If there's a hacker in the lobby. Pretty pointless to continue. People afking in Squads.


That happened to me today, too. Didn’t even think to add it. I always leave, as well.


I’m new, how do you know if there’s a hacker in the arena?


Most the time they barely hide their hacks and will fly up into the sky


Oh wow ! I haven’t seen that


Two more things are that they always have the PC (monitor and CPU) icon above their name, and usually have a name in a different language or have glitched icons in it.


Both of these are my only reasons too lol


this hasn't happened to me in forever, but a teammate running around crazy on pixel perfect should be automatic back to the lobby.


I try and wrestle with them, but if that doesn’t work, I’m out🫡


Random that keeps running around in Pixel Painters


Crossing the finish line first in a race only to spectate your duos teammate emoting on the start line 🙄


I got first in puzzle path one time in squads and lost my medal because literally all 3 other people (not randoms btw) couldn’t finish nearly as quick as they needed to


If you get first on Duos you're definitely gonna qualify into the next round, but after that it would be difficult to have any success with a teammate like that, so I understand why you would quit in a situation like this.


As soon as a survival round comes along, you are screwed.


Yup, that's true. The only way to really still qualify is getting Stompin' Ground and all 3 people survive the whole thing, but that's not gonna happen that easily.


I always rage quit Pixel Painters when a single random mate goes rambo on the tiles


“Team mate stop… team mate please stop…” is about the only words exchanged as they run all over the board and blow our chances of qualifying. I don’t know if it’s just a misunderstanding of the game, or trolling. Probably a mix of both.


Having just 3 players in a squad in round 1.


We have won a couple of times just the 3 of us, so we usually stick around. The only thing that dooms is is the easy version of block party being in the rotation. No way to catch up on that one 🫠


I don't mind the challenge, and I won't abandon my team in the later rounds obviously if we lose someone to a disconnect or something. But if I spawn into round 1 down a player then honestly, it's better for everyone to simply back out and re-queue.


When I find myself in a team of 3 in round 1, I always keep going. Because typical randoms have better chance to win in a team of 3 with me than in a full team with other randoms.


That is just true. Even if you're a god player, two people qualifying are still better than one person qualifying earlier in a race round. Furthermore, you don't get double points in survival rounds because you are a good player.


I've probably played more games in squads with randoms than anyone, so I think I know what I'm talking about. >two people qualifying are still better than one person qualifying earlier in a race round. It may not be obvious, but the average random player is actually *worse than average* and usually ends up below the top 50% - due to some premade teams (and the further the lower, when they get not so common rounds and stronger opponents). So when I'm scoring 90-100% of max points in races - I'm doing better than two average players. >Furthermore, you don't get double points in survival rounds because you are a good player. Hoop Chute is instadeath. Blastlantis, one rhino Stompin' Ground, one bar Jump Club, and the easiest variation of Block Party don't look good as well. But they don't appear every time (and, um, you can practice some grabs - only for the noble squad goal, of course). The Swiveller, two or three bar Jump Club are long enough to compensate one missing player. Actually, Hyperdrive, three bars' Jump Club and the hard variation of The Swiveller are all instant qualification. So it's all about the odds, and again, for the majority of squad players - the chance not to get a bad round is bigger than just qualifying in a full team of randoms. Then, there are team games and early solo finals. So this "it's better for everyone to simply back out and re-queue" is just not true if you are a competent player. This is when it's better for everyone to keep going: you can have some challenge and maybe practice grabs, the average random has a better chance to win in a team of 3 with one good player than in a full team of randoms. Finally, it's easy to notice that rookies don't quit in a team of 3, so you'd just waste their time. Block Party and Stompin' Ground usually appear in round 2 - so even in a worst case scenario you are only "saving" them maybe 20 seconds between the rounds by qutting in round 1.


I actually kind of agree with your explanation, but I still (obviously) prefer it when 4 people are in a squad. And when I see that we're only 3 people, then I don't immediately back out either. I look at the skill of the other people and even if they're struggling a little bit, I still try to carry them to the victory because I'm simply too lazy to quit and would feel bad for the randoms.


Yeah, of course, for you a team of 4 has much better chances than a team of 3. But my whole point is that for most randoms a team of 3 with a good player has a better chance to win than a team of 4 randoms. I mean, they don't play often, most randoms are +/- the same rookies, maybe it's the first and the last time they get a Golden Knight in their squad. Yeah, it's a squad of 3, no one is perfect, but we still have a chance. And as long as they keep going - I think I owe them and trying my best.


