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My only problem with Squad Battles is that the length of the game can’t be shortened


Yeah same, I'd enjoy it a lot more if the half lengths were shorter. 12-15 minute games against the ai is mind numbing and I often find myself just passing it around the back wasting time.


Score 5 then just put the controller down until half time, then kick off and put it back down. I've had the AI score maybe 3 but that was with a stacked team.


But then, the AI goes to score some, you waste time when gk just wait to kick the ball, you waste the time when AI are doing corners and from passing 12-15 min games you need to afk few more minutes. It's also as bad as boring passing while 5-0


Nah, nah you go properly afk like go do something else for 5 minutes. I got this technique from someone and they said they'd go have breakfast, do work, watch YouTube or whatever so it's not boring as you're not actually playing the game. So it might take longer overall but you'd only be playing the game for however long to score 5 goals and then to move on from half time.


>V This is exactly what i did every single time.


Exactly. Low difficulty, no objective done. High difficulty, need to play or you will waste a lot of time doing score a lot first then afk. Its just boring because its too long against AI. Make an option for shorter period with lower rewards


Hm.. i'm gonna try this tonight. Kinda disliked passing back and forth after basically winning the game.


So why not play on a higher difficulty than to make it more challenging? Do you find that you pass it around the back when you are in rivals or fut champs games or do you play to the final whistle?


For me, it feels like I’ve wasted my time if I play a SB game and don’t win. So usually I go a step easier than what I probably should be playing against, and it makes the games slow like that. Trying to get out of that habit though, cause it’s boring. Think I’m just going to start playing every game on world class/maybe some bad teams on legendary while grinding the objectives to make it more interesting


I get you there. I feel the same way. It's brutal when you see those teams that are in the grey area of "Should I play up a level or go with the easy 10-0 win." ​ I understand the time commitment to playing squad battles, what I don't understand is the people who just avoid playing SBs all together. Like do you not see the value of it at all? ​ Try and vary it up man. Good luck and I hope your team is doing good things for you. Again, thanks for commenting and getting involved. It's great to see all these opinions about this polarizing topic!


I just hate playing against the ai not much else to it. Unless the reward is insane, i’m not putting myself through that


Honestly, the way most objectives work doesn't really help with that. If I need to assist with a German defender in 4 games, I'm not taking any chances on playing on higher difficulties where it MIGHT be a problem. If I need to play with e.g. 8 Argentinian players in my starting squad, I'm definitely not able to have my best roster (unless you're absolutely stacked, but then those cards won't be enticing for you), so I won't even be able to be properly competitive having random 75-80 gold commons in my squad. Basically, such specific requirements act as a disincentive to be properly competitive against AI. What would be a better solution? No idea honestly. Maybe having just Squad Battles point requirements (e.g. score 4000 points in a weekly SB to get a player), but that's too non-specific and not an EA way.


The value of SB..? As someone who used to go for Elite 1 weekly its just not worth it at this stage in the game unless you want tokens or doing objectives. The rewards you get for Elite 1 coin wise are poor and at the moment packs are just sooooooo bad, you may pull an 88 but its a 30k one. I suppose it does depend on what stage your team is at at this moment but for me personally I got my squad pretty much complete and I have 3mil coins, playing squad battles is just not worth my time, I dont need some crappy future stars player or tokens as they dont fit the squad anyway. Also as someone has said below, EA also make the objectives tedious, use 9 English players in 5 games, use 3 Spanish players in 5 games, we can all do the math and its annoying, then they want a Brazilian to score in 4 games etc, it just adds to the annoyance and if you are going to do this in SB you also need to win most of the time too so you want to pick a difficulty which doesnt waste 15mins of your time. Now lets get into the gameplay; EA instead of making a balanced AI and an AI that can replicate football they chose to just make the AI a bunch of toxic assholes, if World Class is too easy you up it to Legendary and then you got Barry Bronze smashing in rockets from 30yrds, Bronze CB's playing like prime Maldini, midfielders twisting you up etc and when they dont have the ball they will foul you and get away with it, clip you in the box and get away with it and if they fail at that they will dish out some input lag or completely fuck with your controls to prevent you scoring. That is not how AI/difficulty should be in my opinion, going up difficulties shouldnt make the AI super human or go unpunished, it should have the AI playing better football on the pitch. I have zero idea about game development but it seems there was two routes for EA, route 1 - improve the AI's 'footballing brain' or the lazy route 2 - buff all stats, cheat and treat it like a boss fight in Mortal Kombat by making them super human.


There’s definitely some value to playing SB, just not worth or even close to worth the other things I could be doing with that time. 8 rivals wins and champs takes up all my weekly FIFA time and sometimes dont even get through champs. Gotta get outside every now and then🤣


> Think I’m just going to start playing every game on world class/maybe some bad teams on legendary That's what I've been doing. Any 80+ team on World Class (no exceptions even if it's a 90+ team stacked with TOTY's lol), any team below that on Legendary. Otherwise I'd be winning like 8-0 every match and go into zombiedrool mode and have zero motivation to finish. I lose maybe 1/4 games but at least they made me work for those 3 wins!


