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Opponent's Maignan is the best keeper in the game


Fax. I was playing squad battles and by the time i hit 20 shots on target i only had 3 goals when maignan was the opps keeper


I swear… never encountered a better one. For me from the beginning ter stegen was an awesome choice. For me icons never helped me in goal. Their weird animations makes them feel bad for me. I hope it fits for you.


Ter Stegen had like 300 games for my club, the most consistent GK in 23 imo. Now I have gold Donnaruma for links and he is better than IF Donnarunma for some reason ( in terms of consistency and animation choices). Goalkeepers are weird..


donaruma for me. Makes those pesky cross the body saves that seem to go in against every other keeper I have used.


That card truly pisses me off, tried him and he wasn't anything special and had one moment where I brought him out but an animation happened and he moved back instead. Came back to him forgetting why I didn't like him and then he reminded me lmao.


I seem in the minority here but I have 2 depending on play style. Yashin (used his base icon) is a great shot stopper. Based on that he is the best I have used. However, WW Malinkovic- Savic is genuinely a top tier goalie if you use him correctly. He's 6'8, has the long gk throw trait and has 99 speed. If you know when to pull your Goalie out and when to keep him on his line there is nobody better than him. He's a decent shot stopper, not as good as Yashin but used correctly he will save way more shots.


That's why I used Campos for a long time. He was so fast. But he is such a midget. He can get chipped on his line. I might try Milinkovic-Savic. He won't have any chemistry tho


Just tossed Savic into net and the times where you hold Y to call him out are so fast n responsive, he is a beast.


I'm using Milinkovic-Savic for the last 20 or so games. And he is 50-50 for me. Either he saves you a game or is letting by everything which goes his way. I definitely have to work on pulling him out because often he is not catching up and a shot from outside the box is enough to score for my opponent. I may have overused pulling him out due to speed stat tho.


I found myself thinking he's gonna close down everything because of his speed. Its better to act as if he has the speed of a normal Goalie and pull him out only when you would with a normal Goalie. Once I did that he was so much better. It's about finding the balance.


With Savic I found the time to pull the goalkeeper out is always, because he's slow as fuck moving his arms.


Hes slow ASF because he has 61 reactions xD


All keepers are crap anyway so buy whatever you want or need for chem.


Yeah true I only use them for chemistry reason.


Isnt mid vds the best version?


he has 6 less composure but 2 more reactions. I don’t know how valuable the composure is as much as the reaction is but reactions stat is very very important at GK


courtois, only one worth it


I am very fond of bounou


I have suffered for months on finding a goalie that isn’t a steaming pile of crap. Inform Donnarumma has actually been really solid for me so far


ter stagen is op for me


Courtois for me. He quite regularly leaves me slightly embarrassed to have won


there’s not a single one that I don’t curse in one game and say I love them in another game. they are inconsistent af I just get the 87+ rated who better fit my team chemistry wise but the one I always have trouble scoring against is Pope


Pope is such a weird keeper for me he will make all the crazy saves for me then jump up with his hands in the air and let the dumbest goal in the amount of insane saves I’ve seen him do haven’t used any keeper that was like that for me and I’ve used basically all 87-90 Gold rare GKs


Neuer and Donnarumma are the best for me. But who fits in the team js the best


I roll Ederson mostly and his reflex saves keep me in games a lot of times. Seems to save what he should, where goals I give up usually feel deserved/unstoppable and not because of a dumb keeper error. All you can ask for really. Only thing is I hate his throws. Always tries to lead the player instead of hitting their feet when there’s a defender on them.




Ederson been working a treat for the past 2 months. But no keeper is saving a shot if your defence made mistakes.


