I think you should add some mid bass and others fillers like pads. For example try looking up a reese bass tutorial.


Okay thank you !


Sound selection can go a long way. Try using more percussion maybe some open hats and and an occasional crash. Panning/EQing can give depth and dimension. Transition FX to let the artist know it's moving to the verse. Layer your melodies. Quick and easy thing for ambiance or a counter melody is to copy paste your main melody to a different sound and then Halftiming it or using GrossBeat. Don't be afraid to experiment. Alot of my first beats I would have so many ideas that it was a mess of too many sounds happening at once leaving absolutely no room for vocals if an artist were to sing or rap on it. Simplicity is key if you're trying to shop the beat to artists. Make it catchy, make sure the transition to the intro/chorus/verse/bridge is obvious. Sorry I know that was just a bunch of random info but you can also find useful tutorials on YouTube. Have Fun! Edit: I saw someone mention something that is also important. You want to cover as much frequency range as you can without going overboard. If your main melody is a bright synth, cut all the low/low mid frequencies and then you can use a darker sound for your counter melody to fill the mid/low mid area. Keep room in the higher frequencies for your hi hats because it's really easy for a bright synth to bleed into your hi hats/cymbals.


Thank you so much for the help !


That's the key, don't be afraid to experiment, why do you think we call it a "lab". fire.


bring up the tempo can help aswell


You...are a genius. 👍🏾


Honestly, just thought of any quick tips I wish I had known when I first started. Hope it helps. BroBeatzTV on YouTube has some gems, check him out. Especially for evolving producers. 👍


Speed it up to around 140, the beat is way too slow for a drill beat, add some extra percussion, add some extra sounds like leads or bells. The main melody is pretty dark so I’d say to counter it with something bright. I do like the effects on the main melody tho


Thanks for your advice , Any suggestions for additional bright sounds?


Pull up flex, check the tags and click bright


You could add ambient pads, a sine lead with some detuning chorus would also make for a good haunting melody.


bells would sone dope maybe a flute




Like people have said, flutes would add some brightness. My favorite is [Ixox Flute](https://www.kvraudio.com/product/ixoxflute_by_ixox)


yeah, do some flutes or whistles n see what fits best, some vocal chants mby too.


Super high frequencies can add a lot of hype, and I didn’t really hear any from that hat. Also, adding occasional chants and percussion goes a long way


Thank you I will try that.


up the tempo to at least 138. it has everything there, jus a lil too slow, imo.


It’s not necessarily missing any element. Movement. Honestly, if I heard a British dude with a bombastic voice dropping bars about the white….it’d be ight. But, try playing with automating a second instance of the 808. Like, saturate it like crazy and cut out the 100’s down. Than just follow the original 808’s and mod up the saturated layer when you want it to get more edgy. Also, at the beginning or each bar/ couple of bars….a low ass piano octave chord hit. Or something. Maybe some side chained ambient stuff. Some risers and stuff. Basically, give it a progression that’s more obvious. Like “oh this is kinda hard.” Than it gets harder. And boner jokes aside, the “hype/ emotional connection to a song” is all driven by contrast within the song. It’s why big room house exploded back in the day. Pure chaos before the drop. Than legit, a fat kicc, a single sub and some bell/ pop/ pluck sounding shit and the crowd goes, “ooga booga. Loud and different. I was not expecting this even though this is why I showed up.”…not trashing the edm community btw. It’s one of my favourite genres. But that’s the reason why. Emotion is just relative. And emotions within music are the same. And the only way to make a song more insane is to contrast stuff. Yee.


Thank you so much for your help and advice!


Yes dude, 100%. Contrast is such an important element.


it just sounds a bit empty my guy. you have a melody and drums going and it sounds great, but thats really all that you have going on. think of things like chords to lay on, counter melodies, bringing certain drums in / out, adding fills and FX (impacts and risers), changing the kick / snare pattern. you have something to keep the focus, now you need stuff to keep it moving.


There are Grand Piano chords playing in the background but they aren’t noticeable and I don’t know why :/


im also listening thru my iphone, so that could be it. i would suggest listening to guys like the alchemist or mad lib just to see how many textures they are able to add to their beats to keep them interesting. usually simple 8 bar loops but they are able to work around that idea to really highlight it


Okay thank you!


I would say download a couple of those “hype” songs you want to create and use them as reference. You can use actual songs or type beats. Try recreating the different parts (drums, 808 lines and slides, etc) eventually you will figure out what was missing.


