This is actually canon in the book, but Hunchback of Notre Dame: Quasimodo is actually Jean-Claude Frollo's nephew, but was born horribly deformed and was left to die, but he was picked up by the gypsy couple who took pity on him. Then after Frollo runs down the gypsy woman, he realized that the baby was his nephew and tried to kill him again, but eventually resigned to raising him due to the deacon's orders and his conscience/fear of eternal damnation


That would make a lot of sense, since all the other Romani in the cartoon are decidedly more ethnic than Quasimodo.


Also in the original... Frollo has Esmeralda executed (for a crime he committed). Quasimodo murders Frollo. Quasimodo then crawls into Esmeralda's grave with her body and then dies of starvation himself.


DISNEY EXECUTIVE: This would make a terrific children's musical!


Yo what the fuck.


You know, Quasimodo predicted all of this


You got your quarterback and your fullback...


This is one I actually wrote years ago (or a super truncated version of it) In Wall-E there are hundreds to thousands of dead ships just drifting out in space. The commercial we see for the ships during the movie mentions that there will be multiple star ships launching each day leading up to the flagship, the one we see in the film, launching. Then at the end of the movie after they return to Earth we see a series of mosaics depecring events over the following decades where more plants grow, animals are reintroduced, and the environment is healing. Yet no other ships ever seem to return. We know hundreds launched, yet only one ever comes home. And there is a beacon that's activated when the flagship confirms that there is plant life present on earth and that is connected to their automated FTL jump home. So you can't even really argue that "oh the other ships just didn't know". This is from memory, but iirc there were more details. Like the commercial mentioning how the flagship had some extra ammenrties and features that would enable it to have a longer safer voayge, but it also having been the only one with those safeguards in place. And some more details from other scenes as well.


Those are satellites junking up Earth's orbit, we never see any other ships. The reason we likely never see any other ships return is their Autopilots also ignore the signals due to the same protocol that caused OTTO to try and stop Wall-E and EVE. They had standing orders to never return to Earth.


I believe Otto is one of the features also stayed to be revolutionary about the Axios, but id need to rewatch to be sure. Also im not talking an it the satellites we see in orbit. At one point Wall-E finds an ad video from BnL for the evacuation cruise ships and it mentions how theyll be launching something like 5 of the ships per day for several months leading up to the Axios launch


The Blair Witch Project - the witch never existed; Josh & Mike were the ones behind everything. They fakes their own deaths and then killed Heather. When you go back & watch it with this theory in mind the movie becomes twice as creepy.


There was a Bones episode that was kinda like that.


in the sequels tho, we see a CGI monstrosity


Only the one sequel. Book of Shadows is all about not knowing whether anything we saw was real or not.


I fucking love Book of Shadows


Heck yes, me too! It gets so unfairly maligned. It was a fun movie that tried to do something new with a pop culture phenomenon, but all anybody wanted was more of the same. I wish we could've gotten it with less executive meddling though.


Book of Shadows was made by someone that loathed the originial Blair Witch, so idk if we should take that one as canon.




kinda understandable, the dude made his bread and butter on true crime documentaries I get why he'd loathe the Blair Witch.


I think The Film Theorist did a video on this. It makes perfect sense.


Event Horizon and Hellraiser take place in the same universe. The Event Horizon's gateway functions the same as the Lament Configuration. Doctor Weir is turned into a Cenobite towards the end of the film.


Furthermore, Event Horizon and Hellraiser are pre-cursor events to the Warhammer 30k/40K universe. The immaterium is the place where EH travels to and brings the “warp” back


You could probably relate Doom to it too if your feeling bold.


40k contains all canon's within it. Everything is Canon.


This is straight up canon for me and I don't care what anyone says


Sam Neil kills that role, I absolutely love Event Horizon


Agreed. Though seeing Doctor Grant take such a dark turn was pretty disturbing... I don't recommend watching it right after Jurrasic Park.


My Mum rented that on VHS for me when I was maybe 11? after it came out because it had the “guy from Jurassic Park in it”. Needless to say, I’m now obsessed with Warhammer


Oh my God that's basically what happened with my brothers and I... except I was like 4 or 5...


I watched it just after Jurassic Park, and I haven't watched it again since. The one line I clearly remember from that movie is when Sam Neil says to Lawrence Fishburne "what makes you think I can't see?" while his eyes are covered up under bloody skin..


Imagine if the theory is real... what a man Fishburne was, sacrificing himself to the things in Hellraiser and Warhammer to save his crew...


Where we're going, we don't need eyes to see. Such a great line.


And it is also in the same universe as Warhammer 40k. The Cenobites are warp twisted humans masquerading as demons.


I wanna see a hellraiser prequel where all the shamans on earth mass suicide themselves and are reborn into the emperor


Back to the Future. Doc keeps showing up to save Marty Because Marty Died many times Biff chases Marty to a roof where he forces Marty to jump to his death Doc goes back in time and is there to save him Biff chases Marty down a tunnel to run him over and kill him Doc goes back in time and drops a rope to save him at the last minute Mad dog lynches Marty killing him So doc goes back in time to turn up with his rifle and save Marty


In the first two, Doc is in the DeLorean and easily could have just time traveled. But he doesn't have it in 1885, so I don't see how the last one would work.


