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Homegrown Eleven is much harder than anything else combined…


I’m in Div 1, I won 8 of 11 in Rivals yesterday and I’m 0-5 in Homegrown 11. Same team.


Exact same scenario with me. Sweatiness aside, gameplay seems very strange in friendlies. Lots of rebounds, dodgy passes, dodgy goals etc.


Yeah man, agree. I actually really like competitive games, so I'm not looking to tank or anything, I just think it's insane I can basically play in a decent division and do OK - I think anything between 40-60% win rate is fine since you have unlimited games to get 8 - but then I go to a "friendly" mode, which allegedly has some sort of similar SBMM, and I'm just getting destroyed. Where are those players in Div 1/Champs/WL? It's like I'm playing WL at +6 ELO or something, even after I lost 3 in a row?


I find it easy untill u get behind or you hitting the post 50x times. At that point it is u against EA


The sweat is off the charts in that one


100% somehow a friendly mode is harder than any other mode


On new gen? I’m on ps5 and have not found this to be the case. I’m div 3 playing rivals consistently and always trying to rank up, not smurfing. I have always had an easy time getting the 7 wins. Could be lucky with matchmaking/timing but it’s just weird bc I see ppl saying this about homegrown 11


When the tokens was the reward , Jesus 😓


I agree, but there's also something weird generally going on with that. About 6 weeks ago (when you had get 7 wins for a whichever token I think), I somehow managed to get 7 wins and no loses. Since I've literally been scrapping to the 3 win objective over the 12 games (at least once I didn't even get that).


Completely agree. There’s something really fishy about friendlies. My defenders literally refuse to intercept, GK refuses to make saves, and my players run through treacle **every game**. Obvs it happens occasionally in rivals/WL etc. but it’s literally every game in friendlies. Something to do with P2P vs dedicated servers maybe? But I thought friendlies was servers, so maybe different servers? I’m really not sure, but **something** is definitely different


I really don't know all that much about the technical side of it compared to some on this sub, but the amount of times my teams defending ai is garbage is unbelievable. Had Puyol literally run off the pitch when trying to close down on L1, another match Prime Pele scored two goals straight down the centre of the goal from an angle (not that tight, but still) against gold courtois. I get that keepers fuck up in real life, but not twice like that (unless you're Karius) in on match. I could make those saves. Even attacking, the amount of times my players go offside is stupid (like 15 metres, not 2 metres). Solid players defend like shit when their opponent is either cracked or a Pele/Ronaldo(R9) etc. When my players run through treacle I switch the game mode (often to a silver mode), and whilst it doesn't get rid of entirely, it does lessen it significantly. Tbf div rivals I win 60% of the matches I actually try to win (no point in trying to get promoted) and I often concede wins to get rid of bans.


It’s so weird. I can smash through homegrown in 8-10 games. Rivals I’m pretty good at, probably 60-70% wins. But champs I can’t get anywhere. Get a proper tonking every match


Try playing your qualifiers Thursday or Friday.


Meanwhile I can't win in either....




EA is legit dumb as bricks. The way they have this game set up it’s basically anti casual. I basically stopped playing this year because the time sink for doing anything is just too much.


Casuals aren’t going to spend absurd amounts of money. EA employs people with PHDs to dig deep into the psychology of gaming they know a casual players spending limit vs a hardcore grinder, it’s unfortunate but they aren’t in the business of making casual video games their market is games as a service


Agreed but No PHDs at EA. Over the years they have figured out that the weaker ones will spend much more to appear more competitive. Casuals don't give AF about leveling up in ranks, meta teams or completing 100 stupid objectives for one stupid player that will be 9k at the end of the game. I am a casual.


I now find champs the least sweaty mode in this game. Friendlies being the worst 😂


It is the least sweaty indeed


Silver especially 😂😂


The difference for me in fut champs is I always fucking lose from winning positions haha. At least 5 of my matches I was winning by 1 or 2 goals then end up losing. Some of the matches finished 6-5 or 7-5 to the other team. My problem is I enjoy attacking and just gunning for it because I can't stand people that just sit back it must be so boring. Maybe I need to do that more though 😅


This happens to me too but honestly I’d rather lose than play boring. It’s a video game and my rewards will be worthless either way. Might as well enjoy playing it.


