FPL BGW28 Free Hit Guide with Players to Target, Two Drafts, and Pros/Cons of FH in GW28

Nice article. I’m seriously contemplating Ouattara as a move, I don’t trust Leicester one bit.


Nice article. I’m seriously contemplating Ouattara as a move, I don’t trust Leicester one bit.


Love Ouattara as an FPL option from what I have seen from him so far. He has definitely brought life to the Bournemouth attack and has the numbers to back it up!


do you think having 10 of the 11 playing is generally the threshold for holding onto the chip? i can play 9 this week, or obvs get to 10 and 11 with hits…not sure if i should free hit or not


I think 9 assets is still good this week and enough to avoid a FH surely. Maybe if you feel your team isn't strong enough for a green arrow this week then one hit for a player who plays surely in GW28, Doubles in GW29, and has a game in GW32 is fine too(Someone like Watkins/Maddison etc), you could field 10 players then. A lot of teams will have 9/10 players this week and you shouldn't be too worried about it!


Assuming you’ve got the important/high ownership areas covered (which is really just 3 Arsenal, Trippier and Kane), 9 or even 8 players is fine. You might get a small red arrow, but there’s no guarantee the player(s) you’d otherwise get will score any higher and then that means you’ve burned your free hit, wasted free transfers or taken unnecessary hits. I think a good use of transfers this week is selling a blanking player for someone who plays in 28 and doubles in 29. One of the popular ones I’m seeing is Haaland to Watkins/Havertz/Felix (then immediately getting Haaland back in GW30). So long as you can afford losing some value on Haaland, I think this is a strong move. I’d still expect Haaland to score one maybe two against Liverpool in 29, but the player you’re bringing in has 2 extra games over him in that time so it’s fairly likely to pay off.


Hello everyone, FPL BGW28 is not a huge blank, unlike other seasons which makes it fairly manageable without a FH. But if your team is looking bad and considering to FH this week, I have done a blog on the pros/cons of FH, Alternative GWs to play FH, Players to target on a BGW28 Freehit, and two different drafts with keynotes. [**Do give it a read**](https://allaboutfpl.com/2023/03/best-blank-fpl-gw28-free-hit-drafts-to-consider-free-hit-guide/) if you're considering to free hit this week, as always feedback/ support from here is always appreciated. If you're confused about your chip strategy, do drop a comment and I'll try my best to answer them as well!


I’m gonna have most likely 8 players for this GW…9 if Patterson gets minutes but they probably won’t happen. Think the FH is just my move atm but could always change direction before the deadline lol. It not being an early deadline this time for American PL fans is helpful lmao


Really feel bad for the US managers, the deadline isn't mostly kind. I know people who wake up in the middle of the night for early team news. Not the case this time tho, should help you peacefully make your transfers/FH decisions!


I’m FH this week, could I get your thoughts as it’s almost your draft 2 team: Martinez / James, Trippier, Chilwell / Son, Odegaard, Martinelli, Saka/ Toney, Kane, Watkins. I’ve avoided Maddison due to injury news, why have you put Trossard in? Leicester do score goals so why go Raya? Spurs are very hit and miss but Son (& Kane) v Southampton surely better than Maddison as Brentford are good at home. Realise I’ve been a hypocrite saying Leicester score goals but haven’t but Maddison in. Thanks in advance.


Yes, Ofcourse! I really don’t like Son as an option atm, he’s expensive and no where near the form he was showcasing last season. He could be benched are subbed off easily. Kane alone as an option will do I think from Spurs. Martinez is a good option, but Bournemouth attack have been looking good over the past few games, the cherries could easily score vs Villa. Billings and Ouattara particularly have been impressive! Raya/Brentford are strong in home games, i would rate Brentford’s chance of keeping a CS bit more than Leicester scoring. Even if the CS goes Raya gets you save/bonus points. Watch out for Maddison fitness, if he’s out then I don’t see Leicester scoring in that game. Hope it helps with your decision making!




i am pretty sure leicester will score even without maddison


Is Maddison injured?


Before the Chelsea game, Rodgers mentioned that he's playing but has some problems still with his Knee. So he's not fully fit yet(I think so) "With every player, they’re never normally 100 per cent," he explained. "There’s usually something. He’s managing an issue which still allows him to perform.(Rodgers before the Chelsea game on Maddison) This could be nothing, but worth monitoring this week. Rodgers should have a PC before GW28 which will add further clarity on Maddison's situation!


\-8 to get 10 potential starters, or a FH. That's the question I'm wallowing in.


\-8 is still okay if the players coming in are good in the long term (Doubles in 29 and a fixture in GW32 as well). Compare your team with a -4/-8 with a potential FH team to see how big is the difference, if you feel your regular team is close to the FH team then you skip the FH. I always do this exercise for my team when i have the urge to WC/FH. Good luck!


Worth imo, especially if you're gaining an extra fixture or two for DGW29