Too early to decide. Take the week off and reassess after the international break.


Exactly, chill Winston


Wouldn’t go near Toney 1 yellow and his double becomes a single. For me it would be rashford or Bruno if you want a differential, same as my captain choice I think it will be Rashford.


Also, Toney's fixtures are pretty bad and are both away from home. Even if it wasn't for the suspension risk I still would go for someone with a better double.


Would even consider a Brighton player given they play Brentford and Bournemouth. The problem is nailing the right one though. I'm just amazed people didn't use it on either Haaland or Rashford when they doubled. I did it Haaland myself, but regretted it deeply soon as the United double was announced as Rashford seemed so obvious, with 2 home games, one being Leeds (in 22 or 23 I think top of my head).


Good morning Captain Hindsight


I mean not really. It was obvious Haaland was an amazing TC choice given his form and 2 home fixtures. I said before it even happened Rashford would haul which he did, therefore not hindsight at all.


This week is such an obvious BB it just makes way more sense to do that. City should double in 34, which is the obvious TC going forward. Otherwise the only good option this week IMO is Rashford


Seems a strange week to triple captain but if I had to pick one then it’d probably be between Maddison, a Chelsea player or a Brighton mid based on fixtures. Rashford has pulled out of the international break with an injury, it’s probably bullshit but worth keeping an eye on. Toney is just about the worst pick because his two fixtures are crap and he’s one booking away from a ban so it could end up being just one crap fixture.


Def going Haaland in future double.


what's the point even thinking about this before int break has played out? I mean, seriously, step away


I think rashford and Bruno are great shouts if you don’t have your BB. They do however have more double GWs coming up…


i'm free hitting this gw anyway


I’m chasing and feeling suicidal. Salah or Nunez to really spice things up ?