There is a legit risk this time.


You are right. There are certain fan groups calling for everyone to stay outside for 90 minutes. Whether if it will escalate to a security threat is another issue.


I think the fans will invade (not to protest, it’s a good cover though) but to prevent the inevitable massacre. As a Utd fan a match abandoned score will be far less humiliating than the real score.


Nonsense. The main reason protests are going on is because the glazers haven't acted on their false promises again and it's come to a boiling point.


I was joking mate. I get the Glazer hate!


What did they promise?


A respectable football team


To be fair I do feel like United have bought a lot of players and have tried out various managers


United clearly needed a lot more players this window though, and every summer they put the transfer team on a budget whilst pocketing hundreds of millions from the club themselves. Over the last 10 years, Glazers haven’t invested a penny into united and they don’t even need too. The club is practically self sustainable all they have to do is not taken money out of it.


Your players couldn’t be arsed to run yesterday. Brentford’s first team cost 1/10 of yours and you got battered in every stat you could find to measure effort. The players are lazy because you sign a whole team of divas. Even elite teams only keep 1 or 2 of those type of players at most, not a full XI. And then you want to buy more of them in the form of Rabiot and formerly Arnautovic. No matter how much money you spend it will not help.


Agreed a lot of it isn’t about the actual quantity of money being spent but how it’s spent instead. But in all fairness it’s been spent poorly on divas because an investment banker who had never worked in sport was in charge of transfers for 10 years signing players who will sell shirts and get brand deals rather than make the team function better That said, the stadium leaks, they’ve accidentally gotten rid of the disabled seating section, the training ground hasn’t been improved for years by many reliable reports, there’s no competent director of football it just seems to be jobs for the boys like mentality so that the people lower down protect those higher up keeping the owners safe while they hide in Florida


Yeah fair!


"Put the transfer team on a budget" Only 5 PL clubs have a higher net spend this transfer window. Only Arsenal have a higher net spend since 18/19. And that's before you get into the ludicrous wages. What a literal joke it is trying to claim it's cos Man U can't spend cos Glazers take the money. I'm not making any claim Glazers are good or bad - I don't know even slightly enough to comment - but Man U have out spent nearly every other club in the world. The problem isn't spending money, it's who they're spending it on.


Judging off the performances last season, the fact there’s a new manager, and had 10 outgoings this summer. Most clubs aiming to be competing for the league would be top spenders this summer. I completely agree United have spent terribly over the years, but most of that is down to the fact the glazers had Ed Woodward, the investment banker that helped them to to do a leverage buyout of united in the first place and had never worked in sport before that running the transfer team of what was once the most successful club in England. Either way the club are a mess at the minute, the players aren’t fit to play for the club, and the owners certainly aren’t fit to run it Edit: for context, the 1B united have spent over the last 10 years has all been generated by the club, meanwhile the Glazers have taken 1.5B out of the club and leveraged more debt onto the club in return


The owners bought the club with debt and they keep taking money out of the club. Nepotism and cronyism led to the board being totally incompetent, the upper management is in shambles.


Renovations of facilities, fan share scheme.


Its always before Liverpool games when things seem to come to a head coincidentally.


Last time it was the superleague announcement right during the previous game.


This should be an immediate forfeit if the game and 3 points to liverpool. Fans should not be allowed to change the fixtures to suit them. Disgrace to the sport if this happens


Oh you would think so but it happened last season and it was totally fine for the FA to reschedule it without any action.


It’s a double-edged sword. I’m leaning closer to your sentiment, but in theory, should the players be punished? Unlikely as it is, what if we were to hypothetically beat Liverpool?


The entire league and competitive spirit is punished because United fans want to protest.


Like I said, I agree with you ultimately.


Something about the use of the word “massacre” to describe a football match always makes me giggle lmao


Yeah, only thing I can say is that the chance is actually not zero


Doesn't matter does it? If I didn't C'ed him I'd have C'ed someone else, and I'll just put the VC on that person.