So as someone who got top 100 ..as high as top 10 regularly on the last fifa I played (20) and got it a couple times this fifa until you basically needed to average 3000 points to, I play on legendary usually for like 10-15 games to get E1, or just on whatever difficulty I need for an objective if I don’t need the extra rewards. Only a very few games are a challenge so it still gets very boring and mind numbing..it’s even worse than I remember in fifa 20. If I turn it up to ultimate it’s very hard to beat and if I do I have to sweat like it’s my last game of champs, but what’s worse about that is that at least champs can be satisfying…you can outplay this AI then it’ll just say “fuck it, time to cheat” because ultimate can do whatever it wants sometimes. So yeah 90% of the time it’s either mind numbing or very unrewarding if it’s an actual challenging game. I feel like most of the community feels this way.


Exactly. AI doesn’t rage quit


Heck, I would be satisfied with the option to turn off all cutscenes


Yes, seriously, regardless of game mode, EA need to lose the cutscenes


Totally this!! Having to watch the opponent's team warming up before the match when the halftime whistle goes, just why FFS??


literally, having to spam 5 to get past 4 cutscenes when ANYTHING happens is American Football levels of incompetence


Often Cutscenes are loading screens 🤷‍♂️


Maybe we just need to start doing the griddy and that'll get the AI to quit. Maybe I should ask Chat GPT what it thinks of the griddy!?! LOL


I feel bad when my opponent does the griddy everytime, it makes me realize the person definitely eats shits for breakfast and wanks themselves to sleep every night


> and wanks themselves to sleep every night Who doesn't?




I'm in total agreement with you on this. 100%


What's wrong in wanking before sleep? 😂


Nothing at all!


I just put it on semi pro or pro. Score 6 or more in the first half and just go afk until the next half ends


given that you can skip all goal celebration and free kick stops.. it's probably faster than any online play.


But I struggle to see the difference between playing 30 games where people quit and 10 or so SBs. Isn't that the same amount of time? Because some people just spam 30 rivals or Fut Champs games in a week. Are the rewards THAT much better? Not saying that that is you but you get my argument for some people. Thanks. I'm just curious as to people's opinions.


Unless you’re top 200 in SB (which is 20 perfect matches on legendary or mostly perfect on ultimate), yes. Also more of it. Rivals, playoffs, and champs all get you rewards. Assuming you’re getting at least one win in champs, you’ll get more out of 30 playoffs and champs games than 20 squads.


I always do the objectives and make sure I get Elite 1 rewards but it gets really boring and that’s the problem with matches being too long. In Rivals/Champs the rewards are much better and the games are obviously never boring since it’s not an AI.


Im glad the objectives in SB are mostly semi-pro or professional


I get your point about the rewards, but essentially Div 3 Upgrade and SBs Elite 1 are the same rewards. Albeit possibly less games to receive such awards. But what's the harm in playing a warmup or two or trying out a new player or new formation. Elite 1 is honestly easy to get and requires no where near the 40 games. And I'm sure most people need more than 8 games to get the upgrade. Champs playoffs/finals does offer some more rewards but again you are slaving and sweating all weekend for what seems to be, aside from the rare pull, pedestrian rewards. I get that it's against people and not the AI, but the toxicity and foul play is just boring for me. Everybody there abuses meta tactics and there is no originality behind most players. I get that it's higher-level competition but it's repetitive in itself too.


It’s very telling that the number one problem people have with SB is the rewards. In fact, rewards are about all that is ever discussed for any game mode… Guess gameplay took a backseat. For me, it’s not that SB is “fun”, it just has monumentally less bullshit than other modes. The CPU isn’t gonna hit a BS goal and griddy on you. You’re not going to lag in SB. Plus, you can pause. So it’s not that squad battles is better, it’s just less bad.


Lol wdym…. the CPU goes ultra instinct and passes around you randomly with non rare goods before scoring screamers.


Mainly the griddy part lol. I think we all know what’s coming when the CPU starts gunning at the 45’ minute mark and a bronze card turns into prime R9


Humans abuse broken tactics and every fut champs game is the same for me. Same players, same formation, same pressure. The AI is just as boring but I'll glady take the less toxic SBs gameplay over the kids and their Mbappes et al scoring BS boals and doing the griddy.


Lack of rewards and the time commitment to such rewards! 100% you don't have to deal with the griddy in SBs, albeit they will hit BS goals (we've all had that 63 rated bronze hitting in a banger into the top corner off the deflection) Thanks for your opinion, glad to see another SBs fan. It's tough love out there.


I agree that it would be nice to get better rewards, but you get at least 50k-60k without packing anything for E1 (26k in money, 24 rare gold players, each 500k quicksell is 12k and 20 games with 600k each are another 12k. If you sell the players for at least 650 coins, thats additional 3600 and if you need more games, you get more coins with 10 games are at least 6k.). Thats not that bad, especially when I read here very often "how did you get so much money or players to do those SBCs". That is how.


I think overall the entire reward system needs an overall. The issue that they have to deal with is the discrepancy of player skill, club value, and playtime. For me I just got the game last month. There are kids with 20 million teams and essentially limitless coins. Mean on the other hand I have to scrap for every coin because the market is dictated by those with the money.


I mean I still get disconnected in the 80th minute when I'm 5-0 up, so it actually gives me a 0-3 loss, + any objective progress doesn't count, so stupid


Personally I just hate playing the AI, it could have the best rewards in the game and I still wouldn’t play it regularly. It’s incredibly boring for me and the fun of FIFA for me is the gameplay, and most of that stems from the competition aspect of playing other people.


I completely understand. Yet I find it very boring going up against the same teams and tactics all the time against people. It's not even football at those levels, it's just whoever can abuse the broken tactics more efficiently. I like a nice mix between AI and human competition. I find the variability of the teams and varying the AI difficulty help to keep it fresh sometimes. Last night I dropped 15+ goals on Legendary and it was nice to give players a chance that I would otherwise never think to use in rivals.