Drums don't need to all be one note, play with that shit music isn't cooking you aren't following a recipe. Do some crazy shit that's fun, this is stale.


should be top comment


On top of that, the drums are too "perfect" imo. Try using different quantize settings to get some spicier rhythms without having to reprogram your midi


Man, I think I used fruity for a few years before I snapped on that one. That's what started my experimenting with getting real sounding drums from FPC by playing with velocities, notes, and pitch.


I was waiting for heavy pop smoke like 808’s I heard em sliding and it sounded on point but sounded to smooth just a personal opinion


Honestly I think beats like this are usually just held together with really strong vocals.


I was about to say that. Strong vocals could make the simplest of beats amazing.


Needs a stronger bassline, automation, and faster tempo. What you got now is pretty good but the biggest thing that make simple beats sound really good is good vocals.


Faster tempo and vocals is all. Anytime I think I’m missing something. I add a hard kick and it fixes it. Leaving room for vocals is your best instrument.


Thanks for the help !


Learn about syncopation, but I mean really get into details about how this concept affect our perception of tension and release. Next I would suggest reharmonization.


You need to use more automation. Even just a little can add some motion and variance that will make your tracks less boring. The hit hats sound nice, but the synths sound repeatative and always the same. Use filter or wavetable sweeps and maybe some more glitches or ear candy too.


Cymbals and filler drums!! Also HARMLESS is a great ambient plugin


I absolutely love it, I wanna spit to it so badly but my accent won't suit it


I mean this is how Cash Money Millionaires started out.


Something I haven’t really seen mentioned here is repetition. You have the same 8 or so bars for each instrument/sound and you just loop them. There’s not enough variability. Our ears get bored very easily. Once the same 8 bars loop for a second time we’re already tired of hearing it. There’s nothing exciting or different that catches your attention and makes you want to keep listening.


Yeah and that’s exactly what I’m talking about and that’s also why I asked , Can you suggest any ideas to make it less boring?


So let’s start with your keys. It’s an 8 bar loop over and over. After the first 8 bars you should have a different 8 bars before you loop back. Even better if you have three different sets of 8 bar loops or two 16 bar loops. It’s too repetitive otherwise and doesn’t have enough variability to be interesting. By the time you listen to the second loop it’s already boring. You already know what’s coming a few seconds into the song. The drums are even worse tbh and a big part of why it’s boring. There’s no swing or bounce which is what adds a lot of the personality/interest to songs especially in this genera. Your snare is 4 bars on a loop. The high hats look like they’re 8 bars on a loop but the first 4 bars seem the same as the second 4. So even worse than the keys is the drums because maybe 5 seconds into the song you’ve already heard what they will sound like for the rest of the entire track. This beat isn’t awful by any means but it’s boring mostly because it is very repetitive and lacks bounce/swing in the drums. Timing of notes and adding occasional additional percussion will help. (Crashes, claps, bells, toms, shakers) also you don’t bring the drums in immediately and you remove them and mix up the leads and keys so you understand in part the staging of different parts of the song. Work a little more on building up to those moments to build tension which will increase how interesting the song is.


Also remember an artist needs to get on here at some point and they will add their own vibe to it. With that being said, I like it. Def speed it up, maybe use some more effects to make it feel more "full" Prob could use some stereo imaging. All in all, I don't really think this a bad or boring beat. Just needs a little couple of touches. Some leveling and spacing wouldn't hurt either


Alright thanks bro


Your mixing sounds better than mine by a long shot so I'll keep this to general advice since I don't know shit. Everything sounds good, but it's very flat. Nothing jumps out to me. You had a riser, then the beat hit but nothing of substance was there. It was like being hit with a wet noodle. Bring in a new element like a lead, automate volume changes over time. That's especially good to use with a riser. Slowly have the riser increase in volume and then when the beat hits bring in a lead that's in the foreground. Everything rn sounds like the foundation of a beat so you just gotta add to it. Like others have mentioned, you can make use of panning too! Don't be afraid to try panning shit to weird places. You never know what you might like. I usually like having 2 hi hat samples so I can slightly pan one or both to give them a bit more width/active listeners something more to look for. I build beats pretty similarly. I like making my loop and structuring it out but once I have it structured out, I start having difficulty adding leads/polishing touches to it myself. Rambling here but one last thing. I like lofi hip-hop. I wouldn't say I make lofi beats necessarily but I enjoy listening to that genre, picking out different elements and then attempting to incorporate that into my music. Whether it be a particular rhythm in found interesting, some odd percussion/synth panning, or some particular part of the mix piques my interest and I'll try recreating that particular aesthetic.


Some ambiance or something in the background I think always helps. Some extra layers of effects and sounds can help too. This is good though!


Okay thank you!