Yes, I understand what you're saying. Also, the first sentence sounded like you're calling me bad lol... "Yeah, of course, for **you** a team of 4 has much better chances than a team of 3."


Yeah, I definitely meant the opposite. For you - a good player - it's a choice "me (a good player) and two randoms" vs. "me (a good player) and three randoms", and the latter is preferable. I have some troubles with expressing my thoughts. Even my first downvoted message sounded like I was bragging ("I'm a god player who can easily carry two noobs to win") while all I meant was that the odds of getting a bad round are not the high to instantly quit (and it would usually come up early anyway), there are lots of rounds where being one player short is not important, and we still have a decent chance.


On a round 1 60 man squad lobby, let's say you and ur reliable teammate gets 57 and 42 respectively, on average what would u say the other two bozos get?


Depends on the round. Pretty much anywhere between not qualifying (Skyline Stumble, Lily Leapers, Big Fans - if all teammates qualify I'd call it a star team) to top places in easy rounds. Why? 1st round is usually not a problem. Most players struggle on the later stages, especially when only 2 out of 4 qualify. Wall Guys, Pipe Dream, Pixel Painters, Slime Climb, Hyperboard, Team Tail Tag, Volleyfall, solo finals - that's when one good player is more useful than a couple of randoms. So in a team of three of beans - qualify in the 1st race, then pray to avoid a bad round 2, and then you are fine because you'll have mostly team games, harder races and a solo final. I genuinely don't see a reason to instantly quit, every squad has a decent chance.


Wouldn't be so bad if Stomping Ground didn't come up every squad show.


I like the challenge. I finally won a match as a team of 3 recently


Strangely I have a better winning percentage with three of us than four, and in not particularly great. Only happens when a fourth person quits, mind.


This keeps happening to me as well. I usually queue up with my sister and we play squads if we aren't doing duos or one of the game modes and people keep leaving when they see puzzle path as the first game. Which I don't blame them, that sucks ass to keep seeing it every game. We would quit but if the remaining random is decent, we can usually make it as a 3man but if both randoms quit or afk we're out. If we want to play duos, we will but if we queue up in squads, we want to play squads.


It's usually pointless to continue without 4 in a squad b/c if you get survival maps like Jump Club or Blastlantis then you're instantly losing tons of points having 1 less player.


Players that constantly grab me for no reason


I have never rage quit. I always collect my rewards.


You’re better than most of us 🫡


This season I really needed every fame point. Just got to lvl 200 lol.


They used to let you back out earlier and collect, now you have to sit and wait..


Not in solo. Once you're eliminated you can leave and collect rewards. In squads, yes, but just pull out your phone and chill till the round is done.


door dash


I quit so many times on door dash that I actually dropped SBMM brackets.


Is this the same on squads? Do your squads suck even more if you quit multiple times?


nope. SBMM only affects solo.


Ohh that could explain what's been happening to me. I literally always quit doordash these days


when someone gets hit by something in an awakard way and land fine but when you get hit the same way you die


or you get hit and rag doll for 10 seconds before getting up.


Also play with my boyfriend. Duos/squads. We do fine? He's a super competitive type, I'm more play for fun. I do better with random duos/squads than I do with him 😂 So most of the time, no matter what, he makes me rage quit no matter what the round. Special shout out to Rhinos though


My boyfriend and I almost always win in duos, with the exception of getting eliminated on team games, but we just have crap luck with teammates in squads


The RIDICULOUS amount of griefing in "slime climb time" right at this moment compared to regular slime climb!!! Barely 10 ppl are qualifying from R1.


I can’t deal with Slime Climb Time. Under normal circumstances I can qualify, but not when beans make it their life mission to eliminate as many people as possible. It’s the worst when they stand on the yellow cylinders and block the way/push you off.


Exactly!!! I also experienced a golden witch just standing inbetween the last set of green sliding blocks pushing off the entire lobby over and over. Only 6 other ppl qualified.


Sounds like that witch did a great job in maximizing their odds of winning.


Obviously but don't be that guy! Lol Qualify the way the game was intended to be played. The obstacles in slime climb already do a good job at eliminating half the lobby. Abusing an exploit is how games become toxic just to compete.


That’s such a bad take. I’m all for grabbing, but staying back on a race to eliminate as many people as possible, that’s lame.


ppl who do this just...suck


that's perfect. slime finals suck.


