Dog Park Dissidents- Trans Starship Feminist Bdsm Paradise and also Rainbow Drones


The name alone has me there


I fuckkng love that song omfg


"All Dolled Up" by the Orion Experience is my current go-to for that vibe. "The Cult of Dionysus" by the same artist is also a great feel-good party song, if less specific to your prompt Edit: also Gender School Dropout by Ankle Grease


Cult of Dionysus is SUCH a good sooooong


[You're Not The Only Bear I've Fisted](https://youtu.be/aGpeD2LJKpE) by Schmekel They're an all trans masc queer punk band, and this song is about topping as a twink.


prittyboi by pandaraps. Just satisfies an urge to feel fem but be referred to as masc. Or genderfluid in general lol


call me by your name by lil n’as x ofc!


Promiseland by Mika (less party more of a f you kind of vibe)


Catchy asf!


It’s Raining Men 🎉




Mother Mother: Verbatim


Love me some Mother Mother. Truly cannot go wrong.




Boy named sue- Johnny cash father and son- cat stevens


You all are so fucking wholesome, I can’t




YES Danny Don't You Know speaks to my very SOUL


Sp far all I have is Reflection and I'll Make A Man Out Of You from the original Mulan movie😂


I'm Gonna Be Your Elvis-The Fratellis Honestly the theatricality in a lot of their music makes me gay heart happy, but that one in specific is a big euphoria song for me


My Current list is Lost boy - the midnight The prince - madeon Fortress - rogue Weightless - smle, Nick Smith Lion - hearts & colors Nonsense - madeon , ft. mark foster The man I want to be - Jake Scott Also a lot of Troye Sivan


This is a good list! Esp liked Lost Boy and Lion ✨


style of eye - we are boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9h4d0zWyX8


Comme de Garcon - Rina Sawayama. it's sung by a woman, but Comme de Garcon translates to 'Like the Boys' and it's a total club song. The lyrics are really reminiscent of sheding an 'old' you and transitoning, plus the central theme of 'boyhood'.


“When my Boy Walks Down the Street” by The Magnetic Fields


For some reason "Primadonna Girl" by Marina and the Diamonds makes my little femme boy heart happy, I don't know why. I feel like it should give me dysphoria but it doesn't. Just happy feels.


~ somebody make a playlist please I want to listen to them all ~


Fashion - the royal concept


some of the smiths' songs, while not explicitly about transmasculinity, can easily be read that way. this one about mocking a former partner for not being accepting https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VH5BSkVQLsw 🎶 *will nature make a man of me yet?* https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OYYZFx7_DS8 all you can definitely state about this one is its about someone afab but morrissey is a noted non heterosexual so interpret accordingly https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fAHk-M2k5mM and this is about a closeted gay guy denying his attraction so it works about as well with a gay guy doing that specifically for transphobic reasons. while that aspect is depressing the narrator is very cocky and self assured that they're so hot he'll come around eventually https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wurfiu4EM24 this is about barriers to acceptance but the chorus is triumphant/defiant :) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1SZ64vsrIOA obviously https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U16Xg_rQZkA more about general gender nonconformity but its iconic so https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f8J9WssSj7Q this goes hard https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ofagoEUzApw schmekel has a bunch of songs about being a transmasc jew https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pTIc9O9qOaE


Yesss The Smiths have given me so much gender euphoria lately and make my gay heart really happy


yeah haha i like to sing so when my voice became hoarse and unusable for a while it was bumming me out. once i was able to start singing again it was great being able to sound like morrissey my lifelong dream!! also gr8 username lol


Hell yeah, I'm in the hoarse stage rn and struggle but still sing The Smiths all the time 😆 and thank you lol


Scissor Sisters for sure


I really like "I like boys" by Todrick Hall


When I'm not trying to feel like an angsty emo tough guy, I like Sincerely Me (I have not seen the musical Dear Evan Hanson, so I actually can give you no context, but when I heard the song I was like...this satisfies my gay inner theater geek) Also male cover of Wont Bite by Doja Cat


ok so, I’m bisexual but I do be loving boys. I discovered the song “Them” by FLAVIA & it’s definitely a vibe. It makes me feel very in touch with my bisexuality *as I experience it from the vantage point of a nonbinary masculine person*, which is super uncommon—normally I’m kinda inserting myself into the emotions/vibe of a song without really feeling myself being represented, & it feels super good to hear a body like mine being celebrated as sexy. I thought I’d mention it because there’s not a lot of good third-person songs specifically *about* guys like me that I can vibe to. Plus, the production absolutely slaps. If you’re specifically in a gay T4T relationship, it’s a cute candidate for a romantic playlist imo. BIG potential dysphoria warning, though. The artist is cis & even though she’s trying her best it definitely shows. Context (not graphic): >!There’s some insensitive language & unintentional misgendering regarding the subject of the song’s body pre-transition.!< Because I feel affirmed by historical content about trans people (i.e. stuff that’s full of old-timey language that’s offensive now, but was written in an affirming way at the time, & makes me feel connected to my history as a trans person), the out-of-touch stuff in “Them” actually feels affirming because it reminds me of the aforementioned historical content, but when I was pre-T, I probably would have been triggered listening to it. YMMV! edit: also “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels” by Todrick Hall, & “G.U.Y.” by Lady Gaga when I’m feeling very fem


green day’s king for a day, hey dude by kula shaker


Hello - Cat empire (it kinda has a romance with a woman but if you ignore that it just makes me feel good)


danger days by mcr, the whole album


right off the top of my head, The Man by The Killers!! it was my first gender euphoria song lol, but I know there are more in my playlists, I'll come back to the thread and add when I find them!


[“Everyone Is Gay” - A Great Big World](https://youtu.be/0VG1bj4Lj1Q) Always makes me happy when I’m down.


Muscle And Matter by Blaqk Audio


On the Regular by Shamir, that song makes me wanna vogue even tho I don’t know how


Anything by Marina and the Diamonds.


Lover Boy - Queen