Yeah that's exactly how I feel, rather have fun with a high scoring match than waste the length of a match sitting back


Killing the clock is an art form. Many teams try to do and end up giving up soft goals anyway. I don’t always eat clock but when my opponent has played ratty or grittied on me. They will get the clock killing formation and it’s fun af


Nah. If I wanted to actively not play the game I’d just go do something else.


Happened a ton to me too at first. Switching to ultra defensive with a late lead has helped me a lot. Sub on an extra CB and take my chances holding on. It’s statistically been better for me although certainly not perfect.


Happens to me to. I even lost a 3-0 lead, ended 3-4 by the 2nd half. I notice that some people will switch to heavy attacking and constant pressure on me which makes me lose position very easy or make bad passes and lose. I don't bother to adjust my game plan, therefore i'm also to blame


Oh man for sure, I start with my attacking tactic then if I go a goal down I'll go to my Ultra Attacking which has constant pressure 424. Quite often the person will tilt if I come back and they'll quit if I go ahead or I'll win. However, if I'm winning I quite enjoy it and don't change to my defensive or ultra defensive when I should do.


all those tactics and pressure stuff should be removed from the game completely


The custom tactics shouldn't be removed, it allows flexibility on how you want your team to behave. The pressures I'm unsure on, simply because it also allows for freedom of how you want your team to defend or press the other team but if you go constant pressure for a few minutes to get ahead it's super cheese but it's there and it's not an exploit.


Having Ai defend for you is not an exploit 😯


Not sure if this is sarcasm or a statement 😅


By this logic fifa should be a 1v1 game then? Oh yeah I bet you play with assisted everything in the settings too…..


What formation? I was the same way in a 41212 but switching to 422 2 I’ve been much better on defense


This weekend I was playing around with a 352. Might give the 4222 a try this weekend


I’ve heard good things about 4222 but haven’t tried it bc it doesn’t fit my team


I’m an attacker also but I don’t lose leads easily. I think the problem you might be having is getting counter attacked too easily and that might mean you need a formation change. Try to find one that has the perfect balance


What formation do you use?


I use a combination of 4222 (more attacking) and 433(4) (more balanced). I always keep 1 midfielder on stay behind and the other on balanced with both formations.


Depends on the content of that week. If it's good cards like this promo people sweat their asses of which then makes it hard. But in slow weeks Champs is very easy compared to rivals


Opposite for me. Rivals division 3. Champs usually 11 wins.


Same some people just need to learn how to defend. Defense can definitely win games, I had a couple games where the score was high on both ends due to mistakes being made other than that people raged quit and so for. It's not always a breeze but if you can stay composed, try to make fewer errors in game and execute when the moment arises +4 will be coming in.


Div 3 is well above average, I float around Div 5 and have never not qualified for WL in fifa 23 and get 9-11 wins Qualifiers are a lot easier than Div 5 for me


im in div 6, but can hardly win a game of WL qualifiers :(


Qualifiers I'm usually ok on - but Champs itself I find very difficult, I usually scrape about 24 points, with a few of those coming from people giving me wins (I typically play Sunday evening).


i usually play qualifiers on Wednesdays, this time ill try on Friday, till then most of the people would've qualed and maybe i can qualify \*fingers crossed\*


I agree man. Champs is brutal.


Couldn’t agree more. I’m Div 5 and win pretty consistently, yet in champs I’ve never qualified and end pretty much every time with 18/19 points (so 1 or 2 points away). It just happened again right now, very depressing.


same here.


I struggled to get the 8 wins in division 2 this week but went 9/1 in champs Qualli. I think its all down to matchmaking. Sometimes good Sometimes shit


On the topic of fut champs, how do you guys do 20-0, cos every time when I get 4 wins in a row scripting kicks in for the next few games. I rarely get to rank v


For anyone not at pro++ level I'd say the most important aspect when playing wl to maximize wins is to concentrate every single match, and keep composure when things are not going your way (within a match and between matches). Too often people let an early missed 1 on 1 or a dubious goal by their opponent dictate a loss, when just simply following a game plan would yield better results most of the time


- Opponent I could probably beat insta quits as they see my team - My next opponent absolutely obliterates me This is Weekend League for me.


