Hot take: The brotherhood of steel shouldn't be in fallout 5

Hot take: The brotherhood of steel shouldn't be in fallout 5


BOS bunker ruins would be kinda cool to find tho


Definitely, little hints and references to failed BOS expeditions or maybe a BOS bunker that had its population driven out by the locals would be great


Honestly. It would be kinda cool to see like remnants of maybe like a national guard and they take the role of like a local government/military. Not like minutemen. More so like the gunners but you can actually interact with them


If only you could interact with the Gunners in Fallout4.


This. I hate that they are just Raiders 2.0


Eh, what they are is Talon Company with a new paintjob.


Did Talon company ever go after you? One of my favorite things in NV was the death squads that came after you when you upset a faction. What I would love out of a Fallout game was if upsetting a faction had more incrimental consequences. Sure in NV if you reached Hated or Vilified status then people would come try to kill you, but I would love to see a progression of positive or negative consequences. Like for instance if you're simply "liked" in a faction, you get better vendor prices, or even items that are unavailable to you without your faction. If the faction idolizes you, maybe there's a percentage chance they spawn in to help you in a fight and/or have rare items for sale. And if a faction just mildly dislikes you, maybe the prices are worse, and items are unavailable. And as their hatred for you grows, they start to send death squads which become more and more stealthy as your status worsens. The status changing depending on the quests could probably stay where minor quests move the bar a small amount and completing major quests grant big changes in how much a faction likes you


Talon company or the regulators iirc would spawn outside certain locations based on your karma in Fallout 3.


Yup, Talon hunts you if you're a Goody Goody Vault-Shoes, or the Regulators try to give ya a good wappin' if yous a Bad Boi. I don't know that ots necessarily location-based, I think it's more random chance that you'll encounter them after a loading screen.


If you disarm the bomb in megaton they’ll always hunt you down, even if you have bad karma


I miss death squads. Their bodies would stay around forever, and I'd chop up and stack all the bodys on a picnic table as a warning to the next death squad. Never worked though lol.


Don’t insult talon company those guys always gave me a good fight, the gunners are just little posers


Should have been a morally dubious main story faction for a psycho Sole Survivor.


If they were an actual faction and not just better armed, more well funded raiders they would have been so awesome


The main question that doesn't seem to get asked during Bethesda's story development is why. "The Gunners are heavily armed faction of tough baddies, well organized and armored." "Sounds cool, why are they in the Commonweatlh?" "..." And: "The Talon Company has a couple outposts around DC and their main base is a well fortified, old military base. They have black combat armor with an eagle talon on it. They will go after Good Karma characters." "Neat idea, why are they in the Capital wasteland? "What do you mean? I just told you." "You described their armor and their bases, but not their motivation." "..."


I wish they played somewhat into the fact they were children from a Vault, so their personalities, while definitely 'mature,' carried more childish qualities, like favoring simple contests, dialogue involving "Hey, I'll trade you my Cram for your sweet roll," stuff like that. Make them absolutely scary on the outside, but make it clear that some of them are children deep inside. Granted, we'd have to go earlier into their timeline for that.


If I had the power to change how the game presented the factions, the Gunners would be far more important. As the player rebuilds the Minutemen, the gunners become more "interested" in the faction. After the Minutemen retake the Castle, Preston would ask the player to help take back Quincy and force out the Gunners. This would lead to the two factions going to war against each other. Its ultimately revealed that the Institute were paying the Gunners to destroy the Minutemen, having realizing that the Minutemen could possibly pose a threat if they ever united the Commonwealth under a single Government (which would be a major game mechanic for the Minutemen post game, possibly as DLC). Knowing that sending Synths would only martyre the Minutemen, they use the Gunners to make the faction look weak and pathetic, which has succeeded until the player comes along. Eventually, the Institute has to get involved leading to the Minutemen invading the Institute and onto the endgame that we see. The Gunners would be forced out of the Commonwealth. Alternatively, you could work with the Gunners to destroy the remnants of the Minutemen, only to be betrayed by the Institute and having to destroy them.


That would have been so awesome and added more depth to all three factions you mentioned in your comment.


Yeah, this is great.


Fuckers were clearly designed to be a faction with their bases and designs, but NOOO they had to have basic Raider mentality


Something something NCR


Counter proposal. Remnant BoS hostile to player due to locals being hostile. They either get wiped out or withdraw from game at some point pending player action


I would also like a new vegas kinda stuff. Like they are there, they give side missions and shit, but def not a major faction


Yeah, just a little role. Like a small airship.


Yeah, like maybe a base too. You know, as a base.


And maybe you can join them, so you gotta flesh that out a little too.


