Royal Fumble


This is hands down the worst final they’ve ever made. Any other answer is an argument for 2nd worst.


yeah and my answer for second worst is hexaterrestial. I just find this final mind numbing. you run around forever until the ring closes up and then it actually starts. and it's just not interesting. you just kind of hope the ones you need to fill back in fill back in in time it's like a more RNG thin ice or hexagone. The fact it is already so similar to 2 other finals was another point against it.


I’d like to defend hexaterrestrial because there are ways to circumvent the problems you mentioned. I like to deliberately take hexagons in places so that they are timed to reappear in my area when the area closes. After that, I take note of which parts of the hexagons are being cleaned so I know that I shouldn’t go to that side for a while. Sure, there’s some rng, but there are definitely methods to position yourself with hexagons


yeah it is true you could time it to take an area so it will reappear as the ring closes but honestly I just don't care enough to try that hard anymore. The other point I forgot to bring up is how INSANELY bad the camera is when the ring is closed up. It's the stomping ground but issue 10x worse. Crazy that the game went and stayed live like that.


Fair enough point, honestly. They could’ve made it like any other shrinking zone in any other game and made it translucent so that you could see where it was while being able to look through it.


it's probably an issue with their entire camera implementation. The way it jumps forward and back around edges it's like an actual physical entity in the game I'd guess. There's a couple spots that would be way better to stand in tail tag as well if you could actually look out from them but you can't because the camera implementation is terrible and MT just doesn't care about it.


I think Hexaterrestial would be a LOT more interesting if they just started the ring smaller or if it contracted more quickly. You're right, the beginning is just kind of boring and in the first minute of the final it's almost exclusively newbs and people making really stupid mistakes (I've been there myself a few times) getting eliminated.


I already hate all the tail/hex/penguin modes. This looks truly terrible


Especially after 6-7 rounds. I did not just do all that work for a royal fumble




Agreed, which is a shame because Royal Fumble could legit be fun if it was based on who was able to keep the tail for the longest during the time limit (and in that case it would even be fine to increase the time a bit), rather than who was able to steal it from 5 lightyears away at the last millisecond.


This one is so chaotic its amazing. Of course this sub hates it because its not easy for them


The main reason why people hate it is that only the last 5 seconds count. You can go afk until the last 20 seconds and win with no problem. If it was a point system on who can keep it for the longest, then I’m sure people would start liking it more.


Heck no all the time counts, you can learn enemies's patterns, see their skill level, that'll make you able to make fancier decisions rather than just waiting until the last few seconds. It's a really good way to play the round. You just have to learn your enemies's playstyles and their pathing.


If the hate reason was the score mechanism people would not hate pegwin pool party, a hold for X secs score


People don’t hate pegwin modes because of the scoring, they hate it because of the pegwins and the grab mechanics on that stage


Is it rare? I never got it.


yup, kind of, since F2P I've got this final about 3 or 4 times


Basketfall Final


royal fumble obviously but my hot take would be hex-a-ring. i don't have good visual perception and often find myself going too far off on one end and then dying LOL, but that's prolly a skill issue on my part


Skill issue


Lost temple


My favorite final and I’ll always stick by it


Also this.


without a doubt the worst final they made and probably the worst level ever created imo




Near the bottom of my list, I like the idea of having to clear lots of smaller puzzle/obstacle rooms but the randomness of the doors (or having to play enough to remember the possible patterns and know which doors will break) is lame.


When i see this final come up i quit because theres no way i can win it


Skill issue.


Hexaring and royal fumble


The kraken game is way better than Royal Fumble, Fall Mountain and The Lost Temple.


Hot take: Fall Mountain is NOT a bad finale. It gets way too much hate, and I’ll gladly take it over Royal Fumble, the Kraken Finale, Hex-a-ring, Hex-a-terrestrial, and Lost Temple. It’s not great, but pretty good if you look at some the other options


Man I love fall mountain. Sure there is a bit of randomness with where the balls land but it's just a great final. Maybe it's just my nostalgia for GUTS and the astro crag.


[Do you have it?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THuOzYo51EY) Funny side note - I also thought it was the Astro Crag but it's the **Aggro** Crag. Huh.


Lol I think I learned that at one point after calling it the wrong thing for a long time…I guess I reverted


What's wrong with kraken slam?


Kraken Slam feels like it has more variety than other finals. From everyone standing still (slow paced) to everyone running around panicking + setting off all the tentacles (fast paced). It's pretty refreshing where you can have a final that you can stand still (if you want to) sometimes. It might have a recency bonus for me, but I think it's my favourite.


I cant even play more than 5 seconds on it as i either get pushed or grabbed while jumping =(


I don't mind any final but, Jump Showdown makes me nervous and I am very bored with Hex-a-gone.