There was a newspaper article written. Mad dog killing a strangely dressed dude that matched Marty's description. Doc read about it many years later, but also before he began the time travel hijinks. He remembered the date similar to how Marty remembered the date the clock was struck by lightning. He may not have known for sure it was Marty. But I think he could've known enough that it was worth going to town to check out what happened that day.


He would have for sure heard about the lynching from whoever found Marty or from Mad Dogg bragging about it. His time machine probably "blew out" after the lynching jump, for unrelated reasons, since the damned machine needed a lighting bolt to work the first time so it being hit again shouldn't have shorted out anything.


Marty brought one back. doc learns of Marty's death, finds the DeLorean uses it then destroys it. Maybe uses the parts to make the ice cube machine we see in the film.


This is also consistent with how Marty literally did the exact same thing for Doc Brown re: the terrorists


This is the perfect theory. It doesn't take away from any plot points from any movies, just adds to them. It isn't necessarily "dark" as it implies a happier ending than what actually would have been and it gives you an interesting new way to interpret some of these scenes without totally flipping them on their heads!


That even more of a reason why he wants to destroy the Deloreon. He's watched his best friend die multiple times because of the thing.


Ooooh this is good


Peter pan is actually the angel of death and collects the souls of dying children, thats why they never grow up


My understanding of the story is Wendy is the protagonist. It's a classic "dream turns into nightmare world" plot like Alice in Wonderland. Hook represents adulthood, which Wendy runs from. The actor voicing Hook is also the one who voices Mr. Darling. Peter Pan represents irresponsible childishness. As Wendy runs from Hook, she is led away by Peter and becomes Lost. Peter is probably not so much an angel of death, but closer to a demon who leads children astray.


You could argue either way who the protagonist is in the book. Wendy is somewhat of a background character for much of the book. Wendy is more representative of adulthood as the lost boys keep asking Wendy to be their mother. At one point Smee want Wendy to be his mom also. Peter refuses to grow up because he was discarded by his family. When he went back to them, they had a new baby and had moved on with their lives. He was always resentful of that. This idea is taken from JM Barrie’s own life when his brother died and his mom forced him to dress and act like his dead brother.


Jesus Christ, I’ve never heard about Peter really having a family, never mind his resentment coming from the author’s own life of living his brother’s life instead of his own. That’s so tragic and horrific, wow.


This example isn't exactly that level of replacement syndrome, but in my county I knew of a guy from a specific hobby community who I found out early on had a lot of health issues involving either liver or stomach, and while his activities cheered him up and motivated him to get healthy, his condition got worse and worse after a relapse and he eventually passed away from those issues. His parents were both advanced age when he passed, his dad late 50s and his mom either late 40s or early 50s. Both were very traumatized by his death and their posts about paying tribute to him through Facebook went from wholesome and honorable to a bit creepy with them talking more and more about how to continue his legacy. Eventually, a year later or more, they started talking about having another child and a second chance, but also of raising their "potential son" to be like "his deceased brother". The mother kept into the idea more and more and eventually I started seeing updates or fertility treatments to try to either make her last eggs viable or for a transplant/surrogate situation. All the meanwhile she kept memorializing her son and talking about how her "new son" will live up to the example the dead older brother lived. It was downright creepy how she was talking about this And I keep saying her talking of a "new son" because yes they were doing everything they can, every guidebook, to try to make sure the fertilized egg would be Y Chromosome. They, especially the mother, wanted nothing more than a replacement for their dead son. Because of that, I have no idea whether this kid was born or how they're dealing with those parents now.


There is a recent publication that interprets him as an incarnation of Maponos, a Celtic god of youth. The book is "God of Neverland". The book isn't great, but it's not a bad concept.


Interesting, I wonder how captain hook fits in that theory


In contrast to the boys who stay children forever, Captain Hook is pursued by a crocodile with a clock in its belly, i.e., the passing of time.


I know in one version captain hook was a lost boy who escaped Peter's tyranny and took other older boys with him, creating his pirate crew


Is that the version where Peter kills the boys as they age because he doesn't want them to become adults?


To be fair that's also heavily implied in the original book as well


Yup! That's the one I remember


Lost Boy by Christina Henry I think?


Well in the real story it's a bit creepier iirc So in the book Peter Pan is a bit of a tyrant and the kids sometime do keep on growing up, but to get to their home they need to go through hole in trees, tailor made holes And if you don't fit anymore, well Peter Pan will make you fit, one way or another


You’re a bit off with that… All of the lost boys have trees made for them to hide from the pirates. The line in the book is that the lost boys are forbidden from growing up, and when they do, Peter thins them out. That line thins them out has always been interpreted to mean he kills them, but he could also let them leave as well.


How else do you get more pirates?


Why would so many pirates be missing limbs and eyes, if not for them fighting back against Peter when he tries to kill them for getting too old?


Oh I don’t like this at all.


Wait until you find out the real endings of all the fairy tales Disney made into movies. In Sleeping Beauty the prince was so smitten by her beauty that he raped her while she was in her coma. She gets pregnant and gives birth while still unconscious. The suckling child sucks on her finger instead of her nipple and accidentally pulls out the splinter and she wakes up and marries her rapist and they live happily ever after.


Yes, but only after conspiring with him to kill the woman he is already married to.


Oh. Oh no.


In the original Little Mermaid she kinda just turns into foam and dies.


