Fully Updated GW28 Predicted Lineups, Injury News/Press Conference Updates

Am I going to let James make me miserable for another weekend?

Quite possibly.


Am I going to let James make me miserable for another weekend? ​ Quite possibly.


Let’s hope he doesn’t make your weekend miserable once again. He has trained all week, so he should start surely vs Everton!


Subbed off in the 57th minute confirmed


Pick james or chilwell - both are glass cannons. Hoping chilly willy sticks it out for at least a few more weeks before injury again aha


My only thought on James- it seems like upside is similar between the two, but who would take James’ spot? Azpi is still out, if I understand correctly. Technically speaking (although probably foolish), Cucurella could absolutely start at LB if Potter wants to. Who would Potter set James aside for?


Loftus-Cheek played there vs. Leicester


But is he really someone Potter would consider benching James for? Or is he a last-resort because James and Azpi are out


Last week when James missed out RLC started and played well at LWB. Cucurella could also cover Chilwell at RWB. I think this week it’s surely James and Chilwell but they could be rotated when the UCL game vs Madrid is closer!


James differential (C)…


Hello everyone, Apologies for the delay as the PCs ended just a while back. Here is our predicted lineups and PC/injury updates blog with all the latest info. [**Do check it out**](https://allaboutfpl.com/2023/03/fpl-gw28-predicted-lineups-injury-press-conference-updates/) and I hope it helps finalize your teams and get the latest team news updates in one place. As always feedback and support from here is much appreciated, good luck for GW28!


Update: It’s been revealed that Almiron has suffered an injury and will be out for 3 week. Murphy should take his spot in the 11 this week vs Forest!


So what exactly is the reason Ward is getting benched? Performance? Injury?


It’s performance related I think, a popular Leicester ITK Samuel Martin on Twitter mentioned Iversen could start this week, he’s very reliable in terms of Leicester news generally!


How is this updated when Guaita is not even listed as in doubt.


Palace did not have a press conference today as Vieira was sacked in the morning. There was no indication that Guaita was out for long when Whitworth replaced him vs Brighton, could be one off game or long term. Tough to predict what’s happening there without hearing from the manager!