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You got scammed and there’s nothing you can do except contacting bank for chargeback but the chance is slim. You use messenger to pay so there’s no protection for you, messenger pay is for friends and family only. I see people get scam doing messenger every week and most time they just have to accept the fact they lost the money. When doing payment you should only buy straight from facebook market place with their payment method. If you must use anything else you can use PayPal good and service. If anyone tell you to use a different payment it’s a scam. You never pay with messenger, cashapp, zelle, PayPal friends and family and so on because there’s no protection and those method are for paying your friends and family only.


WTF? They said clearly they paid with Paypal.


If you use paypal friends & family you have no protection


If you paid goods and service with Paypal, you are protected. File an "Item not received" claim with Paypal.


$105 for a Pokémon binder? Is it just the binder? If so, then the price of that is also too much and red flags for scam.


No, the binder was full of cards


Doesn't Paypal provide buyer protection and will give your money back?


Is it possible they just blocked you?


I hope that's what happened. But it seems unlikely - why would they block me without providing a tracking number for the item?


I got scammed in a very similar way for a PS3. I didn't even bother with Paypal. I just went straight to my credit card company and filed a chargeback. I had my money back within 3 days. You should be able to do the same thing with a bank if your Paypal isn't linked to a credit card.


Thanks for your reply. I wish I could do that, but the money came directly from my PayPal account, so there's no credit card company I can contact unfortunately