Probably Jack Doohan gonna take the seat in those sessions, since the other F2 Alpine driver is as shitty of a driver that you can get. I hope Alpine give a chance to Martins and Collet as well at least in the post season testing.


I would be surprised if doohan was given the opportunity and I will state unequivocally it will not be martins and collett




Doohan has also driven an f1 car if I’m not wrong


I think Doohan will likely take over from Piastri completely. I’d assume he’ll step into the reserve role and will also get the FP1 sessions. He has a SL and was already doing some of the F1 testing programme with Oscar anyway. Alpine will probably continue with their testing days for Jack and possibly Caldwell will join him if he’s willing to pay up to do so. In relation to McLaren, I don’t think Piastri would be allowed to do their FP1’s due to his existing contract with Alpine for this season. I would think that they will still be O’Ward/Herta. I don’t see any circumstance in which Alpine release Oscar early to McLaren to let him do FP1 sessions or test with them, particularly when they are their direct competition in the championship. I’d be very surprised if we see Piastri driving an FP1 session at all this season now.


I think the suggestion was that Alpine were contractually obliged to give Piastri the FP1s and a certain amount of mileage in private testing. If that’s the case they’d surely either have to cut their losses and realise him or provide him with the FP1s and testing.


Piastri had an exit clause on that contract with he executed, an exit clause goes both ways. If he went for it he's no longer contracted to Alpine.


Doohan for Alpine and Daruvala for McLaren