I agree with you 100% sir. These posts about WL being easier than Rivals, makes you wonder and give you energy boost only to get railed even at qualifications side. (div 3 as well)


Div 1 player, got 14 wins in champs like 3 times only. Whenever I hit 11 wins, the algorithm math me with hardest teams and players


I find Champs more fun, well the first 10 games at least. After that it's a coin toss


Start well, > lose a couple in a row to demons > end decent. Same every week lol


Qualifying harder than WL, won 14 last week in WL this week didnt qualify, wtf lol


I really really really struggle to qualify and it's really frustrating because my teams is pretty effing decent. I am also in div 3


What is your WL rank?


Because those that find it easy are matched with people who find it harder, I say it all the time there very weird matchmaking, if any...


From easiest to hardest for me Rivals > Champs Qualifier > Champs Finals > Any Friendly Mode with a matches restriction


Do you have a meta team and your gameplay is based on skill moves? If not, champs is hard


I get 14 wins without using any skill moves.


It is, but weekend league is completely different than rivals. In rivals I know that if i do certain actions i will be scoring a goal, but in champs it doesn’t work. Players miss open shots, mess us easy passes, a ton of delay and just random shit in general. I always struggle in champs for some reason and no matter how much I improve it’s always the same.


Could be that you feel more pressure in champs, there’s technically nothing you can do in rivals to set you back. In champs if you lose a couple games you know you’ve put yourself in a really bad spot reward wise for that week


That could be part of it. But it’s been like that this year and last year as well. I do good in rivals but completely shit the bed in champs.


Yeah just sounds like pressure try to care a little less on your next run, lock in but be a little free. You could be changing the way you play and overthinking champs


Don’t let them gaslight you, they’re full of crap.


That's a server issue, champs must be on different server than other game modes, champs are mud while rivals are smooth usually so different server is the only explanation.


U dont need skills to do decent in champs, i get 13/14 wins without it


Nah champs isn’t too hard and I don’t use skill moves. My team is disgusting tho


Y’all need to learn to defend with CM’s instead of your CB’s. I always get kicked back in rivals after a season because i barely play. Div 3 is a walk in the park because 90% runs up with their cb making their defenseline 3 players


I still defend aggressive and I am in the Elite Division with 720sr. Defending the way you said it takes way less skill.


If I don’t defend with my CB, my cb will be stuck in cement and watch the defender run by


Champs is so easy. Rivals is full of teenage sweats playing 50 hours a week


Skill issue


I feel you mate. Haven't qualified last two weekends, immensely frustrating. Combination of playing against absolute demons and sweats, and then it's the worst gameplay you've ever experienced. Nothing in between to balance it out. I often wonder when I get to play the people who are experiencing the shitty gameplay and bad servers but that's the best part - I don't!


Skill issue


Dude you must be pretty bad if you can't even qualify for the weekend league. I'm bang average and I've never failed to qualify. FUT champs is so much more fun to play than divisions because of the variety of abilities and teams you play. I've been stuck in div 1 for a few weeks and I'm mostly getting spanked by sweats, every single one containing Jairzinho, Mbappe and Zidane. Not fun at all


“I’m bang average” “I’ve been stuck in div 1” Bang average players aren’t in Div 1.


Bang average players can very easily make their way to Div 1 if they play enough games 😅 it's this stupid promotion/relegation system


If you’re playing 5-8 hours a day to make div 1, I wouldn’t say you’re bang average.


Who mentioned 5-8 areas a day bro, you're being very defensive. You have an entire month with no relegation and can reach div one with a few good winning streaks. If you can't do that I'd say you aren't average, you're bad.


lmao, you’re being defensive. Div 1 isn’t average. Braindead take. Literally no metric out there would support div 1 being average. You spend too much time on FIFA and too much time on Reddit leading you to an opinion like this.


U feel garbage when u face bangouts, then come up against bots in champs and quals and realise you aint that shit😂


Just ran some analysis on your post history and it appears that when you aren't playing FIFA you're playing Pokémon 🤣 How old are you dude, 6?


Thanks for the free analysis, confirms your time isn’t worth much and why you’re on Reddit/fifa too much with skewed opinions.