Don't forget her tail splitting into legs. If I remember right, it's treated as outright body horror.


It was so painful and then when mermaid was walking she felt like she was walking on sharp knifes or smt




Peter Pan is a fae. Fae don't necessarily have evil intentions but they can be impulsive and careless about human lives. They like to invite children to come play with them, but sometimes forget to bring them back home.


Peter was a real boy at one point. He had parents and a brother. He “fell out” of the baby carriage and flew to Neverland. When he went back one day to return to his parents they had another child, forgetting about him. Their nursery window was locked so he couldn’t get in.


I think the reason Peter seems so fae-like is that he was raised by fairies. So he acts more like they would than a human. He is a cocky, vicious creature for sure, but also strangely vulnerable.


in the night garden is a sailor’s dream as he’s dying at sea. iggle piggle is blue from hunger and the night garden is actually an afterlife


The opening and closing shows it’s all a dream as he lies in a rowboat barely big enough to hold him


I heard this but instead of a sailor it’s a young child who’s been abandoned (since it’s a kids show probably idk but it makes it sooo much worse)


Drag Me To Hell - There is no curse. Christine is actually driving herself mad while suffering from bulimia. Throughout the film, she is forced to swallow flies, roaches, mud, bile, eyeballs, embalming fluid, and even the whole forearm of a corpse - a extension of her hallucinatory need to avoid food or to expel it as quickly as possible. A lot of these neuroses stem from her early rural life when she was overweight and crowned the Pork Queen. This obviously isn't creepier than the on-the-surface torment from evil demons, but I love that it can be read both ways. Even the ending is equally horrific whether it was literal or not.


Yeah, this has to be intended as a possible way to read the story. There's so many examples and once you start looking they fit together *too* well.


When I watched that movie the first time, I didn't catch all the Eating disorder subtext, but going back after having that theory in my head, it looks SO obvious. A lot of the bad things that happen do so when she's about to eat or has eaten, she bakes for people but doesn't partake(something my ex with severe anorexia did), and there is always a fight about either things being eaten or being shoved down her throat.


Another thing I noticed is the only food we ever see her eating is ice cream, and at one point her boyfriend asks her “Aren’t you lactose intolerant?” I’m not sure if she was lying about her intolerance as an excuse for why she never eats dairy or if it was the only food she felt comfortable eating because she could easily “expel” it later.


“You used to be a real fat girl, didn’t you” I’d say this is pretty much confirmed if you watch it with this in mind. She is clearly terrified of food and many of her most terrifying interactions with the spirit are when she’s around food.


I literally just watched this movie for the first time earlier today. Her confession at the very end that she COULD have saved Mrs. Ganush's house, but chose not to, is what doomed her. That's why none of the cures or methods of lifting the curse worked, because she did not come into it with "clean hands", so to speak. As an ex-Catholic, I know that if you hide a sin in confession, not only will you NOT be absolved, but the deception is itself a sin.


Original Pokémon: The reason why there are so few adult men in the series, and why few kids seem to have a father, is because most men in their 20s died fighting in a war. Lt Surge is our hint that militaries do exist in that universe. Edit: an interesting twist if Team Rocket is mostly made up of teenaged war-orphans.


That’s also why there’s a “health center” in every single town


“Bolt On, Apply Directly to the Forehead” is the name that the A Song of Ice and Fire community (Game of Thrones book series) calls the theory that Rose Bolton is every Lord Bolton for the history of their house. The theory is that he is immortal and uses Faceless Man magic to take the place of his sons when they reach the appropriate age for the “father” to have passed away so as not to raise too much suspicion. He does this by literally cutting the faces off of his sons and wearing them as magic masks. Some details from the books that aren’t in the show that support the theory include that Roose Bolton has extremely pale skin and distinctive pale grey eyes that nobody else in the series is described as having except his bastard son Ramsay (who murdered his legitimate son that didn’t have those eyes). The only reason Roose puts up with Ramsay is because he eventually needs to become him. Other details include how much House Bolton is associated with skinning people alive throughout history (it’s literally their sigil) and that Roose is obsessed with using leaches to keep his blood clean (a lot of people call him the Leach Lord behind his back). The theory is that the leaches stop his blood from pooling in his hands like the walking corpses north of The Wall and skinning people alive is a reference to face swapping. There is a historical character in the book series called “The Night’s King” which is different than the show’s take. This historical character was a former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch who fell in love with a female Other (White Walker) and had a baby with her and then declared himself King of the North. His name is lost to history (if he ever actually existed at all) but Old Nan says he may have been a Bolton or a Stark and she’s one of, if not the most reliable source of history in the series. The thought is that Roose is the half White Walker son of the Night’s King. Lastly, this theory is great because the immortality, transformation, and blood association makes House Bolton a lot like the series’ version of vampires to be the rivals of the Starks who skin change into wolves and are therefore a version of werewolves. GRRM has explicitly come out and said it isn’t true but he can still change his mind at any time since he won’t release his next book maybe ever so if he wants to he can make it cannon. It’s too good of a theory and even ties Arya’s storyline into what’s going on in The North.


This is a fun one, GoT is such a good series, it’s a shame the books are never going to be finished and the show was finished too quickly and rushed it’s final acts.


And the show also cut several major arcs as early as seasons 4 and 5 that likely would've made the endings work better...