Wouldn't know, can't reach it unfortunately....


Ok I see what you mean now... but just fyi the final round varies it's not just slime final.


it's always slime final with more than 16.


Oh ok well then that's only happened once so far in my games. The most I've seen qualify for finals besides that one game was 11.


If I fuck up on more than 2 rings on Speed Slider, I'm out.




Bean hills and stompin grounds, RNG taking protagonism isnt cool


Usually I won't quit because rewards but this season I've been mostly finishing my dailies really fast and I've been level 200 for ages. If I get fucked in some way at the start of any round in solo, I give up. I might goof off until I get eliminated or just quit out. But mostly it's if I have already been having a bad day. Tired and cranky and just wanna be a bean, but I get in game and I'm making every final, but losing to some bullshit? All my bean swears are coming out. T.T


When my duos teammate leaves when we literally qualified to the next round because he thinks it's solos.


A teammate dying near the beginning of Block Party


Useless Teammates.. although that's usually an elimination not a rage quit, we're usually good enough to carry anyone through, 3 or 4 rounds .. it's the joint team games we usually get screwed.. The most pointless reason is either the maze or the pixel one.. some reason people feel the need to troll because they cant do it.


This is such a low stress game for me, i haven't really got into that situation.


Fair enough, I wish I was the same. I’m just overly competitive, I guess😂


Starting a squads game and seeing we’re already a squad of three. That’s an instant leave for me lol


When you have some dingus of a bean running riot in Pixel Painters. I'll go up to them and grab & try to direct them off the board but if they continue to be jerks I'm outta there.


I never rage quit - just wait out the level and collect my points. In pixel painters I just bang my head against the walls until it's over.


Fair enough, since I finished the season pass and I’m basically only play for crowns, I just leave if it’s too frustrating. Pixel painters might be the bane of my existence, especially with a team mate that just spams the board.


if I ragdoll early in the first round I usually just drop and requeue. I could qual but I just wanna be fast.




when my squads/duos teamates are either afk or really bad or when I play duos and I have no teamate, also when someone in my team is trolling in Pixel painters


seeing sweaty gold squads


Grabbers especially on x modes


What do you expect? You cant respawn, double the rewards… the players are going to be better.


I know but i never see anyone grab on whirlygig but then ![gif](giphy|aXcln1PPkuWISEROzy|downsized)


Grabbing is half the fun! I understand it can be frustrating and excessive at times, but it’s a function of the game. Learn to embrace it and have fun! (:


Bro their grieffers and no one ever grabs on whirly gig until x mode


I dont think ive ever quit if not eliminated. Its a silly game that shouldnt be taken seriously enough to rage quit in my opinion. Small frustrations happen but a lot of the time I just laugh at stupid teammates or myself when I fuck up. We only go around this blue marble once, might as well have a good time


Good for you! I’m glad.


Never quit. ![gif](giphy|CTKbftb0gNpjHLyWHP|downsized)


When I get partnered up with a group (both duo and squad show) that’s clearly new to the game and the round is a lost cause. I finished and most of them are near spawn or struggling. Duo is worse with me finishing just to spectate them still at spawn and sometimes wait until seconds count down to move.🤬


Same as the others - randomers running around on Pixel Painters.


One time in the Pixel Painters LTM, all of the 4 players knew how to play the map but one player was way too “aggressive” and didn’t trust the teammates and did something like “flying” to correct a pixel immediately even though it was a mistake by another teammate who was about to correct it.


Wall Guys. Man I hate Wall Guys. Sometimes I just instantly quit when it starts if I'm in the back.




When I keep getting disconnected


One thing... Pixel Painters.


Probably getting bodyblocked to dead or some random stuff like jumping right before the bean in front of me and getting obliterated like his head was a trampoline. When I get grabbed and drowned, I dont really mind it if it was a good kill.


grab showdown -\_- i hate when ppl grab during jump rounds though admittedly i should get better at countering such players


People running over everything on Pixel Painters, making your odds to qualify 0%. This is not rage quitting a match specifically, but it has happened to me before that someone blue tooth grabbed me from about one hex-tile away on hex-a-terrestrial which caused me to die, so I quit Fall Guys immediately for that day.


I forfeit when my teammate in duos or squads is far behind or when I’m the only one.


throwing a game at the very end of the final when it was an easy win


I only quit if I see a hacker. Which is rare. 👍


Hacker or when someone is spam grabbing me.