Maybe try to reach a good division. Div 3 is nowhere good. You reach div 1 and you never say champ is harder.


Idk everything feels the same to me, I would say rivals is slightly harder but not by a lot. I use a full spurs team and I’m in div4 and usually get whatever 51 pts is fairly comfortable. I do usually play Saturday and Sunday tho as well as qualify late in the week, mostly Friday’s. Maybe try playing on different days?


Agree with this, Friday is by far the worst day to do your champs game. Finally reached rank 4 this weekend doing all my games on Saturday.


How many wins do you average?


It's very random. Last week I failed to qualify then scrounged enough points in Rivals to go again and just barely made it through. Today I won 4 out of the first 5 and the game I lost was pissed away from being interrupted by a phone call. Maybe I was playing better or the opposition was weaker. Hard to know cause like I said it feels very random.


Try playing the qualifiers on Fri/Sat, I'm only in Div 6/7 and i pretty much always qualify so you definitely should be able to!


rivals I lose reguarly fut champs solid 14-6 possible. Maybe its the mentality going into games since i keep it quite chill for fifa or at least a lot better than the sweat fests of fifa 14-15


I play div 1 and Champs is significantly easier


I mean yeah, it should be. It’s marketed as the most competitor game mode in the game.


Get to at least div 2 and you'll start seeing the difference. Rivals is hell. Even worse is the first owner friendly.


Up until toty it was pretty easy, or at least easier. The game is dead now though, so that's probably why. A mix of no casuals + a gameplay that can only be played by breaking it.


Rivals > fut champs > fut champs knockouts > friendlies. Something Friendlies makes people so sweaty and petty.


fut champs qualifiers is the easiest mode for me. I usually get 6 wins and was able to go 9-1 couple of weeks. Meanwhile rivals and friendlies are sweaty.


was playing fut qualifications yesterday. Won 1-Lost 3 And ALL of my losses were on extra time where the result was something like 7-6 or 8-7


Learn to defend, you clearly know how to score goals.


yep, that's why I'm trying to do. But defending against mbappe every game can be a real challenge😂


What div are you? I don't find Mbappe too difficult now.


div 6 But I don't play the game that often.(especially rivals) For example, I was div 7 last week and I had alot of free hours, so I played around 12 games in 3 days and won all of them except 2 where I drew the games. I'm doing this to try to reach better divisions so I can play better teams and get better.


Do you ever record your gameplay and watch them back to see what you can focus on improving?


sadly no, but thanks for the offer


That's what you should do. Helped me loads. You can pick up trends once you've watched a few matches.


ok thanks, will use it


For me rivals is way more competitive because every game is a challenge. Futchamps is a bit more varied, some games are easy wins and some I get battered.


To me, champion> playoff> rival.


Last season I was struggling in div 3. Could barely complete the 8 wins for rewards. But in champs qualis I usually get 6 wins and 9-11 wins in finals.


I don't know maybe this FIFA is a bit harder in terms of mechanics or maybe there are fewer casual players on it but I'm struggling to make 11 wins out of 20 while last year with an arguably worse team I've always had 11 wins in my pocket with 2-3 spare games. This year, I win 1, lose 1 or I win 2 and then lose 4 in a row.


Fut champs is by far harder than rivals, currently in Div 3, don't have much time to play everyday, i play 2-3 times a week. Whenever i have the chance for champs, i notice the level of difficulty or the player skill im playing against.


If your a low div rivals rank then champs can be harder since you will match good players if you get to a high ELO (around the 14 win Mark). Let me give you some perspective, To get to 11 wins you need to go +2 ELO winning 55% of your games in total To step up to 14 wins, Its far harder than it looks because you need to go +8 ELO A 4x increase in ELO and winning 70% of your total games. Since ELO is capped at 10 getting to +8 means you might run into very good players and anything past 14 wins is a coin toss (espc at +10 ELO) because you could meet the average 14 win guy on a streak or you could meet tekkz. To get 16 wins you need to go +12 ELO (capped at 10) and win 80% of your games. Once you get to max ELO you then need to win 60% of your games at max elo to hit 16 wins (10 games at max elo and you need to win 6) For 18 wins you need to win 8 games at max elo (80%) This is why a lot of pros/good players are saying champs is the easiest mode this year because at + 10 elo you can match such a wide range of people. If they changed it to +15 ELO a lot less people would be getting high ranks In rivals however I'll only match other elite players.