No, that isn't it! -GRRM furiously re-writing his storylines


Lol, GRRM furiously writing anything…


Doc Brown was suicidal and was willing to take Marty Mcfly with him. Doc got the idea for time travel when he fell off his toilet seat while “hanging a clock” and hit his head. At this point in his life Doc was trying to create plenty of new incredible things, including his mind reading machine, but failing. The theory is that he was actually getting ready to hang himself due to depression over his failed experiments. But his idea for time travel gave him a new purpose in life for the next 30 years. This sets the stage for a man who is not mentally healthy. Flash forward to 1985 and, while mainly focused on the Time Machine, he still is an otherwise failing inventor. His inventions in his lab are interesting but also odd and impractical. He’s gained the reputation as a dangerous nutcase, he’s squandered his family fortune, news articles tell us his mansion has burned down (possibly to collect insurance money to fund further experiments), he’s gotten involved with literal terrorists to supply him with plutonium, and his only friends are a teenaged kid and a dog. When Doc tested the DeLorean for the first time, he didn’t know for sure if it would work. We see the look of shock and excitement on his face when it does. So then why does he drive the DeLorean directly at Marty and himself if he’s not 100% confident? If the test run failed, they would both be killed. The answer is because this was Doc’s last shot. His life’s work was on the line. If it didn’t succeed, he didn’t want to live anymore. And Marty would have been a tragic victim who ignored the warnings of his parents and principle that Doc Brown is a dangerous kook.


So basically what Rick and Morty is now.


"When this baby hits 88, you're going to see some serious shit" This is a good theory, but didn't he already try the Time Machine with Einstein?


Einstein is in the driver’s seat when he drives the car towards them. We know this is the first test because after it works, he says “Einstein just became the world’s first time traveller!”


What about the sequence with the clocks in the beginning? They are all wrong and Doc seems to think this is proof of his theories. Perhaps he had completed some other test proving time travel worked but wasn't sure of its impact on living creatures.


But he could’ve made a prior test run without the dog.


I find the two popular theories in this sub to be kinda creepy/weird, but kinda make sense. Thr first one is about Courage the cowardly dog being nothing more than an actual cowardly dog. Meaning, all those weird occurances and characters that Courage encounters are just regular folks (like salesmen, doctors, random normal people), but Courage's dog brain makes them look like something more. The other theory is about Aladdin being set in a post apocalyptic future (like many thousands of years later).


Definitely Snowpiercer being a sequel to Willy Wonka


Came here looking for this. Started off thinking this was bollocks; but the more I read about it the more I believed it. Crazy!!






Nobody bringing up Caillou? Bald head, very small frame, always sounds whiny like he's in pain Caillou? Acts like a brat in front of his parents and gets away with it Caillou? Every episode starting with Granny telling Rosie a story about her brother Caillou? Poor kid had leukemia. Died before Rosie really developed lasting memories of him, so the show was basically Grandma filling Rosie in on her dead brother. The more I look at this theory, the more it becomes my rock-solid headcanon for the show.


Caillou is also 5’11 and 170 lbs, but only 4 years old.


Caillou is canonically 6'5 240


In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.


The cancer really filled out his frame.


In looking up some info to see if I was correct, I found out he's actually 10 in the show now.


Wait wait wait, *now*? That bitch's still on air?


yes and no. The original run ended in like 2010 or something, parents appently applauded this decision. Then there was a reboot, in which they made him 10, that aired in 2020, and ended in February this year.


Was he a little bitch in that one as well?


I don’t know if I’d say creepy but one I like is that Ferris and his girlfriend are a figment of Cameron’s imagination in ferris buellers day off


I've heard a fight club- Esque version of this where Cameron invented the Ferris persona to go after Sloan and be popular because he was a timid sickly kid. So why do they have separate houses? Ferris' mom is his, the dad is a caring stepdad and Jeannie is his jealous stepsister. Ferris is the personality that comes out from the confidence of a loving family.


You ever hear of those situations where two households have an outdoor cat and later discover it's the same one?


I like Mat Pat's theory that the pups in Paw Patrol are cycled out and replaced whenever one of the dies. Ryder adopts stray unwanted or lost pups and trains them to do ridiculously dangerous rescue missions, where it is likely that a dog could easily be injured or killed during such missions. If this happens Ryder just finds a new pup to replace them. As evidenced by the fact that Rubble is the last pup to join the paw patrol, but his vehicle number is 6,when Zumas number is 7. Rubbles vehicle and other gear also show signs of wear and tear, which means they were not created just for him; there was a previous construction pup who died and was replaced by rubble.


Also, “Ryder” isn’t a ten-year old boy. He’s a twenty-something tech-bro with a glandular condition. He’s in Adventure Bay with a start-up idea: using trained stray animals to operate emergency equipment in extreme environments. His aim is to create a franchise, expand to a range of different environments to test the tech, and then sell the technology and training methods to defence contractors where it can be developed for military applications. Then he cashes out with stock options, and settles far, far, away from any animals or hick towns. Meanwhile, the “good pups”, if they survive that long, are repurposed for militarised operations for as long as they’re useful to the shadowy organisation that now owns them.


Who died in some Rubble.


