On banner 5 star rates seem kinda low.

On banner 5 star rates seem kinda low.


ON banner NV rates seem kinda low too. Tired of pulling NVs on banner and getting cleostar.


don my way to the sephiroth step up 2 of the "5% nv rate" steps had the guarenteed rainbow and rest blues and golds. that stings.


76k lapis and maybe 30 tickets got me 5 b&w's.


Yeah incredibly low banner rates. 65,000 Lapis and about 20 tickets: 1 Seph 6 off banner NVs (none were any good) and like 5 B&W


Same lapis and tickets ended up with 8 bw


> On banner 5 star rates seem kinda low. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/nKqgRGurk-U/maxresdefault.jpg


Well I think all on banner rates are incredibly low for this game. Rainbows should at least be 2.5% on banner.


Went to the 60K pity on Sephiroth's step-up and ended up with a single Biggs & Wedge. Barret on the other hand showed up 8 times. Even Rufus dropped four times and he's not even on banner.


Did 60k on the Seppy step up also and got ZERO Biggs & Wedge.


are you also able to make a 2nd +3 barret? sooo damn many of him from the step up.


On one hand it really sucks the rates are that low for on banner rainbows if you actually want them. On the other hand if you are pulling for NV you probably don't want a 50% on banner rainbow rate and wind up with 37 of them.


Fuck that, I want six maxed out Umaros. This is what I live for.


Imagine pulling 5 barrets in 1 summon


I was able to ex 3 barret in less than two laps lol


i pulled 1 in the 280+ (6 step up laps, 50 summon tickets) summons i did, i was expecting at least a couple more than that...


Yup did 20 pulls on discount step up and got only 1 b&w


I got inundated with Barrets when I was doing my pulls. Enough to get his STMR, and get him up to ex2 with good progress towards existing. As for B&W, I got 3.


Felt like that for a while now. Last year my luck was good. Not so much this year so I guess it kind of evened out.


Hell, I pulled -1- Av. Jessie from the CD Aerith banner. I have 14 of the CD Aerith NV exchange ticket and...yeah. I did manage to get 7 Xegats, 4 FF7R Barrets and a ton of Red XIII though ._. Edit: forgot about the 5 dupes of CD Aerith I pulled which, while nice, I was actually hoping for Av Jessie. Really wanted her stmr but alas.


I got one, but I did get six Barrets. I summoned a pity and two steps extra.


I’ve had much worse luck with Biggs and Wedge than Jessie. Though I haven’t tried too hard I got two Jessie within 15 tickets and ten tickets here have got me two Barret and an Ashe, lol.


4 laps here ended up with 6 biggs and wedge and 0 NV


Im at one and a half with no NV. This info is very disheartening.


B&W drop rate is 1.5% (for a regular ticket summon), getting 2 in 34 summons is 5.9%, how many were you expecting?


Clearly many people are bad at math to even consider this claim valid. Errors: 1. 34 summons is equivalent to 34 x 11 units = 374 individual units 2. Odds of 2 out of 34 is not simply 2 / 34 (source of "5.9%"); it is 34C2 x 0.015\^2 x 0.985\^32 3. Worst yet, OP only has 2 out of 374 pulls, which is really the rare case scenario 4. Assuming each pull is an independent event, you have a 5.7% probability this event (2 pulls out of 374 are biggs and wedge) On average, a 374 pull would probably have gotten 5 units of B&W (50% cumulative density function); but given how RNG works, your case is not unexpected, albeit rare


When they said “34 summons” I thought they meant 34 single summon, as in only 34 units, not 34 multi pulls


No worries, not criticising anyone, it is just some quick math and everyone makes mistakes. what's more you were given incomplete information to work on to begin with. More importantly i am just trying to correct the views of some who may be intentionally misguided into believing that pulls are rigged or rates are suppressed. Remember that your pulls are essentially an event, that if ran across a huge number of times will eventually reflect the rates that is put out there in the banner. While it is difficult to prove (no one has the same number of lapis and will do the same # of pulls), it is even harder to prove otherwise (i.e. that the event is rigged / rates distorted) Not trying to defend anyone here, but such is the game of gacha.


>that if ran across a huge number of times will eventually reflect the rates that is put out there in the banner \*Should\* reflect advertised rates, not will. The "Law of Averages" is a pseudo-law. There are a number of discussions that can be had around issues with pRNG as well as significant statistical differences in outcomes compared to what is expected, when RNG mapping, based on programmed percentage to happen, rather than recording observable chances and converting it to easily discussed short-hand percentages. It's best not to broach the subject in this sub-Reddit thread where people can easily misunderstand things though.




i guess i should have said 34 summons on the main step up banner, thats over 340 units


2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 that's 3 quick math! That's a lot. My God. How many NV's?


not as many as you would think, mostly off banners.


Was the same for Tifa. I pitied her (60k Lapis) and got a total of 1 Rufus. Not that I wanted him but it was still strange.


I just completed my 60k step up, only 1 barret and 1 B&W hahaha


The rates on this banner overall seem kind of jacked. 1% sephiroth, 1.5% b/w, yet I pulled six bigs and wedges and zero Sephorith. Plus out of my 65k worth of pulls, I maybe pulled like...3nv? None on every 5% chance btw. Rng is a fickle bitch


Oof I got 6 of them from my 8 multis I would rather have had more Barrett tbh gotta grind for those frags


I suffered the opposite, too many banner 5\*. I pulled 32k on tifa banner and 56k on sephiroth banner and got 1 of each of the NV at 1%, but I got 5x rufus and 7x barrets, 1x B&W, at 1.5% each.


i mean, 5 star's in general have a much higher rate of dropping then nv's


Banner 5\* are 1.5%, banner NV are 1%. Only 0.5% more. Based on the rates only, the discrepancy shouldn't be so big.


well you do have a higher chance to get a 5star then a nv


But I'm talking about banner units only, the chace is 50% higher for the banner 5\*, so getting 5x more banner 5\* than banner NVs doesn't match the difference in the rates.


60k on step up for seph netted me 7 biggs and wedge....tempted to uoc a 2nd stmr and just toss equip gun on a spr user as thats 150/200% spirit tdw.


i blew everything i had on the faris banner to get a bunch of xezats for that exact reason ( because a lot of tanks have access to maces) and only get 1 of him, but enough faris to ex3 her


Yep I got 5x more barrets than b&w.


Is it bad I keep pulling these character of tickets lol. I did go one full round for 2 tifas tho since I had the lapis from all the stages I hadn't done yet


I have 10 biggs and Wedge


I did even more pulls then you and I had 7 of them and 13 Barrets. Which for me came to about 76 pulls per Biggs and Wedge and 41 pulls per Barret. Mine might have been a higher rate but I assure you it came at the price of low NV rate, especially onbanner.


how many pulls did you do? hope you walked away with at least a few sephs


3 + pity, not great. As fucked up as that is, I've seen worse pulls then mine.


ended up with 2+ pity, plowing through story to try to get at least 1 more.


I got 20 B&W from the 5 laps and 130 on banner tickets.


I got 9 on 4 full laps, so...