If you've just started the job, give it a few months. You'll feel less drained once you get used to the new schedule. But yeah, wouldn't it be great to have a separate internal energy bank reserved only for fun hobbies!


I feel you, the 8-5 is draining. I think the other poster is right, maybe you’ll be less drained as you adjust. There may be solutions, though. Take care of your health, be patient, and look for ways to carve out some energy and time for yourself because work isn’t all there is to life. When is your prime writing time? People wake up early to work out… if you’re a morning person maybe you could get in an hour before work? I’m lucky enough that my work has flexible hours and I figured out I can take an extra long lunch some days and make it up by staying a bit later… it’s not ideal but gives me some extra time during the prime of the day to read, write, or even do a bit of shopping and other non-writing essentials so I can conserve my energy. And eventually… maybe the 8-5 isn’t for you… employers offer a variety of work types and schedules. Keep an eye open?


Sometimes, you just have to let the story stew in your mind and let it play out in your head. I learned this after having a kid and basically had to give up writing for a while - my stories stayed up in my head because I couldn't even use a voice to test app because the precious little darling I'd just patted to sleep in my arms might wake up if I spoke louder than a whisper. But I knew the characters were having fun. Or angst. Sex. Whatever.


Ok. I work 9-7. So, I feel you. Give it 3 months. Your mind will get used to it. You wont be able to do it as fast but it's ok.


I've been working for years and I still hardly have time or energy to write after week days when my work ends. The only time I get to write is weekends, and even sometimes, my weekends are swarmed and I get no writing done. Don't let that stop you from writing though. Use your notebook/phone to write down any ideas that come to mind. Then when you have time to sit down to write, you'd have a plot outline all ready to be fleshed out. Hope this helps!