But where does Rider get his funding? Let me introduce to you Marie Antoinette's [Model Village](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hameau_de_la_Reine), Hameau de le Reine. It was a small hamlet consisting of a few functioning 'rustic' workshops, with full time working peasants, and plenty of facilities for Marie and her pals to enjoy themselves in a quiet idyllic hideaway of her own design. Know where else is a quiet idyllic hideaway with a small population running unsustainable businesses and an aristocratic matriarch who is detached from reality? That's right, Adevnture Bay. Mayor Goodway is heiress to a vast fortune. Because she's also dumb as a rock, her family need to keep her occupied and away from public sight, so they allowed her a generous allowance to build and run her very own model town. Whilst she would have been happy pretending to be Mayor, playing with her pet chicken and visiting the handful of small "businesses" to pass the time each day, she was unfortunately also tasked with entertaining her dangerously unstable nephew, Rider. Ever wondered how a pre-teen boy secures the funding necessary to kit Paw Patrol out with such a vast array of cutting edge vehicles and gadgets? Hedge funds, baby. Each "adventure" is a carefully choreographed operation put together by a team of trained set designers and stunt performers who are paid to stay out of the way whilst Goodway observes her nephew force dogs into dangerous situations.


[Hagrid was in league with Voledmort the entire time](https://www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/cmb746/hagrid_is_a_death_eater/) has been my headcannon since MatPat and that thread.




Please tell me you have details for this theory because I've been reading those comics since I was about 10 and would love to hear a theory about them.


You have my attention, what is your reasoning for this theory?


Also here for more of this. Please go on.


Gonna re-up my theory that [Lyle Lanley was not just a con man, but a mass murderer deliberately trying to kill people with his shoddy monorail.](https://www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/ax70qw/the_simpsons_monorail_promoter_lyle_lanley_wasnt/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


Even in North Haverbrook??


That is a perfectly cromulent theory.


Back to the Future - Biff went through with raping Lorraine in the original timeline, leading to her becoming a chain smoking alcoholic. The Flintstones/Jetsons - There was a war between the enslaved dinosaurs and early humans leading to the earth either being destroyed or reclaimed by the dinosaurs and humans living in tall buildings away from the earth's surface in The Jetsons. The Muppets - Kermit did 9/11.


The Earth's surface is still used by humans in the Jetsons, just not shown in many episodes. It's one giant nature preserve.


Man we were optimistic back then


Now optimism is "maybe we'll all not burn to death in our lifetimes?"


Yeah where the Flintstones and dinosaurs live in captivity on private untaxed creationist zoo meant to show visitors dinosaurs and man living contemporaneously. It’s called Creationassic Park.


Bro we need more background then just “Kermit did 9/11” lmao


[This explains it better than I can](https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/kermit-did-911), but TLDR there was a 2002 Muppets Christmas film where an angel shows Kermit what the world would be like if he hadn't been born and the World Trade Center is visible at some point.


Thats amazing 😆




Maybe not did, but was semi-directly responsible as a lack of Kermit leads to a lack of 9/11


Nah bro, he fucking orchestrated that shit. Bin Laden was a patsy.


Biff only got to that position with Lorraine because he was looking for Marty as revenge for what happened to his car, if it wasn't for his intervention Lorraine would have already been at the dance with George. It doesn't exclude that Biff may have tried something some other time, but it wouldn't have been in that same way.


The Flintstones comics actually talk about a war with "lizard men" of which Fred is apparently a veteran.


> The Flintstones/Jetsons As a kid I thought they were the same universe but it was like that Star Trek episode the Cloud Minders (similar plot to Matt Damon movie Elysium) and I thought all the dinosaurs were created by the jetson's civilization


The reason for the zombie apocalypse in walking dead is because there is no more room in the afterlife. A YouTuber names wendigoon pointed out that alongside the zombies there have been some hints that ghosts exist as well, and then he hypothesized that the entire world of walking dead is haunted, as the afterlife closed it's gates so now everyone is trapped on this earth as a zombie or a ghost


Isn't that just reiterating the quote from Dawn of the dead, 'when there's no room left in hell, the dead will walk the earth'


They identified an actual virus that caused it in the show. Are there ghost viruses now?


The author of the comics went out of his way to not give a definitive origin for the virus, and the show's continuity is wildly different. We're not sure if the comics follow the same idea.


I'm still upset I never got to see Carl get his eye hole licked.


I'm banning you from the internet for 4 hours for this comment. 4 hours I say.


Horcruxes are created through cannibalism. Clearly the creation doesn’t just require killing, or Voldemort would have many more horcruxes. It’s probably not a specific spell either, but some horrible process that makes Slughorn very uncomfortable. Furthermore, JK originally included more details on Horcruxes but her editor begged her to take them out. Considering all the murder in the books, it was probably something really dark. Cannibalism in history is considered an aspect of magic which allows one to gain life and power from their victims. This could also explain Voldemort’s more alien appearance, as the process is transforming him from a human into an almost bestial look.


This theory was debunked a long time ago, the family he kills in Goblet of Fire to make a horcrux are specifically stated to be in perfect health other than the fact they were dead, if cannibalism was required to make a horcrux the village doctors would have noticed that the bodies were eaten.


I didn’t realize we knew who he’d killed to make the horcruxes, but I just checked and you’re right on that one. In that case I wonder what the process is


My assumption it’s something to do with destroying the spirit of the victim.