If all you care about is gameplay then seasons or career mode is what you want. FUT has always been about rewards


Yes and know. Rewards, are nice, but I play ultimate for the unique player cards. Ramos Flashback is something that I won't be able to get in career mode or seasons. ​ Honestly, I find the gameplay to be fine. I have never had an issue with lag, latency, whatever. I've had two disconnects but I have never felt the game to be "sluggish" as people say. I like the slower pace of play and I feel that people who just constant pressure don't always really know what they are doing. When I see the typical 3 atb formation I know what's coming. I openly embrace those who are rocking formations of teams similar to mine.


Personally I just hate playing the AI, it could have the best rewards in the game and I still wouldn’t play it regularly. It’s incredibly boring for me and the fun of FIFA for me is the gameplay, and most of that stems from the competition aspect of playing other people.


I get that, but I find it boring to constantly go up against people with the same teams and meta tactics. Moreso those that just don't know what they are doing. My rivals games consist of two types: I win 5-0 (don't celebrate a single goal) and the opposite player doesn't play golden goal and just tries to injure every one of my players or guy goes up 1-0 does the griddy and pauses after every single goal. Albeit, I win in both circumstances (on a comeback in the second instance) it does not give me any satisfaction for the victory.


Squad Battles are fun when you play on the right difficulty. The problem is people just play to grind instead of to have fun. That being said, I have to play how many games of Squad Battles AND FUT champs now? With a player i don’t really want, I just like fodder?


Yes, I completely agree. A lot of people just go up against easier difficulty levels out of fear of losing against the CPU. It's all about challenging yourself. I like to dabble in all the games modes, but SBs to me is great as it allows me to just chill and game without any worries or toxic players. ​ Thanks for commenting!


Problem with squad battles is that it becomes boring and tedious. Past few fifas I would get top 200 the first few weeks to give myself some good packs. But 40 games of legendary AI is really tiresome so I haven't done it once this year. You go into every single game knowing how the AI will play. How many bullshit passes and dribbling techniques they can pull off. 40 games of that week in week out takes years off your life. Then at the end you open your packs and get a couple of 83s. Rivals can literally be done in a minimum of 8 games per week for better rewards.


I don't disagree with you there. 40 games in SBs is brutal. I've done it in past Fifa's. But how do you deal with the toxic players in rivals? They straight-up make me want to quit the game. What's the logic beyond kicking it in the back for 45 minutes when you are down by 5 goals? Like why are some people just out there to waste our time? The sense of entitlement within the community makes rivals unbearable at times.


Squad Battles is the best part of FUT for me (at least since they got rid of single player seasons - used to love grinding those Div1 league packs). I play 42 squad battles games a week and 3 Rivals games, which puts me off playing online modes for another week… I love when the objective players can be done in Squad Battles, as I can try new leagues and squads out. But if there are too many at once (Squad Foundations + Silver Beasts + Icon Swaps), I miss playing with my A Team.


Thanks for commenting. Glad to see another SB supporter. I enjoy it. I think the mix in gameplay is important for the game. I understand it's tedious and time-consuming, but the objectives are easy; it's just about putting in the time. I like the idea that I can pause, step away, make some dinner, grab a beer, and come back and my game is still there.


You spend around 10 hours a week just on squad battles


Yep. About 90 mins an evening to unwind from a stressful day 👍


Bruh how tf you play so many squad battles weekly??


Thats over a week. 6 games a night to chill out, de-stress, score some sick goals and most importantly have fun :) You only get points from 42 so that’s where I stop, which is how EA designed it I imagine.


Play whatever game mode you want to brother. Don't listen to these SB haters. I play plenty of SBs each week too. I've got Lindstrom basically done this week in SBs. I just can't stand the toxic players in Rivals. When I score, people waste time. When they score they expect me to play golden goal. Seriously where is the respect? I like to unwind and not have to think about anything. I pad stats and use players that otherwise would never even play. If you don't use them it's just a card collecting game.


I get elite 1 on squad battles every week and only play 16-18 games. I think it’s a stress free way to earn coins and rewards. And as someone else said there is no lag which makes it even more enjoyable


Thanks for commenting. You see there is someone who can back up my claim of the 16 to 18 games. There have been several comments here about people complaining about "40 games" When I think people don't actually realize how many few games are needed to get to elite 1. ​ I feel the same way. I jam out my weekly rivals and kill the objectives easily in SBs. For me it's an essential and honestly one of my favorite game modes. I get that the level of competition isn't really testing my ability but that's why I get my minimum weekly dose of rivals in too.


If you get 1800 points per game, you need 25 games for 46k points. Of course you get more when you play better or play against harder opponents. And you may not need 46k for Elite 1. Both reduces the games you need to play. So its a lot for some people, but its never 40 games unless you play on the easier modes.


Upvote for no lag! Also, no rage quitting, and you can skip replays at will It's also prime for doing objectives. Play 1 match on semi pro and you can EASILY get all 6 assists with Lindstrom for the OBJ, for example


Yes, I breezed through all these objectives. I have two games left for the 88 Lindstrom. I won't even be touching that player OBJ in Fut champs. It's just too much stress to go for the wins. ​ Rivals is one thing, but every one of my Fut Champs experiences has just been way worse.