Just make sure u don't captain and vice 2 players from Liverpool


Okay. (VC} Maguire


He said don't vice captain players playing for Liverpool next weekend


Covid rules.


No, covid sucks.


If people still do C and VC from the same game after covid, they deserve to be punished if the game gets called off for any reason. Hedge your bets people.


Thanks. I won’t captain any Utd players then.


You have utd players?


Not even as a fan would I have any of them.


I had de Gea last week, thankfully swapped him for Ederson though lol.


Vice cap Gabby J and we good.


Half tempted to Captain him


It’s a shout after what we saw today. Though I imagine all the advanced stats and bookies odds will point to salah. I’m going with salah currently


Already locked in


Already worked for me this week. Spurs play wolves at home though, Kane/Son could be a better move for me. Jesus definitely a shout


Gabriel Jartinelli


Legit option which I will follow through. City will comfortably win vs NEW but don’t think it’ll be battering. Haaland will be involved but Gabby J might just have a field day with B’mouth.


Triple Cap VC Jesus oh my days scenes when he produces another monster haul


I thought you were referring to Gabbiadini at first and I needed to take a breath and count to 3.


Backstabbiadini confirmed


I’ve captained Nunez. I can see him tormenting slabhead relentlessly


Captaining Trent could be the go since there is no way we’ll score.


If the game is abandoned and Liverpool is credited with a win do the defenders get clean sheet points?


If they play 60+ minutes I think so


Good. That means Salah gets a DGW later in the season.


Could it be double utd? Perfect gw


Easy triple captain


I'm half tempted to triple captain him this week against united Edit: not a sausage, though not the result I was expecting


Don't be a sausage


!RemindMe 1 week


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7 goals from Salah in one week 😳


Easy 48 points for salah. 144 on tc


There's a chance an abandoned match could be a 3-0 loss for United.


They should have abandoned the Brentford match!


Thats why you just put the VC on the other person you would captain (none LFC) and not worry about it.


Instructions unclear, captained a United player.


The mistake was owning a United player in the first place!


I've a big Norwegian viking man with VC on him just in case.


Norgaard or odegaard?


Norgaard is Danish


I hereby declare myself ignorant!


Scandinavians all look the same anyway.


Very harsh on Scandinavians considering Haaland is Scandinavian.


I’m Scandinavian myself. Didn’t think the /s was needed.


Wouldn’t really describe øde as big


He just like me.


Seriously Doubt it will happen from a Man Utd fan. There will obviously be higher police presence this time and the game then was played in lockdown so no day tripping fans were there


It’s either Jesus or Salah as of right now. First major captaincy decision imo, could go many different ways


Then choose your VC wisely from another team and Salah will have a DGW for you to captain later in the season.


That’s actually possible haha.


I just leave the C on Salah all year. Whenever I've changed Captain I always came out worse


BEFORE YOU GET TALKED OUT OF CAPTAINING SALAH NEXT WEEK: The king never misses. He's against a side who have conceeded 6 goals in 2 games. If you get nervy about fans there's a great VC feature you can use.


I mean he can’t miss if the game is postponed too… 😅


surely you’ll be fine as long as you vc someone from a different game


TC salah inbound. Fuck it


they already have a walk out planned and scheduled.


Wouldn't be shocked if the players planned it with the fans, although that would of course take some sort of effort...


As a Liverpool fan, I’m slightly worried United are god next week. After a loss like this and against your biggest rivals, if you’re not pumped tf up then the United players should just retire.


lool as if you’re actually worried. we’ve seen enough evidence to show that our players don’t care. they might be pumped up at the start but it’ll take a goal from you lot in the first 10 mins and then they’ll give up.


Yeah I get that, I guess I tend to be quite cautious when it’s a derby/rivals game.


Mate you beat us 9-0 last season on aggregate. We’re not even in the same category as Everton at this point.


Reminds me of my girlfriend's dad (Liverpool fan) saying he was nervous about the United game and then they roasted us 5-0 You'll be fine


Appreciate it


You're trolling. They're shit.


I wouldn't worry about it. these players don't care.