I’ve always assumed it had to do with the ingredients and steps in the spell. Like having to repeatedly torture someone to weaken one’s own soul enough for it to splinter. Then using forbidden ingredients like…house elf hearts or orphan tears to prepare the new vessel.


This theory also is helped by Voldemorts followers being Death Eaters! (I didn’t think of this, saw it somewhere else before)


Paw Patrol: Ryder is a tyrannical ruler of Adventure Bay and the show is propaganda to show how great Ryder and the Paw Patrol are, but day to day the talkkg pups and Ryder rule the humans with an iron fist.


My own headcanon can adapt to this. Mayor Goodway is super corrupt. She's only in power by Ryders backing. Considering the towns only emergency services are provided by 5 dogs on the regular the tax money gets spent on stuff like golden statues of her chicken. I always pretended that Ryder was just independently wealthy by way of being related to the Barkington Royalty (I thought he said the Princess was his cousin once but now I think I just made that up). In essence though Barkington pays for his equipment and in turn he helps prop up the monarchy from threats like Bird themed magic attacks and Dragon riding Puppy Knights. Furthermore Mayor Humdinger isn't bad at all, (for real especially in the early seasons hes less ridiculous) initially he just wants to improve the tourism and status of his town where he's democratically elected. Heck even in the new movie aside from implications he rigged the election everything he gets blamed for isn't strictly his fault. The fireworks-the contractor has a shitty wooden table that collapsed causing the mayham and fire. The loop de loop transit line- the engineers who built it didn't make it capable of doing a loop de loop so it fails first try. While inconvenient, thats the failure of the builders and engineers. Dogs in the pound is hardly malicious, thats the norm for cities. I guess misuse of the weather machine is negligence. But wouldn't the Paw Patrol be vigilantes in Adventure City or does the Paw Patrol universe just not have Police, ambulances or Firefighters?


Paw Patrol is financed through selling merch. (According to Rider in the movie.) So Goodway saves a fortune by not paying for human emergency services. The people of Adventure City do not seem to understand the concept of a pound, since no one bothered to call and check if their dog was found or go pick their dogs up.


It's Barkingburg not Barkington, ya casual.


I've had a similar theory to Mickey's clubhouse. Something's up over there....


The mouseketool of oppression


I like the theory that Ryder is Tony Starks illegitimate son. He gets lots of gadgets from his dad.


In my head canon it’s Bruce Wayne’s early years. He’s now an orphan with all the money but hasn’t made the dark turn yet. It wasn’t his parents death that pushed him over the edge but the pups dying in a horrendous murder plot by mayor humdinger who is dressed as a clown, thus beginning Bruce’s hatred of the joker


In Spongebob, the talking sea creatures are a result of radioactive waste dropped underwater


they actually use the footage of Operation Crossroads in the pie episode, which according to the creators is what inspired the concept of SpongeBob (much like how the Castle Bravo test/disaster inspired Godzilla)


Well, yeah. Bikini Bottom is a the *bottom* of the Bikini Atoll. \*puts on fake spectacles and smokes a bubble pipe\* Obvious, really.


A Song of Ice and Fire: Robert Arryn's throne (in the books) is full of dead souls and they're trying to take over his body and that's why he has seizures. So, basically Sweet Robin's throne in the Eyrie is made of Weirwood. The Weirwoods hold the souls of dead Children of the Forest. George writes a lot about hive minded aliens taking over the minds of invaders and making them kill themselves. And irl seizures used to be thought to be demonic possession but science has explained that that's not what's happening. What if George switched it around and that's exactly what's happening? Robert is suffering from constant failed demonic possessions? Preston Jacobs on YouTube came up with that, I believe.


In the movie The Descent, the title is twofold and refers to both a physical descent AND a descent into madness. There are no subterranean cannibals in the cave, the women are attacking each other out of paranoia, dread, panic, and maybe even something toxic in the air effecting them (carbon monoxide, radon, etc.). It's pretty clear in the film that Sarah is already suffering from PTSD or some other mental issues following the death of her husband and daughter, and is having some kind of experience with intrusive thoughts, lost time, hallucinations, etc. It's also just plain text in the film that Juno stabs Beth in the neck by accident while attempting to attack crawlers, and after Sarah euthanizes Beth, Sarah voluntarily elects to wound Juno and leave her for dead. Three of the film's six characters can then plainly have their endings explained without any need for the crawlers to exist at all, which is pretty huge as a starting point for the theory. Holly I think can be explained as being a victim of Sarah: Sarah is unconscious for an extended period of time and while stirring for unconsciousness watches Holly's body getting eaten by the crawlers. I think this might be Sarah basically disassociating and "watching herself" maul Holly. Sam and Rebecca I think probably kill each other, or at least that makes the most sense to me; Sam stabs a crawler to death after it rips out her throat, and if that "crawler" was actually Rebecca, that sort of ties a bow on the whole thing. They literally die together while being "pursued" by crawlers who don't ever catch up to Juno for some reason. I think this is because Sam and Rebecca were (almost unknowingly) fighting each other, holding each other back, and since Juno wasn't part of that it would explain why the crawlers don't ever reach her.