Unpopular opinion but.. Jump Showdown. I like Jump Blowdown though (with the fan) as the round ends faster. I just get really anxious and on edge because of all the hostile players as I'm not the grabby type unless necessary. Heck even if I'm on my own platform alone.. I worry about screwing up so I'm too tense and hyperfocus a lot. I don't like the feeling. Edit: Added details to why I like Jump Blowdown more.


30 seconds into this final my nose will start to itch and then I can't concentrate for the rest of it. 😄 every single time without fail.


Ahaha sounds like you're allergic to the round 😜


Me too , this only happen on hex a terrestrial and jump showdown.


Jump Showdown when nobody is grabbing is the best finale next to Hex-A-Gone, imo. Society would be a utopia if they removed grabbing in it. Latency screws everyone over 99% of the time with the grabbing


Fall Mountain


Fall mountain would be Awesome if it were just a race, never a final. Same with Lost Temple with its diverse obstacles.


While I would say that Royal Fumble is easily the worst final, Fall Mountain is definitely right behind it. It's basically one of those finals where if you fuck up just once, it's a guaranteed L. No point in trying if you fuck up just once.


I like the map. But i hate my spawns and luck.




Fall mountain is soooo RNG, and its just a boring ass map


skill issue


Whaaaat kraken is probably one of if not my FAVORITE final it’s so fun


Nobody asked for this, but here’s my best to worst list: 1. Jump Showdown 2. Thin Ice (unpopular opinion but I love it) 3. Hex-A-Ring 4. Blast Ball 5. Hex-A-Terrestrial 6. Roll-Off (Low Gravity Variant) 7. Hex-A-Gone 8. Lost Temple 9. Kraken Slam 10. Roll-Off (regular variant) 11. Instantly die and lose all progress off the match 12. Not playing at all 13. Uninstalling the game 14. Royal Fumble


A fine list. Sad Kraken Slam is low but understandable. Got to ask though, why is Roll Off so low?


Blast Ball


Hell naaah, that's the best one imo, always happy to see it


I'm a bit nuts, but my least favourite is Hex-a-Gone. It's just very slow and only interesting on the last 2, maybe 3 floors... I like Kraken Slam! Just too bad you can't really consistently time it out if you want to do that.


I thought so when the game released and still think it: Fall Mountain is not only still the worst designed race in the game but still a bad final.


Out of the normal finals, it’s Royale fumble for me. However, the hoverboard heroes show has hoverboard as the final, meaning it is literal rng if you win or not depending how many people are at the pinball launchers.


Low gravity roll off variant. By far my favourite is roll off but low gravity sucked. I’m so glad we’re back to reg roll. Being able to tell what variant it is from the start


what's wrong with it? too easy?


Honestly idk it doesn’t hit as hard as reg.


Thin Ice


I have not played that since i fought at Nam


Royal fumble is the only one I actively dislike


Royal Fumble is the worst by far. I dislike Lost Temple but that’s probably just because I’m bad at it. My controversial opinion is that Fall Mountain is a really good final. Kraken Slam is fine but not great imo


These are my exact thoughts! Fall mountain is so exciting to me as grabbing the crown feels so rewarding


Royal fumble by far.


Royal Fumble no contest


So over hexaring and hexagon. Also royal fumble


fall mountain. I actually like the octopus one the best.


Royal Fumble. If we're ignoring that one, then probably Lost Temple.


Unpopular opinion: Roll Off


Yes, but adding the gravity thing was fresh imo. Now, if they add more obstacles, I imagine that’d make it more fun. I’m thinking of certain part could be bounce pads, or conveyor belt going the other way, or hex tiles, etc etc. Fruit cannons would be fun too.


Yes in the low gravity variant they really needed some minor obstacles floating between the two cylinders to make things a little more difficult/interesting.


Yeah! Like difficult enough to make it interesting, but not too difficult where people die within 10 seconds lol


It was Fall Mountain until i discovered there used to be a Perfect Match final


There isn’t a perfect match final, but there is a spinner variant that often clears a lot of players


Royal Fumble, Hex-a-ring and this last one might be an unpopular Opinion but Hex-a-gone.


Roll off I hate spinning the camera constantly


You can jump over the gaps


Some of them if there's no grabbers.


blast ball


lost temple


I can’t stand Blast ball


Jump showdown is boring and i hate timing things out. Grabbing players is the only way it gives me joy


Low Gravity Hex-a-gone


this one would be better as a survival level, also hexaring. even grabbing in kraken is unfun.


Agree with , same as lost temple that should be a race round.


Thin ice, blast ball for unvaulted rounds


Hex- a ring. Due to bad internet issues. I know, I know it doesn’t make it a bad final but because of my internet issues, it makes it just about impossible for me to play with feeling like I’m playing stuck in the mud… In Terms of skill lol roll off. In Terms almost there every-time but no crowns to show for it. Hex-a gone.