If you can join them, you might as well tailor the main storyline for that, give a unique ending or something if you choose to cooperate with them.


They're a good marketing thing too, so definitely use their armor on the cover.


And add a companion , or a secret NPC thats with them long before you fin... Oh wait a minute .


Secret NPC?


Give the Brotherhood of Steel the same treatment the Enclave got in New Vegas. A couple dudes in a cave


I dig this idea.


I mean that's kinda what we have in NV


Not really, They are chilling in a bunker but they are still end up being a part of almost every main questline.


Yeah but they aren’t a major faction at all, it makes sense for them to be in New Vegas because of how influential they were across the west coast, they made no sense to be in FO3 or 4. Bethesda were just too lazy to write in their own factions, why do you think the enclave returned as well.


Bethesda were too lazy to make any of their own creations except for locations and minor factions. Super Mutants, Deathclaws, and Radscorpions returned, too, and it took shoehorned writing to put them in 3, 4, and 76. By now I'm pretty sure they've written more retcons than original stuff.


100% this


I was thinking Enclave too but Far Harbour.


> maybe a BOS bunker that had its population driven out by the locals would be great Now that would be a cool thing to see depicted somehow. I'm picturing a few dozen well armed BoS confiscating some tech from a town - laser rifles or something that the town uses mostly for defense - only for the townsfolk to later track them back to their base and completely rout them using low-tech-yet-effective tactics, maybe laying siege to the base or something. Just a nice little story about the BoS's arrogant "we know better" attitude completely blowing up in their faces, a reminder that they are neither the good guys nor some monolithic, unstoppable force, but just yet another faction with their own warped priorities.


On top of that have the ex Brotherhood soldiers (just a handful) intergraded into the wasteland along the local settlements. Through dialogue they can reveal the location of the bunkers and maybe one would even become a follower, like a really old geaser who missed shooting muties.


This is why we need Fallout: Motor City, set in detroit/ michigan and surrounding areas. With humvees, cars, trucks, tanks, you name it. With raiders, ghouls and other degenerate muties to fight ( no super mutants though, they got stale too). Almost no Power armor and if you find one it's either a T-45d or a T-51b,( or once or twice a discarded, battleworn, enclave mk2 powered combat armor). Cars would be expensive but not as expensive as energy weapons or high quantities of clean water. Note your opinion please, i need some Feedback.


Or a small brotherhood remnants quest like the enclave one in new Vegas


that would be a great way of introducing a new villain - just imagine walking among the ruins and thinking "who could have done this?"


BOS are my favorite faction. I don't want a Fallout game without them.


Depends entirely on the setting. East coast prequel? Deep South _at all_? Canada? BOS shouldn’t be there. But a New England sequel, west coast sequel, or potentially the Midwest? Absolutely they should be there


A Fallout set in Canada could have some damn interesting ideas. - colder setting. - perhaps set around Toronto, 4th biggest city in North America (iirc). - interesting lore to draw from. Canada was annexed by the USA. So could be a war of independence but reverse. Player decides to help American invaders or Canadian guerillas. - post apoc Mounties, and crazy shit like mutated beavers, moose, caribou.


I was thinking about how cool a fallout game set in a a post apocalyptic cold harsh Canadian winter. Then I was thinking about how the overall tone of the storytelling would probably have to be a little darker to match the setting. Maybe a little more focus on survival, and how unforgiving the land would be. Metro. I'm just thinking of Metro lmao


I got Metro 2033 during the weekend it was free and started playing it this past week now that I have a computer that isn't trash. The atmosphere when you're walking around a completely dark tunnel with no sound other than growling and a girl crying? Really great. The gunplay is fun, bringing me back to when I first played Half-life 2 and got to Ravenholm.


You should play metro exodus, it's amazing


I'll check it out! Probably not for a little while since the new Guilty Gear is out today, but it's on the list


It's actually very fallout-like, since it's no longer in the tunnels. (you travel across Russia in a train) The environment feels alive, you can meet random people around and what you do to them and the different societies actually matter. There's a few different levels, all fairly big, and there's a lot of variety, which is nice after the tunnels of Moscow.


If you enjoyed it definitely give metro exodus a shot. It’s a lot more free roam orientated.


Patrolling the Frozen Wastes almost makes you wish for a Mojave Summer


It cuts into Wasteland 3 imo more than Metro.


A faction called the Rough Riders.


And their archrival faction, the Roughriders.


"There's only like six factions, why are two called the Rough Riders?"


Don't forget the radiated maple syrup and perfectly preserved poutine!