The squad battles rewards aren’t worth it to me after the first couple months of the game. Only hop in for objectives after that


That's fair, but elite one is 26K and 2 Rare Players Packs, those are just nothing rewards then? What are your rewards from rivals and champs that you get each week? And how many games on average do you need to get those awards?


I guess it depends on what kind of torture you prefer. I don’t have it in me to bang my head against the wall to achieve elite 1 in SB. Getting to Gold 3 is all I have in me if I complete them. I don’t know the exact rewards. I usually win 6-8 qualifiers. And then stop at 11 wins on WL and give the remainder away. So 25ish games, but a lot of rage quits. Squad battles don’t rage quit lol


Fair enough. For everyone it's a pick your poison kind of topic. I try to do a mix of everything. Honestly, you might get elite with just a warmup game or two before you head to face competition. For me, I just prefer the fact that I don't have to think about it, Whereas in Champs it's just too toxic for me. The rewards, while better, just are not worth the push. Thanks for commenting though!


I guess with time constraints, I don’t have time for warmup games. Every minute of my time has to be beneficial with everything going on in life


100% understand. Do what you need to do to be efficient. I just like to warm up the ol digits and buttons beforehand. Fifa is all about feel, ya know. I also sometimes will go days without playing so I don't always have quite a rhythm as I'd prefer.


6 win champ is already arguably better than E1


Agree, but not everyone is quite at that level. So maybe a first-timer might not be able to get 6 wins but they can get Elite 1 in SBs. Champs should and does have better rewards, but I think for the time commitment SBs should definitely have better ones in the future. But we'll see what happens in EA Sports FC


Homie you need to play like 30 SB games on world class minimum to get Elite 1 while in rivals you only need 8 wins and the rewards are much better.


You definitely don’t. I’ve reached elite 1 multiple times it’s around 40k points. I play 2 games out the 4 in the set on world class and the other 2 on pro. Nets about 5/6k per square. 30 games yes absolutely but only half of them need to be world class where you can just play the two extremely low rated sides with bad Chem and win around 8-0 Rewards are shit for everything lol, I’m literally playing SB this week as I’m qualified for champs, have the rivals wins and don’t have any other games I want to play until that Hogwarts game drops 😂


I usually cap myself at 20-25. I just don't have the time to do more. I do a mix of a few Professional (just to kill easy objectives) but mostly I play on Legendary. I've never needed 30 games to get Elite 1, at least so far this game cycle. ​ For rivals, I get the 8 wins and just stop. The thing that I don't enjoy is when the 87th minute rolls around and my opponents are doing the griddy for no reason, even when down by several goals. The rewards don't seem to be THAT much better IMO. But I just got the game less than a month ago and I'm still in the lower divisions. ​ Thanks for your opinion. Just trying to spark a convo with the group.


It sounds like you prefer rewards over gameplay. Playing the computer is repetitive and boring (to me)


I don't disagree with you but you can always play on a higher difficulty to make it more challenging? At least the AI won't do the griddy on you after every goal. I find that to be straight torture, moreseo when I'm up 7-1 and they are doing the griddy after some lucky goal. Yes, the AI is repetitive but I'm willing to sacrifice time for sanity when dealing with toxic players Thanks for commenting though! It's definitely an interesting topic to discuss


I love squad battles, easy games and good rewards. Stress free


Me too. It's a no-brainer to keep objectives in SBs and honestly the option to do it in Rivals is great too. I 100% don't understand what all the fuss is about.


In what universe does SB have good rewards? Especially considering the amount of time you have to play.


A couple thousand coins and a few packs for a few fun games


Not to mention the coins just for playing the match. So many people quit in rivals in the first 20 mins. I get 100 coins or less. In SBs I get 700+ every game.


26K and 2 tradeable rare player packs for arguably 2 warm-up games a night. If most people are in fact Elite, Div 1, etc and getting 11 wins then they should have no problem against Legendary AI, even for 80+ rated teams.


14 wins on legendary don't get you Elite 1. Also fuck warming up, if i have 2 hours to play; Why would i spend 35mins playing boring games vs the AI? It's not at all about it being hard or easy, it's a straight up snoozefest playing vs AI.


I'm not in disagreement. Just try to show a little empathy. You play whatever mode you want. Yes, it's boring For me though, I don't like wasting time in rivals to tie or lose. Everyone has their own methods. I'm older and don't play every day so I need a game or two to get into a rhythm. I could just as easily warm-up in rivals but I don't want to waste any opportunities in rivals. I can knock out any objectives et al if needed against the weaker AI and that allows me to just play normally in rivals. Shutting out the AI in 14 games and scoring at least 5 should net you around 35,000 points which some weeks will put you in contention to be in or near Elite 1.


Just feels boring man and the amount of games you have to play to get decent rewards sucks. The same amount of games in champs will get you much better rewards if you’re decent


Ok, yes SB rewards are weak, but you can play in rivals too. So are you opposed to having the objectives in rivals as well?


I personally like when objectives are SB/Rivals. I dread playing against AI so I do most in rivals but if I’ve got a couple games left or those obscure assist with CB type challenges I’ll go to SB and also complete any other challenges while doing that player objectives. Helps get XP for season rewards plus it makes me feel like I’m not wasting my time like most SB matches do.


Yes, and I think that's the most logical way to do it. For those obscure objectives just get em done in SBs. Most players could the other objectives done in rivals, it's just that people don't want to hurt their win-loss record as they think it means something.




That's an interesting point. I think for next year EA Sports FC definitely needs to re-vamp several game modes. The toxic players for me sometimes just take the joy out of the game. I'm not opposed to playing against the CPU for x amount of games but not gonna lie it does get time consuming.


