would be cool for spectators, def should not be available to players for griefing like if a bean has the highest crowns in a lobby there’d probably be a lot of beans who just target them until 💀


Well to be honest, UX wise I don't even see a way the devs would implement this while you aren't spectating. Probably only by going to a specific menu for that, but that would be too much effort. As someone pointed out, it would be a good idea if the user could hide their amount of crowns/wins/playtime. However seeing the skin/color palette would be nice even if other stats are hidden.


for cosmetics I think that's a great idea! for other stats I think it would be a bit of a waste, I mean, there's not much point in looking at that after you got eliminated, people would be like *"oh I get it, I got killed by a pro"* or. *"OH I got killed by a rookie, nice."* ​ btw, love your UI design for this idea, very nice and clean


Thank you, I always appreciate people who appreciate my UI/UX design. Would be great if Fall Guys at least had some API to access player stats publicly. At least for the current crowns amount.


Hell yeah, without a proper UI you have a terrible UX. That shit should be fundamental EVERYWHERE. I still look at the horrible design of the remote for my dad's AC, and the layout of the buttons and lack of symbols for universal understanding is terrible Btw, I'm not sure if FallGuysStats properly shows your crowns (because I don't look into that much) but I believe that they had something close to showing you your winning ratio on rounds and such, I mainly use it to have a proper timer when I play cause I wanna get over with the challenges that involve qualifying in X amount of time and it helps me a lot to know the exact timing of me crossing the finish line


i mean also if a bean hides their stats it’s probably a red flag for “i have a ton of crowns please don’t target me” and code to naughty beans for “target me.” but yeah the design looks cool anyway, besides the unwanted implications of gameplay lol


Noooo I don't need people to see that all my crowns are from shard grinding and I have no solo wins.


you'll get your solo wins, just wait for it, time and practice rewards us all 💪✨




I don't want people to see my crown amount


Up to MediaTonic to not care about this really. I myself wouldn't hide it, but if a player wants to, why not?It works this way in Overwatch, however it would be a nice way of knowing more about the players I actually play with.


same skin, banner, and nickname is already enough


Let’s just have the amount of hours played above our heads 💀


social suicide grabs




Honestly, I just want to be able to see my own stats. Even that would be enough for me.


And have the option of showing or not showing info...would be awesome


it would be cool if I can see my stats of wins and loses in the game but not if they’re open to other players. It’s too easy to be targeted or to make an assumption about a player.


Good luck, game should have implemented stats and more info years ago but at this point I think that ship has sailed It’s a nice idea, here’s to hoping one day


now that's a good idea


I would love a medal profile where u can see if u got 1st on the maps and maybe some rewards when u hit 10 1st places


I love this idea but can see how this could be used against players as well.


I want this feature so badly


Just another great idea that in any other game would be present on release or would just take some months to be implemented... But Mediatonic isn't able to. Player stats has been one of the most requested features since this game was launched, but iirc these Devs already said they haven't been tracking player stats since then, so they have no idea how to do a fair implementation of it now. In addition, this seems to be connected with the mess on the PS5 version trophies that just don't unlock and they also have no idea (until now) how can it be solved. So, and considering the time Mediatonic takes to implement the simplest features, is safer to assume this one will still be unavailable for many months or even years. Or never. 🤷


I like it for peeps in my party, so some twats will stop lying about their crown counts 😅😅


Tooo much work 😵


I wouldn’t be surprised if this comment was from a mediatonic dev on an alt account lmaoooo


that's so true xD https://media.tenor.com/\_4ZcTg0bHJ0AAAAC/gintama-madao-laugh-gintama.gif


No thanks, i dont want my crown amount on display 😬


They don’t care about the game anymore why would they add this


Absolutely not if it’s showing crowns and wins. I enjoy wearing the default skin with the Rookie title to quickly weed out the first show quitters.


it would be cool, but why did you had to use the most hated skin in fall guys as an example


That's very subjective. For me it's actually my fav skin along with the regular Miku.


well anyways, it would still be cool if that name tag thing was added into the game


Yea I’m rich asf so it would be a huge flex lol


As someone who is about to hit 10k crowns in a couple days... Please let there be some type of opt out feature at least. I don't need more 10 year olds harassing me on a daily basis 🤣


I would love to know how many hours I’ve played. Is there a way to currently see this? I know Nintendo has something built in, does Playstation?


As far as I am aware, only Steam has this feature. I got the game on Steam when it got released and thankfully they do track playtime.


Cool for spectating sure but given how we don't even how a statistic page for ourself would make it a little redundant


Omg that would be so cool for the spectators!