RMT: 1.7 itb DDG Saliba, Cancelo, Trippier, Robertson Almiron, KDB, Martinelli, Trossard Ings, Haaland, Wilson Bench: Steele, N. Williams, Summerville, and one more who will rotate


Just looking at Darwin’s first few months again… He has actually been phenomenal hasn’t he? He’s made 10 PL appearances and has 7x returns… but when you consider one of those appearances was for one minute, and he was sent off in another… We’re really looking at a guy who has the ability to deliver almost a return per appearance Like a 9.0 Mané but slightly more productive basically


I prefer Callum Wilson. Cheaper, nailed, involved in most goals, on penalties Both have good fixtures. Liverpool are a better attacking team than Newcastle. But Darwin will be used in champions league, and will get too many 1 point cameos


I'm never going near Callum Wilson again - bar Aston Villa he has been a nightmare for owners this season


And then Darwin has been a bigger nightmare for owners this season than Wilson has so far. Not sure i get your point. I'm interested in future plays and future points, not what happened in the past.


My point is Darwin was sent off in one game, and suspended for the following three games - that’s a black swan event that we wouldn’t reasonably expect to reoccur with anything even approaching regularity Whereas Wilson has an entire career of injury troubles behind him (and in front of him)


I don't go along with the narrative that a player with bad injury record will just keep getting injured all the time. If someone gets injured, you just use a transfer and get someone else in. It might be a wasted transfer if they get injured, but that's not the worst thing


Since February 2021 he has missed 30 (!) premier league games, and has been brought off the bench for another 7 That's 37 of the last 70 Premier league games he's either missed or came off the bench You can call that narrative if you wish, but it's not an opinion to say he has been an absolute disaster zone when it comes to reliability Will it continue, or will he suddenly become a bullet proof fitness monster? Well... He turns 31 in two months and has only been able to make 158 Premier league starts in 7.5 seasons despite being a first choice striker for both Bournemouth & Newcastle during that time... So... There really doesn't seem to be a lot suggesting he's turned a corner and will stop being a nightmare for his owners Using transfers is no good to you when Howe is taking him off after 45 minutes and bringing him on for 14 minutes like the last two gameweeks Expecting him to play regularly in the league when he is incredibly brittle physically AND Newcastle will be going all out to win both the domestic cups (their only chances of silverware) just isn't a place I'd like to be


And back to the drawing board I go.


I suppose it could be argued the return of Jota & Diaz may not do him any favours from a certainty of start perspective... But to be honest I can't see too many games where Klopp doesn't start him, Salah & Diaz (when all are fit)... And he's shown he can still be lethal from the bench too


Links/Codes of mini league to join?


Lautaro + Lewa Or Mbappe + Vlahovic


I'd lean towards lautaro and lewa, mainly for Martinez


Anyone else having trouble trying to join leagues via code? Like how do you do it? I cant seem to search via code. Sorry if I'm being dumb. I mean World Cup btw


rmt- (2.6 itb) ward(raya) trippier dier white dalot (schar) martinelli kdb salah rashford (andreas) edouard haaland (greenwood)


2/10. With Edouard and Greenwood, you'd be best playing 451 and starting Andreas or Edouard every week with Greenwood for cover is worrisome. Upgrade Andreas to Almiron. Raya to Iversen. Greenwood to Solanke


2/3 strikers are extremely unreliable, I would pick someone like Isak or Mitrovic over Edouard considering how much you have in the bank