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I mean, I get where you’re coming from, but Mr. House definitely has a god complex. And his progressivism is debatable, considering how he massacres a whole group of people for their philosophical beliefs and owns a casino where women are treated like chattel.


Yet as bad as it is it is still the best system yet.


I’d rather try a new idea & fail than keep festering alive in late stage Fascist America.


> Which is why Mr. House is the best option, he has no bullshit cultural God complex of wanting to LARP And you can tell that by the fact that the tribes he hired suddenly decided to dress up as pre-war gangsters, socialites, and the freaking Rat Pack. Yep, absolutely *no* LARPing, nostalgia, or romanticisation of pre-war society in House's Vegas. No siree Bob.


OK, fair points, but I think your conclusion is bad because House isn't promising to remedy half those bullet points. Also important, he cares about Progressivism....but not for you. He has done nothing to deal with impoverished, dealing with their medical needs or educating the populace. It's going to be progress for the elite. Except now you have no tools to correct that. Thats ultimately what we get with liberalism, we have an institution that causes a lot of problems but we have tools to mitigate the less savory aspects of NCR.


The real problem with the NCR is that it's based off of Fallout's pre-war America, which is infinitely worse than the system we have right now in the real world. It's already an expansionist Empire controlled by the wealthy and governed by politicians who don't care about the lives of their citizens. It's re-introduced slavery in everything but name and offers much less freedom than its predecessor. And unlike most other evil factions that are content to be left alone, the NCR is actively conquering the rest of the world that does not want to join.