The ideas definitely there. It comes down to which sounds you’re using I would say. It’s something that will come with time. Listen in to more music and appreciate the sound of their drums and how they match, it’s a good starting point. Then move to listening into their melody and the layers


Yeah thanks bro


Yeah thanks for your advice!


More motion, risers and faders can be a great way to add this element. Think of risers going into crashes or right before drum hits


More layers Arrangement and everything is tight. More layers. More subtle rhythms.


Tempo could be faster (170-180) and use a long 808 and some synth playin 16th notes and shit


Risers. Parallel Compression.


I think it's dope so far


Sound selection, I think the 808 needs more distortion, the hi hats have too much mid frequencies, that’s why your beat overall lacks energy. Add more sounds with high frequencies and add more layers to the melody


Ngl sounds like shaq’s song, nice work


Add more octaves to the melody, it’s really thin and boring


2-step hi hats Thank me later. Just make it simple and fast it does wonders for energy in a beat


Thanks for the advice !


In your percussion, try playing around with snares or rim shots. Also try pitching your hihat rolls. That might add some dimension to it If you are comfortable with effects and automation, add filters and half time to your sounds to create some movement through out the song


Use abelton


Modern problems require modern solutions!


Lemme say one thing if you over whelm the beat, then it will sound muddy with vocals, there is too much


work on the mix, make a counter and fix the structure, other than that you should be good. Drill is always hard tho, just cuz u need vocals to know where to add impact for the hard bars


make music randomly from the heart and ditch tutorials unless you need to learn how to use a plugin or tweak a sound.


Think it’s just a bit toooo clean, music needs to breathe and have a bit of grit to the sounds. Also needs more layering which would also help the above. A lot of sounds you hear on a famous track are usually like 3 sounds played together or in different voicing to make the good sound


Good so far but imo it needs some type of counter melody


It’s alright, try using different or unique patterns or even sounds to make it sound better. Try to change the pattern of the synth or pads.


play with your melodies: render the pattern and try to put it in reverse, change the pitch, chop it up etc. and maybe you could also try to add some sounds, but in general don't be afraid to experiment!


Is there anyway to change the pitch without changing the key? Any VST or smth?


usually if you change the pitch of a sample you also change the key but you can try to change it to a lower/higher octave if you want to keep the same key


you can also try to put fliters or effects on your sounds, maybe try to put some vinyl filters, play with the EQ or put some chorus, sometimes it really makes a difference


Okay thanks for the help.


Add more percussion, distortion, and layers


Little late but I'd definitely suggest some reverb and delay on the main pluck. Some subtle mid basses and one shots will also go along way as far as surface level production goes. As far as mixing and mastering goes, I'd say it's pretty good, just make sure both the kick and sub are in mono so it doesn't crowd the stereo space.


first of all my advice, learn from other producer by your ears, then practice, tempo is to low for that drill thats why you don't get the tempo right, you get slow emphasis on the track, you need more bounce on the drums, and so on, keep practice, keep engage with producers. peace out


Might be because I'm listening on my phone but I couldn't hear a sub or any low end (around 20 - 100hz range) Try experimenting with a sine wave sub and some slides to buff up the mix! It definitely has a good catch to it


Not “might be”, that is exactly why


There is a deep low 808 , Try listening with headphones or smth


The deep low 808 needs some company, try adding some more bass towards the mids will help drive or pull that beat and can help you to build up tention and release. Most of the other comments here are really helpfull, but for me, the lack of bass (both the sound, and the role bass plays in a mix) was the biggest bummer. Pretty cool track tho.


My bad, definitely the phone, just listened on headphones. If this was my project, I'd try doing the following: 1. Bring out more of the mid frequencies in the sub to beef it up 2. Mix sounds quite bare. I'd look at adding percussion, fillers, fx etc 3. Maybe add another instrument. I'd definitely add variation in the sounds of your hats (add a longer hat, some different sounding shorter hats etc) 4. Widen the instruments a bit more 5. Up the tempo to 136 - 140bpm ​ Otherwise I like the project as mentioned before! I'm no pro at production but that's what I'd look at doing. Good job OP


Okay thanks for your advice bro!


My immediate thought is it needs big, sawtooth chords underneath. That would fill it up a lot. The sparseness is good in the beginning but I would add those chords like The Hills by The Weeknd.


Get some supersaw stabs in there :)




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Counter melody and chords. Needs more high pitched stuff. Maybe some strings/synths too


Extract your kit samples onto playlist instead of drum pattern, then you can mess around with hats and everything to make them sometimes missing, sometimes 'unique' (reverse etc)


All I can recommend is go keep working. Don't compare your beats to other people's beats. Compare your new beats to your past beats. You're on the right path. Keep trying new stuff until you can make it work.