Squad battles is by far my favorite game mode. It feels like all the other modes are either sweaty af or full of people using a potato with some nails in it as a router. I see so many videos on this sub of BS that happen online. People complain all the time about "EAs match fixing" and weird glitches that seem to be trying to steer the score in a certain direction. SB has none of that IME, plus you can pause the game, skip replays at will, and not have to deal with someone rage quitting because they missed the target once every other game. If FIFA gave you the win when your Opp quit mid-Match, I'd probably play online more, but I swear it feels like 1 out of 3 games is actually played to time.... If you score in the first 10 minutes, they quit, and you get nothing. If you save a pen, they quit, and you get nothing. If they get a red card, they quit, and you get nothing. I just want chill out, play some fifa, smoke a J and have a good time. SB is always the place for that


Yes, not too mention when they score they EXPECT you to play golden goal. I've been matched against the same player before and it's happened. Went the full 90 when scoring first, then on the very next match I get the same guy, who I just beat, and he scores first, celebrates, and then pauses. Squad Battles just gives me a piece of mind that I can relax and play my game. I change up the difficulty all the time. I think honestly more people are scared of Legendary than they like to admit and play on World Class Or Professional, hence why they claim it to be boring as it's never really a test.


Personally I love squadbattles. More than shitty online game full of sweaties, lagers, ragekiddies, ragequitters, cheaters etc. No I prefer the chill ai. Srsly.


I like Squad Battles because it's low stress and I can pause whenever I want to.


This guy gets it! Right on man. I enjoy it for the same reasons


I find squad battles refreshing. Sometimes I don’t want to deal with the insanity that is online play. I don’t think the rewards are too bad!


for me personally.....it takes too fucking long


So when you play Rivals, Champs, etc do you not play the entire game?


It’s more fun and half the games people quit.


On average about how many rivals game do you play each week?


Most people i play against leave, i rarely ever play full games


Me too, but at what point are you simply playing to score first? Last year they made this golden goal mode in friendlies and it was the easiest thing ever. I really enjoyed it, but that wasn't football to me and while I was good at it there was no enjoyment.


Squad Battles is my primary mode. I grew up playing franchise modes in games like Madden and 2k and I like the opportunity to do that again with the elements of club building that Ultimate Team affords you. I'll only play rivals or friendlies with friends or if there's a reward I really really want. Not worth the anxiety and sweat otherwise.


100% agree with you man. I throw in some rivals for the rewards and to test my metal against players. But it's boring as it's obviously not even football at that point and it's just me against meta tactics and pace obsessed players. I just enjoy the stress free and non toxic gameplay of SBs


I love squad battles. I hate the toxicity of online play, so I mainly do trading/SBC grinding, and play squad battles for packs rewards and to get objective players. The only bad thing about SB is it’s too long, 15 min games against the AI numbs my brain. Would love if it was 3 min halves, or if there was mercy rule if you go 10 goals up against the AI or something like that.


It's subjective, but I genuinely find Squad Battles mind numbing. I did the four goals with a Denmark player, one game, semi-pro, and that was enough to switch the game off lol Doesn't help that 15 minutes drags no matter the difficulty. Up to and including World Class is a walk in the park barring some catastrophe, and anything harder you're playing against sliders.


I get it. But it's very boring for me to go against players with little to know knowledge of the game as evident in their style of gameplay. It's clear to me right away based on formation, player choices, and even chem styles what type of game it's going to be. Also in the event that you find a worthy opponent the time is the same to play against the AI or a player. Most players I go up against don't play golden goal even if it's obvious that they are doing the objectives.


There’s nothing more boring than squad battles. I’d rather not play the game than play SB. But I’m in the minority here cause I love playing rivals


I enjoy both SBs and Rivals. Fut Champs is a whole other level of toxic sometimes. I like to have a mix though. I typically use SBs just to warm up for my rivals games and then I'll do any objectives that there may be. I don't find it to be so boring, especially when I see it as a warm-up and a chance to try new players that I might not even think about in rivals. I completely understand your opinion though. It is boring and repetitive (it's AI c'mon) but it's a necessary game mode IMO. Thanks for commenting!


There is a lot of hate in general in this sub. Its just a hateful place. If you read this sub everyday you will come to the conclusion that people hate rivals, hate Fut champs, hate friendlies, hate moments, hate drafts, hate trading, hate all the sbcs, hate servers, hate EA and hate themselves. You just do what you enjoy, and doesnt matter what people hate.


What I am always most suprised how many people hate people that are trading, its crazy.


Ultimate team is a online based game mode to play against (real) players. I’ve you won’t to play against the AI you can play career mode


It's a good point, but career mode doesn't have a good puzzle for building up chemistry and you can't easily play with all the fun players like Chong (99 shooting).


Mainly due to how boring the ai is to play against I think. If the game length could be shortened it would be far more bearable. Even on legendary, you just need to go a few goals up and pass the ball around. The AI never seems to change their boring possession obsessed tactics.


I always play squad battles more than rivals or friendlies because for some reason I have shitty luck and always match with somebody who’s toxic or I get completely destroyed 7-0. Compared to most others on this sub I’m probably just a casual but I avoid mp modes on most games because I somehow become a target for toxicity without trying when I’m just trying to enjoy a game.


I like Squad Battles. The reason is that I am on Xbox and I do not have any Membership, so I cannot play online features.