Can’t believe I’m writing all this but here we go: There was a theory about The Neverending Story. Firstly that it’s “evil.” But yeah, It basically goes that the bookshop owner had been in Fantasia, and couldn’t give it up out of guilt— not wanting to abandon them/let them die, and giving the book more adventures/ideas/pages for years. Fast forward—old man is getting old, knows it (possibly creates “The Nothing” due to frustration or cognitive decline.) So he essentially creates a final story for the next person, gets Bastian to wind up taking the book— kinda taking his place (which is kinda a curse) So, IF bookstore guy started reading it when he was young— In the world of Fantasia, he’d never age—and the “echo” of his character would still be there as he’s written in to Fantasia. AKA bookstore guy *IS* Atreyu. Oh and Artax died in the Swamp of Sadness because he knew that really, Atreyu was gone. It was just echoes of the last story he gave… The last part hits hard. (Also some people seem that every wish costs one “real-life” memory. Book is evil.


As I see it, it's not that The Neverending Story is evil per se, but more like orange/blue morality thing, Fantasia as a whole and specially the Childlike Empress are totally fine with the possibility of Bastian becoming another mad king and getting stuck in Fantasia forever, at the end another person would find it's way through the book and try again... and the existence of the city of mad kings kinda confirms that this already happened many times. Oh, and Carl's character is not Atreyu (because that's Bastian's self insert character), I'm inclined to believe that Carl's self insert character is Engywook (the gnome that studies the Southern Oracle).


I’m not sure if this is creepy but it’s something https://www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/9zga7v/harry_potter_spoilers_ron_weasley_used_the/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


This theory is absolutely nothing compared to the “Hagrid is a Death Eater” theory


Holy shit what a read I'm totally sold.


M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening" is a prequel to Bob Ross's "Joy of Painting": * Ross's paintings never show other humans because ~~he's the only one left~~ Ross and his son are the only ones left * Trees are often the subject of Ross's work and he repeatedly says "happy little trees" to placate them * Ross painted a person in his paintings [only once](https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/a-statistical-analysis-of-the-work-of-bob-ross/). It was the silhouette of a cowboy against a tree, perhaps representing the countless humans who took their own lives when exposed to the chemicals released by the trees.


Electrode is actually a semi sentient blob of flesh matter in a faulty poke ball that was once a normal Pokémon and now is just trying to off itself with self destruct to end its suffering


The 1995 Chuck Norris movie "Top Dog" has a lot of eerie coincidences that tie into the Oklahoma City Bombing.


Sorry was posting on my phone earlier so I couldn't really elaborate. Here is the creepy shit: The plot of the movie is that a group of white nationalists want to detonate an explosion at a conference for racial unity on 4/20, Hitler's birthday. The Oklahoma city bombing took place on 4/19. The movie was actually released 9 days after the Oklahoma City Bombing which means that the whole movie from script to filming was thought of way before the bombing actually happened. And of course the movie stars Chuck Norris. Where is Chuck Norris from? Oklahoma.


The events of breaking bad are the students in Mr Whites class attempting to figure out what he does in his time off, and eventually spirals into a crime drama fanfiction


Obligatory "Rugrats is all Angelica's daydream and all the babies are dead" which is just a massive eyeroll imo. Second place goes to Ed Edd n Eddy taking place in purgatory and all the kids are from different time periods. An interesting one is that Season 2 onwards of Courage the Cowardly Dog is just Courage's imagination. The finale of season 1 ends with Eustace and Muriel being turned into puppets, and Courage controls them and mimics their daily life, even having Eustace insult/scare him. When you get to season 2, everything is back to normal. It's been theorized that the rest of the series is just Courage making puppet shows as he dies of hunger/loneliness. Something that technically counts as a fan theory is the "deaths" of all the ghosts in Danny Phantom. The creator Butch Hartman, known for making up retcon after retcon and tracing fan art, stated that the ghosts aren't really ghosts and that they are actual entities from another dimension; there's no afterlife in the Danny Phantom universe. This is in direct contrast to how season 1 depicted the ghost enemies because it was strongly implied that these were actual people that had died. The most glaring example was Poindexter, the nerd ghost from the 50's that was implied to have committed suicide. A lot of the earlier ghosts also seem to be tied to their death; Ember died in a house fire, Johnny 13 in an accident, etc. Depending on if you consider Hartman's words as official canon, this could be counted as a "fan theory".


I like Courage the Cowardly dog as being exactly as the title suggests. Nothing weird is going on in any of the episodes, he’s just a dog and doesn’t understand and is scared of everything. The humans are never scared because the monsters are all just like salesman, visitors or maintenance workers.


Excuse my cynicism, but I think Hartman's saying that to defend himself from criticism. After all, it would be terrible for his current image as a devout Christian who claims that his shows are consistent with Christianity that someone points out that ghosts as shown in the cartoon are not present in the Bible; or that magic of any kind is evil (in the case of Fairly Odd Parents). Edit: grammar.


Kevin McAllister from Home Alone grew up, changed his name, and improved his childhood trap setting skills to become jigsaw. Planes trains and automobiles are in the same universe as home alone and John Candy is the actual devil in both. Marry Poppins is a drug addict, all her friends are addicted to different substances and Bert is her drug dealer. “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”


Wouldn't Uncle Buck be better for the same John Candy universe?


[Plains Trains and Automobiles](https://youtu.be/G11NXnPI2nY) [Home Alone](https://youtu.be/1_l1VtpSnKI)


Regarding Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, I’ve always liked the theory that Del is carrying around his wife’s body in that trunk the whole movie.