I feel like a Fallout game in Detroit would be a great way for the series to introduce Canada since it borders Windsor and that could create really interesting lore and scenarios from it, especially with the Ambassador Bridge


Detroit is the only setting in which I could justify functional cars, given the city’s place in automotive history. It’d also make for interesting music options, as the home of Motown Records.


Not just that but a stone skip away you have the greenfield village one of the greatest collections of historical buildings in the country.


I would love to see Greenfield Village set up as a group of Amish Ghouls. Then one of the quests is trying to find an "Edison" Pistol or something to play against the Tesla Rifle in the Menlo Park section of the village on behalf of one of the factions, or just as an unmarked quest.


Would be pretty easy to design the worldspace for Detroit as well since it would look about the same as it does now.


It would be funny if Detroit is like the jewel of the wasteland. Completely rehabilitated and it just took the end of the wordl


Some have people have theorized that Detroit would actually be one of the most prosperous pre-war cities. Since Bethesda has been leaning more and more into a literal interpretation of the 1950s for world building, Detroit would be based off of how it was in that era which would be still fairly affluent and not quite a urban warzone lol. Additionally, there's a case that because US manufacturing played out differently in the Fallout universe (no outsourcing to China, emphasis on heavy industry, etc) the city might not have lost its vitality. Anyways as someone who lives in the metro area it's definitely recovering but it's probably going to take another 30-50 years to really see the effects of the revitalization efforts so there's some time for Fallout to capitalize on the plight of the city lmao


Detroit didnt lose Its viability due to outsourcing to other countries, that was just the nail in the coffin. What killed detroit was that the big 3 would start to move their factories out into rural areas like Arkansas, so they could have the space to build their big assembly lines. Detroit would be just as dead in this timeline as It would have in ours.


They can finally introduce vehicles in the fallout universe in that game.


God no moose are already hellbeasts


Wait till you see the 10' tall, fanged mutant geese


Dude nothing could make Canadian geese worse than they already are.


They should really twist it and make them friendly, maybe even a Goosemeat companion.


You could have a flying mount, Taarna style.


Totally unmutated, but everyone in the game speculates what they were like before the bombs fell.


Thats a nice idea. I also would like to know why the fuck cats don't mutate?


Would be hilarious to have the strongest creature not be irradiated but just be a regular-ass moose


Moose but they're even worse to deal with. Also they can fly for some reason even though they only have tiny ordinary bumble bee wings.


According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a radmoose should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its big ass mutated body off the ground. The radmoose, of course, flies anyway, because radmoose don't care what wasters think is impossible.


The moment I saw them say 'Canada', my mind flowered, dude. It's PERFECT and I never considered it. Mostly for the ideas you've already mentioned, but I think even post-apoc would be great. That old Americana satire could take an even more twisted turn because of the Canadian annexation, if it isn't the next Fallout game, I bet we see it in our lifetime, at least. Edit: I meant I'd rather it remain post-apoc instead of being a prequel, although that is a solid premise in itself.


As a Canuck... I'd be hyped lmao


You guys f*cking deserve it, honestly. Especially since the lore masters annexed Canada, and then revealed NOTHING else about the matter, mad disrespect lol


Hyped to get annexed?


We'll be doing the annexing


*We'll be doing the annexing, hosers*




Radcobra chickens


Since the nuclear war the USA or Canada would not be a thing anymore. A conflict between American Invaders and Canadians would probably feel out of place since both groups would have ceased to be. Maybe a group of American remnants as 1 of the factions. That seems more plausible in the setting.


Vancouver or Montreal would also be interesting options. They would at least offer better environments than Toronto. Toronto's geography isn't too interesting. Basically just a big city beside a big lake, surrounded by suburbs, surrounded by farmland. That could also describe Chicago. But Fallout games do tend to compress areas (e.g. Quincy and Concord and Salem all being just a couple miles apart), so a Toronto game could include Niagara Falls in the southeast of the map, for example. Vancouver's geography has the most obvious appeal: huge mountains, ocean, islands, fjords, rain forests (maybe not so rainy anymore), rad-orcas, etc. That could just as easily be in Seattle though. With Montreal, we get a city on a couple big islands surrounded by a big chonker of a river, with small old mountains nearby (nothing compared to Vancouver's, but still), rapids, canals, and relatively close to wilderness/forests to the north. Your idea about a Canadian war of independence would be interesting. That could be the main world conflict part of the storyline: defending and driving out a powerful expansionist faction from the New York/New England wasteland. (Edit: And you would also have the option of siding with the invaders, with one possible ending being Canada, or at least that part of Canada, getting conquered.) It could draw parallels to, and inspiration from the War of 1812. Montreal and Niagara both saw attempted US invasions historically. We could have [hockey sticks as a melee option](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/icehockey/images/a/a4/20Dec1953-Geoffrion_Murphy.gif/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/530?cb=20200203235836). The only downside is that the game would be literally unbeatable due to the irradiated Canada geese being invincible killing machines.