More percs,Faster bpm And fx my g


Needs some hi hats


Add something like this :D https://youtu.be/gKz1X2rn3CQ


Maybe keep this in mind.. Low end for mood, And high end for energy.


Melody sounds very beginner


Throw some risers in there!!! Something to help it seem like it's transitioning and evolving in a sweeping way.


The leads could use a little texture/flavor. I like to filter my leads to make them a little less round and a little interesting. Also, why not take a bass and crunch the hell out of it? Might be super dope


Subtracting things sometimes can definitely build more tension.


Also on the drop you don’t introduce much, if you wait to introduce most of the tracks or introduce more on the drop/release It makes more of an impact


You need to layer melodies and some counter melodies, everything sounds flat


Sounds flat should alter the volume throughout the best and get life in areas you want it to be more exciting


Need someone to rap on that shit bro. I had the same issue. Try downloading acapella packs from r/drumkits and put them over your beats


In my opinion, I think there should be a bass line or 808, plus a faster melody in the background. Idk if that makes sense but I hope this helps..?😂😄👍


All the sounds are very dry and do not have any distortion at all


Percussion percussion percussion percussion


You're using stock sounds


No , not using a single one .


Not enough low frequencies


If you are talking about melody so if you can suggest something that would be appreciated, but there an 808 playing so try a different headphones or speakers or something.


Some people would really dig just this


Sound selection and having your levels right are everything, I’ve made slappers out of some weird ass sounds, if u level and eq things right, it’s gonna be a bop


Throw on some fat 808s and a prominent baseline


It’s not just about “hype”. It’s about tension. Tension in what is happening and tension in what is coming ahead. You have a chord progression without much tension. You have a melody that never leaves the core scale or surprises…. So no tension. The bass is always right with what the chords are doing so… no tension. The rhythmic elements are very straight-forward… no tension. There is no sense of moving somewhere, and by using these elements you can change things up. You don’t have to go crazy with each of these elements, one or two will go a long way. You’ve got skills as far as the sound is concerned, and I think you can build tension and keep a sparse sense of space here. 1.Put something somewhere unexpected. 2. Don’t use something expected. Those two simple concepts fuel a lifetime of learning and experimenting.


Dude really solid, I feel like reverb, delay, and automation of those can go a long way. Also some impacts, risers, possibly light build up work and yeah, it’s all additions rather than subtractions but the framework is solid!! But what do I know hahahaha. Really awesome


I mean this as a lover of some very cheesy music but some of those synths are goofy bro. Idk what it is but you def have to reconsider some of your synth lines. Wish I could help more but it’s just a vibe thing so it’s kind of ineffable.


Id add some heavy mid range synth going back and forth between two notes, either 1/8 or 1/16 notes a la something on Watch The Throne


Bass needs to be louder


Dont listen to any uhda comments, just keep making music u learn everything along the way and people just say generic shi


Don't know much about sound production but you should go for more complex chord progressions. The chord progression you chose is very simple, which could explain why your beats sound boring. You should also have a nice clear melody. I really like the drums.


Wanna trade? My beats are way too complex and full of shit that doesn’t belong


you could try having samples in there to add a main melody to everything


Kick could be more powerful.


Try to create a Counter Melody and add some Pads or Strings for Atmosphere


Tv soundtrack status


Your drum samples. I’d replace the snare and kick and try saturating your 808 a bit more in the lo mid range. That would be a good start.


Put an acapella on it to give the illusion that it bangs harder, then start adding more layers untill it’s too much Edit: it really just needs more layers, subtle fx white noise ect Maybe layer the snare with a clap and a snap


Try sampling. Play stuff backwards, look for happy accidents until you find inspiration. Create more layers and juxtaposition.


This beat would be great to rap over since it isn't overcomplicated, though if you are looking for hype, here are some tips. You need a longer intro to create suspense before the bass drops, and when the drop happens, then bring in the bass nice and loud. You also need a bit more structure to the song, I can not tell if the proper drop or chorus is at bar 9 or 25. Maybe bring the counter melody is sooner? Overall this song is a vibe though, I could easily record to this.