Gotta love how people complain about SB rewards, dumbass AI, boring matches, etc. yet, when someone asks for advice on how to get better they're told to play the AI. If you play, and beat, Legendary SBs you can easily get Elite 1 in 20 matches, and the rewards for that are better than any tradable DR rewards Div 3 and below.


I would like to play against AI if they play like an actual football team. In Fifa, it's just Pinball with a football.


Just want to come in and say, some of us don’t have stable and fast internet to enjoy online matches. Sometimes, SB is the only mode we can play reliably without getting DC


6 minute halves are a pain when you’re up 6-0 by halftime vs World Class AI.


Agree, yes it's a long time the games. But why don't you give Legendary a go then and step up the level of competition? That's the key for me in keeping it fresh.


FIFA is a game mostly designed for pvp. In Any other pvp games such as Lol, csgo, overwatch, Fortnite people enjoy to compete with other real people hence the same type of gamers doesn’t enjoy to do PvCpu.


I do my objective players in rivals and for the hard objectives I do it on squad battles but it mostly 1 game of squad battles. I prefer doing it on rivals because people can rage quit and you can get your wins needed faster but in squad battles you have to play the full match and it takes a long time to complete if you do it in squad battles. Good thing about this year in fifa they did not shove so many squad battles objectives in your face.


I thought FUT champs were online games. What do squad battles have to do with it ?


As many others have said squad battles is boring and if you play rivals you are often massively handicapping yourself and it's not fun losing constantly because of a self imposed handicap. Look at it this way, one of the tots objectives was to score 3 goals with a Japan player and another was to have 3 morrocan players in midfield. I'm in elite div. If I do this I'm rivals in going to get shit on by yaya toure etc.. So my only option is SB. I have limited time and I play online comptetive games to compete and test my skill. SB does not do that in any way. It often has you doing some stupid abarity thing for your reward so you end up just trying to get it out the way. Move these objectives to friendlies also so then I can play vs other people doing the same thing. The most fun objective I ever played on fut was the 11 vs 11 keepers objective in I think fifa 21. Do that or something like it. They can now give everybody a loan in the moment store so give us all a loan future star and force people to score with him in friendlies. Perfect.


The thing is that the game is dead.. in squad battles you can dominate or better yourself.. in every other game mode you can be sweaty or justify how badly the game has been made .. it’s honestly a dead game for years now n people solely come back to it for their love of football which EA noticed n turned into a decent cash grab mechanism making into a card collecting game


It’s boring as fuck and makes you play worse in real games because playing against cpu is different.


Nothing is worse than playing the AI and the game STILL LAGS.


For me, it's inherently boring playing against the computer. For me, it's similar to the feeling of playing solitaire, watching a sporting event not live, playing poker for fake money. It lacks that edge or excitement.


I think it’s boring. I’m I need the satisfaction of snatching another man’s soul when I play or it just isn’t fun.


Squad Battles is tedious, simple as that.


But aren't all the different types of game modes tedious in their own right? Not everyone can get 8 wins in rivals in 8 tries. One guy on twitter commented that he did 37 rivals games in a single week, why? I have no idea. And he was complaining that it was too many games to do the Lindstrom Obj. Imagine you went through a weekend of Champs, or rivals and not one person quit. That's a hell of a lot of griddy and sweat to be dealing with. ​ Thanks for commenting, it's interesting to see all the opinions on here! In the end it's a pick your poison kind of game isn't it?!?!


1) They aren't very fun. I smash World class, but get a beating by 80+ rated teams on legendary. So I either try and sweat it out, or get a fairly easy win. I don't mind doing it each week, but having to play 35+ games just makes you realise how much of a drag it is. 2) I play SB to E1 most weeks (20+ games), but only make sure I get 3 rivals wins. I'm happy for objectives to be in any mode really, as long as they aren't limited. Home grown eleven was annoying, even when I got the 7 wins in 9 games.


Yes, sometimes the discrepancy between World Class and Legendary is quite large. Moreso when it's Legendary to Ultimate, that shit is damn near impossible to shutout the CPU. ​ But do you prefer the lengthy gameplay of SBs to the toxic environment of Rivals, champs, etc? 100% agree with you. Last year they started with this limited games crap and they carried it over to this year and it just creates a black hole in the gaming community.


The squad battles gameplay is just a bit too monotonous to me. I’m much more stimulated in Game about facing off 1v1. With an opponents skill level than a computer. I actually do alll my objectives in rivals. Makes for a more enjoyable experience.


Theres no reason to play it. Its long and rewards are bad. There is no sense of well done its boring tedium. Unfortunately the same applies to rivals now so theres no reason to play either.


It's fucking boring


Squad battles is dumb because you are playing against the computer. It’s boring. It’s the same reason why career mode is boring to me as well. I’ve prob played maybe 3 games of SBs lifetime and that’s just cuz I know playing the computer puts me to sleep. No amount of rewards will entice me enough to play offline. I play rivals and WL. Playing against a real human is far more entertaining. I love being able to exploit mistakes or learn how that person plays and adapt throughout the game.


Squad battles are so tedious I've looked into the idea of trying to make an AI play the game for me multiple times before realising the amount of hours that would take is not worth it.


because pay2win teams can't use their meta tactics versus AI..


You can play seasons or career mode if you like playing against ai so much no need to buy a new FIFA every year too


why do you play fut? to show you have a meta team.. go to your mother to buy your meta credit card FC.. all the credit card fc and youtubers feed this shit called lottery.. these people are the hell


To compete with other players? How do you compare online gameplay against a real opponent to squad battles lol. I genuinely enjoy playing against others and would play rivals even if the squad battle rewards were better


compete is real when we have the same opportunity.. if you buy your whores is no more competitive..