Hardcore mode with a need to stay warm.


I love the thought of the idea, but I feel it would be better to have it as dlc instead of a full game. The fallout series always has revolves around America and its culture. I feel like a game taking place fully in Canada wouldn’t fit the games. Like I said, a dlc that could take us to Toronto with your ideas would be really interesting


>America and its culture. Have I got news for you. > a game taking place fully in Canada wouldn’t fit the game What's Canada? "Little America is ours. But let's face it - it always has been." - Gen. Buzz Babcock


Wait, it's all ours? *Always has been.*


I want a sequel set in Arizona. Flagstaff is the legions capital and Phoenix can be incorporated too.


Isn't there a chapter or something in Texas? I might be misremembering.


only if you acknowledge the existence of fallout bos


I don’t consider Texas the “deep south”. Idk about outside the south, but we consider the south to be pretty much any state that was Confederate. The _deep south_ is Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Some _might_ include south & even fewer North Carolina, but those core 5 are the most commonly accepted. And no, almost no one in the south considers Florida to be “in the south” except for _maybe_ the bit directly adjacent to Alabama/Georgia before you hit the panhandle &/or coast.


Did you leave Arkansas out on purpose…or did you forget about them because they are more southern then the Deep South? Louisiana isn’t even really the Deep South…too much Cajun influence. Honestly Louisana is more like the Dagoba planet, but hotter and with more insects. Pretty sure there are some gators that could eat Droid’s too. Agree Texas isn’t the Deep South. It’s too….Texan. Thinking about it…Nukes might actually help Arkansas roads. It would flatten them nicely. Driving on the highway feels like you’re on a cheese grater.


I legit forget Arkansas exists. Same with Kentucky. I’m mot sure if most people consider those 2 “Deep South” but they are southern. I’m from Alabama lol. And yeah, Louisiana is kinda in the same boat as Florida- parts are absolutely southern, but most would consider most of it a distinct culture.


Kentucky is... Indiana and Ohio on the wrong side of the river, a "better" West Virginia, a Corvette plant, and is attached to whatever a 'Paducah' is.


Louisiana is absolutely the Deep south. Spend some time in Opelousas or Alexandria and it will feel no different than Mississippi or Alabama. Louisiana has a strong reputation for Cajun culture, but it really only exists in SW Louisiana. Everything else is either the Deep South or New Orleans (which in many ways is the cradle for American culture -- specifically African American culture -- but as a result of that has a vibe that is very foreign to your average American). There's, of course the Bayou folk, which many outsiders incorrectly call Cajun, but in reality most of them are just wet Southerners. As for Texas, I would consider Houston and anywhere between Houston and the Louisiana border the deep south. Again, most of those places are much more like Mississippi or Louisiana than they are like the stereotypical Texas. Finally, here in Louisiana we don't consider Arkansas the deep south. It might literally just be a matter of it's a 6+ hour drive North, but we tend to see Arkansas people in the same light as like Tennessee or Kentucky (which is definitely NOT the Deep South).


Miami or New Orleans could be interesting. Imagine a Rad-hurricane coming through in the late game. Think the Radstorms in the Commonwealth, but way worse. Maybe I’m partial because I live nearby, but I’d like to see Denver too, even though we know from Lonesome Road dialogue that Denver is overrun with feral and cyber dogs. The Denver Airport would be really interesting with all the real-world conspiracy theories surrounding it though.


I’m kinda tired of the World Police the BOS has turned into, but Bethesda puts the BOS wherever and whenever they want the BOS. Besides, they sell too many BOS cups and toys to keep them out of a Fallout product.


>Canada? > >BOS shouldn’t be there. Hard disagree, it would be incredible to see the Washington Brotherhood


I was thinking more Quebec area or the extreme north but yeah, I suppose that area of Canada could have BOS.


I think it’s possible that the BOS wouldn’t be in the Commonwealth in a sequel. In 3 out of 5 endings have you destroy them, and I think after those endings the surviving faction(s) and citizens wouldn’t want them back. Also, the other chapters of the BOS probably wouldn’t want to waste resources trying to take it again if they’ve already failed.


It's possible I missed it, but do we know if the BoS has relocated to the Commonwealth, or is it more like they sent an expedition/army there? Like is the prydwen the majority of the DC BoS or is there like a whole lot more back in DC still? It could justify them still existing, you beating them in 4 only slowed them down, and another army was sent to clean up after the failures of the first army.


