have a uniform success rate. You may have pocket with many viable trees as well as pockets with none. Then the overseeded spots would need to be thinned out, likely by hand, and likely fill in the unsuccessful spots as well. In Canada (my expertise) this is "crown land" meaning loggers lease from government and have responsibility to replant similar species mix as to what was cut. US is more monoculture where carpet bombing seeds could work eventually.


Right it's certainly not something that will ever see _general_ use, but it definitely seems it should be another tool in the bag, particularly once there's more research on outcomes - and yes with further respect to the differences/viability when thinking about ongoing costs/maintenance.


This is a great summary of this issue Source: Yup sounds like he knows what he's talkin about


Nah the seeds go down real slow /s https://imgur.com/a/x2UUuQH


They can't though. They "drop" that many, but most either wash away, blow away, get eaten, rot on the surface, or never actually grow.


In Finland I have seen these tube-shovel that you push to the ground with your leg, and slide the plant inside the tube to plant. Much better for back.


Yeah people keep saying back pain is non existant. But goddamn this is just awfull for your back.


I used to do tree planting and we used something called a "pottoputki", dunno how it's spelt. Come to think of it, it's a Finnish sounding name. Does that ring a bell or am I way off?


Yeah, I think "Pottiputki" is bränd name, there's pictures in their page https://www.uittokalusto.fi/metsatyot/metsanhoito/istutusputket.html


My back hurts just by looking at this!


This work is actually awesome for your back (when you get used to it and strong enough) Bending like this is what our hunter-gatherer forefathers were doing...


Just because it primal ancestors did it doesn't mean it's good for you


They probably did it for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years, so I would guess they were (are?) pretty adapted to it.


To be fair their life expectancy was like 26 years so maybe this wasn’t so good.


at birth. If you survived to 21 you had a much longer life expectancy.


I see this a lot but haven't found evidence for it. Got a source?


It’s fairly clear from the archaeological record (prehistory) and from written accounts in history—life expectancy at birth includes all the things likely to kill an infant or adolescent, but once you get past those you’re much likelier to live into what we’d now consider middle age (50’s was about average in the early Roman Empire, for example, iirc.) People weren’t dying of ‘old age’ at 20; they were dying of all kinds of problems at 2, which really brings down the average. https://books.google.com/books?id=oIJ5TKh7mPgC&q=%22this+is+one+of+the+biggest+misconceptions+about+old+age%22&pg=PA70 https://web.archive.org/web/20070713083310/http://www.plimoth.org/discover/myth/dead-at-40.php


Thanks! This clears it up for me. I've seen people use the child and birth mortality skew of the average to claim people lived as old or older than us (in pursuit of various "the modern world is killing us" arguments). This shows that the avg death age is still much earlier than ours.


Definitely millions of years


Seeing the votes on this comment makes me lose faith in humanity. (you are correct, of course)


Lifespan: age 44


Have you actually done that work? If so how long?


I love picking berries, and am absolute sure that it is healthy if you are used to it. There might be an upper limit to how long it is healthy to do, but I think that limit is quite high...




That last sentence isn't the encouragement you think it is.


It actually is - but I guess if you don't want to understand, you don't want to...


Not if you're tall. The laws of physics are against tall people bending over repeatedly.


Unless you have a tail to balance out the bending over


Lazy folks have an excuse for every type of effort.


Exactly what I was thinking!




Oh her poor back, get a longer shovel!


Nope, longer shovel is hard to move around quickly. This also flows with the planting motion as they need to bend over to plant the tree anyway. This job is paid per tree so you want to be as efficient as possible with your movements.


Wait, are you saying I could be getting paid to stalk though a fire-ravaged wasteland, stabbing the earth and bringing forth new life? That sounds so much better than sitting in an ER listening to a manic patient ranting.


Wait, are you saying I could be getting paid to stalk though a fire-ravaged wasteland, stabbing the earth and bringing forth new life? Aka as any bar after 2 am


Well, yes, but actually no. The pros do the planting season and maybe some brushing and that's their income for the year. First year you basically just make camp costs, maybe a bit extra.