You sound so bitter you should stop playing this game as it doesn’t really help with your issues apparently


non meriti risposte.. siete tutti uguali.. saranno affari miei


I can’t play offline. I get bored too quickly


Its too time consuming and the rewards aren’t good enough what i play, ive reached too 200 before and it definitely didn’t feel worth it, it gets incredibly annoying when you’re up by like 5 against the ai and you have to just start messing around, if i ever play squad battles i do first 2 on ultimate, the 3rd on legendary and the last on ultimate, no clue why but the 3rd squad on ultimate just absolutely fucking destroy me


The problem is that squad battles are mind-numbingly boring. Firstly, the games are too long, they should have the same half length as rivals. I do not understand why they are longer. And this problem is compounded by the AI being crap. I don't mean the AI is easy, I mean it's terrible. On the lower difficulties it's really boring cause as soon as you go 2 or 3 goals up (which will happen in the first 10-15 mins) the AI essentially gives up, and you are just messing about for the rest of the game with absolutely no risk of losing, cause the AI never comes back from behind. It's so tedious. The higher difficulties are just stupid. EAs idea of higher difficulty is just to eliminate all mistakes, so you have common gold fodder midfielders playing like Xavi and Iniesta in their prime. It's not fun at all. Ping-pong passing with perfect runs, with 78 rated CBs playing like Maldini. And even on the higher difficulties, once you go a few goals ahead the AI gives up. It just takes you longer to get to that point.


Its fun at the beginning, but it gets boring super quick


Ultimate difficult is too damn hard, like the AI will do everything to win literally, including glitches, and one difficult below is too damn easy. The main problem is that SB is fucking boring as hell and too long and give us no challange at all, and the rewards are shit


Bcause u need to play 40 games to get an similar rewards as the rivals 8 wins


A few people have made this comment now. I'm not entirely sure that people realize how few games they actually have to play to get Elite 1. It's surprisingly easy and definitely does not require 40 games. Albeit the rewards are worse, they are not terrible. Elite one gives you an easy 26K and 2 tradable gold players packs. I've done it in less 20 games.


Its so so boring


Squad battles are fine for warm up games, burning gold contracts while you chill and listen to a podcast, and for providing a consistent baseline to test certain things. But when you have to play x number of games to get some objective that's a pain in the butt. The annoyance a lot of people have over this new objective is you have to take an 82 rated player into a fairly sweaty game mode.


First FIFA back in a long time and I like squad battles. The objectives usually provide enough of a “challenge” to be interesting, especially considering I usually play them while doing something else. If I’m going to sit down and play FIFA seriously, I’ll play another mode.


If there was a “sim to finish” or sim match feature like in Manager Mode. It would be 100000% better.


First FIFA back in a long time and I like squad battles. The objectives usually provide enough of a “challenge” to be interesting, especially considering I usually play them while doing something else. If I’m going to sit down and play FIFA seriously, I’ll play another mode.


Rewards are really bad and playing against real people is a lot more fun to me even if I lose more


SB takes far too long to play compared to online modes. Presuming E1 is 16-20 wins, that’s a minimum of 4 hours of gameplay. I can usually get 11 wins in champs, 9/10 wins in qualifiers, and a few rivals games done in the same time. I usually play SB for the first couple of weeks of the game because you can generally make 100k from E1 when rares I.e Jota went for 50k.


Playing against the computer is so boring.


I dread Squad Battles, but that’s because the reason I play is to compete against other people. The victory feels hollow agains the AI, but that’s just me.


I get horrendous lag so I avoid online matches when I can but Ive been thinking about doing some rivals again. I do about 60% world class 40% legendary. Wondering what it takes to crack into the top 200.


Pros: Play at your skill level - don’t play the same meta team/players every game - don’t concede the same toxic boring cutback goals - pause when you like - enjoy using a team you want to use and not have to make one to just stand a chance - just up your difficulty if you’re bored or it doesn’t seem to challenging as the AI can outdo any human in terms of skill so it’s completely suited to you Cons: AI doesn’t rage quit so games can be tedious - rewards aren’t as great as rivals but you’re battling objectives too so it can work out kinda well


Im the metahunter bot! I heard you talking about meta. Well i got news for you little boy! I don't like that the slighest bit. You must been punished in my chamber.


Fifa is a PVP game and playing against AI is boring as fuck and doesn’t remotely set you up for playing well against other people. I’d rather lose 10 games in a row in rivals than play 1 SB game, it’s pointless. It’s like playing against bots in a shooter, you could get 30 kills/win 6-0 and it means nothing when it’s not against actual people.


Playing offline isn’t fun and the rewards sucks


I love rival cause I can do objectives and build points to get rewards without losing. The only problem is time spent playing which is 12 minutes. If there is an option to shorten it then many wouldn’t play.


I only play SB. Used to play Weekend league mainly last time I had fifa and even though I normally finished pretty high the stress this game gave with one game pretty smooth then two games it takes you 2 seconds to pass etc. Just a lot of things you just cannot control.. Probably a factor as well that I play another game competitively and just wanna chill there. Not hard to get a good team too with all those SBCs and objectives for fodder.


