Just curious, but did you actually play through the initial release of ps4 FF7R? Because if you did, then you should've seen an ending that already suggests Zack is alive. So the ending of Intermission merely serves as an extension to FF7 Remake's initial ending. And Zack seemingly being alive in Intermission's ending isn't something new or different in comparison to Remake's original ending. The only thing Intermission's ending does is give you a brief glimpse at what goes on sometime after the events we see in FF7R. As for explanations regarding why Zack is alive or what it could all mean, there's no concrete answers at the moment. It's all a giant mystery intentionally left open for speculation for now. So that's all anyone is going to be able to provide you with--speculation. For example, some theorize he isn't actually alive and everything shown from his perspective takes place in the lifestream while others might believe in multiple timeline theories, converging timeline theories, or various other explanations. There's simply no official answer right now. Anyways, if you haven't played FF7R yet on ps4, then do that. Then just watch Intermission's ending on youtube. You'll miss some context of the 1st part of the ending that deals with Yuffie, but the rest of the ending should make perfect sense if you've already played through Remake. Once you've seen that, feel free to draw your own conclusions like the rest of us.


I did play through the ps4 yes, my brain has issues processing things and during the ending i was struggling to comprehend it. Thanks for the help i’m now not confused, it was that article that mainly confused me as it said it was confirmed. Which was me being stupid believing it


Unfortunately, the internet has a weird way of throwing "confirmed" around willy nilly.