I might be ignorant on the lore but I think it would be cool to have like, a vault tech corporate vault or something where the owner/CEO of vault tech preserved themselves as well as many high ranking vault tech execs, with employees, robots and fancy the and they be the villains


yeah like vault zero I would put it in new york i have a fan faction like that


Sounds cool if you would like to share it, I've played with the idea in my head but I'm not much of a writer lol


It's more of an idea that I thought all the way through I hate writing, but I can share if you want.


[Vault 0 already exists, and appeared in Fallout Tactics.](https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Vault_0) Granted, that game isn’t canon, but given it’s location in Cheyenne Mountain military complex, which is home to NORAD, it would be an interesting place to explore in a newer game. It seems like the sort of place that would be an Enclave holdout in what is canonically Legion territory. Cheyenne Mountain is also south of Denver, near-ish Colorado Springs, so that’d likely be the primary setting.


The way the BOS was shoehorned into 76 makes me think they'll be be in every game now. Technically, it works with the lore, but it felt VERY forced. It would have been way easier for Bethesda to make some other militaristic faction, they put extra effort in to include the BOS. Unfortunately, it seems they've become too iconic. I still think they could work well as a minor faction like how they were portrayed in FNV. Perhaps they could just have a series of sidequests or have a minor role in the games ending.


> The way the BOS was shoehorned into 76 makes me think they'll be be in every game now. "Welcome to Fallout 76! We’ve got a new world far from all the others, set in a time when we have virtually no choice but to invent new factions and do something new. Enjoy exploring and meeting all these new- Aaaaand they’re dead, they’re all dead. Now back to the BoS. That’s what you people like, isn’t it? Power armor and flashy weapons and explosions? Don’t think about internal logic or a consistent world, just consume! Ad freaking Victoram!" Far as I’m concerned, the BoS getting shoehorned into 76 like they were is proof that they have been completely reduced to Bethesda’s corporate mascots.


What I would love is if there was a splinter cell from a BoS faction, like a rogue Knight went off and formed their own unique faction utilizing military tactics they learned. Not intrinsically a BoS faction, but a faction with past links to one only but its own "personality" and ideology


What I have wanted/fantasized about was you exploring the wasteland in Fallout 5, finding a BoS bunker and riding an elevator into their bunker while the music swells... And then it stings and turns eerie and ominous as the doors open to reveal the inhabitants all viciously slaughtered and the base in ruins with Lazer scorches and plasma burns littering the walls and floors. Banners half burned and ripped from the wall and scattered BoS corpses with unretrievable suits of Power Armor, them having been effortlessly wiped out by whatever the big villain army is in 5 (like the Enclave did in 2, but more visceral). Then at the end would be schematics for building a power Armor frame which would require collecting special pieces from certain locations. Something like that which would make Power Armor sufficiently powerful, but rare enough that it doesn't trivialize the early game.


Ooh . . . Honestly that sounds like a great idea. What if the enemy was a ton of tiny communist robots like in that one halo game with the flood level. That'd be spooky and hilarious to walk into a base expecting almost entirely free loot for the taking just to be stopped by a communist leader of the robots (maybe a protection or assaultron) and asked to join their communist party, and if you answer no you have to fight them or something lol.


It'd be a funny mission


I don't think you could ever remove them entirely, but making them an underdog for once would be neat. Even in New Vegas, when they were at their weakest, they still had a huge underground bunker and resources to spare. Maybe in FO5, the player character could be the last surviving member of a BoS scouting party, shot down in hostile territory with no way of contacting allies. Being a part of the BoS would give a canonical reason for weapons training and survival skills, trying to recontact BoS forces would be as good a main quest line as any other, and having the player reexamine their BoS upbringing might give a great opportunity for storytelling.


All their resources are running out in NV unless the courier comes along to save them




Their population is also dwindling heavily on top of that.


I'd prefer more a more open ended backstory tbh, like in Fallout NV or TES games. Let the player fill in the gaps.


So similar to the Lost Patrol quest from 4?


Kinda, except the player would be alone and unarmored. I'm thinking a new initiate who got thrown from a crashing Vertibird over the northern wastes of what was once Canada.


Or just the entirety of the BOS in the Commonwealth before the Sole Survivor and the Prydwen show up, which was like 3 survivors. The only reason the Prydwen showed up in the first place was because of the Institute, so if there’s no single threat that big/they don’t have the resources to combat it, it’s conceivable that they’d be really weak.