So I didn't used to mind objectives in rivals (in fact there was a time a few years ago, under the old system, when they were my preferred objective type), but the current format of the mode means you (assuming you haven't deliberately held yourself back from being promoted) are stuck playing at a level dictated by your ability with your main squad, and with no way to slowly drift down until you reach wherever your objective squad level is, you're likely in for a rough time. That means if I need to throw together a funky team to satisfy objective requirements and/or force a particular style of goal (eg assist with a cross), I'm more than likely going to get smashed by a guy just playing the game to his normal potential, using his front three of Al-Owairan/Mbappe/Jairzinho and generally not giving a monkey's about any objective player; chances are I'd likely have a tough, but even, game with him if I was also just playing with my main team/tactics/style, but alas I'm not, I'm entering a match between two "evenly" skilled players but with one hand effectively tied behind my back. At least if it was in friendlies, we'd both be there for the same thing, both using adapted squads, and we'd be back to a level(ish) playing field. ​ Then there's squad battles. If you enjoy it, all the power to you, I'm not going to tell you what you can and can't enjoy. But I just don't. Completely and utterly boring, and I'm unlikely to touch that mode again this year. I can stomach it in the first month or so but after that I'd rather just miss out on content if I can't/don't want to get it done over in rivals. ​ You ask what would I prefer instead? IN THE CURRENT GAME - friendlies. Like I said above, at least then we're both there for the same thing so the SBMM kind of works again, rather than actually forcing a mismatch between two players playing for very different reasons in rivals. If relegation were possible in rivals, I'd be more than fine with it in there, because I know if the first few games are a little rough, no need to get discouraged, as I'll naturally drift down a little bit until I reach a level that I can compete with whatever squad/style/etc I've put together to satisfy the objective requirements.


Because it’s a snoozfest


People complain about the time. Just score 10 goals then go afk and go do something else.


I like squad battles. Mostly because I have kids and a dog I can pause and walk away as long as I need.


Wonder if anyone plays career mode who doesn’t like squad battles


Because it is mind numbing to play more than 2-3 games vs AI. If these objectives were only win 2 or 3, then I would have no complaints. But to win 7 games, when I can complete everyother objective in 2-3 games means that I need to play the other 4 games just for the win and it is not even against a human.


It’s mind numbingly boring. Too long. All the difficulties are insanely easy, except for ultimate which is way too hard.


I feel like it depends on your mindset, Squad Battle can be fun, if you play it for fun (this sentence kinda sounds stupid), just by the way, but if you want to play competetive and love to beat other humans its not right mode for you. Like in the early days I love to play Squad Battles to slowly get use to the gameplay and dont need to stress how bad I currently am, but playing Squad Battles for the Swaps was tendious & felt like a waste of time, cause I only played for the rewards and not for the fun. Playing once in a while some Squad Battles relaxing, while watching YT or talkin with friends kinda sounds fun.


I play SB all the time to test new formations, players and just to not deal with dumb shit that happens on rivals.


I'd rather have a "score hat tricks in 15 different matches against world class in squad battles" instead of having the 7 wins in homegrown eleven objective any day of the week


I like competing, only way to compete with others is the ranking, I don’t have the will or time to play 40 fucking games in a few days on top of weekend league and play offs. Also AI is incredibly boring, either the AI is too weak or they get 99base cards which is even more boring to me.


My dream is that they would develop a proper AI for SB. So that games are essentially the same as PvP, with the only difference that the AI computes the controller input. They could even implement different play styles and variations. If cars can drive by themselves then this should be possible too. But EA will never do such an investment unfortunately.


Fut champs is the worst really, i dont have game to play this week and 7 win is not easy


It is boring


It's boring is the main reason.


I use to enjoy squad battles but I swear the AI is becoming more annoying to play against each year. They're obsessed with holding the ball and will constantly go backwards in order to maintain possession instead of taking risks. And I don't like how the higher the difficulty, the worse your players play too.


Squad battles is boring and long, no two ways about it. FIFA is already ridiculously repetitive because it’s such a simplistic game and even when playing online there’s a lot of similarities in the way people play and the players they use, but when you play the AI on whatever difficulty every game is practically the exact same and they last like 20 minutes guaranteed. That Lindstrom or whoever it is is like 35 squad battles or something ridiculous, that’s like 10 hours of fifa maybe slightly more for a card that would be maybe 40-60k on the market. There’s just infinite better ways I could spend 10 hours of my life, even if I wanted to spend them playing FIFA I could get weekend league rewards worth twice that in half the time.


i am historically a SB player (mainly as i dont think i am any decent online). proved so last night when couldnt buy a win on Rivals. They have truly messed the SB format. The AI is mind numbing and playing on higher settings is clearly sadistic. The AI pull off passes that are unbelievable and tik tak football is the norm. I used to play to elite 1 every week, but the format is a form of torture now. best just play for the player obj and get some points and pray to god you pack something from about 5 games worth points.


Hate playing against the CPU. It's so so so boring. It's also why I don't like career mode. Honestly don't mind doing objectives in Rivals, makes it a challenge and challenges are fun.


It’s fun when you first get into the game but after that every game becomes the same basically and you don’t get the satisfaction that you get when beat by a human opponent It’s mostly there for grinding but games are too long and are often decided in the first 5 mins where either you get shit on by the high difficulty AI or stomp the lower ones and the rest is just boring waiting


I quite like Squads for a few matches. I'd certainly play it over WL league. I don't think you can be upset about the AI being too predictable when you've played 20 games of essentially the same opponent trying the exact same moves against you in WL. Mostly though I like some squads and offline draft to play when my connection is unbearable, which is two random days out of five.