List of Highest scoring FPL players since 2003/04 season ~ Lampard, Henry, Bale, Suarez amongst the names

The suarez season just still stands as the most impressive season considering he only finished a couple whiskers behind salah listed as a forward. If he was listed as a midfielder he would've finished on like 320+ points.


The suarez season just still stands as the most impressive season considering he only finished a couple whiskers behind salah listed as a forward. If he was listed as a midfielder he would've finished on like 320+ points.


Didn’t he miss the first 5 or so games as well?


I believe so, which means he would've averaged like 9 points per game for the whole season, absolutely sensational stuff.


He also didnt take any penalties, if he was on pens he couldve scored around 40 goals in 33 matches


That’s assuming he’d score all the pens, and if he was going to do that he’d have been on them anyway. So pointless when people say things like this ffs


relax, I said around 40 goals, Liverpool got about 10-12 pens. If he wouldve scored 9 of them he wouldve scored 40 goals. Gerrard was just better at pens


That's assuming Liverpool would get 10-12 pens, and that they we're in fact awarded to Liverpool. This is also not taking the VAR differences taken into account. So pointless when people say things like this ffs


How is it pointless. They're comparing Suarez to Salah. To be apple to apple, you'd have calculate points as if they were both mid or forward and as if they both took or didn't take pen.


Read the comment 2 above


For racism yeah


Actually for biting, the racism was the season before








Triple captain Suarez against Norwich. It was a goldmine for fpl points


Almost had a boner just thinking about it.


Having played Fantasy Football for something like 13-14 years now, the Suarez season always stands out in my memory as the one that had the most essential player who was 100% reliable and guaranteed to haul almost every week. Zero thought went into who to captain, but at the same time everyone had him and everyone captained him, so it made no difference and was hard to catch up in your league once you were behind..


Damn I wish I played fantasy football back then. Was he even a no brainer captain away against top 6 teams?


I still remember there was a guy with his team named "CAPTAIN SUAREZ". He was on top of the FPL overall for the last 10-12 gw i suppose but missed out on the last gw and finished second. And yes, everyone had Suarez captained in almost each and every gw but for some reason i put vito mannone C on my last gw.


Yes totally. That was one hell of a season for him. That's the reason I added his photo in the long list on twitter!


You’ve missed out Salah’s 2020 season on your list


Shoutout to [shouldicaptainsuarez.com](https://web.archive.org/web/20131222105337/http://shouldicaptainsuarez.com:80/) which just had "yes!" 99% of the time except when he was banned after one of his biting incidents


>Suarez has bitten 0 players in the 2013/2014 season. Love a stats-based analysis.


I remember closing a 150 point gap on my ML Leader because I had him, Aguero and Remy during the Christmas period when he was averaging like 2 goals a game! Frightening stuff


This just highlights how meteoric Sanchez’s fall from grace was. Didn’t realise he did so well that recently!


Sanchez triple Captain earned 75 points in the 16/17 season. I'll never forget that. Great player, such a shame it didn't work out at United!


He was electric with us. Could be having a shite game for 85 minutes and still somehow bag in a goal. Best player we’ve had since RVP.


He was terrible with us :(


Sanchez is doing really well at Inter. Absolute steal for them.


According to transfermarkt he had 5 goals and 9 assists in 45 apperances for United, compared to 4 goals and 12 assists in 39 apperances for Inter. Is there something these statistics are not showing, because that doesn't seem very good at all.


He’s not doing that great at all lol “absolute steal” is massive hyperbole


How many of those 39 appearances have been from the bench? He mostly plays as a backup for Lukaku or Lautaro. Stats don't tell everything. I watch inter games and Sanchez is usually first off from the bench especially when they are losing. Inter fans love him.


So he’s doing okay there. Not very well. Otherwise he would be a starter and this conversation wouldn’t have existed.


Or Lautaro and Lukaku are doing even better and compliment each other. Also that's the only position he can play in a 352. You guys need to watch something outside of the PL too.


I watched about 10 games that he featured last season. He had some assists here and there but I felt like he didn’t really sync well with the rest of the team. Haven’t watched any this season though. He is doing better than when he was at United but that’s a very low base to compare to.


Still a goal or an assist every other game. Not that bad but not what you’d expect from a top class player. Don’t know the transfer sum though, and if he’s a work horse he might actually do some good for the team I suppose.


What is the highest scoring single match in the FPL? I.e if you totalled every point that anyone who featured scores?


I’d take a guess at Reading vs Portsmouth. 7-4


In the 2007 season, Reading got hammered twice by Portsmouth and Spurs, losing 7-4 and 6-4 respectively. There was also the Man City 6–3 against Arsenal in 2013, which might be higher Fantasy Football score than some of the other 10 goal matches that have happened (e.g. Arsenal 7-3 Newcastle, Tottenham 9-1 Wigan) because only 2 goals were scored by forwards. The others were Fernandinho (x2), David Silva, Yaya Touré, Walcott (x2), and Mertesacker.