Blast Ball. Kraken slam is a close second though


Fall Mountain has been the bane of my existence since release. It's rigged to give newbies a chance to win I guess, but if you have an excellent run or even a close one it literally comes down to a 50/50 whether you win or not. Awful design specifically because of the moving crown IMHO.


Hex-a-terrestrial easily. Hexagone and hexaring are fun because you can strategize and sabotage. The flat ones sucks because you're just running around like chickens for a good 2-3 minutes


Yeah, exactly. Most boring map overall imo.


Jump Showdown, boring as fuck. Only reason people like it is cos it’s the easiest to win.


Roll Off without a doubt for me


I'll still say Lost Temple, although Kraken Slam isn't that great either


This season is a big L


Kraken slam made me want to play less the game, can't belive I'm missing ss2.


Not my fave final, but it also depends on who’s in the finals with you. I think it’s new and creative, but it is more fun when the other beans are more aggressive. It’s not much action if everyone’s passive because it gets a bit slow


Same for me. I can't believe people are so positive about SS3, it's the worst.


I can't speak for ss2 since I played none of the game during that time period, but ss3 seems really solid so far. Sure, there are only 5 rounds, but I like all of them imo. The 2 race rounds are unique and fun even if they have a low skill ceiling. Puzzle path is fun to complete as fast as you can. Blastlantis is fun if you don't camp. And the new finale while can be unfair at times, remains constantly tense. Even my other favorite seasons (eg s4) had multiple rounds worse than anything in these season imo.


Fall mountain


You know to tell you the truth, it would be cool if we got even more variations for finals. I just noticed that the middle path to the crown in lost temple is now possible. Didn't used to be that way.


Fall Mountain, Every Damn Time there’s always some sweat already halfway up the mountain ready to grab the crown


Fall Mountain and Lost Temple


I like the races more than survivals. It's a good change of pace


Hell nah! You gotta be crazy if you think this the worst. Either the royal fumble or that stupid maze final


It's either Kraken slam or fall mountain


Blast ball, its just so boring, it really begins when the first few tiles fall


Nothing wrongs its the most fun gitgud.


You should respect people's opinion




same. but I don't like TTF at all.


I like this one


royal fumble, but hex-a-gone is a very close second.


No one else has said it but...Power Grid. Eff that noise. I am so glad it's gone right now.


Whats your least favourite finale, and tell me why its none, i larb finales


Official Finals? Blast ball. Unofficial final? Volleyfall 1v1. Both are infuriating to get.


Looks like someone wasnt around during the og season 3. All we got to play was thin ice. Always thin ice.


I played since og season 2 , I like thin ice, but it starts to get boring getting every time.


Even so it technically isn't a final I would like to add Perfect Match with trolley bot. When that was a thing it often endet matches during round 2.


Roll off


Royal Fumble is my least favourite, but it doesn't show up that much anyways. So my runner up is actually Jump Showdown, which may be a hot take.


Ive never seen royal fumble as a final


Royal Fumble fricking sucks. An also I love kraken slam, I'm heartbroken


Royal fumble by far. Thank god it is vaulted now


This is the rarest final, it only appears less with 6 players.


Lost Temple.


As a solo final, it’s Blastball. I know it’s not objectively the worst but whenever it comes up it’s just such a meh. Also it’s rly common.


Lost Temple is worst final in my opinion because it's strickly about luck and not skill. Fall Mountain is on second place. I feel like race for final it's kinda unfair.


1. Hexaring 2. 1v1 Stomping Ground (Yes that has happened to me) 3. 2v2 tip toe final (forgot the name)


Royal Fumble / Fall Mountain


As a Switch player who only is able to go 95% speed compared to PC players, I gotta say I agree with your pick. The strategy of hopping from tile to tile to avoid getting hit by the tentacles does not work for me. I always get hit even when I’m constantly running


I think conceptually the Kraken one could be amazing. The idea of a kraken trying to knock you off sounds fun, but I think it would have been better to have a platform where tentacles alternate between swiping at you, throwing stuff at you and slamming and the edges falling off. Just combo several already tried and tested mechanics into kraken form.


Grab Showdown. The level that has you most of the time lose because someone has to be a grabbing douchebag, other than that they should rework the level so people don't get eliminated 80% of the time by a grabber but instead because they failed the timing on their jumps or avoiding the obstacles. Because i do agree if you would play this level without grabbing it will last forever and is indeed boring. But i don't mind losing because people were just better than some douchebag just walking up and doing a grab.


Blast ball


Royal Fumble Lost Temple Fall Mountain Roll Off- But good with low gravity Kraken boring Krackhead


Hex-a-gone is the worst one, in my opinion. But I generally like them all.


I'm a huge fan of Hex-a-Terrestrial, you can remember where and when hexagon tiles respawn and plan accordingly so you can be the last one on a safe area