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Who is the best captaincy option for Matchday 12 day 2?

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Lautaro captainers switch or keep him as captain? For me I am highly doubting.


I came here to post this, I'm exactly the Same. City-RMA could literally be anofher 1-1 or a 4-3 again. 😢 I don't know what to do


Haaland always troll me this season and being on the wrong end of his returns has likely lost me 20-25 points vs the average manager. When I want him to fail he smash it and when I want to do well he miss a pen or does nothing or not even play at all. The one time his return could have helped me was round 1 as captain, but Lewa day 2 outscored him by 7 who was my second cap pick so had I picked Benzema as cap day 1 I would have got 7 more points.