I'm very sure my grabbing K/D is in the negatives.


Get those numbers higher then ;)








Why do i still try tho 😭😭😭


I just tried to grab-back a grabber. But I missed the grab and grabbed a non-grabber. Then that non-grabber grabbed me in a grab-back sending me to grab hell.


That’s me four outta five times. For some reason it always happens in squads and I end up grabbing a squad mate lol like “great now my team thinks I’m messing with them”


These are some of my favorite outcomes.


every single time i fuck up and get a karma whooping


If I have ever grabbed someone I assure you it's 100% an accidental button mash.




I mean I've only been playing about a week, so...


In about a month you’ll start getting good at grabbing, it’s like you discover a brand new game if regular fall guys was getting stale


A month?! I’ve been bad at it since day 1. Send help 🥲


You’re too good for the grabbing world


I grab because you grabbed me. I no longer want to win. I just want you to lose.


We’re in the same boat, especially on early rounds. I won’t mind starting over if I get to watch that mofo get eliminated


I like to say it goes against my code and I have 1000+ wins without being a grabber, but the truth is it’s not a skill I’ve mastered and I find end up griefing myself the few times I get in a grab match with an expert grabber.


It's not a skill I've master and I don't like when people do it to me. However I would love to get good enough to grab back someone who grabs me, particularly if they're trying to push me off. I want revenge.


Grabbing works for me in some places, but in race rounds (unless extreme)it isn't worth it because it tends to just slow me down or get me hit by obstacles. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but my character slows down/completely stops to grab and if I try to do it quick, my bean does not even extend the arms. I have been grabbed before and saw the person continue with their momentum, but cannot fathom how they did it.


If you “tap grab” aka only briefly tap the grab button rather than hold it, you don’t really lose momentum and can kill players in certain scenarios. For instance if you’re right behind them and tap grab them right as they’re about to jump a gap, the grab basically stops them in place while losing you little to no time. It’s a dick move but you can’t say it’s not effective.


I do not usually grab people unless they started it to be honest. Sometimes when I tap to grab, my bean does not grab them. It could be my controller, it not being synced or I just suck at grabbing. Lol. Honestly, it is better if I don't because I tend to fall or lose when I do. And I feel bad if they did not start it. If they started it, I am usually pretty satified holding them as we fall together in a survival round.


That’s usually what gets me, where you don’t realize to hit ‘jump’ again by the time you realized what happens and end up getting swiped off off the course


I only start grabbing the guy trying to grief me


Honestly only grab in final rounds. In survival rounds multiple people survive so it’s better to just not get a horde of people whooping your ass because you tried to push someone off.


Sometimes I grab just to give me the invincibility frames on being grabbed. Grabbing isn't always to be malicious!


I don't grab because, without fail, every time I grab someone to try and push them off a ledge, I fall in said ledge and my target survives.


The only time i do it is if its a final as doing it in like round 1 or 2 is pointless, in the final your goal is just to win


Round 1/2 grabbing is the worst! You’re just being annoying for no reason. And now you have a target on your back. Kind polite beans that strike like a viper in the Final is the way to go.


Unless it’s Xtreme Solo


Grabbing someone in round 1 or 2 has the potential to eliminate somebody who is matching you in a race. Not pointless at all


I wonder why people downvote you, wanted to say the same. One more free spot for me and my squad mates


I am running circles around you don't worry about it.


i do grab and i usually kill people. we are not the same


It takes practice, and now that there are so many grabbers, you can practice on them guilt-free!


😂 Yeah, I've take myself out more times due to my attempts than the person I was trying to revenge grab.


I only grab anyone that grabs me. I usually never grab anyone even if I'm behind someone. I would feel bad if I do. But once that one guy grabs me the tables flip the other side and it's on lol.


Listen, if we're waiting on a counter and none of us are moving around, I'm gonna pull you in for a hug. If you push away, it's war


I don't understand it when people use this meme in a self depreciated way


Jump show down finale is all I try to grab on. And I usually try to wait until there is 4 players or so. But 99 percent of the time karma gets me and I get eliminated.


If it's Jump Showdown: you have to do a quick tap just before the bar comes around. Holding the grab is suicide, I know immediately I'm dealing with noobs when they run up and hold a frontal grab for the full duration.


Long grabs for impending obstacles, quick grabs for gaps and jumps. All about the timing and recovery. Also for grabbing on hexagon and tile falling ones, you gotta grab from the front then recover quickly (By quick i mean taps, nothing much longer)


Why are people so mad at grabbing on this game? Half the time I time it right and grab somebody when they're jumping and they fall, other half I time it wrong and I fall. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.