More bass and atmospheres would do the job


Critisims: Bpm is slow, drum selection is lacking and melody seems basic. Fixes: I assume this is supposed to be drill, so use 140bpm, use typical drumkits for what the genre is, and try using gross beat to add effects to your melodies


Half the time the beat just needs someone to spit or sing on them


Also some of these comments ain't wrong but if you add too much then the mix will be cluttered, lacking in space and making it hard for the context to be observed


I would suggest adding a good amount of reverb to that lead - make it fill out more space. And also, make it twin delay; in the sense that it already has a delay added to it, but you could add ANOTHER delay to _delay the delay_? Am I making sense here? A nice, soft, continuous background pad would add a nice touch too. It would make the track sound less hollow and would mesh the different elements together. Lastly, a nice, punchy bass. Maybe even some 808s. It could follow the lead notes, or you could make it follow a 1-3-1-3-4-1-2 beat pattern (from what I hear, your lead notes are mainly on beats 1 and 3, for reference).


Kick pattern is really boring


idk why im in fl studio's subreddit, im a cubase guy, but guess ill help out. You need to make sure you fill all of the frequency ranges, like this needs some subs and just a bass, maybe something slightly higher. Also, your track is repetitive, and its not going anywhere. theres no structure to the song, you need to add different melodies, chords, types of sounds, etc. Something that's also missing is a peak, you havent built up to any beat drop, so theres no place the listener is subconciously expecting, a large reason why it sounds boring as well.


Imo, maybe some sound selection or just mixing. The percussion (especially hats) sound a little "flat". Missing the high end frequencies that really bring life. Probably different percussive sounds, ambient sounds, filter automation and other fx throughout the beat to spice things up. Other thing I'd say is more layers on the main melody, whether it's different sounds playing the same melody or I personally felt it needed a harmony/counter melody, maybe something in Sakura... Doesn't have to over power the sound you have there, if that is the lead you want in focus, but just to beaf things up and create depth. I think the core elements of the beat are there, but the little sprinkles of fx and sounds that fill space are what make a beat sound professional, and are the elements people don't notice too much and are easy to overlook. Third thing I would say is gain staging. The mix is pretty quiet, obviously you haven't gotten to the master yet, but when I really want to get a feel and quick good sound from my beat, I get the volumes and master channel hot (perhaps overdoing it JUST a little bit, cause that's the aesthetic I like) without over compressing. Sometimes if I want a grittier sound, I get the master above 0db, and use saturation on Fruity Limiter to bring it down to 0db. (Have to make sure to move the limiter way up though so that it's not affecting the sound) Also I don't know why people are complaining about the bass. There are plenty of drill beats out there that are very similar. Just needs to be mastered is all, and the bass will be much stronger.


add bass, lots of bass


As previously said, some pads and more percussion would be preferable. Keep in mind that it's the small details that make the track amazing, such as small swooshes or tiny percussion, reversed reverberated lead, etc. Otherwise, nice vibe.


Add cymbals, brass one shots, chord progression, rhodes or smth, and a little bit of mastering and you're good to go💯🔥


Not a beatmaker or a hip hop producer, but I'd say the track needs texture, something running in the background to fill it up. The bass is a bit boring. Try to use variations of notes. Jump it up an octave or at least some semitones. The bass is a flat in terms of musicality. I feel like there are more gaps in the bassline than necessary, which could lead it to feeling empty. Maybe step up the rhythm game, make some unpredictable offbeats for the percussions. Keep it up my dude.


Add some dramatic sound effects Add some mids like pads Add lower bass tones


Sounds like if you used a spookier, more melancholy sound for the first melody you hear, not the one that joins in afterward, and a more abrupt snare, and also made the background percs more similar to the snare they're dancing around, which gives it more of a drumline kinda feel, it would really go a long way! Yeah and it sounds emptyish, like if you put some subtle, lower-pitched chords without much bass or with a low cut, in between the melodies and bass it would probably sound lit as fuck. Cuz before i noticed any of those things i was already like oh shit this beat is Litt lol


for the perc, a second snare would work too, a short one that isn't as strong as the main one :) also, i just noticed there are chords there, choosing a more aethereal sound or something that fills the air more, otherwise i guess it's all there :0 seriously though dope ass beat


High end, stereo, enough reverb vs enough dry elements (depth) and saturation!


Layer up the melodies some more or mix it with a different melody, maybe speed up the tempo


Ad libs and shout outs will help with hype and flow. A sine "hey" on every other beat will sound sick


I personally would put some 808's and an additional melody or layer the one you're using currently. Needs some more background in my opinion.


For me there are three parts in makeing my beats exiteing. Bounce, Rhythm, Legato Sounds, The Bounce will come from the 808s the rhythm will come from the hats and clap and i think for this beat a little bit of a extra sub bass playing all legato notes to make the beat sound more full and give it more energy. You can also add effects to your sounds! Be sure to cut out the lows on your melody but dont cut too deep into them because you want to still keep alot of that bass but you also want to make room for the 808s!


Add textures, layer instruments, automate things, use the vsts