This would be interesting setting-wise, but if the main quest line is recontacting BoS, it once again places them front and center. They become the main faction even if you're the only one in it for a majority of the game


Down to a man would work better as a quest line. The lonely old paladin hiding out in his bunker scared to death


I'd definitely play that


That’s why I really liked that the BOS was a minor, broken faction in FNV. They still had a cool story but it wasn’t pressed into your skull to join them like in Fallout 3


I wouldn’t say they had that of a major role in new Vegas though. Maybe they can still be a faction but with a minor role. Also IMO, since the bos have been in all the fallout games, I think removing them from the next game would receive a mixed response. Kinda like how people reacted when the enclave was completely non existent in fallout 4.


And that's why we don't see major changes in games, people complain. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. So devs just take what they know and make similar game after game because it will sell with less complaints than change.


Absolutely. If they go in a new direction and leave out staples such as the Brotherhood, there'll be complaints that it "isn't Fallout". If familiar factions and other elements are present, there'll be complaints that it isn't original. If they expand on the lore, they're not being true to the established canon. If they don't expand on the lore, they're not being creative and inspired. As you said, damned if they do, damned if they don't. Of course, there's plenty of valid criticisms and suggestions that can be made here. They shouldn't rehash the same stories with the same factions, and it pays to move a faction like the Brotherhood out of the spotlight every now and again. There's a balance that they should certainly aim for and could be doing a better job of, but either way they go, there's going to be an unhappy group. And within that group, there'd be people that would still be unhappy even if they did the opposite.


To be fair, Fallout 3 was scornfully dismissed as “not being Fallout” by many fans when it was first released, because it wasn’t an isometric turn-based RPG. Fanbase, fanbase never changes.


I think it would be better to phase out the BoS gradually, maybe they do appear in Fallout 5 but they are a small faction with little or no relevance to the main questline? They give you a small secondary questline and maybe even a companion but that's it, it could work if they made them a small group of exiles


Pretty sure the only times they had significance was 3 and 4 (if taken the BoS route). I could imagine them being a side group like they were in NV or a smaller band like the expedition groups, but nixing them entirely seems a bit much


Exactly. They're staples of the story. There's plenty options for spin offs in other areas or going hardcore onto BoS like in cancelled fallout extreme - travelling across the world to China. They have the time to make a massive game (looking at you TES6) so I can't see why they can't make a larger take on America incorporating more than one BoS chapter since they're all very different in their rules and operating strategy but we also need more enclave in the mix since they're the core of the old world lore really. Then stick some DLC in with opportunities to explore the greater world or locations from the first three games.


> Kinda how people react when the enclave was completely non existent in fallout 4. Which is insane because Fallout was never about the Enclave. Their presence in 3 was crazier than their absence from 4.


Oh no, Bethesda's gonna double down on BOS for sure.


Just not happening tho. They're not going to just not include the most recognizable fallout faction.


I'd like to see the occasional boss vertibird like we saw in 76 but I'd also be fine leaving them out even though they're my favorite faction. Who would you wanna see? I'd like to see how arroyo is doing but we already had fallout so


Maybe a new faction that worships technology unlike the brotherhood who just want to collect it. A faction that believes in cybernetic enhancements. They have cyborgs and synths working for them. But they believe themselves to be superior. Something like the mechanicus cult from warhammer 40k. Ruthless faction that captures people and turns them into cybernetic abominations. Some of their bosses are literally humans fused into power armor in a grotesque manner. They don’t discriminate between super mutants, humans, ghouls and have all kinds of intelligent people in their faction. The scientists are literally computer brains. Ghoul cyborgs are like robot zombies who are used as cannon fodder shock troopers. Human cyborgs are the leaders, super mutant cyborgs are the muscle, synths are the slave working class. Being a synth slave is considered a high honor because synths are their perfect fusion of tech and biology. Worshipping and serving their technology god is the highest honor. They see fighting as subhuman and assimilation as the alternative. But they don’t shy from a fight to prove their superiority in battle Their moto is to take life in the post apocalypse to the next level. By fusing with technology. Their enemies would be a huge children of atom cultist base. It’s a battle of religions. The technology religion vs the atomic religion. The radiation guns that children of atom use short circuit the electronics of the technists because their electricity is not fusion based but actually based on the electronics of our world. The technists, They’ve discovered the transistor based electronics. Radiation causes EMP damage to them. They need our help to defeat the children of atom.


I like that allot. Possibly a companion fused into PA? Sounds fun.


I would name them the Technists !


That's cool as heck, taking the institute next level! What if some of their leaders are actually branched from the institute or their Rivals? Thatd be pretty cool for lore.


Yea survivors of the institute who were so addicted to the technology that they basically started worshipping it and made cybernetic enhancements to fuse with it


I feel the same way about the super mutants. Maybe a couple small clusters here and there but it's time for something new


yep, have them be remnants from other groups. Maybe have some of their group be intelligent ones and that opens up a range of possible story elements and quests.


