*Peeling and de-seeding


Where the fuck can you buy this


Checkout your local Asian market. If you can visit an Asian TNT supermarket then that even better chances for you to find it.






I mean, I realize there's some special skills goin' on here, but is it *fast*?


Faster than I can do it


With how slippery the fruit is and how between different fruit pieces the skin dryness and hardness are also varied, from my own personal experiences I would LOVE to be this quick and de-shelling de-seeding the Longan’s. Sometimes the shells crack part way through, sometimes it just twists within the shell while not “popping” The only reason I pick Lychee at a Boba (bubble tea) shop is cause Longan was never on the menu. If I knew how to be this quick I’d be making my own boba and I’d be peeling the Longans.


I FORGOT LYCHEE EXISTED HOLY SHIT over quarantine I had bought a bunch of lychee every time I went to the store they were so sweet but you get like 10% fruit and 90% pit lol


You can buy canned lychee in syrup water.


its a different fruit buddy. This is a longan.


lychee family. so they reminded me. That lychee. Exist


Just saying. Thats like watching a cucumber video and going “I forgot watermelon existed” Good for you though, have a nice night.


If I’m the title they mentioned watermelon then ya. It is the same. The title here literally says lychee. Which is a rare fruit around me so I remember oh ya I had those


Okay, good for you


damn, is there no way to do this using machines? maybe crush the shell, then roll it to loosen and remove the shell?


it's not really a shell, it's more like a peel. it's soft and flexible, so crushing isn't really possible unless you also crush the fruit.


You’re gonna squeeze out all the juice in the fruit. Also this idea doesn’t address the seed


I'd like to know where I could buy that fruit peeling tool?


Search "fruit corer" and you should be able to find something similar.


I watch alot of the Longtail macaques at the big temple and thy eat these all day an when a Mac has one in its hand it looks like it's as big as an apple I had no idea they where as big as marbles. I watch them on YouTube has a whole community there who watches currently drama is 2 young pigtail moms got into a scrape an literally switched baby's on accident. Both moms are treating em like their own but u can tell they know they don't have the baby they gave birth to. Been watching them monkeys for almost 5 years now and saying it out loud feels like a waste of time but I'm not gonna stop watching now.


Well, now I’m invested.


The mothers names are Rose and Libby a little back story on Rose, she was taken from her mom to be a pet but they decided a pet monkey was to much an dumped her at ankor watt temple as maybe 6 month old. The VO found her being attacked either by dogs or by achap a alpha of amari troop. He took her home healed her up and took hwr back an made sure a female adult took an interest in her. Now Rose is a productive member of her troop and her first child was a male, he is semi grown an she had her second child a female which would have stayed with rose their entire lives, males leave the natal troop females stay. Well rose is a softe for babys and Libby has birthed her first child a boy named brady but libby is also former pet so she is having a harder time figuring out how to parent her son brady. So Libby sets her baby down an it starts screaming an Rose walks over to pick him up an jusy as she grabs brady libby jumps on her and snatches what she thinks is brady from rose an the 2 go their own ways only to discover libby didnt grab her son she accidently grabbed Rose baby who is named rainbow btw. Use the names an u will find the videos on youtube.


Mate I've watched hours of monkey videos on YouTube. At least your outside




Yeah im talking about when a Longtail macaque has a longan in its hand it looks like its big as an apple. Which part of my comment confused you, im on a video about longan talking about monkeys eating them.


O reddit descobriu a pitomba.


The crunchy fruit no one wants in a fruit cocktail jar