If Liverpool lose next week they should sack Klopp with immediate effect at the final whistle.


In the current state, if United ended up somehow beating Liverpool, it'd count as one of the greatest single-match upsets in the history of modern football.


Sir Erik Ten Hag arise! 👨🏻‍🦲 Edit: u/aaiyemeherbaan…. You were saying.


Salah is gonna get my triple captain here, and I don't care what anyone else says


> After a loss like this and against your biggest rivals We lost 4-1 to Watford right before playing Liverpool and City last season, guess what happened.


No. Maybe with a different manager they try and park the bus and grind a 0-0 or keep the score down which is the sensible thing to do, but I don't think Ten Hag will do that.


And I'll give you a reason why not worry Last season, in the last 3 gameweeks before 5-0 we lost at OT to a 88th or 89th minute header against Villa, drew 1-1 to Everton then the week prior to Liverpool we got hammered 4-2 at the King Power. In no way they are pumped, if anything they must be terrified of what's coming to them on the 22nd and this is coming from a United fan lol I'm ready to see my club get embarrassed again


ps. this is just the league so we're not counting the CL win against Atalanta days prior


Our players don't even fucking run mate, it will be ez for you.


As a united fan, you have more optimism for our squad than us lol.


Didn’t think abt that


There's a walk out planned, everyone planning to leave the stadium mid game


Plan is to empty the stadium this time. No fans will be in old Trafford. #emptyoldtrafford


If it happens after the start of the match, will Salah get 1 point or would they cancel the game and the captaincy goes to the vice captain ?


Considering Man United will be parking tightening at the back above all, I'm reluctant to go Salah Captain the coming week. Jesus Vs Bournemouth however ......


Urgh I’m conflicted on this too. Because Halaand also have Newcastle to feast on, and they may not necessarily stay out at the back.


Yeah, we haven’t necessarily seen Arsenal against a proper defensive team yet. Palace tried to play football and so did Leicester. We have seen Haaland away at a strong team that will play a mix of defence and attack in GW1 and he was brilliant. I have out my VC on him instead of Jesus.


Oh no United are going to ruin another good fixture for fpl owners again Wasn't last season enough


Delete this and let them Captain Salah


Im a united fan and I can tell you theirs plans afoot for the liverpool game. Its going to go off.


You’re telling us like we don’t all have access to the same forums you’re on. Or are you getting this info from the back alleys of Salford that you’ve probably never been to?


Why are you such a prick for no reason?


Because it’s not ‘going to go off’ is it? They’re going to walk out of the stadium at best


Did you wake up to the news that someone fucked your Mum up the ass?


All in a..triple capitan


Anyone capping Jesus....


Vice captain ?


I don’t know which of my three Utd players to TC now.


Yeah, you’re right. I’ll be triple captaining him instead


United fan here and i’ve been reading a lot of groups organizing for an empty old trafford. After the performance yesterday, things are escalating really quickly and fans are fed up. Next week against liverpool could be a boiling point tbh, can see things go south really quickly. Just make sure your vc is not a liverpool player cause there’s a high risk the match won’t be played. At this point i would be surprised if the teams buses actually manage to arrive at the ground in one piece


It’s a shame that if this happens, we wouldn’t know before the game week; otherwise it wouldn’t be the worst decision to free hit if you had 3 Liverpool players


>like they usually do prior to Liverpool games It has happened once and that was due to the extraordinary circumstances of the super league. Don't makes things up, this doesn't "usually" happen


I think it will be typical that United actually shows up to that game and maybe salvage a draw. I will cap Jesus vs Bournemouth.


VC another premium in another game


I'm going.


In this case I would urge the FPL towers to do what is sensible and just put the most likely outcome: brace from Salah with one from the spot (caused by Maguire), another one by Nunez. TAA at least one assist. /s


Knowing Man Utd this season the fans will miss the start of the match, just like the team did yesterday




V capt must not be a LFC player


Should I free hit then?


Usually do!? How many times have this really happened? You seem good at math.