To be fair, Rivals is much harder (at least for me and friends). In Champs you’ll face anyone from elite that will annihilate you to someone that can’t defend to save their life. Rivals.. depending on your rank is ALWAYS people that will be on it. I’m in elite and can’t catch a single team that are having a bad day. It’s either 3-0 loss or a 3-2 win.


Sometimes it's just luck of when you're playing, who you're matched up with. Personally, WL qualifiers seem like the only mode that isn't SBMM and I win the most. But there was once a month or two ago where I ran into a string of highly skilled players and only on the backend did I win games and qualify.


rivals is harder for sure. elite div is people around your skill level. in WL you can face bad players.


Bro, I can't win a game in div 3 right now but in Champs I qualify easy and win 45-60% of my games. So idl I guess


Same (can casually win in Div 3) and lost to an all gold squad that used no skill moves my first qualification game.. trying to play times where more casuals are likely to play, or mornings where the working joes have to squeeze in games


Same here, approaching div 3 via occasionally playing and i find it easier because there isn’t some sort of penalty if you do lose so it eliminates that stress and makes it a ton easier for me, even if my opponents might be better


if you’re in a low division yes, but once you get to div 1 and elite, champs is by far easier than rivals


My difficulty list is as div1 is : friendly mode > rivals > Champs ( first 13 wins)


for me im div 1 and rank 3 in WL and it always takes me like 25 games to get 8 wins in rivals


You mean the 4th division of the none gated play mode is easier than the gated one? No offence but ofc champs is harder than div3. Div1 and Elite tho atleast 10 games of weekend leauge are like playing squad battles on semi pro the other 10 are sweaty af. Play qualifying as early as you can on Friday. The only people qualifying then have backed out of all the games in WL for rewards or people who also struggle to qualify. Iv gone 17-3 in WL and 6-4 in qualifying same weekend sometimes matchmaking is hard sometimes it's a blessing but defo time ur playing effects it


Unfortunately, nobody knows for sure because you can never know for sure the skill level of your opponents. It might be your team, the time of the day, your location... it might be a mix of several of those making you play people way above or beyond your skill level. Who knows? It's a source of frustration that would be as easy to solve as to give every player en Elo rating and showing it next to their club name, but EA won't ever do that because I would make more difficult for them to manipulate match making and because a certain deal of friction is good for the engagement and pack sales.


Depends what div you are in tbh. Being in d3 you’re going to be exposed to better players more frequently in champs as the amount of lower div players below d3 who can even qualify regularly is pretty low. However for higher div players, you’re going to have a lot more less skilled players in your pool than rivals, so the matchmaking seems more relaxed. It really all depends where you lie on the bell curve for any given weekend and also on a bit of luck.


Thing is I was qualifying every week before. Now it’s almost impossible


Div 1 and champs is absolutely easier than rivals and it’s not close. I went 14-2 at the weekend meanwhile in rivals I struggle to get my 8 weekly wins at times.


I think the opposite lol. Champs I win 11 out of 20 games. And Div 1 rivals I might win 5/20


Try first own fiesta


They are saying rivals is a sweatfest when you get to higher divisions than 3


Won 11 games this past weekend and lost 3 of 4 qualifiers yesterday. Usually win 5 to 7 qualifiers.


You get a lot less try hards in div rivals.


Same man, I've been crusing through rivals but i couldn't qualify last week. Maybe this week will be different but damn


I can agree with you but its really a mixed bag. I am Div 5 as I only play a few hours a week just enough to get rewards in SB and Rivals. If I do have time for champs, I usually wait to qualify for champs later in the week. It is slightly less sweaty later in the week but for the most part, All of champs is Jair, POTM Mbappe and Al O and the sweat is unreal. If you are not running meta (which my team is good but definitely not "meta") you are at a slight disadvantage which kinda sucks. But it is what it is. I have qualified for champs 3 of the 3 times I took the opportunity to do it but to your point it was by the skin of my teeth from the sweat lol so I stick with Rivals for the lack of sweat.