I think it was dumb putting them into 76


I agree, they really should’ve left well enough alone. But at least they’re making the plot with them decent. I hope they’re done with them after this. They were shoved in because they knew they had to have them in the online game.


make a new faction like new vegas did.


I don’t know. If you made a checklist of cool things that casual fans expect to be in a fallout game, the Brotherhood of Steel would be in the top 10. Sorry, but pip-boys, super mutants, and the BoS are here to stay.


And that's why I'm more excited for the hopeful release of theFallout: Miami mod than the idea of FO5. Do people complain about the pip boy?


" it gets stale having the same faction play a major role in almost every game" come on now think about it they were power armor It gets rusty not stale


Yeah, whaddya think they're wearing!? Potato chips!? SMH. . .


Gonna take your hot take and run with it. No BoS, no Super Mutants, no Enclave. I would love it if they would just create entirely new factions. Set it in Florida or North Dakota or something and tell a new story, blank slate. The Fallout franchise has had 24 years of stories involving the BoS and (sometimes inexplicably) super mutants. It's enough already.


I feel this is what Fallout kind of needs. Make the "iconic" parts hidden, more for a flavor and add new icons (kind of like the NV riot gear). This game series shouldn't devolve into easily marketable things that you show to the corporate executives.


76 made me realize how over this series I am. Fallout has become a game that sells itself based on nostalgia for Fallout. The Brotherhood of Steel! Super Mutants! Blue jumpsuit! Dogmeat! REMEMBER FALLOUT?!?!!??!!? This series desperately needs a new angle because it feels like I've been playing the same exact game for the last 15 years.


Its why I've debated the idea of leaving the US as a worldspace, complete fresh start in a new country. The US ain't the only place that was nuked and has survivors


I personally want to see the Enclave return


This. Maybe some remnants though, it'd be strange if in Fallout 5 we had some plot twist where the Control Station ENCLAVE wasn't actually blown up and the Enclave only just found out.


Agreed I feel like the Enclave as an org should be dead, but there can still be abandoned bunkers/technology with maybe some true believers still guarding it unaware that it’s dead. Like the mission to get their favor is to find parts/repair communication equipment somewhere dangerous. You find out it via logs/repeat transmission/whatever it was destroyed because the soldier monitoring it blew it up when word came through that John Henry Eden “died”.


Yeah NV gets into a bit of a circlejerk but I like how the Enclave in that has gone from being this big bad “war crimes anyone?” group into the literal wasteland boogeyman. The reality of their existence is that they’re all old men and women trying to live normal lives in what is now the land of their old enemy. When they put on their armor and do one last hurrah at the Dam, its a moment that for that small squad is meant to be one of partial redemption, and for New Vegas and the NCR its this strange last gasp where people ask “what, was *THAT* the Enclave?”


I do somewhat worry that with 76 introducing the idea that Maxson broadcast a message that inspired West Virgina's brotherhood that Bethesda now has an excuse to put them just about anywhere, but I'd hope at least if we were to see them based off this idea that we could at least see different takes on how they would develop their ideology. It would be interesting to see a faction that recieved the initial message but developed in a different direction so they were brotherhood in name only.


I wouldn't say the New Vegas version was major. They practically washed up and can be wiped out before end game. I say keep them in but include them like New Vegas. Just a minor faction.


If that’s the case then FO5 would have to take place before the BoS. I know what you’re trying to get at but the BoS is kind of a staple in the franchise.


Or somewhere like Canada or Mexico, cause the BoS factions stretched across most of the US


I want them to be present, but not a major faction.


I think they should be in it a bit, but in more of a New Vegas or 2 sense where they’re minor characters you can have a bit of fun with, but that aren’t the focal point of the game. That or they’d better chance them immensely so they’re a new thing, but at that point they may as well just make a new faction.


If they’re in fallout 5 I’d like them to be like they are in new Vegas, a side faction you can interact with if you want but don’t have to


I would like the next fallout to have like, some sort of tribal war faction aesthetic, like the main population of the game being raider tribals and their factions


Same with super mutants and the enclave


Just have them relegated to an extremely minor role like FO2 and NV. But I think Bethesda just loves their armor too much so they'll use them as much as possible


They had a perfect chance to do that with 76 but they chose not to and made a really boring and quite badly written set up for the base game and DLC. But at this point it would mean having to keep away from DC-Boston area now I guess.


So you're an Enclave supporter who dosent want the brotherhood in a fallout game. Intriguing


I think they should have a *minor* role, like on the level of the Enclave in New Vegas.