You get paid zero when you've wasted your back.


They just hire an infinite supply of young people who work for a few seasons.


If you're holding a long shovel, your shoulder will get torqued since you have tobbe ground level with the planting arm. Ideal movement is spread legs so you are lunging more than bending, which she seems to have good form.


There shovels with a chute to slide the sapling down.


Fun fact, it's called a dibble not a shovel. It has no curved scoop and instead is just flat metal.


My thoughts exactly


What they don't show is the new hire following with the stakes and deer cages.


Just remember, it's around $0.10/seedling


No. 15-30 these days.


No. You're right, I forgot to add location and taxes and camp fees and fuel costs and the coriolis effect. The real range is $.69 to $4.20 not "about $.10" my B.


What ist this dystopian wasteland? I need context!


Post forest fire I assume


Re-planting after harvesting lumber


Both - clear-cut and burned after it looks like. Cream show!


It’s a controlled burn, makes it easier to re-plant, ash fertilizes the earth and leaving dry twigs unsupervised could start an uncontrolled wildfire


Perhaps, but plenty of cut stumps, so I'm sticking with what I said.


I think you're both saying the exact same thing?


Yea probably. In which case the forest will actually fix itself. Kind of a human thing to assume the Earth that has healed itself for millions of years needs human intervention to fix this.


Just quicken the process. Mud slides occur in burn areas. It’s hard to tell what the surrounding area is like.


She's probably replanting a monoculture that can be harvested in 20 years for cardboard derivatives for the shipping industry.


After a fire Burns though fire fighters will cut down the standing dead to support regrowth and make it safe for people to go there and recreate once the regrowth starts


Pine plantation or similar.


It's a tree farm. Commercial logging is the reason [forest cover is up](https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-018-0411-9.epdf) [over](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FJNxEb7aUAQQsal.jpg) [the last](https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/images/146296/global-green-up-slows-warming) [100 years](https://co2coalition.org/news/nasa-vegetation-index-globe-continues-rapid-greening-trend-sahara-alone-shrinks-700000-sq-km/), since the company needs trees to harvest in 30 years, they pay people to plant that crop today. This is just the re-treeing process after a harvest. Not a wasteland, new growth tree nursery!


Thank you for doing that back breaking work!


Man Detroit is looking rough af


I was going to say they are saplings but after googling, yep. seedlings. TIL.


Damn, Animal Crossing lying to me again


This is type of porn Johnny Appleseed is into.


Maybe stop kicking the poor things every time.


It squishes the dirt around the root ball, plants don’t like their roots being exposed to air.


I think they were referring to the kick after the stomp. Watch #2 and #3, how she kicks them when walking away and they get flung back and forth.


Lol the seedlings aren't that fragile; in fact being jostled like that by wind/animals brushing past helps strengthen their trunks. Think about how muscles need to work to get strong.


That was a problem with the trees in the [Biosphere 2](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biosphere_2) project in Arizona: Rainforest pioneer species grew rapidly, but trees there and in the savannah suffered from etiolation and weakness caused by lack of stress wood, normally created in response to winds in natural conditions. (etiolation is the process of plants getting 'leggy' and yellow-white because of a lack of sufficient light)


Leggy plants?


Commonly used to refer to seedlings that aren't getting enough light. Rather than having ~1 inch of relatively sturdy green stem before they start to leaf out, your seedlings will have 2+ inches of a thin yellow stem. Good example photos [on this page](https://homesteadandchill.com/prevent-fix-leggy-seedlings/). I've had this in my little 'indoor grow' where I start my veggies and herbs indoors while waiting for it to warm up outdoors so I can transplant them.


Iol it’s not about hurting the seedling. It’s about not kicking them out of place so they uproot. It’s not like they’re in there very securely with that one stomp she is doing. The stomp is generally secure enough for the purpose, but not if you kick it out right away before it has the chance to take hold.


