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Sandman is pretty high on the list, along with Lucifer and (original) Hellblazer. People enjoy Conan but usually the non-Marvel ones, like Dark Horse's printing of so many of his stories has great art. If you don't mind ultraviolence, Slaine is fantastic, obviously Incal and the Metabarons are classics, Arzach wins awards but doesn't reach far beyond South America and France. Kill Six Billion Demons is probably the most modern one, though things like Slaine keep coming out. I don't like it, but people enjoy Gunnerkrigg Court, as well.


* Berserk (know going in that the author died before finishing the series, but it's still a seminal work, especially for its influence on Japanese western-style fantasy) * Fullmetal Alchemist * Bone * Kingdom Not essential but very good: * Claymore * Vinland Saga


Berserk is #1 always, if you can stomach the graphic material and absolute utter despair/injustice of all characters. It's my favorite medieval inspired fictional literature, but it does cover almost every taboo and assault there is under the sun. If you're sensitive at 80% or lower don't read it, maybe only watch the original 90's Anime.


Just adding on, Berserk has started back up again and is being helmed by Miura’s close friend and a team he had been working closely with for years.


Oh shit, Kentaro Miura died?!


Last year. Good news; the series is continuing with his assistants and his friend, whom he told all his future plans to.


So the big ones like Berserk, Fullmetal Alchemist, Vinland Saga, Claymore have already been mentioned, those are some of the most famous series for a reason. They're great. Here are some fun manga and light novels with good anime adaptions too. A few are very underrated, some are just pure fun, some romance, some very dark with lots of psychological horror mixed in with the physical horror. •A Certain Magical Index/Certain Scientific Railgun are great •Ancient Magus Bride •Magi (based on 1001 Nights) and it's spinoff about Sinbad •Hunter x Hunter has an *amazing* magic system •Yu Yu Hakusho (by the same author of HxH above) •Land of the Lustrous/Hoseki no Kuni is great but sadly unfinished. Phos' transformation from a lighthearted, absentminded being to a cold, calculating murder machine is very well done. Great 'body horror ' too (don't know if it actually counts as body horror because they're humanoid gem stones, but *LOTS* of body parts get smashed and broken before they're put together again) •Goblin Slayer literally feels like a DnD session gone wrong (be warned *lots* of violence and SA in the beginning of the anime, more so in the manga, and even more in the light novels) •Yona of the Dawn •Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds (written and drawn by Hayao Miyazaki, it's available in a big omnibus edition. Absolutely gorgeous book, great post-post apocalyptic setting. The movie is amazing too, but again it's a Miyazaki Ghibli movie) •Blame! Will forever be one of my favourites. It's pure post-apocalyptic, self sustaining robot fun! (It's not fun, but if you live that stuff you will love this series) Amazing art to boot, just don't touch the movie adaption. •Mushishi •Snow White with Red Hair •Magic Knight Rayearth, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, xxxHolic, Cardcaptor Sakura all by CLAMP! were massive parts of my teen years. They still hold up, and the art is great. Pure fantasy with a lot of romance, lots of beautiful outfits for the female characters, which was a massive draw to younger me. They're regularly collected into omnibus editions and collector's versions •Rising of a Shield Hero •Konosuba •Re:Zero


Solid list but especially Nausicaa. It's like the Dune/Earthsea of manga.


That's why I love it so much. Something about it reminds me of stuff like The Incal and Earthsea.


God Country Saga is amazing and a weird mix of fantasy/sci-fi Die Coda Kill Six Billion Demons (online comic)


+1 for Coda. My favorite non-superhero comic by Simon Spurrier. So many great twists in just 12 issues.


Love K6BD!!! Jake Wyatt's art introduced me to it. He has a beautiful but very unfinished series called Necropolis that he was uploading to Tumblr


Is Die completed?




Naruto unironically. Its basically the Star Wars and Harry Potter of shonens, full blown fantasy with sci-fi elements, with great worldbuilding, expansive lore, epic action and wide cast of memorable characters. There are flaws, but every art has flaws, and Naruto is worth of checking out.


The Star Wars of Shonens comparison feels more fitting for something like One Piece in terms of worldbuilding but yes Naruto is pretty damn good.


Bone by Jeff Smith.


One Piece


Uzumaki is great! It's a psychological/body horror tale of a town slowly spiralling out of control...


Don't think op asked for nightmare fuel. The pun was intended?




