I hate when this happens. I haven't played much... or at all.. since the update but does anyone else feel like the hex tiles are slippery now? I mostly feel it in hexagone and hexaroll.


no latency icon and not even slightly close to that tile lmao what a crazy waste of time for you that sucks.


Goddamn this is the worst bug I have ever encountered, multiple times. It sucks ass. The other is vanishing into thin air and getting the elimination banner.


Nothing about this surprises me. Game fails constantly, has for a long time and won't improve 😔


I've never seen this before, that's horrendous dude!


Do you really time your finals


Everyone said jump dive is a waste of time lul. Let them be bro, tbh I've never seen any top players not jump dive in hexagon even there's so much tiles left. I mean what just happened is out of your controls, nothing you can do about it but it really sucks because you're almost there.


You're diving way too early to the point that jump diving is almost useless for you, as an FYI. This has happened to me numerous times tho now and a huge reason why I don't do the jump dive anymore on Hex unless absolutely necessary. Too scared this will occur :/


Jump diving the end is always a risky move and doesn’t really gain you any time. Just jump wait instead and get the timing down


Bruh you’re objectively wrong, a correctly timed jump dive is 100% the slowest way to go


Jump diving can gain you enormous time if you also combine it with timing your jumps. Small time save for one jump but it really adds up going across multiple hexagons


Everyone knows it's slower. But at that stage of the game it was not worth it he could have single jumped to the time out easily. Slower sure but it's risky and everyone knows that too.


It's really not risky if you're good at it. Aside from this glitch that people may not know about.


Yeah that would of been better to be honest. I always just jump normally but very slowly and most time win it.


Yep, i win my Last gamr on hex like this Sometimes you have pretty Bad luck on the jump.


OOF. That’s brutal.


Never had that happen but in the other hex round I’ll run on them and they act like nobody touched them


Can I please ask why do you jump dive when you have plenty of tiles and there are only 30 seconds left?


Som1 above, safer to conserve tiles


Not OP but I jump dive in situations like this because I pretty much never mess it up, so why not? Have never had this glitch happen to me though


30 seconds? Where'd you get that nonsense from?


He said it was 4:30 minutes so the round waa going to time out in 30 seconds




That’s really rotten luck :’(


Was the guy an invisible cheater?


No this is just a glitch that happens sometimes. Not sure why people are downvoting you, seems like a good guess at explaining it.


So unnecessary you had plenty of tiles


See other responses, another player was on the layer above


Seems to be individual server (not region) dependent. It happens very rarely to me but when it does I make sure my jump dives are landing right in the center of each tile. You can slow your jump dives down a bit (you can even coyote jump dive if you wait long enough) and adjust for the kind of error in this clip.


¯⁠\⁠_⁠ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ⁠_⁠/⁠¯🤣🤣🤣 circle X fellow bean , circle X...nothing else to do. You're good enough to get there again. 😁


That sucks bro. Just slowly jumping normally would of been better. At least for the last part since you had tons of tiles left.


I've seen that happen to others a lot, and I've only encountered that a few times, so the best way for me to survive that is to not belly flop, I'll just do the regular jump, wait, jump to the next tile. I've been also getting pushed a lot out of nowhere while running on hex-a-ring, like flat ground, nothing to bump into, and the game is just like, "well screw you, you're getting bumped back and ragdolling."


Skill issue