Tbh Leicester 9-0 Southampton could easily be up there too. There are 24 CS points generated from 1 GK, 4 defenders and 4 midfielders, which is more than you could expect from 3-4 goals from the other side (3 goals might give 21-25 but have -5 from GC. 4 goals could give more like 28-33ish but opposing defenders lose 10 points. This is all assuming that every goal actually has assists).


Don’t forget Arsenal v United 8-2 :’(


The spurs v reading game was an fa cup game i think.


Was bonus always there?


Yes bonus points existed from the very first season. Instead of pota stats they used ACIM bonus scoring system instead of opta!


They actually used to rely on expect ratings very early on (2006-08 period). Changed to ACIM later.




Cheers Geoff!


Would be interesting to see their starting prices too


I'll try to get that if possible!


Not sure if you’ll see this or not, did you manage to find starting prices? Would be great to see the data you had on the vintage years of FPL, do you still have it to share?


But of data analysis that I did for allaboutfpl few weeks back with the list of top scoring FPL players since the start of FPL in 2003/04. Lot of nostalgia and I hope you like it!


Henry proper king with a total 983! Wonder how much he would have if we count all his seasons.


264 Sanchez '17 Seems like ages ago


I think Bruno Fernandes could take a very high spot on that list within the next couple seasons


Not sure if you saw my Bruno Fernandes post here on reddit yesterday. Ever since making his debut he has scored 170 points in 21 games at an average of 8 PPG. No one has scored more than him. FPL manager's dream!


yeah he just seems a must have as he has proven again this season - if he hauls, he hauls big..he’s basically involved in everything and further forward than kdb + cheaper, in and out with him is just a waste, definitely a season keeper for me


Salah has a higher PPG this season and he;s been incredibly unlucky with open play goals and offsides. I think he is set to break records this season


I’d love to look back at the season Bale started breaking out and they still had him as a left back. He was the cheat code that year.


Crazy to think Kane is not in the list. Definitely makes it this time if no inuries


I remember yaya toure give a very consistent point in FPL. Every single game


Is this calculated for BPS, IIRC they weren't about when Henry was playing?


Bonus points existed from the first season!


Everyone remembers the 13/14 season for Suarez, but Yaya Toure was an absolute monster aswell; such great fun to own and watch.


True that to at his pricing he was a legend who kept giving us FPL points




Yes exactly. Legend! RVP was closely next during that crazy season where he just kept scoring goals week in week out


I want to see highest scoring FPL players since 2003/2004 with 4.0 pricetag!


Problem is FPL have archived the old pages so it's hard to find. But let me see if it's possible mate!


4.0 for GK and DEF 4.5 for MID and FWD It could be very interesting even if You have access for last few seasons data. Everybody remember Wan Bissaka or our Lord last season. But they are clear examples even for newbies. Finger crossed!


As a United fan, seeing Sanchez in 2017 makes me want to cry. One of my all time favourite Premier League players.. still can't understand what happened.


Were the rules always the same? Last time something like this was posted I'm sure I remember reading that assists have changed over the years, that prior to a certain season you didn't get awarded an assist for winning a free kick/penalty that was subsequently scored or for having a shot saved that was then put in on the rebound.


I also remember way back you used to get points for second assist ... i.e. the pass to the assist. Made playmakers a lot more valuable


Grealish would be an essential


I bet goalkeepers sending balls long would get the odd assist as well in that scenario. That would be a fun addition to happen sometimes.


I wonder who the highest scoring defenders and goalkeeper are. I bet it’s a Chelsea player from the 04/05 season when they set the defensive record for least number of goals conceded.


Ivanovic and Leighton baines used to be fpl gold if I remember rightly


All midfielders. FPL scoring is waaay too biased to midfielders


No its not, its that they classify players like salah, mane, hazard as midfielders


Suarez, Drogba, Rooney, Van Persie, Henry?


Suarez, Henry?


Would be nice to also see which team they played at that time and also team placement with GF and GA. And even to ask more, how many points was from pens ;) But fun to walk down memory lane! I did so terrible in those seasons, I wanted more a "dream team" of my favorite players rather than FPL points producers :D


You don’t know what teams they played for? Dude...


Yeah, most of them. But at that time I was working abroad so I had a handfull of years where I didn't have time to follow PL. Like I don't remember exactly what year RVP went to United etc. My comment was probably poorly worded, but I was more keen on that teams leagueplacement that year as well as the goals for and against.


Aye fair enough, I think the first the RVP was arsenal with the 2nd being United. I thought you were asking who lampard, Henry, bale etc played for 😅


haha, no that much I know ;)


Does any player finishing 2nd best in a season able to break into this list?


Who is the highest scorer on aggregate?


I'll try Checking that out mate!


That would be interesting, I'll take an early guess at Rooney or Lampard


Even I feel it will be one of them. Might be Lampard IMO. But we'll see the final numbers


I think 303 is year 2017 and 259 was from 2018..