I actually love Horror stuff, Horror + Fantasy has always been a fascinating concept to me in the likes of Pan’s Labyrinth


Elfquest by Richard and Windy Pini almost the full run up to 2014 is available for free in color at [https://elfquest.com/read/digitalEQ.html](https://elfquest.com/read/digitalEQ.html) Dark Horse just finished doing a full b/w reprinting in 7 volumes. The newer story is still being printed and collected. Here is the full current set: https://digital.darkhorse.com/series/459/elfquest


Berserk is the ultimate answer


I’m on deluxe volume 5 right now and it’s taking over my entire life


I’ve been working through graphic novels over the past couple years and I’d say the top completed ones would be **Bone**, by Jeff Smith. Light hearted younger aimed comic that turns into a massive epic fantasy with dragons and demons and ancient evils. Superb. Get the colourised version nowadays. **Fables**, by Bill Willingham. All the public domain characters are real, and the survivors of a war in Fairyland have regrouped in New York. Snow White, Bigby Wolf, Cinderella, Little Boy Blue ... it’s an amazing story of their history and reclaiming their lost worlds. Has several spinoffs. **Sandman** by Neil Gaiman. Morpheus the personification of Dream escapes imprisonment and seeks to reclaim his life, but it is hard to fight fate and there are dark secrets in his immortal family waiting to come out. **Lucifer** by Mike Carey. Early in Sandman, the devil hands over the keys to Hell and walks away. This is the story of what he does next. **Paper Girls** by Brian K Vaughan. A quartet of paper girls in the 80s are caught up in a weird event which leads to time travel and invasions by flying dinosaurs and future robots. A very carefully plotted closed loop. Soon to be a tv series. **The Wicked and the Divine** by Kieron Gillen. Every 90 years twelve young people will find themselves the reincarnations of gods. They will be almighty, they will be glorious, they will die within two years. Death and celebrity culture and history and intrigue. I also rather liked Matt Fraction’s **Sex Criminals** about people who can freeze time when they orgasm, it’s a quirky bittersweet story about people as much as the weird sex hang ups. Others worth considering would be *East of West*, post apocalyptic western weirdness. *Die*, a dark twisted take on D&D and portal fantasies. *Lumberjanes*, a sweet tale of girls at scout camp in a magical forest full of weirdness. *Y, the Last Man*, near future where all males died but one, and he’s not happy about it. Ongoing but worthy of picking up. *Saga*, excellent weird future epic. *Monstress*, beautiful eastern inspired dark fantasy. *Lazarus*, dark cynical dystopian future. Interesting but unlikely to ever complete. *Mouse Guard*, Mice are the protagonists in a beautifully drawn world where everything is out to kill them. Edit: and to add some webcomics. **8 bit theatre** is a lightweight parody of Final Fantasy that turns epic partway in. Lots of fun, and complete. **DM of the Rings** treats Lord of the Rings as a D&D campaign and sends it up in glorious style. **Darths and Droids** does the same for Star Wars. **Order of the Stick** is an ongoing stick figure epic story, it is genuinely one of the greats that pokes fun at D&D along the way. **Digger** is the story of a wombat tunnelling into a crazy world and trying to find her way home. Vampire squash, nameless artists, dead gods and a statue of Ganesh are all involved. Epic and awesome.


Plenty of good suggestions already, I'm gonna mention **Monstress** since I haven't seen it yet. Dark fantasy comic with absolutely beautiful art. It has been quite impactful in fantasy circles where I'm from.


Some manga! Fullmetal Alchemist is a very popular one, it's about alchemy and these two brothers trying to undo the effects of something forbidden they did as kids (and a lot more). It's Dieselpunk I believe. Dorohedoro is my favorite, it's grimey and gory but also kind of absurd and funny. It is finished! It's kind of like dark fantasy that feels kind of like scifi. It's about a guy with a lizard head trying to find the sorcerer that cursed him. Land of the Lustrous is another favorite, it has basically the exact opposite art style from Dorohedoro but it's still beautiful. I think I would describe it as future fantasy or scifi fantasy, it's about these sentient gemstone people that live in the far future on earth. Just to list some other great ones you might want to check out: Fruits Basket, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, Kamisama Kiss, Witch Hat Atelier, To Your Eternity


Dorohedoro is pretty underrated. I love the series so much


It's such a wild ride!


Berserk is an obvious one. Claymore was also great. But right now the fantasy manga I am looking forward to reading new chapters from the most is Frieren. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. It is a slow paced story, but one thing that is really great about is that the non-human races really do feel like non-humans rather than humans having another label. And the sense of longevity from the people who have lived a really time is also very present. A thousand year old elf really does feel ancient compared to the average human she encounters. She looks like a young girl, but if she speaks to an old man she still feels like the older of the two despite the appearances, and that is a very powerful thing in a visual medium like graphic novels and manga. A Certain Scientific Railgun is also great, but to get the most out of it you kinda have to immerse yourself in the entire franchise, which is a very, very large undertaking.


along with all these suggestions, I’d recommend “The Unwritten”.


Peter Jackson. OP is Dionysus in disguise.


Short list most of them are short: ○ Witch hat atorie (Ongoing) ● The Girl From the Other Side ○ PANDEMONIUM ● Claymore (long) ○ Helck (long) ● lies of Locke liemiore