Don't waste your coins on a goalkeeper it a waste of coins. Just sell your VDS and but an outfield player. Never spend on goalkeepers because goalkeepers are random sometime good and most of the time bad and they play a huge part in scripting in fifa. I played a terrible fifa player where I was using allison 89 rated and my opponent was using 83 Simon and I had aleast 20 shots and my opponent had only 3 shots and he won the match 3-1 because my goalkeeper did not make one save and it wasn't green time shots but it still went in my goalkeeper did not stretch his arms and my goalkeeper dived up when the ball was going to the right had side of the goal but his 83 Simon was pulling saves after saves. I also dominated possession aswell. I have world Cup casillas aswell and he is average. I tried all the high rated goalkeepers and for me they are exactly the same.


I am a fan of WW Butland.


Absolutely atrocious for me. Gave him like 20 games and I lost like 17 out of those. Only shots he saved were if I made him run to the ball and the ball hit him on accident, or garbage 5kmph shots. He's a silver card disguised as a promo


I’m running an England past and present and he is pretty much the only option since I didn’t do Pope. He is so inconsistent for me, every game is a coin flip to see if he wants to save any shots


Horrible GK, I was doing so bad cause he kept letting everything in. With basic, glove, and cat nothing worked. Don’t waste your coins


My opps donnarumma 100% hate that guy


The one and only Pope


Donnarumma or Yashin


Loool I wrote the exact same.


Donnarumma is clear


For the love of God, not Petr Cech!


I packed red Donny the week he came out and haven't replaced him since. Run him with basic and sometimes run teams with him on 1 chem. He's just built different


Campos has been very decent for me. I tried Dudek in draft and I was honestly surprised how good he was for me. Thinking about getting him next since I run most of my team with icon/hero chem


Pope any good after the new rating?


No. Couldn’t buy a win with him in the team, dumper him got VDS mid and not looked back, 5 in 5 with VDS making some unreal saves


He was class before the upgrade I swear He’s settled down for me as of late and has let in several direct shots


Absolutely useless. Shots straight at him he doesn't even attempt to save.


Welp glad i just packed baby vds. I got pope but havent played much since his update


Just lost a match in extra time 5-4 with an xG of 7.7 and the opponent having 2.2. Pope let every shot in and their Donnarumma saved 23 shots.


Ah hell na. So nothing like pope fifa 21?


I didn't play with him in 21 but if he was good in that then no. Some people are saying he's good for them though which is strange because he's been anything but that for me. I just can't find a good prem goalkeeper, back to Courtois or Donnarumma.


Did the Ward SBC to link Bale, he saved me so many times


I rock Alisson and he stops almost everything that's not a behind keeper pass, finesse or outside foot exploit goals


Donnaruma or yashin.


Opponents usually. Honestly as long as it's higher then 86 rated they are all the same at this point in the gaming cycle


WW milinckovic savic


Every keeper will let you down sometimes in this game. I would not recommend buying an expensive one, just use some high rated that fits your team's chemistry and you'll probably get the same experience.


Bro every keeper in fifa is garbage I’m suprised ppl don’t realize that they all react the same and let in all the same goals so unless ur using keeper movement there ain’t no “best keeper” in fifa


TOTW Donnarumma or Courtois


have mid yashin from the icon packs. he's pretty average. there's never been a time when i've messed up the defense and he's come to the rescue with an amazing save.




IF Szczesny has been great for me


WC Peter Cech has been really solid for me


Yashin is the only one who pisses me off everytime i play against him, the saves he makes are unbelieveable lol.


Man for me theres no difference. I use yashin in my primary acc and KEPA in the secondary, and to be honest, dont feel a single difference between them, theres no“good” and “bad” gk, theres the one who works with your account 🤣


So glad I did Nick pope, he is literally saving everything. Him on basic has well rounded stats.


All the exact same once you get to a certain rating. Then the game assist mechanic decides if their hands are going to flop back, they're going to react after the balls in the net, or actually save it.


I've been having a lot of success with base Casillas. 88 reactions are unreal.


WC Cech with Cat. Holy moly!


all the top keepers have different stats that mean nothing if you don’t move the keeper and mean the world if you do…also vice versa. 99% of people saying “keepers don’t matter” don’t even know that composure and reactions are hidden on the keepers ratings and is a part of what keepers will work best for you.


Any gold keeper