Love the name boss


I agree but I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.


It’d be cool if they played a minor role like they did in Fallout NV.


I dont give a damn whose in it as long as it’s single player and not filled with micro transactions


Well they're probably nearly gone in the lore I think BOS get wiped out in most fallout 4 endings, I guess they could be wormed in somehow for a sequel but they get destroyed by the minutemen. Nv BOS are on the way out also, not sure if we will have a Canon for it but there could be remnants, just depends on the ending. I'd bet on them being wiped out by the NCR. The way to obtain a peace with them takes quite abit of work from the player. It's not the ending most first time players find. They're a spent force in my opinion, their societies have crumbled in 100 years, Constantly driven underground, the east coast chapter seems like the last Swan song for them. I have absolutely no clue what the fuck fallout 76 is doing with the brotherhood but it's feels abit out of place knowing the history. The troop numbers alone contradict the pre established lore. My guess is they they will somehow seed the east coast brotherhood into the apallachian chapter somehow and move to DC. So I guess we might see them again but I hope we don't, Im over them now, I liked the analogy for racism and how good can become bad angle with fallout 3 but that's it. I want Fallout to do what New Vegas did and show us the new rising empires and power struggles. The lost places of pre war significance twisted and molded into new societies. (ripped apart and put back together as the sole survivor mentions). Meaningful narratives that reward paying attention and role playing as your character. It's all good building the world with settlements but why build it when the narrative direction is essentially silent when you do? I think they'll probably improve this.


They didn't have a major role in my first playthru of fo4. They showed up with their big airship, took care of some supermutant and ghoul strongholds with their little whirlybirds, but we ignored each other for the most part, until the very end when I blew their airship out of the sky unprovoked, sank the institute, and made the Commonwealth safe for everyone.


This is the way


Especially since I nuked the Prydwen into oblivion. Would be *really* awkward.


The Brotherhood of Steel was always a better addition in the games where they are more of a side faction (1, 2, and New Vegas). They’ve always been boring as a main faction like they are in Fallout 3 and 4.


I mean, in 4, the missions to kill them was great.


I disagree. At this point, it is Fallout Tradition to have the Brotherhood. Perhaps they shouldn't have a leading role, but they should be present. It would be like not having a Pipboy or Mr Handies, yes by occluding them there would be space for a never-before-seen wrist-mounted computer or butlerbot, but I don't think seeing a new Pipboy or a new Mr Handy is worth giving up such iconic parts of Fallout.


That’s not really the same. Pip-Boys and Mr. Handies we’re built and distributed to locations all over the U.S., so it makes sense for them to be available almost anywhere. But the BoS is a small-medium sized faction that is based out of California. It would be contrived as hell for them to be present in every location where a game takes place. They shouldn’t just destroy the logic of the world for the sake of corporate branding, which is exactly what the BoS is used for at this point.


Its like saying, nuka cola has been on every fallout game, next one without that. Or, every game takes place in post war america, next one in some other place. Its part of the games identity. They need to be present in some shape or form. It would be cool for them to have a twist, something to keep them fresh. For example, I like that in 76 they added an internal conflict in the BoS.


They did that for 76 and people bitched and they added BOS to the game


I think it'd be fine if they were more like in NV, where they are a faction, but not actively taking part in what's happening, and you couldn't directly join them. Maybe just have an outpost or something.


But the BoS are the best part of Fallout.


I wouldn't mind it, only of they were a cliffnote like in new Vegas. A small side faction withaybe a quest or two but no major impact on the overall main story.


They didn’t play that big of a role in new Vegas I think having a small BOS scouting post wouldn’t be bad


Excuse me? As an eternal BoS fanboi, fuck your opinion.


I don’t mind The BoS if they’re done well (they were not done well in 3&4. Idk about 76 haven’t played it that much)


They were barely anything in NV.


I disagree. They are a staple of the franchise, and I like how they were wort of changed up in Fallout 4. As long as they are changed in some way in FO5, then I'm fine with it.


It would be cool if there was an anti-brotherhood of steel, in the since that they are anti power armor and guns like Caesars Legion. Their ideology could be further enhanced by some sort of corrosive bacteria that’s in the area that decays steel so they have to adapt to the area and are more secluded than any other area.


They should make them a side faction like in New Vegas. They had their time to shine but leave them in there just for references and cool armor.


"They have been in every fallout game" And it should stay that way. Inclusion of the BoS even in a small way isn't going to impede them from making another faction. Also the BoS isn't a "military" or the "military" as much as they are an order of metallic monks. Removing them from the franchise would be the worst mistake ever made. Additionally, there have already been a ton of "military" splinter factions.