RIP her back :<


I planted two seasons, no back issues whatsoever, then or now 10 years later, if anything it helped to strengthen it. I haven't heard of any back issues from anyone I planted with for that matter. The bigger issues were in the wrist, like carpel tunnel from the repetitive motions and reverberations caused from your shovel hitting rock.


Same here, I still plant all the time no back issues for me yet after about 5 years, put a little bend in the legs everytime so I don't bend 90 degrees and I'm good; got big thighs from it to boot.


eh, i think any orthopedist will agree than any activity that involves repetitively bending, and then taking a jarring load (bag shift), and then pulling an unbalanced load up (pulling shovel out of the ground), and then slogging over obstacles while still stooped over isn't a "good" thing for your back. i'm glad you didn't develop any problems :) there's plenty of flooring contracts and farmers that do get back problems from doing this type of activity for *years* rather than a couple months at a shot. it also helps if you're young, but problems can crop up decades later. ​ ​ >The bigger issues were in the wrist, horizontal handles on shovels are the worst; put your wrist in the wrong axis for hitting anything. that and it's about 3 feet shorter than it should be for this task :) seems like they should be using something like this [https://darlac.com/product/dp255-long-handle-bulb-planter/](https://darlac.com/product/dp255-long-handle-bulb-planter/)


You're probably right with what an orthopedic would say especially after years of doing the same activity but that's also true for just about any activity. In levels of severity, planting over decades would likely take a mean toll when compared to many other repetitive motions. Not sure if you planted yourself but if not, you'd actually be surprised with the weighting of the bags. The vast majority sits on your hips; I myself didn't even use the harness portion (maybe that was bad?) and just had the waist band snugly fit. So in the end if worn correctly your back wouldn't really be all that impacted by the weight of the bags, if anything it would be from the constant bending. The wrist pain I mentioned I did suffer from and so quickly learned to plant ambidextrous which also probably helped balance things out it general. The second company I worked with (which was a rookie-mill I must add) made a surprisingly good effort teaching good ergonomics behind planting. They even stressed the importance of planting ambi by choice (and not from necessity following an injury) but of course that was largely ignored because one became efficient on one side and then stuck with it.


> Not sure if you planted yourself but if not nope, but i installed pools for several years... which involved a lot of digging :)




Fuck i won't work that hard for that shit pay. My god i rather keep my job as landscaper and put more care in planting trees than get payed 10 cents for 1 fucking tree.


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I love you telling the bot to fuck off but I also liked how the bot explained the word. I'm an anglo and didn't actually know the word "payed" so that's kind of cool. Sooo.. good bot? Like many Dutch, your English is impressive dude! Even your angry English! Haha


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Johnny apple seed


Their back must be made of steel


Not for long


How to plant seedling and step over it with left foot


Jenny Appleseed


This should be on donthelpjustfilm


Seems like there has to be a more ergonomic way


I bet her followers will eat this up.


Dear everyone It's ok for your back or anything else to be sore after doing work ..... you'll be ok


Seriously lol. Its just like exercising any other muscles. Do it till youre sore, it'll heal back stronger. Overdo it, you'll hurt yourself.


Lazy people can talk themselves out of doing anything


"Be a druid they said, you'll cast magic spells they said, you'll be surrounded by luscious nature they said..."


Backbreaking work


That must destroy your back!


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I would expect a little more work needing to be done to pack the soil after planting, or is this type of seedling able to easily take root with minimal compaction?


i wanna edit this so badly with minecraft sound effects


doing the lords work ✊🏽




My back hurts just watching this


All that wood ash gonna make those new seedlings grow like a mf’er.




It's Jana Appleseed!


Working like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. Damn kid, you signed up for it.


Actually I use a much taller dibble bar when mass planting seedlings. Saves the back.


Is there a group that does this? How do I join?


Doing god's work.


How do I become a person that does this


Lol waste of time if you ask me... they'll grow themselves howd ya think trees got here in the first place? Not because vegan sharon planted them


I’d guess about 20% of those will survive so maybe that’s why they’re going so fast. Otherwise if she actually cared all of them would live


This is amazing but why in a straight line?