This guy needs to be banned ASAP

We had a match with two polish people, and one(TOJEGUMOLIT) of them was incredible toxic. I asked him why would he jump out of window to go to connector cuz it blocked me from going window early on ct side mirage. After I asked him that he instantly started saying I'm gonna throw this match (note: it was a new account/smurf so he didnt care and many have reported him before, those are his own words) Later in the match he started blocking me and throwing the bomb in mid etc. Just watch the demo, I do admit that I started insulting him late game because this is irritating as hell.

Please ban this guy(TOJEGUMOLIT) and his main account. PS: please bring back 5 queue cuz this is pretty much my daily experience.

Matchroom link: https://www.faceit.com/en/csgo/room/b95f3063-6d84-4f92-aa4b-eed4ea0a4c2e


http://plays.tv/video/5a302a7fcd324f4129/faceit-is-leuk just a small fragment, on t side he kept dropping the bomb in mid.


I shall take a look for you sometime today and watch the demo :) thanks for the report


Did you take a look yet?


standard faceit :D look ladders etc its FULL of this kind of players