Never heard this one before! I also like it


I like the one about Mary Poppins and Pennywise being similar creatures, one preying on joy and the other preying on fear. I never saw that coming.


>!The new Home Alone movie reveals that Kevin is now a successful business owner who runs a company that sells home security systems. He uses these to keeps prank calling Buzz, who is now a cop!<


Why would the devil help random people have epiphanies about the importance of family? I would almost buy an angel. But not THAT angel.


Saw one here a while back about there being a serial killer in the town that Ed, Edd n Eddy takes place in. What makes it creepier than the generic purgatory creepypasta is that we see a bunch of severed skulls and various other body parts scattered around in mostly remote places and the fact the kids are always running around unsupervised. Other words, we have pretty strong evidence of there being a killer and the kids can fall victim to them any time.


Bran won the Game of Thrones, the reason the show gets weird at the end is because he's increasingly meddling in the timeline.


Isn't this basically canon? I mean, it certainly is that he "won" the Game of Thrones, since he ends up as king.


He point blank wargs into many of the zombies during the Long Night Notice how the majority of characters are killed by a dagger thrust to the abdomen/lower back? Or an outright "backstab"? Jorah The Night King Beric Edd The Dothraki charge and the Unsullied dying wasn't bad strategy as well. Bran was at the table planning the defenses. He knew Melisandre was going to show up, light the swords, and they were going to death charge. He let it happen. He killed off the majority of Dany's army in that episode. Hell, he even told Theon he was a good man to get him killed.


>He killed off the majority of Dany's army in that episode. At least, with the Dothraki ability to quickly breed like bacteria, this was temporary


The Totoro Death Theory. Basically something along the lines of Totoro being a spirit of death, and the children being able to see him indicates they have or will soon pass away. Mei goes missing and very well may have died, and after the children meet with Totoro the final time, the go to the hospital to see their mother but they don’t go inside, instead leaving a gift on the windowsill. Totoro killed those children


tl;dr this entire thread: The main characters is dying and the story is their imagination. Ultra spoopy.


That's my least favorite theory 'cause it can be applied to anything. It's way too easy to come up with. e.g. *Andy Davis is depressed by the loss of his father, so he creates adventures that his toys go on where the leader is a father figure to him that loves him unconditionally. The other, a superhero space-police officer that has a suit to make him fly* *Anakin Skywalker slowly succumbs to heat exhaustion and hallucinates of being a heroic, expert pilot Jedi* (Can also be applied to Luke) *Harry Potter copes with his aunt and uncle's abuse, and the loss of his parents, by creating a fantasy world where he's the most famous person alive, and defeats the greatest evil known to the Wizarding World*


12 Angry Men is all in the innocent kid's mind while on the electric chair. The Man from Earth is the main character having a stroke and just talking gibberish to unsuspecting people. Sully is just a last minute imagination of a dying plot. Everything happening in the dream sequences of Inception happens in someone's mind. The Wolf of the Wallstreet is him imagining stuff after getting fired. In 127 Hours, he dies in there and just hallucinated of getting out, writing a book and signing off the movie rights. Into the Wind, he imagines dying in the forest while dying in the forest. Planet Earth is just a dream of a fish. Space Nuts is just a dying hallucination of a sperm.


Yup, it's why they aren't allowed in r/fantheories. Even when they are actual plot devices they're annoying cop outs


That Teddy was sane in Shutter Island and he was actually a subject for a early MK Ultra style experiment.


Spirited Away is about child prostitution. Bath houses had basically the same reputation as massage parlors, back in the day, with "side businesses" occasionally going on behind the scenes. (There's maybe a hint of this in how the women are calling out to the spirits as they arrive). Chihiro is pressed into service to pay off her family's debts, which was a common way of forcing girls into servitude. She's forced to change her name, and Haku warns her that she can get trapped in the bathouse if Yubaba retains her control. Which, by the way, the matron of a brothel was often called "Yubaba." This is why, even after NoFace starts eating people, Yubaba forces Chihiro to entertain him, demanding that she get as much money out of him as possible. After all, Noface only wants Chihiro. No one else. I don't buy the theory--I think it's even been specifically disavowed by Miyazaki. But it dovetails with the movie's larger theme of losing your identity in the pursuit of money--of selling yourself on a metaphorical, if not quite physical, level. You could go further and say it's about Japanese people selling away their cultural identity in pursuit of foreign wealth--Chihiro's father initially thinks the bathhouse is an amusement park, such as was built everywhere in Japan in the 1960's. Noface, with his great wealth but utter lack of identity, could easily be a stand-in for America. Anyway, like I said, I don't buy the child prostitution theory, but it certainly is creepy.


Oh that's easy. Look up Rob Ager's interpretation of The Shining. Long story short Jack Nicholson's character is playing a pedophile and Dany's visions, behavior, and wounds are the result of sexual abuse.


hmmm... first comming to mind is the wall-e the slushies are human meat theory... then theres the candace is halucinating her dead brothers theory in finneus and pherb.


Fucking hell I hate theories like the last one. You can make a theory like this about everything. It's a self proving theory. No depth whatsoever


Darthpizzadog is in fact hallucinating this thread because they can't process their frustration otherwise. They are also in a coma


I don't buy that they are recycling anything in Wall-E considering the sheer amount of garbage the Axiom produces.