They have all been great but most of all these 4 i have been surprised by O'Sullivan


I most certainly expected way, way less from O'Sullivan but he has delivered and more. Obviously I am very impressed with what Hadjar has achieved but wasn't that much of a surprise. And Bearman has been strong and consistent in a strong and consistent team. Maloney has been impressive but again it hasn't been a surprise. O'Sullivan has shocked me more than the others.




Yeah, you know when people call Quartararo an alien, I think Hadjar is that kind of driver


All of them to be honest. I expected Hadjar to be good, but not this good. There's no shame in losing to a 21 year old Saucy in FREC, and he was only a rookie when he finished 5th, in front of guys like Colapinto. I think most people did not expect him to be this good this early though. I expected Colapinto to be good, but I thought he'd be more limited by the shit VAR. He's been impressive. I hope he gets a good team next year in F2, VAR are horrible. I'll admit, I didn't know much about O'Sullivan, but doing what he is doing in that Carlin is crazy. I think he's earned a top team drive for 2023 in F3, I hope he doesn't move up to F2 straightaway. Bearman was so young, I was sure he should have gone to FREC for this year, and that F3 was too early. Besides that rookie mistake that cost him the win in Bahrain, he's been impressive, and often looks like the most mature Prema driver despite his age. I'm very torn on if he should move up to F2, he probably should, but he's so young, that if he moves up next year, goes to a bad team, and then for 2024 he gets a top drive, thats pretty much it. I don't see enough spots opening up for him, and he might kill his F1 career. Idk.


Great summary 👍 totally agree


Has to be saucy, for........well obvious reason


He does look saucy tbf


Hadjar. Wouldn't have expected him to be that close to Martins in the championship fight IN A HITECH.


"IN A HITECH" such a ridiculous statement. this isnt last year's Hitech f3 car, or f2 car for that matter. in f3 iwassa crawford and stanek couldn't even crack the top 10 in points. this year all 3 look great. clearly the 2022 Hitech cars are much better.


...and your point is what, exactly? Azman's off the pace (although his driving level won't set the world ablaze), and whilst Frederick is doing a good job, I think that's mainly because he's underrated by a lot of people, and obviously Hadjar too. I didn't expect him to do so well, because Hitech were on a downward spiral in both F3 and F2. The fact that Hitech are still only 4th in the standings is very telling, especially when I'd argue the only reason they're ahead of Trident is because Edgar had Crohn's disease, and he hasn't been quite there since.


They are only 4th in the standings is because Hadjar is pretty much carrying the whole team on his back. You don't do Feature Races with 2 podiums, one win and a 5th place in a row (and he was even going for p5-p6 in Bahrain FR before the unfortunate incident with Smolyar) in a mediocre car. Azman is having a disastrous season on his own which is massively bringing the team down, and Frederick is in a poor form himself since Silverstone, scoring 0 points in all last three Feature Races. I do agree that Hadjar surprised me, I haven't expected to be showing so much potential and be outright fast.


• Hadjar: didnt expect him to be this good , especially his race ability at points made him look like an F1 World Champion rather than an F3 driver, he is a surprise even though we should have expected this kinda performance level after his FRECA rookie season • Colapinto: really good season, also a bit of a surprise • O'Sullivan: not really a surprise imo, I somehow expected him to do well • Bearman: a negative surprise maybe? like dont get me wrong, he has been doing good but for the fact that he drives for prema its nothing ground braking