Lies. I play so many worse players in WL, it's like a breath of fresh air compared to rivals. Even when I was in Div 4 my opinion was the same, now in Div 2 it's even more apparent


Champs is so much easier than rivals. I can get 6 wins in champs 2 out of 3 times, but can’t get out of div 7 in rivals.


I qualify but barely. Its always either 4-6 wins. But when I play champs, I always end up with 6 wins. It's weird. Playoffs is easier sometimes for me than actual fut champs.




Also just wanna say this isn't a criticism of anyone using a meta team or anything, do what makes the game fun for you or makes it easier for you to win.


i like champs because as long as you qualify (4 wins only), you're bound to get some rewards LOL


I think this is dependent on what division you are in rivals. I’m in elite and find champs the easiest mode in the game now. Been playing fut since 17 and this is by far my best year in fut champs. Last three weeks I have gotten 18,20,19 wins consecutively, whereas I wasn’t doing that last year (even earlier this year I was getting 16-18). I always tell myself I’m cool with 11 wins, but champs has actually been where I find sweating wins less, so I end up playing it all as a result. At the end of the day I think it is easier to be good this year than years prior. However, the rivals experience is way way worse and friendlies is so toxic I avoid it whenever possible.


I'm in Div 1 and for me it goes the following in order of difficulty Limited Friendly modes Rivals Other Friendly modes Champs Qualifiers Normally get 16 wins in Champs, with a bit of luck I've hit 18.


I would add though it can definitely change depending on the content that is out. If we suddenly got a Super TOTW with Mbappe, Vini JR, Neymar etc all in at once I'm sure Champs would absolutely be the worst mode just sadly Reds/TOTW are so far behind where they need to be the Champs sweat just isn't there anymore. Add promo cards into the red picks and believe me it would be the most toxic mode we've ever seen.


You kids have it easy nowadays, back then we had to win 4-5 games straight to win a tournament and join fut champs lol. But i an in division 4 and do agree fut champa is harder, homegrown eleven is tougher though lol


Rivals is way sweatier, the amount of 20+ mil teams I play in Rivals is unreal.


Qualifiers on Thursday/Friday is the most enjoyable online gameplay for me.


I’m in div 4. No notable difference in player quality between Rivals and Champions BUT the rosters I see in Champions are FAR superior to those in Rivals


unpopular opinion


What is meant by the term sweaty everyone uses m I'm 35 so a bit out of touch


I feel like playing in rivals is much more smoother than fut champs, every players when I play champs are heavy af


There’s a hidden elo system on this game in rivals I’m convinced, it works like a wave. For example I’ve just got myself back to division 1 but 2 weeks ago in division 3 I went on a 17 game losing streak… there’s definitely a hidden system based on keeping you playing instead of skill rating


No fut champs is easier than Div1 & elite lol


To be honest, this last WL felt waaaay harder for me than usual. Maybe just coincidence, I dont know


If you are div 1 or elite in rivals then champ feels way easier than rivals games. I'm having a hard time in div 1 this season, but I go 9-1 in qualifier almost every week and usually end up with 16 to 18 wins in champ


I won 8 games in 9 games this week in D5 Rivals. I never even felt stressed doing it, the loss was an absolute blowout, but the wins were all easy. I went into champs and lost 4 straight off the jump, never even having a chance. It's the 3rd WL I have entered this year, and so far I've only won 1 game.


I’m confused. Total opposite here. Div 4 after trying really really really hard to get there. But I easily qualify for champs every week and typically win 6/9 games before giving away the rest


Div 1… no it’s not


I’m thinking until my team gets to the level of my opponents I’m not doing it. I mean it’s a learning experience yeah but how many times do I have to see you sweaty fucks doing the griddy.


Well yes, except on Sunday’s in my experience


This statement is false.


Rivals is a lot harder in div 2, div 1 and elite. If you get three wins in a row, you are lucky.


Disagree, all depends on the division you’re in. Forever struggling in Div 1 - however some how grind 14 wins in champs


Not if you’re in high divisions it’s not.


Maybe those guys only play weekend league and friendly since they have enough fut champ points.


Idk I've never failed to qualify even when I was stuck in div 7


It's funny trying to win against a team of Legends and a Frontline of Hugo Sanchez Mbappe and Pele With my star being regular gold Luis Suarez